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 Dragonfable Timeline: Darkness Orb

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Darkness Orb   Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:58 pm

Location: Battle for Moonridge!
Level/Quest/Items required: 5 Undead Slayer Badge
Release Date: April 6th, 2008

Objective: You find yourself face to face with the necromantress behind the Moonridge Invasion.
Objective completed: The purple-robed Necromantress may have escaped, but Moonridge has been saved from her creations. If all of those monsters came from one necromantress, imagine what an entire class of them could do! You have to find a way into the necropolis!

Zorbak walks in and stands in front of you and Artix

Character: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?
Zorbak: Meh... you guys have an undead invasion and I do not even get an invite?
Artix: Someone is coming....

The Necromantress walks in

Necromantress: I must say, <Class>... I'm surprised that you and your friends defeated my army of undead minions.
Character: So you are the Necromancer behind this!
Necromantress: Necromantress! With an... "ess".
Zorbak: Oh man... it's HER! Meh. I've seen this girl around here before, <Character>! How is my fur? Do I smell ok?
Necromantress: "...This girl"?!?? Hrmph! I am the most powerful Necromantress in the entire Necropolis. I aced all of my finals.
Character: Your finals?
Zorbak: Ebil AND smart... I think I'm in love!
Necromantress: Yes, the Necropolis is home to the largest school of necromancy on the face of Lore, and I was the top student.
Zorbak: She is.... so.... PERFECT!
Character: Your army has already been defeated, you are powerless. Surrender now... or else!
Necromantress: Hahahaha! Said like a true hero. You and your little blue pet there....
Zorbak: PET!?
Zorbak: Meh... you listen here! The only one who is going to take over the world is me!
Zorbak: So you might as well quit that necro-chump club right now and join me. Or... meh... at least give me your number.
Character: ZORBAK!
Zorbak: What....? Meh, she is hot!
Necromantress: Well, it has been nice chatting but I have souls to steal and a new army of undead to...
Alpha Abomination: You summoned me, master?
Necromantress: Excellent timing Alpha. Hero, I'd like you to meet my senior project... the Alpha Abomination! I made him myself!
Necromantress: I must run, heroes, good to see you. Alpha.... take them to school!

The Necromantress left

Zorbak: Sorry <Character>.... an ebil moglin's gotta do what an ebil moglin's gotta do! Hey Necro-girl! Wait for me!
Character: (thinks) !
Artix: Woah! The Necromantress may have just made the worlds largest evil undead Mr Potato head!
Next Up: Moonridge: Saved!
Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Moonridge: Saved!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Necromantress
Release Date: 4/18/08

Objective completed: Whew! That was a close one, but now the party can really start! It looks like Lady Vayle and Artix have some history, maybe you can ask him about that later. Right now, the key to the Necropolis awaits!

Mayor: Good people of Moonridge...
Citizen: WOO!
Citizen: HOORAY!
Citizen: YAHOO!
Mayor: Lend me your EARS!...
Citizen: WOO!
Citizen: HOORAY!
Citizen: YAHOO!
Mother: Ew! Sally! Leave those left-over zombie parts on the ground!
Mayor: Lend me your EYES!...
Citizen: WOO!
Citizen: HOORAY!
Citizen: YAHOO!
Mother: SALLY! No throwing undead monster parts at the nice mayor.
Mayor: Lend me your HEARRrrrrrr.... Ok, serously, Sally. Put that down.
Mother: You are in SO much trouble when we get home, young lady!
Mayor: Today we celebrate the saviors of our home! Behold our heros... <Character> and Artix!
Citizen: HUZZAH!
Citizen: HOORAY! Thank you <Character>!
Citizen: ALL HAIL Artix and <Character>!
Mayor: They selflessly came to Moonrdige to rescue us and defeated a horde of undead invaders!
Mayor: For this I am proud to give you the key to the city!
Artix: OOOOoooh! A SKELETON key!
Mayor: We have a big night planned, including 'Pin The Tail On Harvey, The Tailless Donkey'... but first...
Mayor: <Character>, Artix, If there is every anything the grateful people of Moonridge can ever...
Lady Vayle: Excuse me Mayor. I would like to meet and thank our heroes, personally.
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???
Lady Vayle: So, the two of you signel handedly defeated the Necromantress' undead army?
<Character>: We did our best!
Artix: We did our best!
<Character>: Hey! That was my line!
Artix: Hey! That was my line!
<Character>: ...
Artix: ...
<Character>: You go first...
Artix: You go first...
<Character>: ...
Artix: ...
<Character>: Stop copying me!
Artix: Stop copying me!
<Character>: ...
Artix: ...
<Character>: ............
Artix: ............
<Character>: Woah, that was weird.
Artix: Woah, that was weird.
Lady Vayle: Defeating an undead army of that strength requires a great deal of skill and power.
Lady Vayle: That was quite impressive. Let me be the first to PERSONALLY thank you.
Mayor: Please forgive her, heroes. Lady Vayle is very strange.
Artix: Did you say... Vayle?
Lady Vayle: !!!
Artix: It is... just that I knew a girl named Vayle once when I was a young boy.
Lady Vayle: Impossible! This cannot be the little boy I met during the...
Artix: Could this be the same Vayle I met when I was a little boy?
Mother: Sally, get out of there this instant! I thought I told you to stop playing with the...
Artix: But Mom, Look! When I poke this thing under the stange with a stick... it moves! Hehehehehe!
Citizen: *Gasp*
Citizen: Why did I ever move here?
Citizen: Oh Em Gee!
<Character>: Artix!!!
Lady Vayle: Artix, he... he saved me...
<Character>: Let me help you!
Artix: I can hold. That monster has grabbed the little girl, you have to save her!
<Character>: *nods* I'm on it!
Artix: Just be careful.. he looks HEAVILY ARMED!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Alright. Hey you big pile of bones... over here!

You fight Armadeadon

Artix: Are you alright little girl?
Sally: That was FUN! Can I go again!
<Character>: She's fine. I didn't see Lady Vayle slip away, but I guess she's fine too. Maybem did anyone else get hurt?
Mayor: Nobody was hurt, thanks you you two. Well... almost nobody.
Mayor: When the monster fell... it fell on top of Harvey, the Tailless Donkey. Everyone else is fine.
Citizen: Speak to me Harvey! The party just won't be the same without you!
Mayor: I was waiting until after the celebration to tell you both this, but now seems as good a time as ever.
Artix: ???
<Character>: ???
Mayor: I know that you two are trying to get into the Necropolis... and I think I know you can do it! Listen carefully...

