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 Dragonfable Timeline: Fire Orb

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Fire Orb   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:21 pm

Raven and Konnan have spent a LOT of time together and are deeply in love.
Other names: A Plea for Help

Location: BattleOn > Yulgar > Fire War > A Plea for Help
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 5th, 2009

Objective: Konnan's family has written asking for help fighting a dangerous fire dragon!
Objective completed: You fought your way through Akriloth's fiery minions to face the Ultra Magma Dragon herself.... *gulp*

Yulgar: It all started, <Character Name>, when my first apprentice, Konnan, got a disturbing letter...
• Quest!
• Back

Yulgar: <<You>>, Konnan has gotten a disturbing letter and would like to speak with you.

Konnan: <<You>>, please, you have to help me!
Konnan: I've gotten a letter from my family. Our town is under attack from a giant fire dragon!
<<You>>: A fire dragon! I'll do what I can, Konnan.
Konnan: I've been gone so long....
Konnan: ...If anything were to happen to them I could never forgive myself.
Konnan: Please, you're a true hero. You've saved Falconreach so many times...
Konnan: Please go and defeat this dragon and save my family.

Galanoth: <<You>>, I'm glad you could come.
Galanoth: We have a serious fight on our hands. Akriloth has come and is laying waste to farmland here and we have to stop her.
Galanoth: My blood brother, Demento, has come to help.
Demento: Akriloth has always been one of the most powerful fire dragons on Lore.
Demento: She's been rampaging over the entire continent for years, with many casualties left in her wake.
Demento: Do not underestimate her, <<You>>.
Demento: Akriloth is now in the possession of the fire orb because of her deception of another adventurer, much like you.
<<You>>: If she's so powerful, how are we going to stop her?
Demento: I don't know, we have to try though...
Demento: We're going to have to get close to Akriloth first, which means fight our way through her fiery minions.
Demento: Good luck, <<You>>... you're going to need it.

Akriloth: HAHA!
<<You>>: I will find a way to stop you.
<<You>>: I have to!
Next Up: Akriloth!
Location: BattleOn > Yulgar > Fire War > Akriloth
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Letter from Home
Release Date: June 5th, 2009

Objective: Can you defeat the Ultra Magma Dragon, Akriloth?
Objective completed: You were unable to defeat Akriloth... is there anything that can stop her?

Yulgar: Something must be done to stop Akriloth! He can't be allowed to destroy the land!
• Quest!
• Back
• Summon Dragon and fight!
• Run For Your Life!

• To Battle!
• Heal
• Run Away!
Next up: Aftermath
Location: BattleOn > Yulgar > Fire War > Aftermath
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Akriloth!
Release Date: June 05, 2009

Objective: You were unable to defeat Akriloth.
Objective completed: You could not save Konnan's family from Akriloth, but Demento has gone in search of an ice weapon that might be able to defeat her. Konnan, though, has turned in another direction for revenge....

Yulgar: Akriloth remains undefeated and is free to wreak havoc on the land. Something must be done!
• Quest!
• Back

Akriloth: HAHAHA!
<Character Name>: I... I failed. All these villager's... Konnan's family!
<Character Name>: I...
Galanoth: Akriloth is very powerful, <Character Name>. At least you survived though.
Demento: We'll regroup.
Demento: Akriloth's pride will be her downfall.
Demento: Fire has a counter...
Demento: I'll head north, brother, and search for a ice weapon that can take that fiery menace down, once and for all!

Konnan: <Character Name>! My family, how... I...
<Character Name>: Konnan...
<Character Name>: I'm... I'm so sorry, there was nothing I could do.

*Konnan tilts his head down*

<Character Name>: Akriloth... she has the Fire Orb, she was too powerful.

*Konnan shifts to an angrier stance*

Konnan: NO!
Konnan: NO! Why... why didn't I go when they needed me...

*Konnan raises his head and opens his eyes*

Konnan: You... you were supposed to save them!
Konnan: You've taken down necromancers, giant monsters... how could a dragon defeat you?!

*Becomes angrier*

<Character Name>: I...

*Konnan covers his face with his hands*

<Character Name>: I tried, Konnan.
<Character Name>: Akriloth is an Ultra-Magma dragon... she's... she's insanely powerful.
Konnan: You failed.
Konnan: My family is dead.

*Slowly raises his head and opens his eyes again*

Konnan: I don't want to hear your excuses.

Xan: If you seek revenge....
Xan: The best way is to fight fire...
Xan: ...WITH FIRE!
Unlocks: The Search

Other names: North
Location: Yulgar's Shop
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Aftermath
Release Date: June 12th, 2009

Objective: You head North with Demento.
Objective completed: You've found the caves... but what dwells within?

Yulgar: Konnan has been at work at the forge since you returned. He refuses to speak to anyone.
Yulgar: We must defeat Akriloth, <<You>>. Demento is planning on heading north, would you like to speak with him?

Demento: <<You>>, Akriloth must be stopped.
Demento: We'll go north and search the frozen wastes there.
Demento: There is a clan of ice dragons, as well as a rumor of something more ancient...
Demento: ...Something that dwells in the glacial caves and collects the frozen remnants of battles long past.
Demento: Will you go with me?
<<You>>: Of course, Demento. I... whatever I can do t o help bring down that fire dragon.
<<You>>: What, or who, are we searching for?
Demento: Long ago, the Elemental Lords placed guardians on Lore to protect their realms.
Demento: It is said one of the ice guardians became corrupted, greedy.
Demento: Instead of protecting the area left to it, it incited battles, it stole treasures... and weapons, including the Ice Scythe.
<<You>>: Ice Scythe?
Demento: The Ice Scythe was crafted from the coldest glacial ice, cut from the depths of a lost cavern and enchanted with a powerful special effect.
Demento: I believe that if you hit Akriloth with the Ice Scythe just once, it will drain his power and transfer some of its strength to you.
Demento: It should make the fight fair... but first, we need to find the corrupted guardian's lair.

Demento: Here, look <<You>>.
Demento: Do you see them?
<<You>>: See what?
Demento: The caves. There in the mountain side.
Demento: We'll camp tonight and explore the mountain side when we're rested.

