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 Dragonfable Timeline: Dragonsgrasp

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Dragonsgrasp   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:39 pm

Raven is still broken about Konan when she and Hawke fly to DragonsGrasp.
Location: Dragonsgrasp > Inspector Doyle > Quests! > An Icy Wind
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 25th, 2010

Objective: The elemental plane of Ice is calling out. The Great Frost Dragon is dying.
Objective completed: Vilmor is gone, but luckily spared your life.

Inspector Doyle: Channiru and Lestrad have requested a meeting... Shall we go find them, <<You>>?

Captain: Report, soldier.
Badoosh: ...
Captain: Soldier! Report, I say.
Badoosh: zZZZzzzzzzz
Captain: Note to self: Reassign Badoosh to cleaning the dragon stables.

Captain Lestrad: <<You>>, welcome.
<<You>>: Hello Captain Les-
Channiru: Did you feel that?
<<You>>: What?
Doyle: The elemental plane of ice... the dragon...
Channiru: Is dying.
Channiru: The plane of frost is crying out...
<<You>>: What... was that...
Captain Lestrad: Vilmor.
Channiru: <<You>>. To the jail. Now!
Channiru: It cannot be.
Doyle: What was that?!
Channiru: No! Vilmor must not escape!
Captain Lestrad: All the dragons are in flight!
Doyle: We have to get them to stabilize the city first...
<<You>>: I'll go after Vilmor.
<<You>>: <<Dragon>>!
• Summon Dragon!

A minigame ensues in which you fly your Titan dragon through fields of debris. Click to shoot fire, move your mouse to move.

<<You>>: Oh no! AAAAAHHHH!

Some time later...

<<You>>: Hrnf... where am I?
<<You>>: V-Vilmor?

Doyle: <<You>>. <<You>>! Wake up!
<<You>>: Owww, my head.
Captain Lestrad: Vilmor is gone. Doyle, you fool...
Captain Lestrad: Your whole job was to investigate that villain.
Captain Lestrad: How could you not know that Vilmor was capable of such power? <<You>> nearly lost his head!
Doyle: But he is still very much alive.
Captain Lestrad: Through sheer luck.
Doyle: I don't think it was luck.
Captain Lestrad: Bah. Why now? Where could Vilmor be going?
Channiru: To find the dragon.
<<You>>: Is it... is it starting to snow?

Frostscythe: I am quickly losing patience.
???: The dragon still resists?
Frostscythe: As long as Vilmor still lives, they share a bond.
Frostscythe: Break it.
Circe: Consider it done.
Next Up: The Blue Mile
Location: Dragonsgrasp -> Inspector Doyle -> Quests! -> The Blue Mile
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of An Icy Wind
Release Date: July 10th, 2010

Objective: A lone guard is hiding somewhere in the prison. Can you find him before the inmates do?
Objective completed: You rescued Reggie and managed to find some interesting clues about Vilmor too!

Inspector Doyle: Ah, <Character>. Recovered from your run-in with Vilmor?
Inspector Doyle: Channiru is having issues getting the prison back under control. A lone guard is also trapped inside.
Inspector Doyle: He has requested that you go in and deal with the prisoners and try to find Reggie.
Inspector Doyle: The prisoners will have started ransacking Vilmor's cell, <Character>.
Inspector Doyle: Make sure to check your temporary inventory as you go. You should be able to recover some clues.
Inspector Doyle: Oh.... and <Character>... watch out for Jingles....
• Quest!
• Done

Thief: Psst! Hey you!
Thief: Let me go and I'll tell you what happened!
If you choose Let him go.
Thief: Thanks!
Thief: Well, actually I have no idea what happened here.. but I'll give you some good info.
Thief: There's a secret cave near Oaklore. You should check it out, I found a nifty dagger left behind by those two skeletons!
Thief: Maybe you can find something too. Later!
If you choose I don't trust you.
Thief: I know you're thinking about it. C'mon, nobody will know...

Guard Reggie: Did... Did Channiru send you?
Guard Reggie: The explosion... it ripped through the whole prison... Luckily, the other guards were able to escape....
Guard Reggie: Someone had to stay behind to make sure that all the outer doors remained secure... I've been hiding here since then.
Guard Reggie: Thank you, <Character>. Thank you for coming for me.

Complete Quest/Keep fighting!
Next Up: The Ruins of Bask
Other Name: Ruins of Bask
Location: Dragongrasp -> Inspector Doyle -> Ruins of Bask
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Blue Mile
Release Date: July 16th, 2010

Objective: The village lies in ruins, taken over by ice monsters and feral packs of dogs.
Objective completed: Vilmor is still out there... but you have a new friend to help in the search.... right?

Inspector Doyle: The alchemical powder you found in the prison was a very potent mixture... one that is very hard to procure....
Inspector Doyle: It is made from the scales of Cryozen, Vilmor's drag... the Great Ice Dragon. Vilmor's supply is therefore, thankfully, limited.
Inspector Doyle: I think the situation is finally under control here, <Character Name.> It is time to start the hunt for Vilmor.
Inspector Doyle: Head to Bask, <Character Name.> It was the last place Cryozen was seen and where Vilmor will likely begin to search as well.
Inspector Doyle: Be very careful, <Character Name>... the village has been in ruins for years. Who knows what dangers may lurk there now.