Next Up: The Outcast
Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> The Outcast
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Moonridge: Saved!
Release Date: 4/18/08

Objective: The Mayor has sent you deep into Doomwood to find a powerful necromancer who might have a key to get into the Necropolis.
Objective completed: Now that you have Zorbak's student I.D. (even thought it looks nothing like you, it's expired and he was expelled) you might be able to get into the Necropolis!

Artix: The mayor gave me directions to the house of one of Doomwood's necromancers. I guess he is a little but of an outcast.
Artix: I do not like dealing with necromancers, but this might be out only chance to get inside the Necropolis!

You fight 8 Flying Eyeballs

Zorbak: ... and that concludes this weeks Ask Zorbak. Thanks for you stupid question. Meh heh heh!
Artix: That is not polite, Zorbak.
Zorbak: GAH! Don't you poeple know how to knock?! What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy?
Artix: Indeed. We need your help.
Zorbak: Forgot how to tie your shoes again, Paladin? Meh heh heh!
<Character>: Actually, we heard from the Mayor of Moonrdige that youmight have a way to get us into the Necropolis.
Zorbak: Meh. Why would you care about that place? They are all losers in there. I have a better idea, <Character>...
Zorbak: ...How about we get some crossbows and make this Paladin 'holey'! Meh heh heh!
Artix: Enough jokes, Zorbak...
Zorbak: Meh, who's joking?
Artix: ...We REALLY need your help to get inside the Necropolis. Do you have some kind of key we can use?
Zorbak: I still have my old student I.D. to Necro-University, but why bother with those necrolosers??!
Zorbak: If you want to face the unstoppable creation of a true Necromancer... PREPARE YOURSELF!
Zorbak: I call forth my latest and greatest creation...
Zorbak: "Sheleton!!!"
Artix: ...
Artix: ...Really?
Zorbak: What do you mean 'Really?'!!?? He's a MASTERPIECE!
<Character>: Zorbak... That is just turtle with a skull on its bacl.
Zorbak: Silence! Do not let your fear overcome you... Meh, OK... Let it overcome you a little. Tremble with fear at the sight of my terrifying Sheleton!
<Character>: But I can still see the glue!
Zorbak: That's just pure, raw EBIL leaking out.
<Character>: It isn't even UNDEAD!!!
Zorbak: Enough of this! Face your doom! Sheleton... ATTACK!
<Character>: Zorbak... don't you have a haste spell or something? We've really got things to do.
Zorbak: Meh. Hold on a sec.
Zorbak: Let me see here...
Zorbak: Melf's Anti-Acid Medication? Meh. Um, no...
Zorbak: Detect Visibility? That sounds REALLY useful. Meh.
Zorbak: Belly Zipper "Easy To Install"? Woah... saving that one for later. Meh heh heh...
Zorbak: Here we go! Got it!
Zorbak: Meh... whoops.... Says Grow fast, not GO fast.
Zorbak: Oh well... close enough. DESTROY THESE FOOLS, my pet!
Zorbak: What are you waiting for??
Zorbak: Meh... What are you looking at ME for?!
Zorbak: Uh oh...
Zorbak: What are you noobs waiting for?!?! Start being heroes! SAVE ME!
<Character: I have a better idea. Zorbak! I will give you a hand if you give me your Student ID to the Necropolis.
Zorbak: Meh... deal!

You get his ID

You fight Sheleton

Zorbak: There. Now we're even. Get out.
Artix: Expelled?!
Zorbak: Yeah, they kicked me out. Those losers have no idea what real darkness magic is.
Zorbak: They were...meh... scared of my unstoppable power!
Zorbak: But I will show them. Meh. I will show all of them!!!!!
Zorbak: Meh... heh.. heheh.... Meheheheheheheheehehehe!!!!
Artix: ...
<Character>: Alright Artix, we have a way inside of the Necropolis!
Artix: *Nods* "This is where out quest truly begins my friend. Who knows what horrors await us in the depths of the Necropolis.
Next up: The Gate Keeper
Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests! -> The Gate Keeper
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Outcast
Release Date: April 25th, 2008

Objective: Using Zorbak's Student I.D. you and Artix have infiltrated the Necropolis. What secrets will you uncover?
Objective completed: That is a whole lot of undead, right there. If Noxus is able to hand off that army to Sepulchure, Falconreach and the rest of Lore will be fall into Darkness. You have to think of a way to stop him!

Artix: Now that Zorbak gave us his student I.D. Card, the gates of the Necropolis are opening for us!
Artix: We have to get down there, past their guards, and see if we can figure out what the Necromancers are planning!

<Character Name>: I still can't believe we are going to try to get into the Necropolis with Zorbak's Student ID Card...
Artix: What is there to worry about?
<Character Name>: Well... it's expired, for starters...
<Character Name>: ... and he was apparently expelled...
<Character Name>: ... and it has a picture of a blue Moglin on it.
Artix: No problem at all, my friend! We can solve this the same way we justify all of the plot holes and bugs in this game.
<Character Name>: How do we do that?
Artix: Magic!
<Character Name>: ...
Artix:There is one problem I have not been able to figure out yet though.
Artix: There are two of us... but we only have one Student ID card.
<Character Name>: Well... do you want to wait outside?
Artix: That is a joke, right?
<Character Name>: Hmm... I have an idea. You know a lot of the undead right? Just follow my lead.

Artix: (thinking) Must... resist... urge... to... vanquish... evil!
<Character Name>: Tis I. Um.. erm... Zorbak, the greatest Necromancer in the land!
<Character Name>: ... and my well armored undead minion, Artix!

* You nudge Artix*

Artix: Hmm? Oh. OOOOOHHHH!
Artix: Uh.. Arrrrrrr....
Artix: Eeeeeee..... Ewwwwwwww.....
Artix: um.. Brains? *big smile*
<Character Name>: Sure, sure... Here ya go.
<Character Name>: Yeah, that's because... you know... magic.
<Character Name>: Magic.
<Character Name>: Magic!
Artix and <Character Name>: !
<Character Name>: Thank you! Let's go, my undead minion.
Artix: Certainly... Let us just... walk right past these undead monsters...
Artix: Without... attacking them... even a little bit...
<Character Name>: Artix?
<Character Name>: Are you alright?
Artix: Yes. I just...
Artix: *sweatdrops* ... Just need to...
Artix: ... to...
Artix: ATTACK!

<Character Name>: Whew... That was close.
Artix: Yes. It was. I am very sorry, <Character Name>. I just could not help myself.
<Character Name>: That's okay. I knew we were in for a battle... I just didn't think it would be this soon.
Artix: I hear a lot of movement below. Perhaps something else is going on.

