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 Dragonfable Timeline: Ice Orb

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Ice Orb   Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:54 pm

Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> A Cold Reception
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 8/15/08

Objective: Rumors from the citizens of Dragesvard say that this cave was once home to one of the Great Dragons. Galanoth needs you to investigate the area and see what you can come up with.
Objective completed: The dragon's vault was empty except for a locket from Galanoth's childhood. It seems that this dragon... Akriloth... and Galanoth have some history together.

Galanoth: The people of this town deserve justice. Fighting the dragons off is working for now, but we need to find the source.
Galanoth: I have a lot of leads to follow and I could use another pair of eyes to help me investigate, as well as another pair of hands to help me fight.
Galanoth: If you think you are up to the challenge... I have a lead that I'd like you to look into.
Galanoth: There is a cave in the base of an icy mountain to the northwest of here. The people say that it was once the home of a dragon...
Galanoth: ...One of the BIG ones, a Great Dragon.
Galanoth: I think thedragon has cut and run. The cave is now home to a tribe of Killguins who call themselves the Killy Wily tribe.
Galanoth: Check out the cave. Look for any sign of the dragon... and try to keep your eyes open for any... unusual artifacts.
Galanoth: Return with me with whatever you find. Watch your back, <Character>.

Galanoth: You found this in the cave!?
Galanoth: These are... these WERE my parents. When I was a child they were killed in a dragon attack.
Galanoth: Since that time, I've been trying to track down the great fire dragon who killed my family. The trail led me here when it went cold... no pun intended.
Galanoth: So this is where he was hiding? But why would a fire dragon make a home in the ice and snow? What is going on here?
Galanoth: Thank you, <Character>. I gave up finding this locket years ago. This means a lot to me.
Galanoth: We still have a town to save but thanks to you I know that I'm still on the trail of that great fiery menace..
Galanoth: ...Akriloth.
Next up: Un-BEAR-Able Cold
Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Un-BEAR-able Cold
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Cold Reception
Release Date: 8/22/08

Objective: Galanoth has asked you to investigate the most recently destroyed human settlement, and look for clues to its destruction.
Objective completed: After finding evidence of a lost race of Ice Elves believed to be long dead, you are left only with more questions. Like, for example, "What's the deal with these Ice Elves?"

Galanoth: <Character>, I have to put aside my own quest for revenge to help the people of this land.
Galanoth: As soon as this town is safe, you can get that I'll be back on Akriloth's tail in no time, but fornow... we have work to do.
Galanoth: The last human settlement to fallw as a village named Frode, so the trail should be freshest there.
Galanoth: Frodge was built high upon a glacial cliff, but that didn't save them from the attacks. Now the ruins are swarming with scavengers.
Galanoth: Normally, the frost goblins would have first rights to loot the ruins, but a fierce tribe of armored polar bears have shown up.
Galanoth: This tribe call themselves the Ursice Savages, and they will take a break from driving of the frost goblins if you show up.
Galanoth: Fight your way to the remains of the vilalge and look for any clues that might lead us to the ice dragons who destored the village.
Galanoth: Return to me with whatever you find. Watch your back, <Character>.

Before defeating all enemies: "Defeat all monsters before climbing the Stairs"
After defeating all enemies: "You have defeated all of the Monsters! Climb the stairs."

Galanoth: Interesting. This is a weapon called a shimat... but to find one in this condition is impossible.
Galanoth: The only people who ever used the sminat with any skill were the Ice Elves who once lived here in the northlands.
Galanoth: The shimat has been freshly sharpened. There's not eve a spot of tarnish on the steel.
Galanoth: This MUST mean that there are some Ice Elves left up here. They were fierce warriors when their land was threatened...
Galanoth: But they were usually peaceful, from what I understand. Why would they join forces with the ice dragons?
Galanoth: You've done well, <Character>. Now we know where to look next... the Ice Elf Ruins.
Galanoth: It looks like we have an entire lost race of people to rediscover.

You found shimmat at the end of the quest.

Next up: Gary
Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> Gary
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Un-BEAR-Able Cold
Release Date: 9/5/08

Objective: Unravel the secrets of the Ice Elf ruins... and why we named the quest Gary.
Objective completed: Galanoth has been taken captive. Good thing he set up that cardboard cut out, or else you couldn't get the next quest. Now, all you have to do is sneak in and break him out of captivity! No problem!

Galanoth: Greetings, <Character>. I'm almost ready to go look through the Ice Elf ruins with you.
Galanoth: I don't want the ice dragons to think that I have abandoned my post here in town so so I had Cysero make me this magic cardboard cut out.
Galanoth: Greetings adventurer. I kill dragons!
Galanoth: ...
Galanoth: Is that really how I sound? Well, I guess it will do.
Galanoth: I am ready when you are!

Galanoth: This is the place, <Character. Buried under this ice and snow are the remains of the once-great Ice Elf empire.
<Character>: Well... I forgot my shovel. Did you bring one?
Galanoth: This weapon must have come from here...
<Character>: Hey, Galanoth.... your hand is glowing. Is that supposed to happen?
Galanoth: The shimat is having some kind of effect...
<Character>: A portal!? This was triumph!
Galanoth: No, the door was here the whole time. These ruins are hidden by a powerful magic!
<Character>: Look at the size of tha tplace! And it's all built of ice!
Galanoth: Yes, Ice elves were arctic in nature. They couldn't stand temperatures above freezing cold... room temperature would burn them.
Galanoth: I wonder how long this city has been here.
<Character>: It's kind of creepy... so empty. I've been to the Necropolis but this city is REALLY a dead city.
Galanoth: Maybe not entirely dead. This weapon came from in there somewhere. I wonder who dropped it.
<Character>: Only one way to find out... come on, Galanoth!

