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 Dragonfable Timeline: Meeting Lim, Mogloween 2009

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Meeting Lim, Mogloween 2009   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:30 pm

Location: Lim's Shop -> Lim -> Quests -> Circuits
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 25 September 2009

Objective: Trip all the circuits until you have enough Amps. Be careful though, too many amps and you'll blow the breaker and have to start again!
Objective completed: Seedspitters cleared out and all circuits are running! I wonder who let the plants out though? Oh well, Lim's Shop is now open for business!

Lim: Good day, Adventurer! As the foremost Weapon Artisan in the land, I can craft you a weapon using the power of science!
Lim: I create weaponry through the shear power of science. I've set-up the main portion of my workshop, but I need your help, <Character>.
Lim: I've set up a small power source that uses fuel created through refining the seed oil of the local seed spitter plants.
Lim: It's really quite an ingenious device, if I do say so myself. Sadly, I was only able to set up a few circuits to provide power to my shop.
Lim: The basement of the shop has been overtaken with the samples of the seed spitter I cultivated. I suspect and old rival might have released them.
Lim: If you would, could you venture down there and clear out the area.
Lim: If you could trip a few of those circuits to get the rest of the power on up here, I can get started making weapons as well.
• Completing this quest unlock Lim's shop contents.
Location: Falconreach > Storybook > Chapter 4
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Mogloween 2008

Dialogue (if applicable)

In the Mogloween Tales Chapter 4:

Toil: Happy Mogloween, <Character Name!> It's good to see you again!
• Mogloween!
The Greatest Candy Ever

Toil: Well, hello there, <Character Name>!
Bubble: Hi!
Bubble: Mew!
Trouble: Hello! How have you been, <Character Name>? Are you ready for this year's Mogloween?
Bubble: It's going to be so much fun! We're going to have a brand new candy recipe for this year! A Cauldron Sister's Special!
Toil: We were just setting up Myx to get started.
Toil: This year's candy will be better than ever, we've each been planning for months what special ingredient we want to put in it.
Trouble: This year, our sweets will put us on top...
Myx: ...of the world!
Trouble: ...of the candy making business!

*Trouble kicks Myx*

Myx: ...Ow.
Myx: Hmm, well, what have you beautiful sisters decided to put into the mix this year?

*Greed flies into the scene, floats around the girls a bit, and stops in the middle of the screen*

Bubble: We need to collect faerie dust and spin it into floss for the mix! It's so sweet and stringy and light!

*Greed floats towards Toil and gets close to her ear*

Greed: Buzzbuzzzz, b-buzz.
Toil: Faerie Floss, hmmph. I think we need some wax-combs from the forest bees and Guardi-ants. It needs to be something chewy.

*Greed floats towards Bubble and gets close to her ear*

Bubble: You never listen to my ideas.
Trouble: Now, Bubble, Toil, we need to work together to make this the best candy ever.

*Greed floats towards Trouble and gets close to her ear*

Trouble: Which is why my idea of using sugar springs is the best.

*Greed flies away*

Toil: Sugar Springs?! You're going to ruin my candy!
Bubble: Sugar Springs?! You're going to ruin my candy!
Toil: Your candy? It's my candy.
Bubble: Your candy? It's my candy.
Trouble: Please, girls. I'm the one with the business sense. Obviously, my candy choice is best and I deserve the credit.
Toil: I suggested Sugar Springs months ago and you hated it! It was my idea!
Bubble: No it wasn't!
Toil: ARGH! Working with you two is INFURIATING!
Bubble: No one EVER LISTENS TO ME!!!
<Character Name>: Hey, watch out for the cat...
Bubble: M-m-m-m-m-m-mew?
<Character Name>: *facepalm*
Greed: Hehehehehehehe

At this time while Myx is talking Greed is still laughing and to a point where he begins to grow!

<Character Name>: So...that turned out great...
Myx: *blink*
Myx: I...I'm not sure what happened. Usually the girls work so well together...
Myx: Perhaps you should talk with them. I hate seeing the beautiful sisters so angry at one another.
• Complete Quest

After finishing quest if you walk up to any of the sisters they will say the following....

Toil: Those no good sisters, always stealing my ideas!
Toil: I deserve to have the attention this year, I deserve all the fame! Go get me some wax-comb, <Character Name>.
Toil: Bees, Ants, and various other Bugs collect it, or go right to the source, plants! I need three to get started! Hurry!