<<You>>: Demento...
<<You>>: I thought all of Galanoth's family had been killed by Akriloth.
Demento: I am not Galanoth's brother by birth, <<You>>.
Demento: After Akriloth burned his family's farm to the ground, my family took him in.
Demento: We became blood brothers shortly after that.
<<You>>: I see... what happened to make you become blood brothers?
Demento: *laughs*
Demento: Gal was just five years old, but he was already fearless...
Demento: I was ten, and apparently looked like good prey.
Demento: I was out, gathering wood for camp and a wyvern swooped down and grasped me in its claws.
Demento: Wyverns would occasionally take smaller farm animals to feed their brood, but with Akriloth rampaging... I was much easier prey.
Demento: The wyvern swooped down to carry me off and Galanoth ran...
Demento: Heh, it seemed like he jumped 10 feet in the air... and he grabbed hold of my legs and wouldn't let go.
Demento: Our weight together was too much for the wyvern and she dropped us back down.
Demento: Gal saved me from becoming dragon food and I owe him my life.
Demento: Anyways... it's time to gather our energy, <<You>>.
Demento: We have an ancient and corrupt guardian to face tomorrow...
Demento: And we have to convince him to give us the only weapon strong enough to defeat Akriloth!

Konnan: I...
Konnan: I can't believe they're gone.
Konnan: My whole family wiped out...
Konnan: I've been gone so long...
Konnan: It seems like I've spent years just standing around in Yulgar's forge, when I should have been home. If... if I had been home....
Xan: You would have been incinerated as well, my young friend.
Xan: I understand your pain.
Xan: I lost someone due to the carelessness of someone who I thought was a friend...
Xan: Just like you.
Konnan: <<You>>...
Konnan: <<You>> had to have tried... it's just...
Konnan: He is a hero, he has saved Falconreach, faced bandits and monsters, I've heard rumors that he even has a pet dragon!
Konnan: How could they lose so badly to this Akriloth...
Xan: Hah, a hero?
Xan: That "hero" and his pathetic band should have saved your family. They only look out for themselves though.
Xan: Galanoth only goes after the dragon, he could have saved your family.
Xan: <<You>> could have led them away! Instead they were taken from you!
Xan: My own love, my Jaania... was taken from me by that misfit mage, Warlic...
Konnan: Warlic? But... but, he's good...
Xan: That's what he wants you to think!
Xan: But who's here now? Offering to help you, train you, so you can get your revenge?
Xan: Warlic and his little minions, <<You>>... they even attacked me! They stole my book of power, called me evil.
Konnan: But... why?
Xan: Jealousy, Konnan.
Xan: Warlic caused the accident that took Jaania from me, and now he tries to steal my power so I can't get her back!
Xan: They're only interested in their power, not min...
Xan: ...
Xan: Ours.
Xan: You have the gift of magic too, Konnan. I can show you how to bend fire to your will, how to enchant with it, make it live... and make it die.
Xan: No mere fire dragon will be able to defeat you...
Xan: And once Akriloth is gone, you can go after the ones that caused your family to die, the one that took my Jaania away from me.
Xan: <<You>>, Galanoth, Warlic... all of them!!

Complete Quest
Next Up: Lair of the Guardian
Other names: The Guardian
Location: Falconreach -> Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> The Guardian
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Search
Release Date: June 19th, 2009

Objective: You enter the caves in search of the corrupted ice guardian, Izotz, and his cache of weapons. Will he hold the key to defeating Akriloth?
Objective completed: The Ice Scythe is shattered.... but maybe Yulgar can forge something from the pieces.

Yulgar: We must defeat Akriloth, <<You>>. Bring back something from the frozen northlands that can take Akriloth down!

Yulgar: Eventually, they found something from the frozen northlands that could take Akriloth down!

Izotz: I stole all of my treasures fair and square! You shall never take them from me!
<<You>>: I am only here for the Ice Scythe, so that we can defeat the Fire Dragon, Akriloth.
Izotz: Never! I do not care if the entire planet is destroyed, no one is ever going to take my treasures!
Izotz: I have spent my entire existence lying, cheating, and stealing to get them!
<<You>>: Innocent people are being hurt by Akriloth's rampage... you must give me the scythe so that I can defeat him.
Izotz: You mean this?
Izotz: Never! You'll have to pry it from my icy cold talons. As far as I am concerned, you and the rest of the humans can all burn!
<<You>>: Very well then, I challenge you to a duel for the Ice Scythe!
Izotz: Haha... a puny human like you? This should be good.

Izotz: If I cannot have the Ice Scythe...
Izotz: Hah...
Izotz: Go kill your Fire Dragon with that.
Izotz: ...
Izotz: *Coughs* I do not feel so good.
Izotz: Did I mention that I was keeping all of these Treasures for my Ice Dragon Master?
Izotz: He is going to be really mad that you...
Izotz: ...took...
Izotz: ...It...
<<You>>: Just great!
<<You>>: How are we going to defeat Akriloth now?
<<You>>: Wait... maybe Yulgar can fix this! Yes, that's it! I'll take the broken Ice Scythe to him right away.

Konnan: *grunt*
Konnan: Nine... TEEEN!
Konnan: *urghhhhh* TWENtyyy...
Konnan: N-no... I c-can't go any further!
Xan: WHAT?! Come on, I only pur 100 pounds on there...
Xan: ...
Xan: Oh, wait a sec... I know what you need...
Konnan: I...
Konnan: ...I WILL avenge my family!
Xan: Much better...
Konnan: Sixty... Four!
Konnan: Sixty... FIVE!
Konnan: SIXTY SIX!
Konnan: I...
Konnan: I... I am getting more powerful!
Konnan: I can feel the power FLOWING THROUGH ME!
Xan: That's it.
Xan: Tame the fire.
Xan: The world will crumble before you.

Complete Quest
Next Up: The Ultimate Weapon
Other names: The Weapon
Location: Yulgar's Shop
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Lair of the Guardian
Release Date: July 2nd, 2009

Objective: Can Yulgar forge something from the shards of the Scythe?
Objective completed: You have your weapon to fight Akriloth... and Xan has his!

Yulgar: You've returned!