Galanoth: A dead end.
<Character>: There has to be a way in. Wave the shimat at it some more.
<Character>: Uh oh.
Ice Elf: Impossible! How could they have gotten in without one of our weaposn?!
Ice Elf: There, the big one has a shimat! How is that possible?!?! Did Gary drop his again?
Gary The Ice Elf: Yeah... I guess I lost it when we were raiding that town. I didn't think anyone would find it.
Ice Elf: Gary... you are soooooooo fired.
Galanoth: Get out of here, <Character>! I'll cover your rear, but you'll have to clear a path on your own!
<Character>: No way! I'm not leaving you alove with an army of Ice Elves!
Galanoth: Yes, you are. I'm going to get myself captured.
<Character>: Captured?! I never would have guessed that you're a "not in the face" type of guy. You seem for fighty.
Galanoth: Insult me like that again and YOUR skull will be my next helm.
<Character>: THAT'S more like it!
Galanoth: I need to know what these elves have to do with the dragon attacks. This is the best, fastest way.
Galanoth: But I will need you to come back for me later. I won't be able to escape without your help.
<Character>: Hmmm... It's a good plan. I'll be back for you, don't worry.
Galanoth: Thanks, <Character>. I knew I could count on you. Now GO!
Next up: Not So Great Escape
Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> Not So Great Escape
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Gary
Release Date: 9/12/08

Objective: Break into the Ice Elf city and rescue Galanoth before he catches cold!
Objective completed: So Aisha is behind the destruction of the human settlements! You have to get to those other tribes of northern monsters or Dragesvard is doomed!

Note: You can not bring your baby Dragon on this quest or equip it in the middle of it. You also can't change any equipped pets that you came with.

Galanoth: Greetings adventurer! I kill dragons!

<Character>: This is the place, and it looks like they were expecting me.
<Character>: I guess the quickest way to find Galanoth is to get myself captured too.
<Character>: I hope they don't take to long... it's kind of cold out here.
<Character>: At least I packed a bag lunch.
Ice Elf Warrior: HA! Now we've got the drop on you human! Do not try to escape! you are now our pris...
<Character>: Yeah, yeah. Can you hurry it up a little?
Ice Elf Warrior: Uh...
Ice Elf Warrior: ...sure.
"Ow. That REALLY hurt."
"Let me try again..."
"You're really bad at this."
"Ok, one last time."
"Forget it. I'll just..."
"...I'll just do it myself!"
<Character>: Ow, my head. Man, I really pack a punch.
<Character>: Galanoth has got to be in one of these cells.
Galanoth: *singing* Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... Nobody knows my sorrow...
<Character>: Galanoth, is that you?
Galanoth: <Character>? Thank godness. I was getting really bored.
<Character>: *thinking* Ok... so Galanoth is a falsetto.
<Character>: So, THAT'S that your face looks like. What happened to your helm?
Galanoth: It got knocked off when they captured me. I really can't get out of here without something to cover my face with.
Galanoth: Part of my "thing" is that no one sees my face. I have to remain a faceless terror to my dragon enemies.
Galanoth: They need to respect me as a foe, and dragons only respect what they fear.
<Character>: Respect and fear. Got it.
<Character>: Well... wanna wear the paper bag from my lunch on your head until we get out of here?
Galanoth: ...
Galanoth: Yeah. Give it here.
<Character>: So, they took your helm, but not your armor?
Galanoth: ...Or my dragonspear. You see, there is one small detail that the ice elves forgot that will help us escape.
<Character>: Oh, what's that?
Galanoth: Remember the ice elf warrior who dropped his shimat, allowing us into the ice elf city?
<Character>: Sure. Goold Ol' Gary the Ice Elf. What about him?
Galanoth: Well, as punishment he was demoted from city guard to prison guard.
<Character>: HAHA! That's great... but how does that help us get out of here?
Galanoth: First... Gary forgot to take my weapons AND yours...
<Character>: Oh... so he did. Ok, second?
Galanoth: ... Second, Gary locked you on the outside of the cell.
<Character>: You're right. That DOES help.
Galanoth: Let's get out of here. I'll tell you what I learned when we're back in Dragesvard.

Galanoth: <Character>, I can't thank you enough for coming back for me. My stay with the elves was brief but I learned a lot.
Galanoth: The ice elves have been in hiding for centries but recently a new queen has forced her way onto the throne.
Galanoth: Her name is Aisha and she didn't take the throne herself. She has a personal ice dragon army that helped her!
Galanoth: She is trying to claim more land for the ice elves by force, which is why the dragons and elves are attacking the humans.
Galanoth: That's not all. They say that she possesses the Elemental Orb of Ice. That is probably how she is controlling the ice dragons.
Galanoth: She's been talking with the natives of the frozen northlands... making promoses and building alliances.
Galanoth: We might stand a chance against the elves and dragons, but if they have the numbers of the other tribes them we're doomed.
Galanoth: We need to speak to the leaders of the tribes and convice them to join us, or all is lost.
Galanoth: You and I will have to visit the crafty Killguins, the powerful Ursice bears and the brutal Tuskers to make our case.
Galanoth: We have to hurry, <Character>. I don't know how long Aisha and her ice elves will hold off their attacks.

Next Up: The Killguin Arena
Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> The Killguin Arena
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Not So Great Escape
Release Date: September 26, 2008

Objective: Galanoth has sent you to the Killguin Battle Arena to speak to the king of the Killguins to try and convince him to join forces with the Huamn's of Dragesvard!
Objective completed: You did it! Linus and the Killguins have agreed to join forces to help defend Dragesvard against the ice elf queen! Next stop... the Ursice home camp!

Galanoth: Greetings, <Character Name>. Aisha, the queen of the ice elves, is gathering her forces and preparing to attack Dragesvard.
Galanoth: We just don't have the strength to stand up to the ice dragons and the ice elves by ourselves.
Galanoth: You have to go convince the Killguins to join with the humans. Their help won't be enough but they would be good friends to have in this battle.
Galanoth: Do whatever it takes to win the Killguins over to our side. If you don't... Aisha will.