*Noxus appears above an army of undead*

Noxus: The army is almost complete!
Noxus: The world shall be wrapped in the eternal embrace of darkness...
Noxus: HEAR ME, denizens of the Necropolis!
Noxus: I applaud your skill and effort. But we have little time left to complete our most grand project.
Noxus: An army of 100 million undead unlike anything the world has ever seen before!
Noxus: I expect every Necromancer in the Necropolis to redouble their efforts....
Noxus: Especially you... Necromantress.
*The Necromantress appears besides Noxus*
Necromantress: As you desire... master.
Necromantress: (thinking) ... Just so long as you hold up your end of the bargain... and return my brother to me.
Noxus: Look at them. Thousands of loyal soldiers for Sepulchure. Your skill continues to impress me.
Noxus: However, as my top student, your recent defeat in Moonridge is quite unsettling.
Noxus: I expect you to redeem yourself by making an example of those two meddling heroes with your latest... creations.
Noxus: Now, my student.... ALL MY STUDENTS... BACK TO WORK!
Noxus: Sepulchure's flying castle will be here soon, and Sepulchure expects an army almost twice this size!

Artix: Sepulchure is raising an army of 100 Million Undead!?
Artix: <Character Name>... are you thinking what I am thinking?
<Character Name>: We jump out there and take out 50 million undead each?
Artix: Whoa...
Artix: You WERE thinking what I was thinking!
<Character Name>: We need to destroy the ones they have created and stop them from making more.
Artix: Just two of us versus an entire underground city of the walking dead...
<Character Name>: It'll be a slaughter!
Artix: THAT is the spirit!
<Character Name>: No, MY slaughter! Two heroes against the whole army?
Artix: Yes, two heroes against this army of darkness. I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds!
<Character Name>: Looks like you're going to get your chance, Artix.
Artix: Now, if only we had a map!
<Character Name>: Oh look! There is one conveniently printed on the back of this Necromancy University student handbook.
*You have obtained the Necro U Handbook!*
Next up: The Body Shop
Location: The Necropolis > Artix > Quests > The Body Shop
Level required: Complete The Gate Keeper
Release Date: May 09, 2008

Objective: Take down the Body Shop any way you can!
Objective Completed: Well done! You have defeated your very own Build-A-Beast and destroyed the Body Shop in the process! You have slowed down production of the undead army but Speulchure is still on his way!

Artix: Ok, according to the map on the back of the Necro U handbook...
Artix: ...This area is called the Body Shop.
<Character Name>: This is no time for loofas and body wash that smells like fruit, Artix.
Artix: <Character Name>, there is ALWAYS time for personal hygiene... but it is not THAT kind of Body Shop.
*Artix points to Body Shop location on map*
Artix: According to the handbook this is where they have their Build-A-Beast Worhsop.
<Character Name>: ... Oh, and it's worth 4 credits! This semester will be cake!
Artix: ...
Artix: If we can get into the workshop, then we should be able to destroy the foul methods they use to make some of their monsters!
<Character Name>: SABOTAGE! Now THIS is my kind of quest!
Artix: All we need to do is get inside without being noticed.
Artix: Then we can take out the necromancer who runs the workshop and vanish without a trace!
Artix: We should try to avoid drawing any attention to ourselves.
<Character Name>: ... Says the guy who could have walked past the guards but felt the need to destroy them instead.
Sneak in!

<Character Name>: We're in luck, the necromancer is by himself!
Artix: Good, That means we can do this quickly and quietly with no...
Professor: Lights please...
*Lights turn on*
<Character Name>: Oops.
<Character Name>: ...Standing up in front of class with no idea what's going on... I think I've had this nightmare before.
<Character Name>: At least I'm fully dressed this time.
Artix: There must be less than fifty of them. We can take them!
<Character Name>: I don't think that's a great idea. If we blow our cover, we might never get back down into the Necropolis!
Artix: Yeah, but... but... *sigh* Oh, fine.
Professor: And that concludes the lecture portion of the class, now I will need a few volunteers for the lab portion.
Student: How about the new guys?
<Character Name> and Artix: NO!
Professor: I beg your pardon?
<Character Name>: Uh... we missed the lecture. Maybe you should pick someone else...
Professor: No, I think this will help you remember to get to class on time.
Artix: May I be excused? I need to use the restroom.
Professor: You should have thought of that on your way to class.
<Character Name>: Can I go to the nurse's office? I feel sick.
Professor: Hmmm... Yes, you may.
<Character Name>: Really?!
Professor: Certainly, we get most of our body part "donations" from the nurse's office.
<Character Name>: ...
<Character Name>: I'm feeling better.
Professor: Excellent, then let's get to the lesson, shall we?

Professor: For safety reasons we will watch you from outside the lab.
Artix: "Safetly reasons"?
Professor: Eventually, young necromancers, you will learn to creatue creatures using your own dark powers...
Professor: However, for now we will use the university's SNM (Simplified Necromantic Monstermatic)
Professor: All the control that you need are right in front of you.
Professor: Use the Creature Claw to grab the 3 spare parts from the Part Pit.
Professor: As you grab them, the 3 spare parts will show up in the revivial jars located against the wall.
Professor: Once you have all 3 parts, use the SNM to create your monster and we'll see what you come up with!
<Character Name>: That sounds easy enough...
Professor: Oh be careful, sometimes the claw will grab an undead monster that is still partially functional.
Professor: They WIL try and attack you. Just use your ability to command the undead to drive them back into the pit.
<Character Name>: That could be a problem.
Artix: Oh BOY!
Professor: And be VERY CAREFUL in there... that SNM is not cheap.
Professor: If you damage the lab, it will slow down monster production for Sepulchure.
<Character Name> and Artix: !!!

Where do you want to grab a part from?:
• Upper Left
• Upper Right
• Lower Left
• Lower Right

-If you choose an incorrect button, you battle Shoulder Blades, Shake Spear, Bone Fire, or Necroslime and message bubble pops up saying, "You caught a... skeleton? Weird."
-If you choose a correct button, you find a part.

Once you find all three parts:
Message bubble pops up and says, "You have all three parts needed."

After defeating the monster:
<Character Name>: Heh, yeah. Sorry about that. That creature had to be destroyed. It was out of control.
Professor: Of course it was. YOU were supposed to be controlling it!
Professor: Master Noxus will not be pleased, but there's nothing we can do about it now.
Professor: This lab was VERY expensive. You will be hearing from the Necro. U. Accounting Department...
Professor: ... Now let me see your Student I.D...

...A Few Weeks Later...