Yulgar: <<You>>! Demento! You've returned! What did you find in the Frozen North? Is there anything that can defeat Akriloth?
Demento: We found the Ice Scythe, Yulgar, but...
<<You>>: ...it's broken. Can you fix it?
Yulgar: It's broken into too many shards for me to simply "fix" it, <<You>>... but, magic still permeates the fragments....
Yulgar: I can forge something new, something stronger! A Frozen Claymore!
Demento: With it we should be able to take down Akriloth, once and for all!

Xan: Now, my young apprentice, it is time for your final test...
Xan: You are fully imbued with the power of fire, HAHAHA, now it's time for you to USE IT!
Xan: Take out anything incoming with a wave of FLAME!

You play a mini-game in which Konnan stands in the center of an Iceberg while monsters approach him. You shoot fireballs at the monsters, using W, A, S, and D to move and the mouse to cast a fireball. After the allotted time, you win or lose.

Xan: You are ready, Konnan, to exact your revenge....
Xan: ...
Xan: ...And become the tool of my mine!
Xan: The hero...
Xan: The incompetent Dragonslayer...
Xan: ...who let Akriloth RAMPAGE!
Xan: The apathetic mage...
Xan: ...who did NOTHING!
Xan: BURN!!!
Xan: After you exact your revenge on the puny denizens of Falconreach, we will roll across this land....
Xan: We will find the adventurer who foolishly gave the Fire Orb to Akriloth....
Xan: We will burn, purify in flame, this land AND RULE IT ALL!
Xan: Rise, my apprentice...
Next Up: Going East
Other names: East
Location: Falconreach -> Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> East
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Ultimate Weapon
Release Date: July 7th, 2009

Objective: Yulgar's Forge is... closed?!
Objective completed: Yulgar is going East, and waves of fire monsters move west....

Reens: What's going on?
Grams: Yulgar is packing up.
Patch: What?! Why?
Mel: He's just leaving?
Mel: Who's going to make our weapons? Train Blacksmiths?
Reens: Konnan has just disappeared...
Reens: Now Yulgars leaving too?
Yulgar: Everyone...
Yulgar: Everyone, please just calm down.

Yulgar: With Akriloth rampaging and fire monsters attacking towns all over Lore, I have a responsibility.
Yulgar: I need to take the remaining shards of the Ice Scythe and get weapons in hands of as many heroes as I can.
Yulgar:I'm going East.
Mel: But Yulgar, we need you here!
Rika: What are we going to do without you?
Reens: What about Aria?
Reens: ...
<<You>>: Who's going to give new adventurer's their weapons?
Yulgar: Aria is going to stay with Grams for now.
Yulgar: As for weapons and blacksmithing, I don't know...
Yulgar: Konnan is gone, I don't know where, and I have no other apprentice who can manage the shop.
Cysero: Maybe I can help!
Yulgar: Here we go..
Cysero: I have a couple of extra orbs laying around. One can manage your shop for you!
Yulgar: Oh.
Yulgar: Thank you, Cysero.

Yulgar: The Frozen Claymore is done.
Yulgar: When it comes time to face Akriloth, you will be ready.
Yulgar: Be on the look out for attacks and head off the fire monsters before the over-run the west as well.
Yulgar: Good luck, my friends, the Fire War is spreading.
Unlocks: The Mighty Akriloth
Location: WAR Elemental Attacks! (Fire War), Falconreach > BattleOn > The Mighty Akriloth
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 10/Completion of Going East
Release Date: July 17th, 2009

Objective: Mutated by the power of the Fire Orb, Akriloth is more powerful then ever. Can you take him down, even with the power of the Frozen Claymore?
Objective completed: Akriloth is defeated, but Yulgar needs our help to the East! Battleon!

Akriloth: YOU AGAIN!
<You>: No, dragon!
<You>: I've had enough! You've destroyed towns, killed families...
<You>: ..And I am going to end this now!

<You>: If I have to, I'll take you down by myself

<You>: It is finally over...
<You>: Really...REALLY over
<You>: I have saved these lands from the greatest monster of all time
<You>: I only wish...
<You>: I only wish there was some cool theme music to mark this incredible victory
<You>: Like a... "Da daaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
<You>: Or perhaps a... "Do da doooooo"
<You>: DadadadadaDAAAAAAA! Do da doooo! Dededededadada! DAAAAAA DAAAAAAA DOOOOOOOOOOOM!
<You>: Or something.
<You>: The important thing is that we were victorious
<You>: History was made here...today...on this very battle ground. (And I have a really cool sword now too!)
<You>: But now that Akriloth is gone...
<You>: ...
<You>: What is next?
Nifaria: Do you know what you have just done, human!?
<You>: ...
<You>: Whew...I was worried things were going to get boring for here a moment
<You>: Wait...My eyebrows are gone, aren't they?
<You>: This is so embarrassing
<You>: Erm,*coughs* I mean... who are you?
Nifaria: I am Nifaria, the Elemental Spirit of Fire! (Read my name tag next time.)
<You>: I have never seen an elemental spirit before.
Nifaria: That is because you are the first human to do so...
Nifaria: Thou hast slain Akriloth, the most powerful fire creature in this world... are you aware of the consequences of thy action?
<You>: *Obviously this will require some roleplaying* Mi'lady Spirit... Akriloth was a dragon of evil. He was defeated fairly in battle to protect the innocent.
Nifaria: That may be true, but slaying him has caused a great imblanace in elemental power.
Nifaria: Human, this may be difficult for you to understand... but this world is a battleground for the great elemental beings...
Nifaria: ... by slaying Akriloth you have put all fire beings in grave peril.
<You>: Are you trying to say by killing Akriloth, that I have endangered all fire beings in the world?
Nifaria: Yes
<You>: Then why did you not just say that in the first place?
Nifaria: Do not anger me human!
<You>: (This discussion is getting really heated) Nifaria, what can I do to reset balance?
Nifaria: In my hand is a fire dragon egg... it is about to hatch.
Nifaria: When it hatches in a few moments... it will be the only great fire dragon left in this world...
<You>: ... (Does this mean I get to kill two dragons in one DAY!?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG OMG!)
Nifaria: You will raise it...
<You>: RAISE IT!? You want me to raise ANOTHER baby dragon?
<You>: I can hardly clean up after this one...
Nifaria: *sigh*
Nifaria: Yes. You will raise Akriloth's only son. Take him to Lady Celestia, so he can be raised properly and bring the elemental realms back into balance
Nifaria: The realm of Fire is fragile right now, and without him the minions of fire could coalesce under someone worse then Akriloth

Ash: <You>!!!
<You>: ...Ash?
Ash: <You>!!
Ash: ...Gah...
Ash: I'm good...just gimme a...*gasp* ...sec...
Ash: <You>! Come quick--Wait... what happened to your eyebrows?
<You>: Don't ask...
Ash: Ok whatever just look!!! We've gotten word from Yulgar!