Linus: Welcome to the Killy Willy tribe battle arena. We have not seen humans here for a very long time.
Linus: I am the emperor of the Killguins. You may call me Linus. Now, what do you want?
<Character Name>: Greetings your highness. my name is <Character Name> and I have come to ask for your help in the name of the people of Dragesvard.
Linus: DRAGESVARD?! Those humans have wronged us for too long. We would never help them!
<Character Name>: Tell me, Oh great Linus... in what way have the humans of Dragesvard wronged you?
Linus: They eat our fish.
<Character Name>: ...
<Character Name>: I'm sorry. Did you say... your... fish?
Linus: Yes. Our fish.
<Character Name>: You mean they take ALL the fish... and leave you none?
Linus: No. They only take some of the fish.
<Character Name>: Don't you think that your reaction is a little... extreme? There seems to be enough fish to go around.
Linus: Listen pal, we're Killguins, ok? Do you see any houses? Any crops? No.
Linus: All we have is ice... and fish. We we don't like the taste of ice very much. So taking our fish... ANY of our fish... is a pretty big deal.
<Character Name>: Your Highness, the queen of the Ice Elves is amassing an army to march against Dragesvard... and she won't stop there.
<Character Name>: Once the humans are gone, your people will be next. We must put aside our differences and unite to defend ourselves.
<Character Name>: Surely, there must be some way you could come to trust my people.
Linus: We are aware of the situation with the ice elves but my people will not be easily convinced.
Linus: But there is a way.
Linus: The frozen northlands are harsh and unforgiving. It takes a will of steel to endure the bitter cold.
Linus: I propose a test of YOUR endurance, hero. I will send my tribe's greatest warriors to face you here in the arena.
Linus: If you can survive every battle... then you will have our respect. Do you agree to this contest?
<Character Name>: I do not fear battle, Highness. I agree to your test of endurance!
Linus: I applaude your courage, human...
Linus: ... or I would, if I didn't have these tiny flippers on either side of this adorable, round body.
Linus: First, you face a single one of my warriors! Let the contest begin!

You now have the options:
• <Battle!> - You battle a Killy Willy
• <Heal> - Fully heals and refills your potions
• <Run Away!> - Returns you to Dragesvard

Linus: That was just the warm up round!
Linus: Time for the next round. Let's see how you handle two of my Killy Willy warriors!
• <Battle!> - Battle 2 Killy Willy
• <Run Away!> - Returns you to Dragesvard

Linus: Far too easy for a <Class Name> of your might.
Linus: Perhaps three of my warriors will be more of a challenge for you.
• <Battle!> - Battle 3 Killy Willy
• <Run Away!> - Returns you to Dragesvard

Linus: I can hear my tribe whispering on the outside of the arena. They are beginning to see your power.
Linus: Now for a real test... You must face two of my personal guards!
• <Battle!> - Battle 2 larger, buffed Killy Willy
• <Run Away!> - Returns you to Dragesvard

Linus: Impressive, <Character Name>! One final battle remains... but it will be the most difficult!
Linus: You must battle and defeat the Killy Willy tribe's greatest warrior! Even if you fail, know that you have earned our admiration. Good luck.
• <Battle!> - Battle a larger, and more buffed Killy Willy
• <Run Away!> - Returns you to Dragesvard

Linus: You have bested all of our best fighters, hero. You have beaten my challenge!
<Character Name>: You are the king. Don't I get to battle you?
Linus: Oh heavens no. Killiguins select their leaders on the basis of adorability and cuteness. I'm a leader, not a fighter.
Linus: That was a very impressive display, hero. You have earned the respect of my people.
<Character Name>: Thank you, highness. Thank you on behalf of ther people of Dragesvard.
Linus: We will begin preparations for the defense of your town and our tribe immediately. You have gained a powerful ally this day.
Linus: When the battle for Dragesvard begins, we will be at your side, <Character Name>.
Complete Quest!
Next Up: Bear Facts
Location: Dragesvard-> Galanoth->Quests->The Bear Facts
Level/Quest/Items required needs Completion of The Killguin Arena
Release Date: 10/10/2008

Objective: Galanoth has sent you to the Ursice savages to convince them to join you in the coming battle!
Objective completed: The bears may be proud and rude but they keep their oaths. You have gained another powerful ally in the coming war against Aisha and her Ice Dragons. And all it cost you was a picnic basket!

Galanoth: You did well with the Killguins, <Character>... far better than I could have hoped, and you returned just in time.
Galanoth: I recieved a... message from a shaman from the Ursice Savages. Actually it was more of a dream.
Galanoth: I was told to send you to the ice islands to the south at a very specific time and date... today... now.
Galanoth: I've had one of the Dragesvard supply rafts prepared for you, you need to leave right now.
Galanoth: Once you arrive, the shaman will tell you what you need to do to convice the bears to join us. Good Luck, <Class>.

Grrol Blackclaw: Hello, <Character>. I have been expecting you.

Who are you?
Grrol Blackclaw: I am Grrol Blackclaw, shaman of the Ursice Savages.
Grrol Blackclaw: I have seen visions of the future and I know that the queen of the ice elves and her dragon army will destroy all in their path.
Grrol Blackclaw: I have tried to convince our leader, Huntmaster Frrwl, of the danger but my people distrust magic.
Grrol Blackclaw: Joining the humans of Dragesvard may be our only hope. But traditions says that you must present a great gift to be heard.
Grrol Blackclaw: Please. You must find this figt and convince my people to join you.

A Great Gift?
Grrol Blackclaw: It is our custom to present a figt to the Huntmaster before asking for a favor.
Grrol Blackclaw: My people would be opposed to joining the humans, but they would follow the Huntmaster.
Grrol Blackclaw: There is only one gift that would be great enough to be truly irresistible to my people. A pic-a-nic basket.
<Character>: ... A picnic basket?
Grrol Blackclaw: Yes, We are bears. We cannot resist the siren call of a pic-a-nic basket. And I know where you can get one!
Grrol Blackclaw: There is reason I asked Galanoth to send you on this very day. A group of local frost goblins is having a pic-a-nic.
Grrol Blackclaw: You will find them on one of the neighboring ice islands which is connected to this one by ice bridges.
Grrol Blackclaw: Once you have the gift, continue down the path and it will lead you directly to my village. The path is dangerous, but I can see your power.
Grrol Blackclaw: Help us, <Character>. You are our only hope.