Zorbak: Meh, a letter from the school? What do those losers want?
Zorbak: ... What? This is a bill for..
*Zorbak's eye widens*
Zorbak: ...HOW MUCH?!
*Zorbak falls over*

Complete Quest!
Next up: Too Many Cooks
Location: The Necropolis > Artix > Quests > Next Page > Too Many Cooks
Level/Quest/Items required: Complete The Body Shop
Release Date: May 16, 2008

Objective: You have to sneak Artix's Holy Wasabi into all of the evil broth cauldrons to ruins the mixture!
Objective completed: The King Burger has fallen! Now that the evil food-corruption broth has been ruined by Artix's Holy Wasabi, Doomwood is safe from giant, evil food!

Artix: This is the entrance to the Ice Creamatorium.
Artix: There is a lot of activity surrounding this place and I can feel the evil coming from inside, but how can we find out their plans?
<Character Name>: I have an idea, that just might work....
<Character Name>: Hey you...
Necro U. Student: Me?
<Character Name>: Yeah. What are they doing in the Ice Creamatorium?
Necro U. Student: Oh. They have found a way to make zombie food and vegetables using a magical soup, and they plan on infecting all of Doomwood.
Necro U. Student: There won't be a single farmer's market or taco stand left once they attack.
Necro U. Student: They are mass-producing the broth and testing the food monsters inside.
<Character Name>: Thanks!
Necro U. Student: No problem!
Artix: Why did I not think of that?
<Character Name>: We've got to get in there and spoil every single cauldron of that sinister soup!
Artix: ...
Artix: ..."Sinister soup"?
<Character Name>: Yeah... you know like Chicken and Morningstars! *snirk*
Artix: <Character Name>, this is serious. These food zombies could be a real threat.
<Character Name>: Heh Heh... Night of the Living Bread? Zombies walking around moaning "graaaiiins... GRRAAIIINS!"?
Artix: Okokokok, I get it. I think I might have just the weapons for this task!
<Character Name>: Great! Let's see it!
*Shows a bottle of Holy Wasabi*
<Character Name>: HOLY Wasabi? You just carry that around with you?
Artix: Yeah. I cannot get enough of this stuff. I put it on everything.
Artix: But you have to use JUUUSSST the right amount or it ruins the whole meal!
<Character Name>: That sounds perfect! Let's get to it!
Go Inside

You must now add Artix's Holy Wasabi to 4 cauldrons.
Map of Area

When you're at a cauldron:
'Add Wasabi'
When clicked, message bubble pops up and says, "Wasabied! <Insert Number> left!"

When at a cauldron you already Wasabied:
Message bubble pops up and says, "This Culdron is already Wasabied"

When at door at end of quest:
If you have not Wasabied the other 3 cauldrons, message bubble pops up and says, "That cauldron should be left until last."
If you have, you gain entrance and battle King Burger.
• Note: The blue mug in one of the rooms can heal you when clicked on. It is a one time heal.
Next up: The Green Mist
Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> The Green Mist
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Too Many Cooks
Release Date: May 23, 2008

Objective: *wavy flashback lines*
Objective completed: Now you know the mysterious connection between Lady Vayle and Artix. But How did Vayle survive the Green Mist? Where has she been all this time? Does Noxus have the darkness orb?... Is anyone still reading this?


At the beginning of the quest you equip Kid Artix Armor

Many years ago in Doomwood...

*Shows Young Artix chopping wood*

Artix's Voice: I grew up in a village here in Doomwood...
Artix's Voice: It was not very large, but it was large enough that I had never met Vayle before THAT day...
Artix's Voice: I was in the forest outside of town chopping wood when I heard someone calling for help...
Artix: *whew* Nearly done!
Help! Someone, please, help me! Brother....!
Artix: That is coming from the river! I AM COMING!
Artix's Voice: I ran to the river as fast as I could...

If you run upwards at the very beginning of the quest:
Message bubble pops up and says, "No... I ran to the RIVER as fast as I could."

*You see who appears to be Young Vayle stuck in the river*
Artix's Voice: I saw that someone... a little girl... had fallen into the river...
Artix's Voice: She was clinging onto a rock but the current was too strong for her...
Artix's Voice: I had to try and save her...
Artix: Try to hold on, I will go get help!
Help! I can't hold on! Please, help me!
Artix's Voice: Town was not too far but I knew that, by the time I returned, she would be gone...
*You see them trying to reach each other's hands*
Artix's Voice: I tried to reach her...
Artix's Voice: But I slipped...
*Artix slips and falls into the river*
Artix's Voice: The rest...
Artix's Voice: ..Is darkness.
Artix's Voice: Some time later I awoke to the sound of sobbing...
*cry cry, sniiifff*
*Artix raises his head*
Artix: *Cough splurt* Uhhh. What a ride...
Artix: Note to self.... next time, use a tree branch to reach the person in the river.
*sniiifff* You're alive!?
Artix: I... think so. How can I tell?
Yeah, you're *sob* alive
Artix: Ow, my head.. Where are we?
*She lowers her arm off her face*
I... Don't know.
Artix: The river must have washed us up in this cave... You are from my village, right?
Vayle: I'm Vayle. Yeah, I live in the village too... with my brother.
Artix: What about your parents?
Vayle: They're... dead. It's just me and my brother now.
Vayle: We look out for each other. He'll be worried if I don't come home before sunset.
Vayle: He's the strongest, bravest best brother ever. If he was here, he would know how to get us out of this cave. *sob*
Artix: Do not worry Vayle. My name is Artix...
Artix: I will get you back to your brother as soon as I can! I think I see a tunnel over there.
Artix: There is no need to be scared. Follow me, I will protect you!
Vayle: O..*sniff* Ok.

If you run left at the first screen when inside the cave:
You see a blue crystal, if clicked, message box pops up and says, "Do you want to use this and recover your HP/MP?"
Note: It is a one time heal.