Dear Friends,

I have made my way east. The fire elementals and minions roam the countryside and attack without provaction. There are bands of adventurers that fight the good fight and battle on through. I found a crossroad between several towns and set up a small forge to help supply them with the weapons they need to fight. I saw an explosion to west a few days ago and the fire attacks seem to quell, but now the monsters have begun their attacks anew and fight even more fiercely. I fear they found someone...or something new to fight for already.

Please, friends, heros, if Akriloth is truly gone, and Falconreach is safe, come east and help defeat these monsters! Battle on!

<You>: So...I guess we go east!
Cysero: Road Trip! I call shotgun!
<You>: Shotgun? What's that?
Cysero: I have no idea!
Next Up: Packing Up
Other names: Packing Up
Location: Falconreach -> Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Packing Up
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Akriloth
Release Date: 25 July, 2009

Objective: Falconreach, and the heroes of the west, ride east towards Yulgar's crossroads camp, while Demento investigates Konnan's disappearance.
Objective completed:The ties between Drakonnan and his humanity are severed, there is no going back. This new evil must be defeated.

East of Falconreach...

Chaz: Yulgar!
Chaz: Yulgar, we have another group coming back from the front lines...
Chaz: They're going to need equipment and repairs.
Yulgar: That's what I'm here for, friend.
Yulgar: How are they holding up?
Chaz: *sigh*
Chaz: We're still losing ground.
Chaz: Honestly, I don't know how long we can keep this up...
Chaz: The fire monsters have broken our defenses! Come on!
Meanwhile, back in Falconreach..

Character: The horses are packed, we need to get going.
Reens: Right. We're all set.
Galanoth: Wait, where is Demento?

Demento: ...

Galanoth: Brother we must depart quickly.
Demento: I'll catch up with you.
Galanoth: What's wrong? I know that look.
Demento: Hmph, you know me too well.
Demento: I just.. have something I need to do.
Galanoth: I trust your judgement.
Demento: I'll make haste.. I'm looking forward to fighting beside you again.
Galanoth: Me too.
Galanoth: Alright, let's go! We ride East!
Galanoth: Be safe, brother.
Demento: As should you.

Twilly: I sure hope this was a good idea, Aria...
Aria: Oh, come one. It'll be fun!
Twilly: ...

Demento: The apprentice, was he kidnapped...
Demento: Did he just run...
Demento: He was crafting something, these scraps of red metal...
Demento: What happened to you, Konnan? I know you were grieving but...
Demento: Something tells me you've turned to anger....

Demento: These...
Demento: Not all of these monsters were minions of Akriloth!
Demento: I'll have to look for Konnan later, right now it looks like another is making a play for the plane of fire.

Xan: Finally I have the tool to rid the world of Warlic and all his troublesome friends. He won't be able to keep me from Jaania any longer.
Xan: Who knew that naive little Konnan would turn into a such wonderful apprentice.
Xan: It was well worth the promises of teaching him to enchant weapons with fire so long ago...
Xan: Now to plan my revenge against the Blue Mage...
Xan: ...
Xan: YES, I HAVE IT!!! I'll
Xan: No, that is too boring. I need to kill him... creatively.
Xan: Like, with fire.
Xan: A LOT of fire.
Drakonnan: Master!
Xan: What did I tell you about bothering me when I'm on my throne?
Drakonnan: They're leaving, packing up and going east!
Drakonnan: We have to move now, I can't let them escape before I get my hands on them!
Xan: What?! Who heads east, Drakonnan? Is the mage among them?
Drakonnan: Warlic stays... for now. I want [Character] though.
Drakonnan: I will burn the very breath from his lungs for leaving my family in the path of that dragon.
Drakonnan: They cannot escape! Not after I've gained the power to defeat them!
Xan: Wait, my young friend, I do not think you realize how powerful the mage is, he should be our first target.
Xan: [Character] can wait.
Drakonnan: *screams in rage.*

Demento: Konnan...
Demento: Oh no, I've been spotted!

Xan: I think i know the perfect thing to whet your appetite, Drakonnan.
Xan: Find the eavesdropper...
Drakonnan: I will crush them for daring to spy on us!
Xan: Bring them back alive, apprentice.
Drakonnan: Yes, master...

Demento: Konnan is lost.
Demento: I must warn [Character], Galanoth... I can't let Ko...
Demento: I can't let Drakonnan get to them first!
Demento: HYAH!

Demento: Konnan...
Drakonnan: Hmph.

Drakonnan: You.
Drakonnan: YOU WILL BURN!

Demento: Konnan, stop this!
Drakonnan: Konnan is no more!

Drakonnan: *Hrgh* I... will... not... be... DEFEATED!!!
Demento: Konnan...
Demento: You.. will never...
Drakonnan: That is where you are wrong.

Galanoth: !!!
Galanoth: Demento!
Galanoth: Something... something is wrong, we must go west! Quickly!

Drakonnan: You...
Drakonnan: You were one of the ones who tracked the dragon. A quick death is too good for you.
Drakonnan: You should have suffered as my family did.
Drakonnan: Know this, as you breathe your last. I do not care what Xan says...
Drakonnan: I will go east, I will gather an army using the Fire Orb, find [Character] and DESTROY THEM.
Drakonnan: This world will be left a cinder!

Character: Is this it?
Galanoth: Dragons!
Galanoth: We have to find Demento!

Galanoth: DEMENTO!
Galanoth: My brother! I... who, who did this to you.
Demento: Ko..
Demento: Konnan. He...
Demento: ..Gone mad with grief...
Demento: Anger...
Demento: Mad with...
Galanoth: ...Demento?
Demento: Power...

Galanoth: NO!
Galanoth: Brother....

Galanoth: No... You will not escape, dragon.