After fighting through certain monsters

<Character>: Hi. You must be the Huntmaster. I come BEARing gifts.
Huntmaster Frrwl: Humans are strange. But I cannot ignore tradition... or the gift of a pic-a-nic basket. What would you ask of me?
<Character>: I know that you carry a lot of weight with your people. I would ask, on behalf of my people... that you join with us in the coming battle...
<Character>: ...against Aisha, the ice elf queen.
Huntmaster Frrwl: BAG! This has Blackclaw's strink all over it. I have told the shaman that I do not trust his dreams.
<Character>: Oh. Alright. Well then I'll just take this tasty picnic basket and be on my way...
Huntmaster Frrwl: WAIT... I... Uh... I would never refuse people who come to us for help. We will... assist you. You have my word.
Huntmaster Frrwl: Now leave the pic-a-nic basket and get out of here!
Next Up: Long In The Tooth
Location: Dragesvard > Galanoth > Quests > MORE QUESTS > Long In the Tooth
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Bear Facts
Release Date: October 31, 2008

Objective: Galanoth has asked you to meet his Tusker contact near the bottom of the Dragesvard ice berg.
Objective completed: The Tusker people have joined you! With the races of the frozen northlands united you stand a chance against Aisha.... but if you can convince the dragons to join you, you will be unstoppable. Now, how to convince the ice dragons to join you?

Galanoth: Great work, <Character Name>. Now the Killguils and the Ursice Savages are with us! All that remains are the Tuskers.
Galanoth: They are a race of rugged, nomadic wal...rus...es? Warlii? Warlusi?
Galanoth: Anyway, they are very secretive... they untrusting of outsiders, so this will not be easy.
Galanoth: If you can convince them to join us, then we will have the support that we need.
Galanoth: No matter how this turns out, <Character Name>, I'm impressed with your work so far. I could never have done what you have acomplished. Good luck.

G'joob: You must be <Character Name>. Thank you for coming.
• Who Are You?

<Character Name>: Who are you, and did you just THINK that at me?
G'joob: My name is G'joob, I am the lorekeeper for my people.. the Tuskers.
G'joob: And yes, we speak telepathically. We can speak our language our loud but, due to out large tusks, people make fun of the way that we talk.
G'joob: It was just easier to us to learn telepathically.
<Character Name>: That makes sense. Are the Tuskers willing to join us against Aisha and her dragon army?
G'joob: That is up to you. We are a peaceful race. We just want to be left alone.
G'joob: We only learned to fight and wear armor to defend our privacy.
G'joob: But as lorekeeper I know my people's tales. We have had to join with others to protect our way of life before. I think it is time again.
G'joob: You might be able to convince our leader to join with you in order to defend our privacy.
<Character Name>: Great, where do I find him?
G'joob: It's not quite that simple. We are nomads, roaming these frozen waters and making our secret homes in the hollow caves within the icebergs.
G'joob: We change the location every day to ensure our privacy and the entrances are all under water.
G'joob: Once we abandon a cave we let the entrance freeze over, so you will know the right one when you see it. It will be the only one you can enter.
G'joob: But you might find some of our abandoned camps first. Just keep looking.
G'joob: A little while ago someone dumped a bunch of Water Breathing Potions in the ocean so you can breathe the sea water.
<Character Name>: I wonder if I should tell G'joob that the Water Breathing Potions were my fault?
G'joob: That was YOUR fault?
<Character Name>: What? Hey! NO FAIR READING MINDS!
G'joob: Sorry. It'doesn't matter anyway. You can breathe the water but it's very, very cold.
G'joob: You will begin freezing to death as soon you enter the water... the cold will slowly drain all of your life so move fast and find our camp!
G'joob: My people are not expecting you and we do not like outsiders... they WILL attack you. Be ready.
G'joob: I would wear something with ice resistance if I were you. Good luck <Character Name>!
• Heal & potions. (Refills HP, MP and potions)
• Continue (Dive)
• Leave Quest (Back to Dragesvard)

You will lose HP gradually once underwater when you start moving or until you enter a battle or the correct cave.

Once you find the correct cave:

<Character Name>: That water was COLD!
Paul: Great, another one.
<Character Name>: I mean, REALLY COLD! You think you know cold... try BREATHING ICE WATER!
Paul: Yes, human. One of the reasons we CHOSE this frigid wasteland was for the cold...
Paul: ...so nobody would bother us. *ahem*
<Character Name>: I'm talkin' SUPER cold. Like the kind of cold where the electrons stop moving.
<Character Name>: That was the kind of cold that would make THE VACUUM OF SPACE want warm, flannel pajamas.
<Character Name>: That water is SO cold that it hurt my FEELINGS.
Paul: YES! WE GOT IT! IT'S VERY COLD! What do you WANT?!
<Character Name>: Wait... rewind... did you say"great, ANOTHER one,"?
Paul: Yes, we've had quite a few visitors lately. Far too many. Just yesterday an ice dragon came to us.
<Character Name>: An ICE DRAGON? Um... how did he fit through that hole in the ice?
Paul: Yesterday's ice cave was much larger. That's beside the point... what do you want, <Class>?
<Character Name>: Oh great and mighty Tusker leader...
Paul: Please... call me Paul.
<Character Name>: Ok. Oh great and mighty....Paul. I come here to offer Dragesvard's hand in friendship and ask for your help.
<Character Name>: The dragon that visited you yesterday... was it sent by Aisha, the Ice Elf Queen?
Paul: Yes, it was. It came also seeking assistance. What do YOU have to offer?
<Character Name>: I...I didn't bring anything. Um... I've got half a sandwich in my backpack... it might be a little soggy but...
Paul: Well, at least your offer is more reasonable. All the dragon promised us was death if we did not join her.
Paul: But we Tuskers are proud. We do not respond to threats. If we are caught in the middle of a war we did not start...
Paul: ...Then we will side with the people who came to us in friendship. We are with you, human.
<Character Name>: That's EXCELLENT NEWS, Paul. I will tell my people at once.
Paul: Human... the dragon seemed... almost frightened of Aisha. If she tried to get us to join with fear... maybe she did the same to the ice dragons.
Paul: Speak to them. If you can convince them to join us as well... this war may be over before it begins.
<Character Name>: Hmmm. If there is even the smallest chance that war can be avoided I have to check it out. Thanks again, Paul!
Paul: Farewell, human. All our hopes for peace are riding on you.
• Complete Quest!