Artix: I see light! It looks like we have made it out, Vayle!
Vayle: What's THAT light? It's... pulsing.
Artix: I do not think we should...
*Vayle walks toward the blue light*
Artix: Vayle... come back. We should leave!
Artix: Do not forget about your brother! He will be worried!
*Light flashes*
Artix: VAYLE! I am coming!
*Artix walks over to her*

Artix's Voice: I knew exactly where we were as soon as I saw the chamber...
Artix: This looks like... the old Guardian Tower. We should not be here!
Artix: Are you alright? What... what happened to you?
Vayle: I'm fine, I think. I just touched that orb...
*Artix lifts the orb up*
Artix's Voice: As I lifted the orb, I heard it talking to me...
Artix's Voice: It was whispering in my mind...
Artix's Voice: It said that I would have great strength and great power...
Artix's Voice: It said that I could increase that power a thousandfold, if I gave myself over to the darkness...
Artix's Voice: ...
Artix's Voice: There was a moment when I almost...
Artix's Voice: ...
Artix's Voice: ...But I did not.
*Artix lowers the orb to the ground*
Artix's Voice: Right then and there I decided to turn my back on the darkness forever...
Artix's Voice: That was when I decided to become a power of good!
Artix: I am leaving, Vayle.
Artix: This is a bad place and we should NOT be here. Come on.
*Artix walks away*
*Vayle is about to touch the orb again*
Artix's Voice: Once we got back to the village, things did not quite go as I expected...
Brother: VAYLE! I was so worried. What... are those WINGS? What... ??!!
Vayle: Brother, please don't be mad! I got lost and this boy found me.
Vayle: His name is Artix and he...
Brother: YOU! Somehow you did this to my little sister! You... stay away from her!
Artix: But... No... I....
*Green Mist rolls in*
Artix's Voice: That night I was still trying to find a way to explain things to Vayle's brother...
Artix's Voice: That is when the Green Mist rolled in...
Artix's Voice: Suddenly everyone in town was transformed into... zombies...
Artix's Voice: That night I lost everything and everyone that I ever knew...
Artix's Voice: ...
Artix's Voice: I had no choice. I had to fight my way out..

If you go left at first screen in town:
Message bubble pops up and says, "Actually... I think I left town, right about now."

*Shows a town burning with someone in the distance*
Artix's Voice: As I looked back at the village I thought I saw a person.... with wings...
Artix's Voice: but then, the figure was lost in the smoke...
Artix's Voice: I turned my back on the village and ran for my life ...
Artix's Voice: I knew nobody could survive that. I thought I was the only one who lived...
*Shows Artix lying on the ground*
Artix's Voice: I wandered in the woods for... I do not know how long...
Artix's Voice: Eventually I reached the end of my strength...
Artix's Voice: I thought that I was done for... then...
*Woman comes in and Artix lifts his head*
Lady Celestia: Hello there, young man...
Lady Celestia: ...Would you like some tea?
*Flashback ends*
Artix: She nursed me back to health and began training me to battle the forces of evil (but I had enough tea to last me a lifetime).
Artix: My contact with the orb had changed me.
Artix: I could now sense the presence of the undead, and I instinctually knew the best way to battle them.
Artix: A few years later I joined the paladin order as a paladin-in-training.
Artix: I put all thoughts of the village behind and looked forward to my new life.
Artix: Then, when I saw Vayle it all came back to me.
Artix: She and I were the only ones who survived that night... we were unchanged by the Green Mist.
Artix: She and I were the only ones who touched that orb...
Artix: I think that orb was the Elemental Orb of Darkness.
Artix: I do not know how but I think Noxus got his hands on it, and is using its power to help construct Sepulchure's army.
Artix: If I am right... stopping Noxus is more important than I first thought.
Artix: I am just glad that you are by my side <Character Name>.
Artix: Together, I KNOW that we can stop Noxus and the necromancers!

Complete Quest!
Next up: Artix Vs. The Undead
Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> Artix Vs. The Undead
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Green Mist
Release Date: 5/30/08

Link to Artix vs The Undead video

Objective: You and Artix have to get to the purple robed necromantress before she notices you... but just between you and me... I think she might already know.
Objective completed: Poor deluded Vayle does not seem to want to understand that you and Artix have freed her brother's life force from tormented captivity. You may have just made a dangerous new foe in the Necropolis.

Artix: You may have noticed but this whole area is one gigantic graveyard that sits right on top of the Necropolis.
Artix: Much of the graveyard have been claimed by the mashland on the northern and western edges.
Artix: I have seen some necromancers going in and out of that area and I think they are getting a lot of their 'materials' from there.
Artix: We should go and see if we can do something about that!

<Character>: When we were coming here, I caught sight of the purple-robed necromantress walking before us.
<Character>: It looks like your hunch was right, Artix.
Artix: Then we will start with her.
Artix: Since she has a head start we will have to find our way through the undead that she has already raised.
<Character>: I'm not scared of a fight! It's time we gave this necromantress a little payback for attacking Moonridge and Falconreach.
Artix: ...and for once we have the element of suprise on our side.
<Character>: You brought a Suprise Element?
Artix: I mean, we have the drop on the necromantress!
Artix: She will never see us coming!
Noxus: They will be coming your way very soon, my pupil.
Necromantress: This time I will finish these heroes.
Noxus: Make certain that you do. I find your previous faliures very disturbing. It is unlike you to fail so utterly.
Necromantress: ...
Noxus: There will be no holding back this time, Necromantress. When the time comes, summon Edgar.
Noxus: Do I make myself clear?
Necromantress: Edgar? But If I place his spirit in... the risk...
Noxus: Do I make myself clear?
Necromantress: ...
Necromantress: ...Yes Master. It will be done.
Noxus: Very good.
You fight across the bridge
<Character>: ...Yikes
<Character>: I think you're going to need something a little bigger.
Artix: Hmmm. You may be right.
Artix brings out large hammer
Artix: Now we have you! Let us see who hides beneath those purple robes!
Artix: ...!!!
<Character>: You're unveiled Vayle!
<Character>: I have to admit, I saw that coming.
Artix: Us?
Vayle: You destroyed my brother! I have kept his spirit safe in his spiritcrystal for YEARS... ever since... that night!
Vayle: I was so close to getting Noxus to teach me to bring him back...
Vayle: but I used his spirit to animate that undead and you DESTROYED HIM and THE SPIRITCRYSTAL!
Vayle: Now his spirit is gone... forever! It's all your fault!
Artix: Vayle, if what you say is true then you have been keeping his spirit captive. The spirits of the dead long to move on.
Artix: Noxus was lying to you when he said that he would teach you how to get your brother back.
Artix: His life force was really captive all those years then there was probably nothing left of your brother to...
Vayle: NO! YOU LIE! I LOVED my brother Edgar, and YOU destroyed him... I HATE you, Artix. I HATE YOU!!!
Vayle: Noxus was right. I should have destroyed you when I had the chance.
Artix: Vayle...
<Character>: Please Vayle, listen to Artix...
Vayle: I was holding back because of what happened when we were children, but that's over now...
Vayle: I will avenge my brother if it is the last think I do. You will pay... BOTH OF YOU WILL PAY!
Vayle leaves
<Character>: Artix, if she has gone to warn Noxus then we don't have a lot of time. We have to get to Noxus and stop him.
Artix: I do not believe that it was her.
<Character>: Snap out of it paladin. Sepelchure won't wait for his undead army. We have a world to save from darkness!
Artix: Yes. You are right. Noxus has to be stopped...NOW!
Next up: Noxus Fumes
Location: Falconreach -> Necropolis! WAR!, Falconsnest -> War Memorial -> Assault on the Necropolis
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 6/13/08
Finishing Date: 6/25/2008
Date of Removal: 7/4/2008
Total of Waves: 5,000,000 Waves

Objective completed: That is one wave down! The front lines appear to be edging ever closer to the main building in the Necropolis but you still have a long way to go and more undead keep pouring out of the buildings! Go heal up at Ghost, the others need your help!