Character: Konnan...
Character: What have you become?
Next Up: Ashenvale
Location: Falconreach > Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn > Yulgar > Fire War > Ashenvale
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Packing Up
Release Date: July 31st, 2009

Objective: The town of Ashenvale is under attack! Can you save all the townspeople before the fire rages out control?
Objective completed: The townspeople are safe, but Drakonnan's forces have burned Ashenvale to the ground....

Original dialogue in Falconreach:
Yulgar: The town of Ashenvale is under siege!
Yulgar: Drakonnan's forces have hit it hard and many townspeople are trapped inside their homes by monsters!
Yulgar: You have to save them, <<You>>!

Current dialogue in BattleOn:
Yulgar: Drakonnan started attacking towns all around here. The town of Ashenvale was put under siege.
Yulgar: Drakonnan's forces hit it hard and many townspeople were trapped inside their homes by monsters!
Yulgar: A true hero brave the fires and rescued the townspeople. Drakonnan... he managed to destroy the entire town.
• Quest!
• Back
Next Up: Eastern Hills
Other names: Eastern Hills
Location: Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Eastern Hills
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ashenvale
Release Date: August 7th, 2009

Objective: What is that lightning? Fight with other heroes to discover the source! (Guests will have the same class training as you.)
Objective completed: The student has surpassed the teacher... and brought a brood of plasma dragons along for the ride! And what's happened to the missing heros?

Original dialogue in Falconreach:
Yulgar: It looks like the people from Ashenvale have relocated to Yulgar's Camp and are setting up a new town there with the heros.

Current dialogue in BattleOn:
Yulgar: The townspeople from Ashenvale relocated here, to my camp and set up a new town there with the help of the heros.
• Quest!
• Back

Yulgar: Aria!
Yulgar: I told you to stay home, in Falconreach.
Aria: But...
Yulgar: It's too dangerous for you here.
Aria: But...!
Yulgar: No buts. You are going back on the first caravan headed home.
Aria: ARGH!
Aria: I just...
Aria: I just wanted to help out.
Yulgar: I know. You have a good heart, but I am worried about you. We are under constant attack here.
Aria: Okay, I'll go back to Grams.
Aria: She's probably already trying to remember where she put the Gorillaphant feed. *mumblemumble* senile... *mumble*
Yulgar: Aria... we've talked about this...
Aria: I know, I know, respect my elders.
<<You>>: Right now the armies of fire monsters are attacking too heavily to get you safely out. You might be here a while anyway.
Aria: (Woohoo!!!!!!! Thanks for the assist, <<You>>!!!)
<<You>>: Many of the townspeople from Ashenvale are going to resettle here for now. They have nowhere else to go.
<<You>>: They'll need weapons Yulgar, to help protect this new town.
Yulgar: Yes, and as long as I have strength in my arms I will make them.
Reens: We should go...
Reens: Looks like they're ready to start.
<<You>>: Thanks, Reens.
Artix: Greetings, friends.
Artix: Today we must mourn for those we have lost in battle.
Artix: Demento, a great hero, gave his life to warn us of the danger that Drakonnan now threatens us with.
Artix: In the coming days, the danger will grow.
Artix: More may give their lives in the fight for good but, in order for this world to be safe, we must Battle On!
<<You>>: So, what should we call this new town anyways?
Yulgar: Battleon.
Mennace: Battleon?
Artix: Yes. That is fitting.
<<You>>: What... was that?
Xan: Konnan!
Xan: What is the meaning of this? You should be working with me on taking down the Blue Mage.
Xan: Yet, not only did you kill that spy, Demento, you've stayed east for weeks!
Xan: How dare you disobey me...
Drakonnan: Hmph.
Drakonnan: No.
Xan: You ungrateful...
Drakonnan: You would deny me my revenge, to chase down your Blue Mage.
Drakonnan: I will NOT BE DENIED.
Xan: You dare threaten me, apprentice?
Xan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I, who held the Pyronomicon?
Xan: I, who controls my own legions of fire monsters?
Xan: It looks like all the volcanic gases have gone to your head, HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Xan: NO! The Fire Orb! How... how did you get it?
Drakonnan: The student has surpassed the teacher.
Drakonnan: The Orb found its way to its true master, me. I will use its full power to raise an army greater than you could ever control, Xan.
Drakonnan: Look, even now my minions work to protect my next group of recruits.
Drakonnan: I have already enslaved the nearby broods of fire dragons... soon the plasma dragons will bow to my will as well!
Xan: You fool. Do you really think <<You>> and the "heros" at that camp won't notice this?
Drakonnan: I'M COUNTING ON IT!

Yulgar: What is all the lightning from, <<You>>?
<<You>>: Add plasma dragons to the list of monsters working for Drakonnan now.
Yulgar: Plasma Dragons?!
<<You>>: Yup. Have you seen Dain Lorilann, Mennace, or Elgert?
<<You>>: They were with me in the chasm, but I lost sight of them in all the fighting.
Yulgar: No <<You>>...
Yulgar: They're not the only ones missing either...
Next Up: BattleOn Burns!
Location: BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> BattleOn Burns!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Battle for the Eastern Hills!
Release Date: August 14, 2009

Objective: Defeat the waves!
Objective completed: One wave down, will you be able to find whoever is leading Drakonnans troops in time?

Yulgar: We weren't safe yet though. Drakonnan's forces attacked the Battleon Camp!

Yulgar: Is that... smoke on the horizon?
Yulgar: There are waves and waves of fire monsters, we'll have to set up camp here and organize an attack!

Cranix: They're everywhere.
Xor Vralin II: It looks like everyone has managed to escape... or they've been taken prisoner. The monsters are just destroying the camp now.
<Character>: We have to stop them! All your hard work... setting up a new town... only to have Drakonnan tear it down again.
Yulgar: We'll take out how ever many waves we have to and get to whatever monster Drakonnan has put in charge. We will battle on!
Next Up: Assault on the Enemy
Location: BattleOn Burns!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 21, 2009

Objective: Can you defeat Varax?
Objective completed: The General is down for the count, but the town is in ashes... and lots of friends are missing...