Quest! - Continues into quest
Done - Sends you back to the Inn

Throughout the quest you will see chest that will open up and poison you with a blue glow, but if you find the Clay Pot you will gain a shop!

As you run up to one of the chest's the ceiling collapses and it takes the chest

<Character Name:> WOAH!!!!!
<Character Name:> Hmm, looks like I can jump down...

Jump down! - Continues quest

You go as far to near the end of the ruins and find a man with a wolf

Gloomtail: *growl*
Rileh: Easy, Gloomtail.
Gloomtail: *whimper*
Rileh: Seems we don't get many visitors up here in the mountains. No sudden movements, stranger.
Rileh: Now, what are you doing in my home?

<Character Name:> ...

<Character Name:> I'm on official business from DragonGrasp. I'm investigating what has happened to Bask.
Rileh: Look around. It is destroyed.
<Character Name:> How is it that you survived? There is no one else here.
Rileh: I'm a drifter. The town lay in ruins, and I needed a place to stay. Got too cozy to leave.
<Character Name:> Do you know anything that could help me figure out what happened?
Rileh: If you go back and up the stairs, you'll find the Guardian Tower. I'm not sure what happened to it, but I'm glad I wasn't here when it did.
Rileh: There is nothing left of the people that once lived here. After Bask was destroyed, monsters moved in and it has become a free-for-all.
<Character Name:> Interesting...

<Character Name:> Do you know of Vilmor? I believe that villain is behind this.
Rileh: I have not heard that name before.
Rileh: As I said, I was not here when the event occurred.
<Character Name:> Hmm.

<Character Name:> Was it you who set all those traps? If I never open up a treasure chest again it'll be too soon.
Rileh: Traps? No I've not run into any. I've been here quite a while.
Rileh: If anyone had been snooping around, Gloomtail would know about it.
Gloomtail: *growl*

Nice doggy
<Character Name:> Nice doggy!
Gloomtail: WOOF!
Rileh: Please don't do that.

After you leave them you can walk behind them and....

Climb Rope - Brings you upstairs with a small boss and

You go back down and continue walking upstairs until you hear a scream

<Character Name:> Th- The Guardian Tower.. It's in ruins! Doyle wasnt kidding....
<Character Name:> What could do this much damage?!
(Female voice): Help... Help me!
<Character Name:> I'm coming! Where are you?!
(Female voice): Here... over here! The wall fell... I'm trapped!

(Female voice): Please, help me.
<Character Name:> I'll get you out!

You manage to dig her out from beneath the rubble...

Circe: Thank you so much, hero!
Circe: I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come along! I'm Circe.
<Character Name:> What are you doing here, Circe? Bask is in ruins, it's a very dangerous place.
<Character Name:> ...
<Character Name:> It looks as though traps have been laid as well....

Scene goes black as you focus the screen on Circe which appears to summon a sword and ready to finish you off

<Character Name:> Vilmor must have laid these... but why?

Circe smiles and unsummons her sword

Circe: Did you... did you say Vilmor?
<Character Name:> You know of Vilmor?
Circe: That monster destroyed Bask, destroyed my home! It was Vilmor that laid these traps!
Circe: Because of that power-hungry DragonLord all my friends and family are gone!
Circe: Hero, if you are after Vilmor, let me come with you! Let me help you capture Vilmor!
<Character Name:> Vilmor is incredibly dangerous...
Circe: I know the danger, I am not afraid! I only need... want to see justice served to Vilmor...
<Character Name:> An extra set of eyes would be helpful with the amount of traps laid... alright, Circe, for now you can stay.

Scene goes black again and focuses on Circe again

Circe: Thank you, hero, your kindness will not go unrewarded...

Circe eyes glows blue and the scene cuts

The scene cuts to Vilmor from a far observing what has happened

Complete Quest
Next Up: The Tower
Other name: The Tower
Location: Dragongrasp -> Inspector Doyle -> Quests! -> The Tower
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Ruins of Bask
Release Date: July 30th, 2010

Objective: What clues will be unearthed in your investigation of maze of Basks broken tower?
Objective completed: A few scraps of an old note and the remains of a strange Amulet... what could they mean?

Inspector Doyle: Search the remains of the Bask Tower, <<You>>, for clues as to why Vilmor attacked.
Inspector Doyle: A thorough search of the tower was never done, due to how unstable the remains of it was.
Inspector Doyle: The tower has hopefully settled some in the intervening years, but be very careful... If the rubble collapses, your passage could be blocked.
Inspector Doyle: Choose your path carefully to gather as much evidence as you can.
• Quest!
• Back