After collecting 3 Wax-Combs

Toil: Wonderful! This year Toil's Bit O' Wax will be everyone's favorite! And they'll all buy my candy!

Bubble: Humph, they never listen to me, when my idea's are the best!
Bubble: I'll show them. <Character Name>, go get me three Faerie Dust to get started. Obviously, you're going to need to find some faeries or elves for it.
Bubble: This year Bubble's Fantastic Floss will get all the attention!

After collecting 3 Faerie Dusts

Bubble: Good, <Character Name>! Give it to me! I want all of it!

Trouble: The nerve of those girls! Trying to say my brilliant idea for clockwork candy was theirs!
Trouble: They don't deserve any of the fame that will come from my sugary springs! <Character Name>, go get me some so I can get started on my Now and Forever's.
Trouble: I'm sure you'll find some where there are groups of machines. I need three right away.

After collecting 3 Sugar Springs

Trouble: Excellent work! Now give me my candy!

As the Cauldron Boils...

Myx: <Character Name>, can you help me?
• What can I do?
• Information Gathered (inaccessible until you find the fliers first)
• Done

What can I do?

Myx: I don't get it <Character Name>. Ever since that bubble-head, Cysero, sold me to the sisters, life's been wonderful!
Myx: The chaos from last year was amazing! Now though, they can't even stand to look at one another?
Myx: How will we conquer the wor... the business world, when they each want to have it for themselves?
Myx: Will you talk to them, <Character Name>? Maybe you can figure out what's wrong. They split up to different ends of the town.
• Find the Sisters!

Bubble: Hi, <Character Name>.
• Talk
• Done


Bubble: <Character Name>, my candy is delicious. I've never had anything so light and fluffy before! It's like eating air!
<Character Name>: That's great, Bubble... but, well, air-flavored candy? I'm not sure you could even call that candy... maybe I could try some?
Bubble: No! It's mine! You're just trying to take what's mine again, like my terrible sisters! Did they send you?
<Character Name>: I was just wondering what it tasted like...
Bubble: It tastes delicious! There's nothing missing at all! This is my candy. I don't want to share it!
Bubble: For once, I'm going to get all the fame and gold and I'm not going to share with Toil and Trouble.
• Flier

If you try talking to Bubble again

Bubble: You already have a Bubble's Fantastic Faerie Floss Flier.
• Done

Toil: <Character Name>, what are you doing here?
• Talk
• Done


Toil: You can't have any of the Bits O' Wax back, you got them for me! They're all mine.
<Character Name>: I was just wondering how your candy was coming along.
Toil: It's fantastic! So dense and chewy, that you'll chew til you're blue in the face!
<Character Name>: Don't you think you could use something to lighten it up a bit?
Toil: No! I don't need your help. I'm Toil, one of... the most famous Cauldron Sister.
Toil: With this new candy everyone will know of Toil as they chew, chew, chew through it! My ungrateful sisters won't get to share any of it.
• Flier

If you try talking to Toil again

Toil: You already have a flier for Toil's Bits O' Wax.
• Done

Trouble: Well hello, <Character Name>.
• Talk
• Done


Trouble: Yes, <Character Name>, it is just about when I expected you to show up. The Now and Forevers are not in stock at the moment.
<Character Name>: But... you're surrounded by them?
Trouble: These are my Now and Forevers.
<Character Name>: You're not going to share any of them?
Trouble: These are my ticket to the big time, <Character Name>.
Trouble: I've been held back far too long by my unappreciative sisters and now it's time for me to have the rewards that I want.
• Flier

If you try talking to Trouble again

Trouble: You already have a flier for Trouble's Now and Forevers.
• Done

Information Gathered

Myx: Mogloween won't be the same without Cauldron SisterS Candy... Maybe there will be more answers where the fighting started.
• Now What?!

<Character Name>: Myx!
<Character Name>: Myx! I got fliers from the sisters too!