General Varax: Your little town is destroyed, "hero". My master will reward me well.
General Varax: ...perhaps he'll let me have my own fire orb if I bring him your head as well.
<Character>: Your own fire orb?
General Varax: HAHAHA! You will never know, "hero". You are not worthy to serve my master. Even as a mindless slave.
<Character>: I would never serve Drakonnan. Konnan... was a friend, but he no longer exists. The twisted evil that is your master must be stopped!
General Varax SILENCE! You're not even fit for corruption! You've caused my master enough trouble and now your life is mine!
Unlocks: Assault on the Enemy
Location: BattleOn Burns!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 16, 2009 (unlocked after reaching 20% on War meter)

Objective: Find as many Ice Gems as you can! Click on them to collect them.
Objective completed: Hopefully, Yulgar, Warlic and Cysero together will be able to forge something with the Ice Gems you collected.

Yulgar: Good job <You>. I'll get back to work. We're going to need more help though I think.
You: Drakonnan is more powerful than even Akriloth now.
You: I don't know why he did it, but he holds sway over more fire monsters the dragon ever did.
You: He's even raised a long lost brood of Plasma Dragons. The Frost Claymore was able to take down Akriloth, but...
You: Is it strong enough for Drakonnan?
Yulgar: I don't know.
Yulgar: There's more magic in that blade than even I could forge by myself.
Yulgar: If we need something stronger we're going to have to call on one of the mages.
You: Warlic?
Yulgar: Or Cysero.


Cysero: You called?
You: That... was fast.
Cysero: My ears caught fire so I knew someone was talking about me.
Cysero: You need Warlic too?
Yulgar: Well, Cy...


Warlic: ...
Warlic: What the... ?
Warlic: Sigh. Cysero...
Cysero: What? They need us!
Warlic: Yes, yes, the Claymore needs to be upgraded.
You: Upgraded?
Warlic: The power of the Claymore was enough to take down Akriloth, but Drakonnan...
Warlic: Drakonnan, is a different matter.
Warlic: His power has grown exponentially, and created a pressure in the balance that I can feel.
Warlic: It recently... changed... as well, as though he absorbed anothers...
You: Pressure? Absorbed? I don't...
Cysero: Basically, Drakonnan is a big ol' fiery sponge.
Cysero: He keeps soaking up more and more power, and it looks like he's stealin juice from other wizards as well.
Yulgar: ...
You: ...
Cysero: If he keeps going like this, he'll boil over! Just like if you boiled a sponge full of nitroglycerine!
Cysero: Actually, that sounds like fun...
Warlic: ...
Cysero: Hmm...
Warlic: <You>, journey north and collect Ice Gems.
Warlic: Their power combined with that of the Claymore might be enough to defeat Drakonnan.
Cysero: That would probably make a pretty cool explosion... but I might have to make a portable bomb shelter...
Warlic: It's imperative that we go on the offensive soon though, before his power grows even more.

After approaching Jorhath during the quest...

Jorhath: What do you think you are doing, human?
You: Collecting Ice Gems. We need them to forge a weapon in the south, otherwise fire monsters will take over!
Jorhath: First the elves come to steal my gems and now you with your lies! If you want my gems you will have to fight me!
Other name: Assault on the Enemy
Location: BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Assault on the Enemy
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of BattleOn Burns!
Release Date: 21 August, 2009

Objective: It's time to go on the offensive!
Objective completed: Drakonnan has been taking prisoners and converting them into minions! You managed to save Artix and your friends, but who else does he have trapped in his dungeons?

Yulgar: With the General defeated, it was time to go on the offensive!

Character: There, that's the last of them.
Guardian: We will guard the Ice Katana with our lives!
Guardian: Aye, that's what we do.
Character: It's done.
Yulgar: Good job, <Character>. It looks like you've defeated one of Drakonnan's top generals.
Yulgar: That should keep his army at bay, for now...
Character: I'm not sure how long that will really keep Drakonnan's forces back...
Warlic: It won't.
Yulgar: Is it really that bad?
Warlic: I can feel the disturbance to elemental planes.
Warlic: Fire is wildly out of balance.
Warlic: Drakonnan is using the Fire Orb. Increasing his army, increasing his power. I...
Warlic: I can't see everything, but I know if we don't stop him soon... we will never be able to.
Yulgar: Our numbers are dwindling as well. Elget, Mennance, Dain Lorilann...¨
Yulgar: They've been missing since we investigated the Lightning Chasm.
Character: Cranix and Vralin... I havn't seen them since fighting our way through the waves...
Warlic: This is disturbing.
Warlic: Many of the people seeking refuge at the camp are no longer here...
Warlic: The mana potion master...
Warlic: The SoulWeaver...
Warlic: I thought they had moved to find someplace safer, but now I wonder....
Character: We can't sit and defend any longer.
Character: If Drakonnan's power is growing, we need to stop it... him. I need to stop him.
Warlic: This is not your fault, <Character>. Some things... are fated. Konnan's path was his to walk.
Character: ...
Character: I have to stop him.
Warlic: Come, <Character> Yulgar....
Warlic: If were going on the offensive then we should plan our first mission.
Warlic: I think, <Character>, that you need to go ahead and scout...

Character: ARTIX?!
Artix: I... what... what's going? My head... oooh, what happened?
Character: I... I don't understand. How... why... are you be working for Drakonnan?
Artix: Drakonnan? Working for him? The last thing... last thing I remember...
Artix: ...Was fighting through the Lightning Chasm.... Drakonnan was there. With the Fire Orb....
Artix: I... I... oh, by the Light, I thought it was all a dream!
Artix: My friend. You have saved me. I do not know how I can repay you. I... I am so sorry.
Character: What happened, Artix? How could this have happened to you?
Artix: It... my head is till foggy, <Character>, but it is clear that Drakonnan has become far...
Artix: ..Far more powerful then any of us could have imagined.
Artix: He has used the power of the Fire Orb to it's fulllest, using it to... to corrupt minds and hearts of our fellow heros.
Character: He... he can do that?
Artix: It... it was terrible, I thought it was a nightmare.
Artix: Her Is working his way through the prisoners that he captured during his rampage and... converting them into mindless minions.
Artix: I... I am so sorry.
Character: It wasn't you fault, Artix.
Character: At least we have you and the others back now. We have gained our strenght back and with you and the Ice Katana we have a chance.
Artix: There is no Ice Katana.
Character: What?
Artix: While I was under Drakonnan's control...
Artix: I took the katana.
Artix: It now lies in one of Drakonnan's deepest dungeons.
Character: what are we going to do...
Artix: ...
Artix: We will have to storm the dungeon and free the rest of the prisoners there and recover the katana.
Artix: For now, though, we must go.
Artix: Warlic and Cysero should be able to provide some protection against Drakonnan's reach, but we cannot linger here.
Artix: We must go back to Battleon and plan out next move
Next Up: Help?
Location: Battleon -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Xan has a Plan
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Assault on the Enemy
Release Date: August 28, 2009

Objective: Xan is up to something….
Objective completed: This... should be interesting....