If you try to enter one of the two wrong caves: This enterence is frozen. Check another.
Next Up: The Snow Fields
Location: Dragesvard-> Galanoth->Quests->MORE QUESTS->The Snow Fields
Level/Quest/Items required: Long in the Tooth
Release Date: 11/7/08

Objective: You and Galanoth must travel to the Snow Fields and meet the Ice Dragons to try and see if the will turn their backs on Aisha.
Objective completed: So, Aisha's plan is global cooling! With the Elemental Ice Orb she may be able to pull it off. Defeating her is more important than ever. It looks like a war between the dragons, ice elves and Dragesvard cannot be avoided. PREPARE FOR WAR!

Galanoth: We have to go talk to the WHO?!?!?

Galanoth: What do you mean "we have to talk to the dragons"? Those monsters don't TALK to our kind.
<Character>: We have to try. The Tusker leader, Paul said that the dragon seemed frightened. The dragons might feel forced into fighting.
Galanoth: The only thing that I've ever seen a dragon fear... is me.
<Character>: You're missing the bigger picture. If we can convince these dragons to come to our side, then we might be able to avoid this war.
<Character>: I've spoken to Linus, Grrol and G'joob, They've all sent messengers to the dragons to meet us on the snow fields, near the mainland shore.
Galanoth: I'm telling you <Character>, nothing will come of this. But still...
Galanoth: ...If these dragons ARE afraid of something then I'd like to know what it is. One can never have too many weapons.
Galanoth: Plus, sending them a message that we want to meet is a great way to draw them out!
Galanoth: Besides, WHEN things go wrong, you might need my help to battle the ice dragons.
<Character>: That's fine with me. But remeber, we're going to talk first. We won't fight unless we need to. Let's go.

Galanoth: Ice Dragons!!
<Character>: Don't you start! One Artix was bad enough. Control yourself.
Ice Dragon: We recieved your messages, human. We have come. Say what you need to say.
<Character>: Oh great and mighty dragons...
Galanoth: *snirk*
<Character>: *AHEM* Oh, great and powerful ice dragons...
Galanoth: *coughWIMPScough*
<Character>: (QUIT IT) Oh, mighty dragon of the north...
Galanoth: Mighty? *Pfffft!
Ice Dragon: It seems like the canned snack that you brought as an offering has something to say.
Galanoth: OFFERING?! Why I should rip your horns off and stuff 'em up your...
???: Enough...
Aisha: Galanoth, the Dragon Slayer and <Character>, the Hero of Falconreach...
Aisha: It is a pleasure to finally meet you both.
Aisha: I am Aisha, the new queen of the ice elves and ruler of the ice dragon army.
Aisha: I am also in possession of the Elemental Orb of Ice that you are searching for, <Character>
<Character>: I thought you might have the orb. It would take an item of amazing power to control over these ice dragons.
Galanoth: SO that is how she is controlling them? That is why they are afraid of her?
Aisha: It is true that the orb is very powerful. It has increased my own natural magic several hundred times.
Aisha: You see, my people can only exist in this polar environment. In order to flourish and grow...
Aisha: ...Then we need the rest of Lore to be as gold as the frozen northlands.
Aisha: I have been using the orb's power to make the polar ice sheet grow faster than it ever would have on its own.
Aisha: Through this process of "global cooling", my people will soon cover the face of the world and our empire will rule all of the warm races.
Aisha: We have begun our conquest by crushing all of the pathetic, human settlements in my kingdom. Dragesvard is all that remains.
Aisha: Once all of you humans are gone we will wipe out or enslave the other races of the north.
Aisha: As I use the Ice orb to expand our sphere of influence more and more of your people will meet the same fate.
Aisha: Finally, your sad little race will be wiped from the face of Lore and my people will rule their frozen paradise... as it was meant to be.
Galanoth: I don't understand your hatred of us Aisha. Once the ice elves and humans lives side by side.
<Character>: Humans and ice elves could accomplish SO MUCH if we worked together rather than wasting our energy fighting.
<Character>: What makes you believe that your people are so superior?
Aisha: What makes you think that my people are the ice elves, <Character>?
Aisha: Draco nythera simesti mef selourm humazte. Locus aldmodus sey constri naturilithi.
You will need a Dragon Amulet to read this...
Aisha: Dragons have always been superior to humans. It is simply our place in the natural order.
Aisha: My people... the ice dragons... have been waiting for centuries for a leader like me to come along.
Aisha: I plan to put dragons... especially ice dragons... BACK in their rightful place on all the thrones of the world.
Aisha: The Elemental Orb of Ice is the key that we have been waiting for.
Aisha: We dragons know that Sepulchure is gathering the orbs and we know why.
Aisha: We know that you are trying to stop him, but neither of you has a right to OUR MAGIC... and I plan on taking them back.
Aisha: You and that traitorous whelp, <Dragon> will be taught your place in time but first things first... Dragesvard.
Aisha: My brothers, kill Galanoth. I want the hero taken alive. Once you are done, return to me. We march on Dragesvard soon.
Ice Dragon: As you wish, Queen Aisha.

Next up: Gary's Fate
Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> MORE QUESTS -> Gary
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Snow Fields
Release Date: January 5th 2009

Objective: Now you get to see who leads Aisha's Dragon Army!
Objective completed: General Sharthallis lies unconcious at your feet and Gary got a badly needed ego boost. Aisha's army lies in ruins but Dragesvard is not yet saved. As long as Aisha holds the Ice Orb, she is a threat to the world.

