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 Dragonfable Timeline: Storm War

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Storm War   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:03 pm

Raven goes to visit Warlic and meets Nythera
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quests -> Stocking the Shelves
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 8/27/2008

Objective: Find as many of the reagents that Nythera needs to replace as you can.
Objective completed: You found all the reagents that Nythera needed to get for Warlic.

Thanks to latedog for this map!

Nythera: One of my duties as Warlic's apprentce is to make sure his potion and reagent shelves stay stocked.
Nythera: Have you seen the inside of that tent? It's enourmous, there's stuff everywhere. It takes me forever just to try and track down what he uses.
Nythera: Not to mention what I borrow...
Nythera: His roomate doesn't help either. Those dirty sock monkeys are disgusting.
Nythera: I need you to go to the definately-not-haunted-in-any-way-woods to the west and gather up some reagest for me. Just look for anything glowy.
Nythera: I'll even help you out. I'll take... er... borrow Warlic's crystal to let you know how many are left as you gather them. I'll stay here, of course.
Next Up: It's Not Fair!
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quests -> It's Not Fair!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Stocking the Shelves
Release Date: 9/12/08

Objective: Nythera is telling you why her dragon magic is bound!
Objective completed: It's 200 years later... and Nythera wants to be able to use her magic now!

Nythera: It's not fair.
Nythera: Warlic is taking to long to teach me his magic. I need to have his powers to unlock my own.
<Character>: Unlock your own?
Nythera: *sigh* I'm grounded and my dragon magic is bound. I'm allowed to learn human magic but Warlic is being incredibly slow to teach me.
Nythera: He has incredible power. I know he has some secret that can remove the bind on my magic.
<Character>: Shouldn't you just wait? I mean if you're grounded...
Nythera: No! It's been two hundred years! It's not fair and I want my magic back now!
<Character>: You're two hundred years old?!
Nythera: *sigh* I'm half dragon, remember? If you actually need me to translate it to you, I'm about seventeen in dragon years.
Nythera: It's not fair. It all started when my parent's went out and wouldn't take me with them.

Loads Kid Nythera

Nythera: IT'S NOT FAIR!
Evren: I'm sorry, dear, but you can not go. We're having a special meeting with one of your fathers' friends.
Nythera: IT'S NOT FAIR!
Balaur: Now, my dear, this meeting is about your future. My friend has sent word he wishes to take you as his apprentice.
Nythera: I don't want to go! I already know how to do magic!
Balaur: Yes... and it took forever to chase down all the children that you turned into those little green... things and make them human again.
Balaur: I'm not sure we got them all. All of that trouble for you to build a box fort....their parents still complain about them stealing boxes.
Nythera: *thinking*I still don't have my fort either. I'll have to make more of that stuff later...
Evren: Now be good, my dear, no magic in the house and, please, leave your father's things alone.
Nythera: *thinking* I'm a big girl. I know what I'm doing, besides I have to have some fun somehow...
Nythera: *thinking* I can play with Dad's alchemy stuff as much as I want and they'll never know. I just have to run up to the bottles and stuff happen.

Walk near the glowing alchemy tools to fight a monster.

Evren: Come here right now!
Nythera: *sigh*
Evren: NYTHERA!!
Nythera: Yes, Mother?
Evren: What have you been up to, young lady?
Nythera: Nothing.
Balaur: Now, my dead, are you sure you don't have us something to tell us?
Nythera: I didn't do anything.
Evren: Nythera, we could smell the fumes from your father's alchemy lav when we walked in. What do you have to say for yourself.
Nythera: ... I wanted to go, uou should have let me go.
Evren: That's it, young lady. You're grounded. No dragon magic for you for the next 1,000 years!
Nythera: Moooooooooooommmm! Daddy, please?
Balaur: You heard your Mother. Now sit down, it's time for dinner, your Mother picked it up specially to celebrate.
ChickenCow: Cluck-Cluck-Mooooooooo?!
Balaur: In a few years you're going to be taught by one of the greatest mages I have ever known...
Balaur: ... Warlic!

Complete Quest
Next Up: It's Elementary
Location: Warlic's Zone > Nythera > Quests > It's Elementary!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of It's Not Fair!
Release Date: October 03, 2008

Objective: Visit the four elemental tribes in the area.
Objective completed: Nythera has managed to defeat all four of the elemental tribes leaders... making them distrusting of any adventurer in the area.