Yulgar: How will we ever defeat, Drakonnan? We’re going to need some help to get inside, but who’s left that would fight on our side?

You equip the Xan armor

Xan: Konnan started out as such a good apprentice
Xan: Teaching him to enchant weapons with fire, enslave fire elementals, destroy entire towns…. Good times, HAHAHAHAHAHA
Xan: Almost bringing a tear to my eye….HAHAHAHAHAHA
Xan: I taught that boy everything he knows….EVERYTHING!
Xan: How dare he disrupt my plans for Warlic and Jaania
Xan: I’ll never get close enough though. Konnan no longer trusts me…
Xan: HAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA I know who to get just to help! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Xan: Hello Zorbak
Zorbak: Xan
Zorbak: What do you want?
Xan: Zorbak…Zorbie! Can I call you that?
Zorbak: No
Xan: Zorbie, I have a little proposition for you
Zorbak: Meh, what makes you think I’m interested? I’m kinda busy harvesting parts right now
Xan: You’re interested
Zorbak: OKOK!
Zorbak: What do you need me for?
Xan: Drakonnan needs to go down, and you’re going to help those meddling “heroes” do it
Zorbak: Me? The Great Zorbak? Help those puny goody two shoes? What good will that do me?
Xan: HAHAHAHA Zorbie…Because they would owe you…a favor. How could you pass up an opportunity like that?
Zorbak: !
Zorbak: I’m in! Meehehehehe, give me the details, skullface!
Unlocks: Final Battle
Location: Falconreach -> Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Final Battle
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Xan Has A Plan
Release Date: 04Sep09

Objective: The time has come to infiltrate Drakonnan's Lair and fight him once and for all!
Objective completed: Drakonnan is defeated!

Yulgar: The time had come to face Drakonnan in his Lair!

Artix: The main part of Drakonnan's Lair lies within the mountain...
Artix: We will have to jump down into the pit.
Artix: From what I can remember, it is a maze of dungeons down there and there are lots of people to rescue.
You: We'll save them.

You: Do you know where the katana is being kept?
Artix: No, we are going to have to search for it.
Artix: We might be able to get more information from the people we rescue though.
Warlic: The pit is protected by a force field. We're going to have to break through it to get down below.
Warlic: I can try... it will generate a lot of mana to break through though...
Cysero: I have this sponge... **
You: NO.
Artix: NO.
Warlic: NO.
You: ... Is there any other way?
?: Mehehehehehehe
You: This isn't a funny situation. Who's laughing?
Zorbak: Mehehehehe, silly humans.
You: Zorbak! What are you doing here?
Zorbak: Hmph, I've come to help you.
Zorbak: I don't exactly want to see my nice, dank, dark Lair of Ultimate Ev...
Zorbak: *cough*
Zorbak: ... Ebil.
Artix: Why on Lore would we accept your help, especially as you have chosen the side of evil?
Zorbak: Ebil.
Zorbak: Simple. You have no other choice.
Zorbak: There are three beings present who are powerful enough to break through that force field...
Zorbak: One wants to do it with a sponge soaked in nitroglycerin which will just make a smoking crater, and the other has...
Zorbak: ... limits on his magic and just might make the whole planet a smoking crater.
Warlic: What do you know of my magic, moglin?
Zorbak: Enough, human.
You: Zorbak... we can't, there has to be another way without us supporting whatever your evil...
Zorbak: Ebil.
You: ... ebil plans, whatever they may be.
Zorbak: I hope you like lava then, lots of it.
Zorbak: Face it, kid, I'm your only hope. It's my way, or the lava super-highway.
You: Warlic?
Warlic: Unfortunately... he's correct.
Zorbak: Mehehehehehehe!
Artix: Is there no other way?
Warlic: Anything else is just too risky.
Zorbak: Mehehehehe, you will all finally recognize and respect my power!
Zorbak: Now c'mon, I don't have all day.

Zorbak: ...

Zorbak casts a spell.

Zorbak: Meh.
You: Now what?
Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: Well, what are you all waiting for?
Zorbak: I did all the hard work and broke through Drakonnan's force field! Now let's go in there and find him! Jump!

Upon entering a room and finding Tomix, Alina, Reens and Oishii.

Tomix: I am Tomix, the SoulWeaver.
Tomix: Drakonnan has learned how to create more fire orbs.
Tomix: You will have to find them, if you haven't already, and destroy them in order to weaken his power...
Tomix: He keeps them far from the prisoner cells. Look to the north-west.

Reens: <You>! Thank goodness you've arrived! Alina, the mana-potion master, and I have been talking about how to defeat Drakonnan and escape.
Alina: The Fire Orbs are his source of power. If those are destroyed, it should significantly weaken him.
Reens: Be very careful though. I suspect, with the amount of power Konnan has absorbed, that he's becoming more elemental than man.
Alina: If he were to take the final step and fuse with the element while he still possesses an orb... I don't want to think about what could happen!

Oishii: Hi, I'm Oishii! Thank you for saving us!
Oishii: This dungeon is horrible. It smells like sulfur and burnt rocks from all the volcanic gases.
Oishii: A few days ago, I picked up a new scent... something... vanilla!
Oishii: It's very close by. What do you think it is?

Upon entering the throne room after collecting both orbs.

You: We've made it to the throne room, now where's Drakonnan?
Zorbak: Who cares?
Zorbak: We destroyed his most, er... all of his orbs... check out that throne though!
Zorbak: How do I look? ***
Zorbak: Mehehehehe, this throne really brings out the shine in my fur.
Zorbak: Quick, help me pick it up! It'll go perfect in my Lair.

Drakonnan appears.