Galanoth: Aisha's army is in ruins and we've got the stragglers on the run!
Galanoth: We've got to face down the General of the ice dragon army while we can....whoever he is.

Click "Quest!" to start the quest.

Galanoth: The time has come to defend Dragesvard!

Talk and shops
Grrol: How we can help, <Character Name>?
• Talk to Grrol:
Grrol: As the shaman of my tribe, I am here to represent the Ursice Savages. I speak for them in matters of war. My voice is their voice.
Grrol: Aisha is attacking on many different fronts trying to drive our new union apart.
Grrol: But I know that the only way that ANY of us will survive is if we stand united against her.
• Talk to G'joob:
G'joob: The Tuskers are a proud and solitary people but they see that Aisha only brings destruction.
G'joob: We tend not to meddle in the affairs of any of the other races but that will only buy us this time.
G'joob: There are some who say our home and our peace are being attacked because we stuck our tusks where they didn't belong...
G'joob: ...These Tuskers are fools. My people are stubborn but not stupid. They will see if you give them time.
• Talk to Linus
King Linus: Hey, <Character Name>. Good to see you. The Killguins are with you.
King Linus: ...
King Linus: That's it. You can talk to somebody else now.
King Linus: What? You were expecting a big long speech about our noble race or whatever? I don't think so.
King Linus: I said "The Killguins are with you". What else do you need to know?

Fight beside Galanoth / Grrol / King Linus / G'joob:
*Note*You gain Galanoth / Grrol / King Linus / G'joob as guest.

Fight Polar Dravirs , Ice Elfs and Frost Drake

After finished, follow the Blue =>

Fight Ice Dragon

After finished, follow the Blue =>

{To Battle! The Dragon General} -> Normal Boss Battle.
{To Battle! EXTREME Dragon General} -> Extremely mode Boss Battle.
{Heal} -> Full healing HP/MP/Potions
{Leave} -> Leave the quest without Exp/Gold. (*Note: You could not leave the quest before here.)

Gary The Ice Elf: So, <Character Name>! We finally meet. I am Gary.
<Character Name>: Uh. Hi Gary. Seems like you've been having a lot of trouble keeping your jobs recently.
Gary The Ice Elf: You can say THAT again. After years of failing the entrance exam I FINALLY got to be a soldier in the ice elf army....
Gary The Ice Elf: ... and the one thing that they stressed above all else was "Don't drop your shimat. With that, anyone can enter our hidden kingdom."
Gary The Ice Elf: As you know... I dropped mine. Then I got busted down to prison guard.... until I locked you on the wrong side of the prison...
Gary The Ice Elf: After that, it was security at a local mall... until I set the IceyElf Drink Machine on fire...
Gary The Ice Elf: Then I was demoted to Military Fry cook. But that was quite over pretty quick. There was an incident with the deep fryer and Frostscythe's poodle.
<Character Name>: Dragonmaster Frostscythe has a poodle?
Gary The Ice Elf: ... No... He HAD a poodle.
Gary The Ice Elf: The I was bumped down to Military Boot Lacer but they didn't TELL me that you couldn't use one LONG shoe lace on ALL the boots...
Gary The Ice Elf: So now I'm here.
<Character Name>: Now you're running Aisha's Ice Dragon Army? That sounds like a promotion if you ask me.
Gary The Ice Elf: Oh, well yeah. It would be a promotion if that were in the case... Except I'm actually...
Gary The Ice Elf: ... I mean, I've been demoted to... Uh...
Gen.Sharthallis: ....MY PET.
<Character Name>: Gary is your PET?! That's terrible.
Gary The Ice Elf: It's not so bad really. I get to see the world. I get three square meals a day and I get a little bed with my name on it!
<Character Name>: Wow. that sounds... great.
<Character Name>: I am not sure I like the idea of Gary being your pet, General.
Gen.Sharthallis: ...OR FOOD!
<Character Name>: I can't let that happen! After I defeat you... Aisha is next!

Fight Ice Dragon General and Gary the ice elf

After you win the battle:
Gary The Ice Elf: Whoa, my head. What happened? Did you do that?
Gary The Ice Elf: Did I do that? Please tell me that I didn't do that. If they demote me again, who knows where I'll end up!
<Character Name>: Don't worry, Gary. You did your best. In fact, you saved the general's life.
Gary The Ice Elf: I did?
<Character Name>: Sure you did. Galanoth has delivered the killing blow and the general was dying...
<Character Name>: ...The last thing you did before you passed out was to toss a healing potion up and save the general's life.
Gary The Ice Elf: REALLY? I'm a HERO!
<Character Name>: Yes you are. Just do me one small favor.
Gary The Ice Elf: Without you telling me I would never have known how great I am. Name it!
<Character Name>: Give Queen Aisha a message for me. Tell her "Dragesvard will NEVER FALL! <Your Character> is coming for you."
Next On: Ice Queen
Location: Dragesvard War
Level/Quest/Items required: DA
Release Date: November 14, 2008

Objective: Defeat Dragonmaster Frostscythe!
Objective completed: You have defeated Frostscythe and Glaisaurus. This is a devastating blow to Aisha's dragon forces but Frostscythe will be back. He always comes back.