Nythera: I was excited when I first met Warlic. He promised to give me my powers back.
Nythera: I still don't have them though.
Nythera: I'm tired of running his errands for him. It all started on the very first day I got here.

You battle with Kid Nythera Armor

Warlic: Nythera, welcome. I'm very happy your parents agreed to let you become my apprentice. Your potential for magic is great.
Nythera: Thanks. Does this mean I can use my magic?
Warlic: In due time. If you do well in your studies and the tasks that I assign I have the permission of your parents to restore some of your natural powers.
Nythera: *Thinking* Good, I should have my magic back soon then. How hard could this stuff be?
Warlic: I have an assignment for you already, Nythera. This area is inhabited by four elemental tribes of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
Warlic: There are rumors of a fifth tribe, but I believe they've moved to the jungles in the south.
Warlic: I wish for you to commune with their leaders. Each is wise and you could learn much from them.
Warlic: I wsh to work with them and study their magic. Their natural power is something that very few wizards spend lifetimes studying and striving for.
Warlic: Without their cooperation it would take, literally, hundreds of years and millions of essences to finish my experiments.
Nythera: Is that all? They're just elementals, I'm half-dragon. I can learn their secrets in no time.
Warlic: These aren't just elementals, they're forces of nature, and very powerful. You must show them the proper respect and humilty.
Nythera: I'll find them and be back in no time. *and then you can give me my magic back*
Warlic: Good luck, Nythera.

Rhyo: Hello, young one. Why have you come?
Nythera: I want to know about your powers.
Rhyo: Powers? The tribe of earth draws it's strength from time immemorial. We are the beginning, and will be the end.
Rhyo: Water will flow and dry up, air will blow and lose breath, fire will burn and burn out and still we will remain.
Rhyo: Greater then man or dragon alike...
Nythera: No you're not! Dragon's are more powerful than anything!
Rhyo: Dragons have power, yes, but compared to earth, a dragon is dust in short measure...
Nythera: I don't have to listen to this, you big, dumb rock! I'll show you who's more powerful!

Battle a Boulder Elemental.

Aeos: Yes, still one, why have you come?
Nythera: I was sent to learn about your powers.
Aeos: We are the wind, the air, life itself. Without us, your fields would die and your breath would cease.
Aeos: We sweep up dust and sand and move it across the land, gather water and cause it to rain, without air there can be no fire.
Aeos: Our power is greater than any other.
Nythera: Please, I'm more powerful than any elemental. You're nothing but hot air.
Aeos: I can sense your power, child, but you are insolent. No one can stand up to the power of wind.
Nythera: I bet Fire is more powerful! It sides with dragons! I'll show you!

Battle a Tornado Elemental.

Fiam: Greetings, dark one. Why have you come, dragon-child?
Nythera: I have come to learn about your powers. Earth and Wind were no help to me.
Fiam: We are the light and the heat. We are the sun and the reflection off the moon.
Fiam: We melt earth, boil water, and eat wind. We are truly the most powerful.
Fiam: Man would not survive without us, dragon would be powerless without us on their breath...
Nythera: Wait... dragons use you, give you purpose. Without us, you'd be nothing but ashes!
Fiam: Even the most powerful dragon would be felled without us on it's breath.
Nythera: That's not true! You're just as delusional as Earth and Wind. I'll show you!

Battle an Inferno Elemental.

Aqui: Hello, solid one, what brings you here?
Nythera: I have been to Earth, Wind and Fire. None of them were any help. I wish to learn about your powers.
Aqui: Water is life. It erodes earth, douses fire, permeates air...
Nythera: Ugh, not this again!
Aqui: ... I'm sorry?
Nythera: Each of you claims to be soooo powerful, but none of you are as good as me! If you have nothing to teach me then why am I here?
Nythera: This was such a waste of time!
Aqui: You dare to presume to be more powerful then Water? You arrogant child!

Battle a Monsoon Elemental.