*Tomix suddenly appears*

<Character Name>: Hey, who's your friend?
Tomix: Hello, friend. I am Tomix, the SoulWeaver.
<Character Name>: SoulWeaver?
Tomix: I don't have time to explain, but...
<Character Name>: Let me guess. You followed something evil here and the town is in danger?
Tomix: How... how did you know?
<Character Name>: Let's just say this isn't the first time. With how people are acting now, something is definitely up.
Tomix: It is as I suspected then.
Tomix: I have followed the thread left behind by the evil to this town. It is very important that we investigate as soon as possible.
Tomix: As more people come under it's influence it will grow in strength.
<Character Name>: So... what do we have to do to find it?
Tomix: Die.
<Character Name>: ...
<Character Name>: Hahahaha! You're a funny guy, Tomix. Had me going for a second there...
Tomix: We will have to enter the realm of the spirits in order to see them.
Tomix: You will be able to leave your ghost form at any time, but if you do before our investigation is over, we will have to start again.

Once you find Greed

Greed: You are too late, SoulWeaver.
Greed: I have already grasped the threads of this town and woven myself amongst them.
Tomix: It is my duty to stop you, Greed!

After the battle is over

Tomix: NO! He is gone.
Tomix: He won't have gone far though. His plan is not yet fully wrought here.
<Character Name>: What can he want with Falconreach though?
Tomix: He is the spirit of Greed.
Tomix: The more people hoard possessions, desire immaterial things above their family and friends, the stronger he grows.
Tomix: He is still trapped in the spirit world, but if he continues to weave his thread and sow greed he has a chance to break free into our world.
Tomix: Come <Character Name>, we must plan for the battle ahead.
• As the Cauldron Boils...

Appetite for Destruction

Tomix: Greed has grown stronger…
Tomix: He has woven himself among your friends in town and his minions can be seen.
<Character Name>: How much time do we have, Tomix?
Tomix: Not much. We need to convince them to stop hoarding the candies made by the sisters.
<Character Name>: How did they even get the candy? The sisters wouldn’t let me touch it.
Tomix: Their appetite for fame and gold finally outweighed their appetite for their candy.
Tomix: Each sister now only works for herself rather than to help and support the others…
Tomix: I think our key to defeating Greed lies within the sister’s confections though.
Tomix: We need to convince everyone to share what they have. To do this “trick or treat” tradition you told me of.

After battling the four townspeople

*Tomix and Character run into the scene*

<Character Name>: This isn’t working. We’ve had nothing but fights, even with Twilly and Grams!
Tomix: There has to be something we can do.
Tomix: …
Tomix: You said the sisters had a plan for a new candy, yes?
<Character Name>: Yes, they were thinking up a new candy recipe, when they suddenly started fighting and they split to different ends of town.
Tomix: Hmmm, so it started with the sisters? Then it must end with them.
• Complete Quest

Share and Share Alike

Myx: Sigh.
Myx: I almost wish that fuzzy headed magician would stop by. At least then there'd be something happening...
Myx: I've sat unused for weeks, while my beautiful mistresses have all gone off to use... use... sniffle... other cauldrons!
<Character Name>: Myx?
Myx: cough Uh, yeah, I'm fine, nothing's wrong!
<Character Name>: It's ok, Myx. We're here to help get the Sister's back together.
Myx: How? They haven't spoken to each other in weeks!
Tomix: You know all their candy secrets, yes?
Myx: If you think I'm gonna spill their secrets, you got another thing coming. I may be cracked, but my lips are sealed.
Tomix: I'm not asking for their secrets. I want to know if you can make their candy on your own. The one they wanted to make together this year.
Myx: I... I think I can. They never decided on a formula though...
<Character Name>: You're the only chance we have, Myx. We'll get you the ingredients, then it's all up to you.

After collecting all the ingredients and heading back to Falconreach's mainscreen

Myx: Do you have all the ingredients?
<Character Name>: We have everything. Bubble's Faerie Floss, Toil's Bits O'Wax and Trouble's Now and Forever's.
<Character Name>: I'm not quite sure what they'll make though. Each on it's own is kinda... meh.
<Character Name>: I'm surprised actually that everyone wanted to keep all of these.
Myx: Hmpf, the Sister's work as a team. That is where their true brilliance comes out.
Myx: Toss all those into the pot and you'll see.

*Ingredients are thrown in*

Bubble: HEY!!!
Toil: HEY!!!
Trouble: HEY!!!
Toil: No, you stole my candy!
Myx: Um..
Bubble: You took mine!
Myx: You might want to.. uh..
Trouble: Give them ba-- Hey Myx, why are you shaking?