<<You>>: Show yourself DragonMaster Frostscythe! I know that you're here.
<<You>>: Where ice dragons flow, you always follow.
Frostscythe: HAHAHA very clever, <<You>>.
<<You>>: It's the only thing that made sense. How can you betray your own people like this?
Frostscythe: You mean those fools from Dragesvard? They do not deserve my pity. All they deserve is destruction!
<<You>>: Why do you hate them so much?
Frostscythe: When I was a young boy, my father found me out on the ice. Starving.
<<You>>: Starving? Not frozen to death?
Frostscythe: Not I. I am far stronger than any human. I am half ice-elf. None of the townspeople ever accepted me.
<<You>>: So you returned to your other people... the ice elves.
Frostscythe: Exactly. I met Aisha, she revealed her true nature and the power of the ice dragons to me. She even gave me my Dragon Amulet.
Frostscythe: I helped her take her place as the queen and I will help her destroy your world! You will not stand in our way.
• Battle!
• Extreme Mode

(Both fight Frostscythe and Glaisaurus)

Frostscythe: AGAIN? YOU DEFEATED ME AGAIN!? And you broke another Dragon Amulet?!?! Aisha will be SO MAD AT ME!!!
<<You>>: That's what you get for trying to pass that thing off as the real deal.
Frostscythe: SILENCE! Now I have to get Queen Aisha to craft me another one with the power of the Ice Orb.
<<You>>: So that's where you're getting them from? Well, DragonMASTER, hopefully now you see the power of a real DragonLORD!
Frostscythe: You are powerful, it is true... But you are no match for Queen Aisha. She will freeze your beating heart while it is still in your chest.
Frostscythe: Then, I will have YOUR Dragon Amulet! HAHAHAHAHA!
Frostscythe: Goodbye, <<You>>. I will be sure that you get a place of honor in Queen Aisha's frozen trophy room!
<<You>>: You can have my Dragon Amulet over my dead body!
Frostscythe: That's the idea!
<<You>>: Oh. Right. I guess it is.

Complete Quest!
Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> More Quests -> Ice Queen
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Gary's Fate
Release Date: December 5th, 2008

Objective: Go with Galanoth to the lost city of the ice elves and finish the fight with Aisha.
Objective completed: Aisha is defeated, the Elemental Ice Orb is yours and Dragesvard is saved. This brings you one step closer to gathering all of the orbs before Sepulchure can. You have the everlasting gratitude of the people of Dragesvard!

Galanoth: We've cleared the way and only a few of her servants stand between us and Aisha!
Galanoth: Are you prepared to face the Queen of the ice elves, <Character>? This will require all of our strength.

Galanoth: Hmmm. That path has been opened. She is expecting us.
<Your Character>: Well, we just destroyed most of her army. So, yeah, she probably is.
<Your Character>: Listen, Galanoth. There's something that I've been meaning to talk to you about.
<Your Character>: I... um... know some DragonLords. They're not all evil like Frostcythe. Neither are their dragons.
Galanoth: You... you KNOW some Dragonlords?!?! And your deciding to tell me this NOW?!?!
<Your Character>: Well, you don't seem like you want to have a rational conversation with them.
Galanoth: That's RIGHT. The only good dragon is a dead one. Maybe you're mistaken about that Dragonlords you know.
<Your Character>: No... I'm pretty sure they're not all evil. I mean, I know some of them REALLY well.
Galanoth: ...
Galanoth: I can't question your courage or wisdom. Without your cleverness, Dragesvard would have fought Aisha alone and been destroyed.
Galanoth: Maybe... *gritting teeth* MAYBE, based on your suggestion alone, I should look at Dragonlords more closely.
Galanoth: We'll have to talk more about this, if we live through this encounter. Right now, let's focus on the task at hand.
Galanoth: I feel like I should warn you, Aisha isn't the largest or most powerful ice dragon...
Galanoth: But she will be stronger than any other dragons that we have faced together.
Galanoth: She would be too strong if we faced her in her dragon form.
<Your Character>: You mean we have to trick her into fighting us in her elf form?
Galanoth: That's right. Even in her elf form the Elemental Orb of Ice will give her unbelievable power. This won't be easy.
<character>: What if we can't convince her to fight us in her elf form?
Galanoth: We'll burn that bridge when we come to it.
<Your Character>: Don't you mean "we'll CROSS that bridge when we come to it?"
Galanoth: I think mine is more appropriate, considering the situation.
Galanoth: Ready to face Aisha?

*Heal, and fight button appear and you choose*

<Your Character>: Anybody home?
Galanoth: She's here... somewhere.
<Your Character>: Maybe we lucked out... Maybe we can just take the orb and...

*Aisha appears*

Aisha: You may have destroyed my army, <character>, but you will NOT take my orb!
Aisha: I will admit that I underestimated you and Galanoth. It is not a mistake I am likely to repeat.
Aisha: I should have taken care of you personally form the start. Oh well, live and learn.
Aisha: Once I destroy you two, I will use my orb's power to rebuild my army!
Aisha: Prepare to face your doom. Few mortals have gotten to see my dragon form. Consider it a parting gift.
<Your Character>: Go ahead and change into a dragon. My... uh... default weapon has +3000 versus Dragon types.
Aisha: <character>, I have lived a very VERY long time...
Aisha: And in my exceptionally long life, that has to be the number ONE, top dumbest thing that I've heard.
Aisha: I'm going to change now. Say your goodbyes.

*Aisha transforms*

Galanoth: Well, it was worth a shot.
<Your Character>: Got any other bright ideas?
Galanoth: There's always Plan B.
<Your Character>: Plan B sounds good. What's Plan B?
Galanoth: ... I'm not so excited about Plan B.

*Aisha chomps Galanoth*

<Your Character>: Umm... is this part of Plan B?
Galanoth: Ow.
Galanoth: Ow.
Galanoth: Ow.
Galanoth: Ow. Yeah, <Your Character>. This is Plan B.
Galanoth: Ow. I've..... Ow..... been collecting Dragonbane since I came to Dragesvard. It's that ore that acts like poison to all dragons.
Galanoth: I've just finished having the weaponsmith forge.... OW.... me a sword of pure Dragonbane.
Galanoth: Ow
Galanoth: There were a few scraps of it left over. I powdered the leftovers and rubbed it into my armor.
Galanoth: Plan B was for me to get eaten. I knew my armor could take it...
Galanoth: ... and the Dragonbane will drain Aisha's Power.
Aisha: WHAT!?!?