Warlic: ... you did what?!
Nythera: I didn't do anything! They were all mean! All they talked about was how great they were. They didn't have anything to teach me.
Warlic: They are all great! Even though each element believes in it's autonomous power, their true greatness comes with working together.
Warlic: By their power combined... they are our world. They are Lore.
Nythera: They're not so powerful. I beat them all by myself, I didn't even need my magic.
Warlic: *sigh* Elementals are sensitive creatures. They are not used to humans directly interacting with them on the level you did.
Warlic: I suspect you surprised them more than anything. Your confrontation with them will not be forgotten though.
Warlic: I fear for adventurers and their dealing with the elementals in this area now.
Nythera: It's not my fault!
Warlic: No, it is mine. You weren't ready for this yet. I'm sorry Nythera, but I cannot give you access to your powers yet. You have much to learn.
Nythera: But you promised!
Warlic: I said if you did well in your tasks. Your confrontations have caused much strife here. As I said before, you have much to learn.
<Complete Quest!>
Next Up: Potion Mastery
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quests -> Potion Mastery
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of It's Elementary!
Release Date: December 12, 2008

Objective: Help Nythera make potions for Warlic.
Objective completed: You've managed to make a bottle of.... green, smoking stuff that Nythera seems happy with.

Nythera: I need your help again, <Character Name>. I need some potions mixed up, but I have other things to do.

Nythera: *sigh* Look, I've got lots of work to do. You work on these potions. I've enchanted the reagents so even you should be able to handle it.
Nythera: They'll glow in the order you need to mix them. Just watch and then use them in the same order. If you get the pointer in the red, you're done.
Nythera: You only get so many attempts per batch. If you run out of chances, the potions will be ruined and you'll have to start over.
Nythera: With every correct mix you get one more attempt on the next batch, but if you mess up you lose attempts.
Nythera: *sigh* Try not to mess up. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to stand out front asking people to help me get herbs forever.

*Minigame begins*

In this minigame, you will be presented with this shelf, same as the one shown in the background.
The game is identical to Simon Says, just on a larger and more complicated scale.

As stated previously, click the plants in the same order as they lit up in. If you mess up, the order of the plants and plants that lit up before will not change.

A timer will count down from 3 and the game will begin. There is a total of 6 4 rounds.

Complete Quest!
Next Up: The Coming Storm
Other name: The Storm
Location: Warlic's Zone > Nythera > Quests > The Storm, Elemental Attack - The Storm War! > The Storm - Nythera Chain
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Potion Mastery
Release Date: January 9, 2009

Objective: What is going on at the tower?
Objective completed: The Blue Mage is dead, witness the rise of the Purple Mage!

Nythera: Ugh, what are you doing here? I'm very busy and don't have time to deal with you too.
Nythera: I'm finally stocked with potions and ready get my powers back. Leave.
• Leave? (Begins Quest)
• Back

Cysero: Hiya, <<You>>.
<<You>>: Hey Cysero, how are you?
Cysero: Opaque today.
<<You>>: I... you... um...
<<You>>: What was that? It looks like it came from your place!
Cysero: I'm not sure. It wasn't one of mine.
<<You>>: Why... why would you make an explosion?
Cysero: When I moved in Warlic asked if I wanted to be in charge of laundry, bills, or something else. I chose explosions!
<<You>>: Oh...
Cysero: Since it wasn't one of mine, and I'm guessing it's not one of yours, maybe you should run up there and check on Warlic?

Nythera: Give me my magic back NOW, Old Man!!
Warlic: Remind me to teach you the value of patience next.
Nythera: Give me my Dragon Magic or I'll take yours!
Warlic: You could not handle the power I possess, Apprentice.
Nythera: Liar. You don't know what I can do!
Warlic: I know more than you think, you still have much to learn.
Nythera: *Screams in rage*
Nythera: The Blue Mage is dead, witness the rise of the Purple Mage, <<You>>.
Nythera: Warlic had no idea how to properly use his power. Fire, wind, water, earth. All will bow to my will.

<<You>>: NO! You... you killed him. How could you?
Nythera: It was easy, "hero". You helped immensely, thanks for making that potion by the way.
<<You>>: No. No! I've been to the future, I know Warlic is there. You can't have killed him.
Nythera: Oh? Are you sure it was him?
<<You>>: But... but.. I have to stop you!
Nythera: Haha, I just killed one of the most powerful mages in existence, mortal. What do you think you could do to me?
<<You>>: I don't know, but I have to try.
Nythera: Hahaha, if I were you I'd be hurrying home now, "hero".
Nythera: Otherwise, your poor Falconreach will have to stand alone against the elementals that are coming.
<<You>>: What?
Nythera: I've issued a challenge and the avatars of the Elemental Lords are on their way. They'll pay for being mean to me.
Nythera: I'd much rather have you alive and defending Falconreach so I have something to rule over after the destruction.
<<You>>: But...
Nythera: No buts, begone. I have a whole new plane of power to explore before the avatars make their appearance.
Next Up: Elemental Attack! - The Storm War
Location: Elemental Attack! - The Storm War > The Front! > Diplomatic Mission
Level/Quest/Items required: 10 Elemental Essence and Completion of The Coming Storm
Release Date: January 24th, 2009