*Myx explodes, knocking everyone back*

Myx: ...
Myx: You guys ok?
Myx: ..?
Trouble: Look at this! The sugar springs in my Now and Forevers, they... they melted into this brown, creamy stuff that's coating your candy!
Bubble: *munch*
Bubble: The Faerie Floss is all mixed with the Bits O'Wax... it's all...
Bubble: Mew.
Bubble: Right! It's all nougat-y!
Toil: It's... it's perfect! Bubble! That was inspired for you to add the floss to the mix!
Bubble: Trouble, the melted sugar springs are delicious!
Trouble: We did it! We made the perfect candy! We have to share this!
Greed: NO!
Greed: NO!!!

*Greed suddenly appears in a ball of energy, knocking Myx off his feet*

Greed: You can't share this. I worked too hard.
Bubble: MYX! Are you ok?
Trouble: Here, let me get the dirt off of you...
Toil: Ooh, that.. that.. JERK!
Myx: I'm good, I'm good. I'm gonna clobber that guy as soon as there is only one of him.
Trouble: It's our candy to do with as we please.
Trouble: We spent too much time worrying about what we were going to get out of our own pieces to realize this is a time of year to celebrate and share.
Toil: Together, we made a better candy then any of us could make on our own.
Bubble: Grr...

*Bubble sticks out her tongue*

Tomix: It's time for you to go back where you came from, Greed. You have no power over the Sisters anymore.
Greed: I don't need the Sisters anymore. I have an entire town to draw my power from!
<Character Name>: Oh yeah? Well I have something to share with you.

After the battle

Greed: NOoooOoooOooo...
Greed: I...

*Greed transforms into his thread form*

<Character Name>: It it over.

*Greed flies away*

Tomix: No..

*A scene is shown with Greed flying past Falconreach Inn*

Tomix: He still has some power over the town, so I wasn't able to banish him completely...

*A scene is shown with Greed flying past the Bank and into Town Hall*

Tomix: I can sense his thread moving into darkness...

*A scene is shown with Greed flying through the bookshelf*

<Character Name>: What do we do now, then? We still have a slight Greedling infestation...
Twilly: We's moglins can helps, <Character Name>.
Twilly: If we absorbs the greedlings magic then we can make sure they don't cause troubles.
Twilly: We're gonna really want candies though from now on though.... I think you'd be better be in disguise if come visit with candies.
<Character Name>: What about the townspeople, though, they're all locked inside their houses with their precious candy.
Trouble: I think we can help there.
Trouble: If no one in town is willing to share their treats, we'll have to share ours.
Trouble: Take the candy and deliver it to as many people as you can. The more that we share will, hopefully, put the rest of the town in a giving mood!
<Character Name>: So it's time to Trick or Treat!


Sepulchure: What do you have to report?
Spy: Something new has come to Falconreach.
Spy: <Character Name>, and the SoulWeaver defeated it, but it now it lies down below in Ravenloss.
Sepulchure: Good, another distraction for our "heroic" friend.
Sepulchure: It will keep <Character Gender> busy for now. You have your orders, be ready to make your move.
Spy: Yes, master.

After finishing quest

Bubble: Hey <Character Name>! There's still lots of townspeople under Greed's control. Are you ready to go give out more candy?


Toil: Once again you have impressed us with your skill and courage <Character Name.>
Trouble: We can't believe that this is the third year on a row that you've saved us!
Myx: I helped!
Myx: Really!
Bubble: We know, Myx! Thanks to you and <Character Name,> we're back together!
Bubble: *mew*
Toil: Little-kitty-sister is right. Tomix deserves thanks too!
Trouble: Thanks to all of you, the Cauldron Sisters are back in business, making candy together.
Toil: Yes! And now it's up to you to distribute it, <Character Name!> Get it out there and share it with everyone!
Myx: Share? This candy is so good though!
Trouble: (Hush Myx) It's too good not to share!
Bubble: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character Name!>
Bubble: *mew*
Toil: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character Name!>
Trouble: HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character Name!>
Next Up: Mogloween 2010 - Zard Invasion
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Dragonfable Timeline: Meeting Lim, Mogloween 2009
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