Ghost: Greetings Hero! I am Ghost! I've come to help your Assault on the Necropolis! What can I do for you?
• Talk
Ghost: I must apologize for my appearance... or lack of appearance. The closer to Friday the 13th it gets, the more ghostly my form becomes.
Ghost: Many years ago I was a Dragonlord who fell protecting my own hometown from an invasion of the undead on Friday the 13th.
Ghost: I swore that I would NEVER let the undead who destroyed my town destroy another..... and I meant it when I said NEVER. HAHA!
Ghost: I'm not you average spirit. I can still hold my physical form most of the time and I have my own will.
Ghost: But even so... let's not tell Artix that I'm a ghost, k? HAHA!
Ghost: I'm helping to organize the attack on the Necropolis. If you can get through these undead monsters then you will have a shot at Noxus!
Ghost: I'll do what I can for you and the other heroes of Falconreach. If you need a quick heal, run back to me! Good luck, <Your Character>! HAHA!

Boss Fight!:
Necropolis: Last Stand
Location: Assault on the Necropolis -> Battle the Boss!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 6/25/08

Objective: Noxus has sent the Necromantress after you and it looks like she has a few more tricks up her purple robed sleeve.
Objective completed: You have defeated the Strangeknight and his Shadowhounds! Now nothing stands between you and the dean of Necromancy University, Noxus!

Noxus: Necromantress! To my side!
Necromantress: Yes, Master Noxus?
Noxus: All of our work...destroyed! Sepulchure will be furious unless we hand him those who are responsible.
Noxus: <Character>, Artix, and the other heroes of Falconreach have broken through our defenses.
Noxus: I want you to unleash your latest creations, the Strangeknight and his Shadowhounds, on them.
Noxus: This is your chance to avenge your brother. Do not fail his memory!
Necromantress: The Strangeknight is the living embodiment of my HATRED of Artix and <Character>!
Necromantress: I will set my creations on them and get back to producing soldiers for as long as I can.
Necromantress: They will PAY!
Noxus: Good! Use your hatred to fuel your magic! Let the Darkness Orb magnify it! Destroy them!

Necromantress: Greetings, fools! Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the end of your lives.
<Character>: We've heard that before, Necromantress. We've defeated everything that you've thrown at us so far.
<Character>: Face facts. Your army is destroyed, the other necromancers are too... you're finished.
Necromantress: Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about the army that we built for Sepulchure.
Necromantress: Once we destroy all of Falconreach's heroes, then we will have plenty of raw.. *ahem* materials... to build a new army even stronger than the last.
Necromantress: I should thank you all for saving us the trip and bringing your bodies straight to Necromancy University!
Necromantress: Through the generous donations of your lives...
Necromantress: ...this school of necomancy will be able to mold a new generation of young corruptible minds!
<Character>: You're all talk! You don't have any minions left to fight us with.

If you have not completed Artix vs. The Undead
Necromantress: THAT is where you are WRONG, <Character>!
Necromantress: The Strangeknight is my newest creation, forged of my own hatred for you!
Necromantress: You have the honor of being its first victims! I promise you, I'll use every last part of your bodies in my next creation!

If you have completed Artix vs. The Undead
Necromantress: It saves me having to hunt you two down like the dogs you are.
Artix: Vayle...you HAVE to understand. You weren't saving your brother...you were keeping him from moving on.
Artix: The Edgar that you love...he's been gone for a long time. Now he can finally rest...
Necromantress: SILENCE!!!
Necromantress: You're not worthy to speak his name! You destroyed my brother now I'll destroy you with my Strangeknight.
Necromantress: You have the honor of being its first victims. I promise you, I'll use every last part of your bodies in my next creation.
Necromantress: I built it using all of my hatred for you two, and it will ensure that Noxus' plans continue.
Necromantress: ...Maybe he knows a way to summon my brother's spirit back from the other side. He PROMISED ME he would help me.
Necromantress: All I have to do is destroy you!

You fight 1 Strangeknight and 2 Shadowhound
Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> Noxus Fumes
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Artix Vs. The Undead
Release Date: 6/25/2008

Objective: The destruction of the leagues of undead has made Noxus angry. It's time to take down the Dean!
Objective completed: You have defeated the Dean of the Necropolis and foiled his plans to overrun Doomwood with this army of undead. It is hard to say if Vayle is friend or foe, but either way, the Darkness Orb is hers... for now.

Artix: It looks like the last of Sepulchure's undead army is being taken care of my the other heroes of Falconreach.
Artix: That means that we are free to go down into the Necropolis and finish this.
Artix: We have to get the Darkness Orb from Noxus at all costs!

<Character>: I can't believe the Necropolis is so empty now that the army is defeated!
Artix: I cannot believe how much power you and the other heroes of Falconreach have when you work towar a common goal!
Artix: I had a great time stomping those skeletons into the ground. I just wish there had been more.
<Character>: Artix... we beat 5 million of them... you beat the other 5 million by yourself!
Artix: I KNOW! I feel like I got ripped off! Oh well, at least Noxus should have something interesting up his sleeve...
Artix: ...I just hope that we are ready for whatever he throws at us.
<Character>: I hope that HE'S ready for US! Let's go... We can't let him escape with the Darkness Orb!

You fight 7 Necrotized Creature

Noxus: Ah good, Artix and <Character>. Right on time.
<Character>: Surrender the Darkness Orb, Noxus, and we may just let you walk out of Doomwood.
<Character>: Sepulchure has his own ways of dealing with failures like you.
Noxus: Give YOU the Darkness Orb? You could not control its power. I would never hand it over to you...even if I had it.
<Character>: You don't have it?
Artix: Only a necromancer with the power of the Darkness Orb could have built that army.
Noxus: Don't you fools understand yet?
Noxus: Artix, the day that you and Vayle came out of the Guardian Tower, Vayle brought the power with her...
Noxus: ...Lady Vayle IS the Elemental Orb of Darkness now...
Noxus: ...and I alone control her!