Objective: Lady Celestia has sent you to talk to the Elemental Avatars.
Objective completed: There is just no getting through to gods...

Lady Celestia: <Character Name>, the Avatars of the Elemental Lords have arrived.
Lady Celestia: You put forth a valiant effort to defend Falconreach, in the end though, the waves of elementals were too much.
Lady Celestia: The Avatars unleashed their wrath upon Falconreach and now all that stands is the Guardian Tower.
Lady Celestia: The townspeople have sent up tents for now, and I have lent what little magic I have to make them appear as if they were home while inside.
Lady Celestia: There are more pressing matter for you to atend to though, <Character Name>.
Lady Celestia: The elemental waves has subsided as the Avatars are gathering their power for the coming battle with Nythera.
Lady Celestia: We must try and head off a direct battle between them, otherwise we risk all of Lore facing the same fate as Falconreach.
Lady Celestia: Go and see if you can talk to Avatars, make them see there has to be a better way then to answer a chlid's challenge..
<Your Character>: I will do the best I can Priestess.

[Click the Make Peace button]

Meeting the Fire Avatar, aka Fiamme:
<Your Character>: My lady, please, Nythera is nothing more then a child... so what if she has the power to possibily explode a thousand suns...
Fire Avatar: What were you saying about Nythera's power over flame? (hero's hat is set on fire)
<Your Character>: I ...I should go now.

Meeting the Electricity Avatar, aka Haeos:
(Character Name): Hi...(hero is electrified) Ow.

Meeting Water Avatar, aka Neso:
(Character Name): Neso, please, water we fighting for? (huge wave coming towards hero) Ok, last time I take advice from Artix about diplomacy.

Meeting the Ice Avatar, aka Kyanos:
<Your Character>: N...N...N...Nevermind. (hero is freezed into a block of ice)

Meeting the Earth Avatar, aka Temblor:
<Your Character>: Yeah, I'm just going to leave now. ( huge rock floating over hero's head)

<Your Character>: What can I do? These are the avatars of the Elemental Lords themselves...Even with Warlic's power I don't think Nythera can take them.
<Your Character>: These are the very beings that make up Lore itself. Nythera doesn't even have control over Warlic's stolen power yet. Even WITH the power, one stubborn dragon child doesn't have a change of defeating... Does she? We're definitely in trouble...

To be Continued...

Complete Quest
Next Up: Rescue
Location: Elemental Attack! - The Storm War -> Rescue!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Diplomatic Mission
Release Date: January, 24th, 2009

Objective: Can you get to the tower in time to save Lady Celestia?
Objective completed: You rescued the Priestess from Nytheras grasp!

Ash: Lady Celestia has been taken!
Ash: I think Nythera came to steal her magic too! You have to go to the tower and save her!

Nythera: The power... there is so much...
Lady Celestia: Nythera, you have no idea what you have done.
Lady Celestia: Not only have you incurred the wrath of the Elemental Lords and called down their avatars upon Falconreach....
Lady Celestia: ... you risk the destruction of Lore with each spell cast!
Lady Celestia: You have no idea how Warlic's magic works! Not even he himself understood fully. If you overload on mana...
Nythera: Stop! I know what I'm doing... I.. I just...
Lady Celestia: Are you asking for my help, Nythera? If you're overloading, you are going to need it.
Nythera: Argh, no! I'm supposed to be the best, I don't need you, just like I didn't Warlic!
<Character>: Lady Celestia! Are you alright?
Lady Celestia: I am fine, <Character>. I think it's time we take our leave though.
Lady Celestia: Quickly, <Character>, we can escape on dragon back! Or, we'll have to fight our way out.
Next Up: The Final Showdown
Other names: Warlic's Funeral
Location: Elemental Attack! - The Storm War
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 21st, 2009

Objective: Mourn the passing of the Blue Mage while time allows.
Objective completed: Mourn the passing of the Blue Mage while time allows.