*Aisha drops Galanoth*

<Your Character>: Great plan.
Galanoth: Thanks, Mom. I think I'm gonna take a few naps now.
Galanoth: Hurry and win fast. The Dragonwhatever won't last until dinner.
Galanoth: G'night. *passes out*
<Your Character>: Thanks Galanoth. Rest up my friend, I won't let you down!

After you defeat Aisha:

Galanoth: I can't believe I was out for 3 days.
Galanoth: My lance may have shattered but I like the feel of this Dragonblade much better.
Galanoth: My armor is a little worse or the wear, though. I've patched it up but I wear these cracks with pride.
Galanoth: Besides, I kind of like the weathered look.
Galanoth: I'm impressed with your skill <character>. You took on and defeated one of the mightiest dragons that I've ever seen.
Galanoth: Aisha has been defeated but she was not destroyed. She will return, and we will be ready.
Galanoth: Now that we have the Elemental Orb of Ice, she will be no match for us. But take care, she might come after Galanoth: You may decide to wear the armor or not, but either way... you have earned the right to be called Dragonslayer.
Galanoth: You have my thanks <Your Character>, and the thanks of all the people of Dragesvard. I salute you!
Next Up: Olaf's Party
Location: Dragesvard > Galanoth > Quests > More Quests > Olaf's Party
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ice Queen
Release Date: December 12, 2008

Objective: PARTY TIME!
Objective completed: You and your dragon put a stop to Aisha' final, evil plan and saved the people of Dragesvard from her icy clutches... and Olaf's pool.

Galanoth: Finally, Dragesvard is safe. I couldn't have done all of this with out you <<You>>.
Galanoth: Now, there is just one more pressing matter that we have to deal with...


<<You>>: A Party?!
Galanoth: Yes. Olaf's parties are legendary and this one has been going on for a long time.
<<You>>: Oh yeah, I've seen the notes around town. Must be some party. Why didn't we go before now?!
Galanoth: We had more important things to do than attend a local party. Besides...
Galanoth: ...We just got invited today. Olaf sent us a note.
<<You>>: Saving an entire town comes with benefits, I guess. Let's go.

Galanoth: Knock knock!
<<You>>: Anyone....home?
Olaf: Thank goodness!
(Simultaneously) Gerda: I can't turn my head! Bjorn: WHAT? Has someone come to save us?
Galanoth: Save you?
<<You>>: You guys look you're having fun!
Helga: Fun?! HA!
Ingaberg: We WERE having fun until SOMEONE had the bright idea of having us all jump in the pool! *glares at Sven*
Sven: Don't look at ME. No one made you jump in.
Astrid: I don't see the big deal, guys. I'm still having a great time.
<<You>>: So you guys have been frozen solid in this swimming pool for ... how long?
Helga: It seems like weeks.
Oslo: ...And Sven keeps singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
Galanoth: How are you still alive? How have you fed yourselves?
Olaf: ...
Squirrel: ...
Olaf: !
Olaf: Hop in.
Squirrel: ...
Squirrel: No.
Olaf: ...It hasn't been easy.
Gerda: This has not been Olaf's best party.
Galanoth: We'll get you out of there in no time.
Aisha: No, you WON'T!
Lief: Oh yeah, AND we had a party crasher.
<<You>>: Aisha! What are you doing here?
Aisha: Who do you fools think sent you the invitation?
Aisha: I found our last battle.... unsatisfactory. I demand that you fight me again when I am unpoisoned!
<<You>>: (Galanoth, do you have any more Dragonbane?)
Galanoth: (No, I used the rest of it on my blade!)
Aisha: Dragons have excellent hearing, hero. Plus, I'm RIGHT HERE!
Galanoth: Leave these people out of this, Aisha.
Aisha: I think not, Dragonslayer. Once I've finished with you, I will take my time with them.
Aisha: Quit stalling, FACE ME!

Galanoth: She's at full strength now, <<You>>. I have no idea how we're going to defeat her.
<<You>>: Well, I suppose this is the best time to tell you. Galanoth.... I am a DRAGONLORD!
<<You>>: How could you NOT have noticed? Didn't you see my pet dragon fighting beside us?
Galanoth: I thought it was a horribly deformed dog or something!
Galanoth: I thought it might hurt your feelings if I said "Man, what happened to that dog?!"
<<You>>: You've never seen a baby dragon before?
Galanoth: I've seen a few, but I thought that there was no WAY that you'd have a dragon with you if I was there too.
Galanoth: So that's how you know so much about Dragonlords. It all makes sense now.
<<You>>: I'm sorry that I lied to you but your hate runs so deep... I didn't want anything to happen to <<Dragon>>.
Galanoth: Your bond with your dragon must be very strong.
<<You>>: It is. <<Dragon>> and I have been through a lot. I trust my dragon with my life.
Galanoth: Just as I trust you with mine.
Galanoth: None of that matters now. Maybe there is ONE good dragon in the world. If you raised it.... it must be a worthy creature.
Galanoth: ... The exception to the rule.
Galanoth: If you and your dragon have the power to defeat Aisha, then do it. Save those people!
<<You>>: I will. Thank you for your understanding, Galanoth. I know that you think all dragons are evil and must be destroyed.
Galanoth: Prove me wrong, <<You>>.

Aisha: I sense your Dragon Amulet once again, <<You>>. You cannot command me with that weak magic!

Summon Dragon and BATTLE! Queen Aisha!

Aisha: Enough talk!

BATTLE 1 Titan Aisha

Galanoth: I was... impressed with how well you and your dragon worked as a team.
Galanoth: I am not ready to admit that there are good dragon in this world...
Galanoth: But seeing you and <<Dragon>> facing down that ice queen like that...
Galanoth: ...Let's just say that I'm open to a new possibility.
Galanoth: Maybe there is one dragon who might do more good than ill for the people of Lore.
Galanoth: Thank you once again for saving Dragesvard, <<You>>.
Galanoth: The others want to thank you too. Just take a look around town... everyone is back where they belong.
Galanoth: I'm looking forward to doing battle by your side again soon, <<You>>... You and <<Dragon>>.

Complete Quest!
(Other names:) None
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