I had spent months trying to enter the chamber beneath the Guardian Tower...
...But on that day I felt the power of the orb leave the chamber on its own.
...Imagine my suprise when I felt all that dark power flowing from a little girl...
...I knew that the orb had chosen to bind with this girl, and if I couldn't control the orb...
...Then I would control the girl. After I 'saved' her from the town we watched it burn together...
...and I began to teach her.

Vayle: Thank you for saving me Master Noxus, but my brother... I wish you could have saved him too.
Vayle: I wish I wasn't too late.
Noxus: When you are a necromancer, child, there is no such thing as "too late".
Vayle: !!!
Noxus: I can teach you, if you like. Simpy focus on your brother's energy... inage capturing it in a bottle.
Vayle: Master Noxus! I did it! I can feel him inside that crystal!
Edgar: Hhhehhhelllp Mmmmeeeeeeeee
Vayle: It sounds... it sounds like he's in pain. Oh, how do we help him?!
Noxus: He just wants to live again, that is all.
Noxus: We will find a way, Vayle. If you become my student, I will teach you all that I know and we will find a way to bring him back.
Vayle: Do you promise? Do you promise that you can bring Edgar back?
Noxus: It will take much hard work on your part, but yes... I promise, Vayle.

Noxus: Since that day I have been using her... the power inside her... for myself.
Noxus: I had to be careful not to teach her too much. With the Orb bound to her, she could easily overpower me.
Noxus: The years passed and I raised her as a necromantress.
Noxus: In time, with her help, I became Dean of Necromancy University and she became my star student.
Noxus: Once you two troublemakers are finished, she will be able to rebuild Sepulchure's undead army in a matter of moments.
<Character>: So you never even planned on helping her use necromancy to raise her brother?
Noxus: Raise her brother? Necromancy is using dark power to control the dead... not revive them.
Noxus: Necromancy may have that kind of power but I've never seen it.
Noxus: Besides, how would I control her if I returned her brother to her? What would have been the point of killing him in the first place?
Artix: Killing him? He died as a result of the Green Mist. Do you mean that you...?
Noxus: That's right. The Green Mist was a deadly disease that I created to wipe out that village... YOUR village, Artix.
Noxus: If I had known that your exposure to the Orb made you resistant to my corruption I would have made other... arrangements.
Noxus: Especially considering what a thorn in my side that both you and <Character> have become.
Noxus: All that ends here and now. I will finish you like I should have years ago. I will re-create the undead army...
Noxus: ... and I will continue using Vayle as my puppet, for as long as I can use her brother as bait.
Vayle: All these years... I TRUSTED YOU! YOU HAVE BEEN USING ME!!
Noxus: Vayle! You misunderstood me. Let me make it clear to you.
Vayle: No more of your LIES, "Master" Noxus!
Vayle: <Character>, I can never forgive what you have done... there still may have been hope... but let me help you finish Noxus
Vayle: With all of our power combined, this slug cannot possibly stand against us.

Vayle joins your party

Noxus: BAH! I was going to have to kill you for the Orb eventually, child. Now is as good a time as any.
Noxus: COME! Face NOXUS and now the power of a TRUE NECROMANCER!

You fight Noxus and 2 Minions

<Character>: Thank you for your help, Vayle.
Vayle: Save your thanks, <Character>. Noxus is defeated and the Necropolis is empty. That is enough for now.
<Character>: But... the Darkness Orb... what will you do?
Vayle: I will continue trying to find a way to save my brother. I still believe the key is in Necromancy.
<Character>: Will you stay here at the University?
Vayle: No, but Necromancy University has been here for centuries. Another master will come along and claim it.
Vayle: I know that you and Sepulchure both need the power of the Darkness Orb, so I know we will meet again.
Vayle: Just be ready for me. Next time that we meet it may not be as friends.
<Character>: I'll be ready. Farewell, Vayle.
Vayle: Farewell, <Character>.
A few weeks later...
<nothing>: Hello?
Sally: It's so empty...
Sally: This will make the best doll house EVER!
Sally: ...and it's all MINE!
Next up: Extra Credit
Location: Amityvale -> Right -> Artix -> Quest!, Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 4th, 2007

Objective: None
Objective completed: When recovering items: You have recovered Sir Malifact's (item name here)! You will discuss it with him the next time you see his ghost. / When defeating the DeathKnight: You have defeated the Death Knight Sir Malifact! Strange, his armor vanished once he was slain.... is it possible he is reforming somewhere else?

Quest Dialog part 1:

Malifact's Ghost: OoooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooooooOooooooo.....
You: Are you Oooooo-Kay?
Malifact's Ghost: OOooooh...... *coughs* What? You can hear me?
You: Yes, of course I can hear you. Although I did think those Oh's were zeros at first glance. Who are you?
Malifact's Ghost: My name is Sir Bram Malifact the holy Paladin of truth, justice, and peace!
You (thinking): A Ghost Paladin? I better not tell Artix about this guy... he might try to exorcise him just like that one time with the ghost of Christmas Past.
Malifact's Ghost: I was adventuring here with my allies... we must have been defeated. I cannot remember how.
Malifact's Ghost: Until I remember what happened I am doomed to haunt this crypt.
Malifact's Ghost: Perhaps if you find my missing belongings we can solve this mystery and my soul can finally be put to rest!
You: I will help you solve this mystery Sir Malifact!
Malifact's Ghost: Thank you hero. First you should try to find my Holy Sword. It must be somewhere here in the Crypt.

**Button: "Ready! Find the Holy Sword"**

Quest dialog part 2:

Malifact's Ghost: Amazing you found my Holy Sword! The blade is charred black, what could this mean? If only you could find my Blessed Helm...

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text Box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his Holy Sword. The sword was burned black and looks like it has been used by one of the undead in this crypt. Now you must find his Blessed Helm for the next clue.

Dialog for Part 3:

Malifact's Ghost: You found my Blessed Helm! It is burned too as if scorched by fire, even the gold trim is melted. We must find my Divine Cape.

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his Holy Sword and Blessed Helm. Both objects were charred by fire. Now seek out the Divine Cape, perhaps it will help you solve this mystery.

Dialog for Part 4:

Malifact's Ghost: Excellent, the Divine Cape! What is this... there are holes in the back, as if made by daggers! Hmm, do you think you could find my Paladin Armor?

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his Holy Sword, Blessed Helm and Divine Cape. They look in pretty rough shape.... seek out Sir Malifact's Paladin Armor to solve the mystery!

Dialogue for part 5:

Malifact's Ghost: My Paladin Armor! What has happened to it!? Perhaps my Paladin's Ring could help me remember.