Artix: Friends, we're gathered here to remember the Blue Mage, my friend, Warlic.
Artix: I finer mage I have never known. Unfortunately, his death means we have several bigger threats to face.
Artix: Let us take what little time we have, while the elemental front is pushed back, to mourn his passing.

Artix places Holy Wasabi on Warlic's statue.

Lady Celestia: Warlic, my dear friend, without your help the dragon box would have most assuredly fallen into the wrong hands.

Lady Celestia places her cup of tea on Warlic's statue.

Cysero: Warlic, I just want you to know...
Cysero: Rent is due on Thursday, please make sure to put the check under my door.

Twig places an ice cream with fish on Warlic's statue.

Xan: Is he gone, really? I... I... HAHAHA finally, Warlic is dead!
Xan: All these years... HAHAHA and my revenge has come. HE DESERVED THIS.
Xan: But... but... I wanted to be the one who KILLED him.
Xan: Warlic, you FOOL!
Xan: You take my love and imprison her and then just go get killed? Killed by an apprentice?
Xan: I swear...
Xan: HAHAHA...
Xan: I will find my way into Death's Realm and kill you again!
Cysero: Why don't you just bring him back yourself and then kill him here?

To be continued...
Location: The Storm War > The Front! > The Avatars
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Coming Storm
Release Date: Jan 24th, 2009

Objective: The battle ensues...
Objective completed: The Avatars have arrived.

*cutscene shows different elementals arriving on Lore*
Other name: The Avatars
Location: Elemental Attack - The Storm War! > The Avatars
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Rescue
Release Date: January 30th, 2009

Objective: Nythera faces off against the Avatars!
Objective completed: The Blue Mage has returned and the Avatars are defeated!

Nythera: The time has come! You have one chance to surrender, you overgrown elementals! Otherwise, your powers are mine!
Temblor: Your pride is your downfall, girl.
Khazri: You cannot win a battle against us. There was only one who could have been called our equal on this planet and he is now gone.
Nythera: Well, I'm here now! I am the most powerful being on this planet an I'll prove it!
Nythera: I've taken down your puny elementals before and I'm more powerful than ever!

Loads Nythera

Temblor: So be it. You will regret your avarice.


Nythera: Argh... I... I... failed.
Nythera: I... can't control... can't... ARGGGHH, he was right. What have I done?
Nythera: I thought... thought, I could do it. I should be... the best, but... I...
Nythera: I have...
Nythera: I... I'm sorry.
Warlic: You must learn from your mistakes, my apprentice. You are forgiven this time, but, as I've said, there is still much left for you to learn.
Warlic: Rest assured, you will someday wield your dragon magic again, though.
<<You>>: Warlic?! Wait... WHAT? I... You... You look amazing... but... She KILLED you! I... you... you're back, but she KILLED you!
Warlic: Yes, <<You>> I had a feeling it would come to that.
Warlic: Nythera is a very strong willed being and powerful on her own, even without her magic.
Warlic: Unfortunately, it took such a drastic measure for her learn and open up.
Warlic: If we had truly battled, the clashing powers could have destroyed all of LORE. Fully unleashing my power has its consequences...
<<You>>: You mean... you knew this was going to happen?! There was an all-out war! Falconreach...
<<You>>: Falconreach is destroyed, people could have died!
Warlic: Dying is of little consequence to me, I have been to Death's Realm before. we all float there
Warlic: I had faith in you though, my friend, to protect the townspeople.
Warlic: When that final vial was thrown and I saw what needed to be done, I knew I could count on you to defend those innocent in the matter.
<<You>>: But...
Warlic: Stop, <<You>>. The Avatars await.

Loads Warlic

Warlic: Please my friends. I know Nythera's pride has angered you, but she realized her error. Please, leave now, and we can begin to set things right.
Fiamme: NO! This is too much, my anger burns.
Celeritas: You cannot hide the girl, Warlic.
Voidstar: Even in the darkest corner, she will be seen.
Temblor: The deepest cave will hold no refuge.
Haeos: Her pride will be the downfall of you all if you do not hand her over!
Neso: The waves will drown what is left of your cities.
Kyanos: The ice will imprison her for eternity, whether we have to go through you or not!
Warlic: I am sorry it has come to this, but Nythera is my responsibility!