Drakonnan: YOU!
Drakonnan: You DARE come to my Lair!
You: This has to stop, Konnan!
Drakonnan: THERE IS NO KONNAN!!!

You battle Drakonnan.

Drakonnan: NO!
Drakonnan: Revenge was mine!
Drakonnan: I took the katana...
Drakonnan: The orbs...
Drakonnan: I destroyed your towns... took prisoners...
Drakonnan: No.
Drakonnan: NO!

Drakonnan dives for the throne as Zorbak pushes it out of the way.


Zorbak: Meheheh...
You: This is bad...

The ground underneath you collapses, but you get off it in time.

You: I...
You: It's over.
You: I'm sorry Konnan... I really am... I wish...
You: At least you can finally rest now, and hopefully find peace instead of the evil you embraced...
Zorbak: Who cares? He took my chair!
You: But... but Zorbak, the world is safe now.
You: We just defeated the greatest threat to Lore...
You: You're getting kinda close to the edge, Zorbak!
Zorbak: Shhhh...
Zorbak: Hey Drakel-head! If you do not give me my chair back right now I am going to come down there and get it myself!
Zorbak: Hmmm...
Zorbak: Oh yeah, almost forgot about this.

Zorbak holds out an orb.

Zorbak: Hey Drakonnan!
Zorbak: I have your ultra fire orb right here... I will trade it to you for the chair! Just throw it up!
You: Zorbak!!! What are you doing? Where did you get that?
Zorbak: Meh meh meh... found it over there, I thought it'd make a nice souvenier, I want that chair though! Now shush!
Zorbak: Grrrr... Drakonnan... CAN YOU HEAR ME DOWN THERE?!?

Zorbak throws the orb into the lava.

You: Was that the fire orb he uses to power up his monsters?
Zorbak: What a jerk...
You: This is not good...

If you own a DA, you can battle Titan Drakonnan. Afterwards, Zorbak runs with Drakonnan's mask.

You: Zorbak, you're kidding right?
You: You almost killed us all with that stunt! Why are you taking that now?
Zorbak: Meheheheh...
Zorbak: Because when I take over the world...
Zorbak: ... I am going to sit on this instead.

Unlocks: Epilogue
QuestLocation: Falconreach -> Yulgar's Shop, BattleOn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Epilogue
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Final Battle!
Release Date: September 18, 2009

Objective: The aftermath of the Fire War
Objective Completed: Uh oh…

Yulgar: The Fire War was finally over, thanks to brave heros like you!
You: It is over…

Konnan passes through his most recent memories in his mind

Drakonnan: I’m sorry…
Drakonnan: I…I have failed you…

Nifaria: Rest now, Konnan
Nifaria: There is much more to do…
Nifaria: You know what to do next
Nifaria: Make them bring out their dragons


Warlic: I do not sense the Fire Orb at all
Warlic: I believe it has been fully destroyed in the final struggle
You: Are you sure, Warlic?
You: I thought it was destroyed after Akriloth’s death…
Warlic: There is no hint of the orb in the mountain and it would take great magic to hide the amount of power that the orb possessed
Warlic: What was once fire, has returned to it. I will try to contact Fiamme, so that she can coalesce fire into a new orb
Warlic: Until then, I hope the realm of Fire on Lore is not too greatly weakened
You: So, it’s time to pack up then… I can’t believe it’s all over. It will be nice to get back to Falconreach though
Yulgar: I wish you well on your trip
You: You…you’re not going back, Yulgar?
Yulgar: I wish I could, [character], but there is still much work to be done here in the aftermath of all of Drakonnan’s destruction
Yulgar: A new inn is nearly built, so I’m going to set up shop there for now
Yulgar: Please, take Aria back to Falconreach though and make sure that she gets back to Grams safe and sound
You: But…but…we need you in Falconreach!
Yulgar: I have the means to get back if needed, [character]. Cysero has seen to that
You: I wish you luck then and I hope that we’ll see you soon
?: *grunt* *pant* *wheeeeeze*
You: Zorbak…what are you still doing here?
Zorbak: Meh, trying to get my new throne back to Doomwood, no thanks to you all
You: No thanks to us?! You nearly destroyed all of Lore trying to get a chair back!
Zorbak: Meh, and you lazy heros had just helped me move it, then I would have a chair AND an orb
Zorbak: As it is, every time I try to make a minion to help me move this thing your crazy Paladin destroys it!
Artix: Be happy I don’t destroy you, you evil…
Zorbak: Ebil
Artix: …moglin
Zorbak: Hey, I came here to do you guys a favor
Zorbak: You wouldn’t have even gotten into DrakelHead’s Lair if it wasn’t for me. Now help me move this thing
Zorbak: Mehehehe, this will be perfect in my Lair!
Cysero: Yep!
Cysero: Glad I could repay the favor we owe you too!
Zorbak: !

Nifaria: Wake up, Konnan. It’s time to get to work
Konnan: Muh…ugh, I…what…?
Konnan: Wh…where am I?
Konnan: No. NO!
Nifaria: Quiet!
Nifaria: I have to thank you, Konnan
Nifaria: Your thirst for revenge against the fire dragon led to his destruction and gave me the chance to deliver his son directly into the Priestess hands
Nifaria: [Hahaha, my own little present to the Lady…]
Nifaria: Not only did you manage to recover the Fire Orb from the dragon’s smoldering body…
Nifaria: But you sowed more destruction across the land than Xan could have ever dreamt of
Xan: HEY!
Xan: I taught this ungrateful boy everything he knows! If he had listened to me, I could have taken all those “heros” on
Nifaria: Hahahaha, if you wish to prove yourself, Xan, Konnan has provided you with the chance
Nifaria: He dropped the Fire Orb directly into my hands
Nifaria: Show me what you can do
Konnan: No! The orb is mine!
Nifaria: No, Konnan…
Sepulchure: …the Fire Orb is MINE
Sepulchure: You, Konnan, were able to draw more power from the Orb than anyone…
Sepulchure: …and I’m going to take you apart piece by piece to find out how

Thus the Great Fire War ends, and new stories begin… Drakonnan is now defeated, but the Fire Orb is now in Sepulchre’s control…and in Xan’s care. Our heros head home to Falconreach, while Yulgar sets up shop in a new town, Battleon.
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Dragonfable Timeline: Fire Orb
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