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his Holy Sword, Blessed Helm and Divine Cape. They look in pretty rough shape.... charred, stabbed, slashed, and rusted. Perhaps his Paladin's Ring will remind him of what happened.

Dialogue for Part 6:

Malifact's Ghost: You found the ring? Hmm, this does not look like a Paladins ring. Oh, the necklace! You must find the Necklace of Protection.

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his:

Holy Sword
Blessed Helm
Divine Cape
Paladin's Ring

Dialogue for Part 7:

Malifact's Ghost: Excellent, the necklace! Hmm, it has been broken and cursed. The work of a Necromancer? Could you find my Belt of Justice?

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his:

Holy Sword
Blessed Helm
Divine Cape
Paladin's Ring
Necklace of Protection

Dialogue for part 8:

Malifact's Ghost: Someone put a skull on my belt of Justice! Hmmm... I have everything now and I still do not know what happened. The answer must be found with my missing allies. Trelix was a powerful Fire Mage. Please find Trelix's Mage Staff.

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text box (now shoved over to the left):
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his:

Holy Sword
Blessed Helm
Divine Cape
Paladin's Ring
Necklace of Protection
Big Bad Belt of Justice

Dialogue for Part 9:

Malifact's Ghost: Ah, you found Trelix's staff. He was such a good friend. Always used calm cool logic, even though he was on a secret mission for the Mage University. That is right... we were to recover a treasure box! What was in it? The rogue in my party was Stabina. You must find Stabina's Vorpal Daggers!

**Button: "I will find it!"**

Text box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his:

Holy Sword
Blessed Helm
Divine Cape
Paladin's Ring
Necklace of Protection
Big Bad Belt of Justice
Trelix's Staff

Dialogue for part 10:

Malifact's Ghost: You found Stabina's daggers! Yes, now I remember. She was after the treasure box for the Thieves guild. Hmmm.... I was to recover the Treasure box for the Temple. Oh no... you must recover my last item. My Journal!

(A picture of the journal is now in place of where the button used to be. Underneath are the words: "Click anywhere to continue...")

Text box:
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his:

Holy Sword - Charred
Blessed Helm - Charred
Divine Cape - Holes in back
Paladin's Ring - Not right...
Necklace of Protection - Cursed
Big Bad Belt of Justice - Skull
Trelix's Staff - Casted Fireball
Stabina's Daggers - Used

You: Whoa... wait a minute.... you had a journal?
(A picture of the journal is shown in the same speech bubble with a "?" on the right-hand page.)
Malifact's Ghost: Of course! All Paladins keep a detailed public journey to chronical their battles and victories over evil!
(The journal picture appears again. Only this time, it's under the speech bubble, and an arrow points up to it. Underneath the arrow are the words: "Everything in it...")
You: Why did you not say something in the first place!!!
Malifact's Ghost: ...
You: Alright... let's review the facts one last time. *Looks at the items* Hmm, how good of friends did you say your allies were?

(The text box with the list of items appears again:)
Sir Malifact's Ghost
To free his spirit you must gather his missing belongings and solve the mystery. So far you have found his:

Holy Sword - Charred
Blessed Helm - Charred
Divine Cape - Holes in back
Paladin Armor - Mostly destroyed
Paladin's Ring - Not right...
Necklace of Protection - Cursed
Big Bad Belt of Justice - Skull
Trelix's Staff - Casted Fireball
Stabina's Daggers - Bent

Malifact's Ghost: Trelix and Stabina battled evil across the land with me. Alas, I still cannot remember how our final quest together ended. Will you find my Journal?

(NOTE: This next part seems to be bugged, as it goes straight to showing you the journal - which should really only appear in the FINAL part of the quest after you recover it - before you actually get a chance to read what's on-screen. The next line was captured thanks to a quickly taken screenie.)

You: Yes, I will Sir Malifact. I will get your Journal and solve the mystery of your demise. Once and for all!

**Button: "Ready! Find the Journal"**

Dialog of the Final Part:

At this point, the ghost of Sir Malifact is now gone. However, his Journal remains where he once stood.

Sir Malifact's Journal

Left Page:
You have found all of the missing belongings... but now they, along with the Ghost are all GONE! You hear footsteps of an armored Knight in the distance.

(The list of items is also on this page.)
Holy Sword - Charred
Blessed Helm - Charred
Divine Cape - Holes in back
Paladin Armor - Mostly destroyed
Paladin's Ring - Not right...
Necklace of Protection - Cursed
Big Bad Belt of Justice - Skull
Trelix's Staff - Casted Fireball
Stabina's Daggers - Bent

Right page:
Day 1
The Treasure Chest
Today my party had a fight over a rare treasure chest. Trelix the mage wanted it for the Mages Guild. Sabina the Rogue wanted it for the Thieves guild. And I, as a Paladin wanted to take it back to the Temple.

We could not resolve our conflict but we were good friends. We decided to open the chest! It contained a strange ring. So I tried it on...

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Day 2
The Doom Ring
The ring gives me so much power! I have never felt this before. Although now I am hearing voices and I can no longer cast heal spells. In fact, drinking health potions seems to hurt me now. This ring must have made me immortal! Trelix and Stabina are becoming jealous. I see them looking at me with envious eyes. Perhaps I will have to take drastic action. Hah... I will... wait... what is wrong with me? Why am I so cold? Could... this be... oh no!

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Day 3
The Undead Paladin
I no longer need to eat or breathe. I think I may be immortal! Better yet I can now command the undead of this foul crypt. This ring has made me unstoppable. I could rule the... Wait, what am I saying? This is so unlike me. My weapon and armor is turning black and I feel like I am losing control!

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Day 4,5,6,7 & 8
Missing Pages
<The pages have been torn or damaged beyond readability. The next pages are in a different handwriting.>

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Day 9
By Trelix the Mage
It is as I feared. Sir Malifact has turned into a Death Knight. Sadly, I do not think he is even aware of this. That is the price of greed and ultimate power. We had no choice but to Battle him as he sent his undead minions to attack us today. I cast a fireball at him as a distraction. Stabina stealthed and got behind him. We defeated him, but it was no use... he just kept reforming and attacking again!

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Day 10
By Stabina the Rogue
We cannot beat the Death Knight. He has reformed each of the 100 times we beat him in combat! This time... before he recovered I gathered all of his things and spread them in the most remote parts of this crypt. Hah it worked! I hid our weapons too, just in case.

I just hope no one gathers all of his belongings... he would become a Death Knight again!

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Dragonfable Timeline: Darkness Orb
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