Haeos: You win... for now, Warlic.
Khazri: We will not forget this. If the girl dares to challenge us again...
Voidstar: We will be watching.

<<You>>: Warlic... I.. you defeated them. If you have such power why didn't we avoid all this in the first place?!
<<You>>: You could have defeated Nythera easily! And... and Xan?! You could extinguish him! And Drakath, and Sepulchure, and... and...
Warlic: ... and I could rule over this land? With an iron fist and woe be it to any who dare oppose me?
<<You>>: Yes! No... wait... my head hurts...
Warlic: There are certain... limitations to my power. Each spell I cast, generates mana rather than expends it. If I gain too much mana...
Warlic: Every spell I cast could be my end.
Warlic: This is something I'd like to keep between us. I am not sure why my magic works as it does. That is what I am trying to find out with my research.
Warlic: Until I know for certain, I am here merely to observe and lend a hand only when needed.
Warlic: Besides, it is very important to let those who would be heroes... actually be heroes sometimes.
Warlic: It is important that I let you write your own story. As you find out soon when you guide a young hero to knighthood.
<<You>>: What... what about Nythera?
Warlic: I will take care of her. She is now ready to actually listen to my teaching now.
Warlic: Someday, she will take over for me here when it is time for me to leave.
Nythera: You... you're... am I still grounded?
<<You>>/Warlic: YES.

Xan: Nope.
Xan: THERE it is!
Voice: We're sorry, but the soul you are trying to reach has been resurrected.
Voice: Please try again later.
Xan: Warlic, once again you ruin my plans! I didn't think it was possible to hate you more!

Complete Quest
Next Up: Into the Void
Location: Falconreach > Birthday Quest
Level/Quest/Items required: Character Birthday Month
Release Date: September 11, 2009

Objective: Lady Celestia wishes to celebrate your birthday!
Objective completed: Now you can fight your cake and eat it, too!

Lady Celestia: <Character>, welcome to your birthday celebration! We're all gathered here in your honor!
Cysero: For your birthday gift, you can pay me Warlic's rent!
Alina: We're so happy to celebrate with you!
Geo: Happy Birthday!
Ghost: Don't eat the cake.
Tomix: I wish you well in the coming year!
<You:> B...but...it's my cake!
Cysero: I made the cake myself!

?: So...
Zorbak: No one invites ZORBAK to the party, hmmm?
Zorbak: Rude hero, and after all I've done for him!
Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: Meheheh...

Rolith: Cysero makes a tasty cake. Go on, it'll be fine. We'll be right behind you!
Twilly: I like my hat.

Zorbak: Meh.
Zorbak: That's not even close to being done!
Zorbak: Let's just... FIX that.
Zorbak: And I'll spice up the rest of this food while I'm at it.
Zorbak: I would HATE for [character name] to have a boring birthday party.
Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: Hmm, I'll have to use a special ebil enchantment to make this work.
Zorbak: Ugh, that means I have to do..."the dance".
Zorbak: I HATE "the dance".
Zorbak: *sigh* You'd better appreciate this, <character name>.
Zorbak: I feel dirty...
Zorbak: Meheheheh...
Zorbak: OK guys, go eat some people!
Zorbak: *blink*
Zorbak: ...I said GO!
Zorbak: They're dumb, but they'll do.
Zorbak: Meh. Next time I'll use brain food.
Zorbak: Maybe this will help you to remember to invite me NEXT year! Meheheheh!
Zorbak: Happy birthday, <character name>!

Artix: <character name>, I am so sorry your birthday party has been ruined!
Artix: We must have another celebration next year, one without such unfortunate mishaps.
Cysero: Next time, we'll hold the party outside.
Cysero: Then, when the snacks turn into monsters, we can put them in an arena and make them battle each OTHER.
Twilly: Oh boy...
Cysero: That'll be the party's entertainment. I can sell tickets.
Cysero: That'll help pay my rent.
Cysero: You won't have to fight things.
Cysero: ...
Cysero: That'll make your birthday better.
<You:> ...
Cysero: And if we get lucky, maybe I can work in an explosion or two!
(All): Happy Birthday, <character name>!
Warlic informs Raven and Hawke of the location of the Energy Orb after the party
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Dragonfable Timeline: Storm War
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