Circe: The Tower is in ruins, hero. What exactly do you expect to find?
<<You>>: A reason...
<<You>>: Why would Vilmor choose this town? Why destroy the tower and betray the Great Ice Dragon's trust?
Circe: The towers were places of the Guardians, placed to protect the Orbs.
Circe: Obviously, Vilmor foolishly thought to steal the Orb contained within, not knowing it had been stolen years before.
<<You>>: Who would have had the knowledge and skill to steal the Orb though?
<<You>>: Where could they have taken it?
Circe: Someone very talented, I would think.
Circe: No one even suspected the Orb had been taken North.
<<You>>: Well, the Ice Orb could have been a powerful motive for Vilmor's attack here.
<<You>>: The ruins look to be mostly undisturbed, except for a few beasts, but we'll have to be careful...
<<You>>: It all looks very unstable and there's a definate possibility that more traps have been laid inside.
Circe: Lead on then, hero.
Next Up: Free Fall
Location: Dragongrasp -> Inspector Doyle -> Free Fall
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Adventure of the Broken Tower
Release Date: August 6th, 2010

Objective: Why are you the one that always ends up running away from a giant wall of snowy danger?
Objective completed: Looks like you're going to be tied up for a while....

Inspector Doyle: There has been heavy snowfall the past few days. Be careful, <Character Name.>

Quest! - Continues into quest
Done - Sends you back to the Inn

Circe: Scraps of paper and an old medal... how will any of this help take Vilmor down?
<Character Name:> It will help to figure out what Vilmor was... and might be thinking.
Circe: And what does that matter? That monster destroyed the entire town and should have been dealt with long before this.
<Character Name:> Don't you want to know why though? These scraps of paper... Vilmor is written on one, initials on another...
<Character Name:> Maybe Vilmor had a partner or... something worse...
Circe: What could be worse?
<Character Name:> The amulet... could it be...
<Character Name:> Circe, there may be another evil at work here. We're going to have to be careful.
<Character Name:> Hmm..
Circe: Yes, defanitely.

Circe glows and with her magic summons a light blue fire to come from her hands and then lets it go at the mountain, and the mountain than begins to shake

<Character Name:> What... was that?

All look up

Circe: Avalanche! Hurry, <Character Name!>

Circe jumps up on the metal platform

Circe: RUN!

As she snarls as you run away, you enter a minigame and no matter if you last or not you regardless get the same dialogue...

You see a shadow approach you while your under the snow next you see yourself tied up by Vilmor...

<Character Name:> Owww....
<Character Name:> Wha... why am I tied up...?

Scene turns to Vilmor

Vilmor: You continue to meddle in things that do not concern you, DragonLord.
<Character Name:> Blowing out the bottom of a floating city, decimating an entire town...
<Character Name:> ...as a hero-type, those things do kinda concern me.
Vilmor: A Hero? Heh. Heroism is fleeting, a conceit. One day you're the hero, the next you're the hunted.
<Character Name:> Knocking over a tower does tend to result in that, yes.

Throws a dagger of ice at you

Vilmor: You are nothing but a petty distraction, "Hero".
Vilmor: Do not force my hand against you. I have my own quest to finish first.
<Character Name:> Quest?
Vilmor: I must find Cryozen...

Closeup on Vilmor while he freezes his hand

Vilmor: ...and Donovan.

Complete Quest
Up Next: Donovan
Location: Dragonsgrasp
Level/Quest/Items required: Completition of Free Fall
Release Date: September 4, 2010

Objective: Sheesh, Vilmor doesn't let Donovan get many shots in... even with imaginary monsters
Objective completed: Uh oh...

<Character Name>: Wait...
<Character Name>: Donovan? Who's Donovan?
Vilmor: I told you. It doesn't concern you.
<Character Name>: I've chased you through falling rubble, fought prisioners that looted the remains of your cell...
<Character Name>: Dug through the ruins of a town in order to find clues about you, and been buried alive by an avalance...
<Character Name>: ...That inexplicably started as soon as I mentioned that someone besides you might be responsible for Bask.
Vilmor: The only one responsible for Bask's destruction is me. I will never be able to fully attone it.
<Character Name>: See... that's just it. Bad guys don't atone for anything.
<Character Name>: Bad guys don't sit in a prison cell when they could explode the bottom out of the city at any time with crazy powders made from dragon scales.
<Character Name>: Bad guys don't tell the the hero stuff "doesn't concern them". Bad guy are actually pretty chatty usually.
Vilmor: My ability to... "chat" doesn't diminish the evil of which I am capable.
<Character Name>: ...
<Character Name>: We're all capable of evil.
Vilmor: Hmph..
Vilmor: ...
Vilmor: Donovan... was a friend.
Vilmor: An orphan adopted by one of the senior DragonLords... he... he did not fit in, just as I did not.
Vilmor: While others were scared of him because he was different, they were scared of me because of the power that I so easily wielded.
Vilmor: In the end, we only had eachother to keep each other company
Vilmor: Heh, partners of crime...

Your armor loads as Young Vilmor and your Guest is Young Donovan. You fight all the monsters and the boss and then come at another cutscene as yourself and Vilmor at the campfire:

Vilmor: Donovan helped me train, helped me realize my true potential.

You see kid Vilmor and kid Donovan at a huge ice dragon:

Vilmor: Woo! Let's train to be GREAT DragonLords!
Donovan: Yeah!
Donovan: ...

Back at the campfire:

Vilmor: Even though Donovan could never be a DragonLord because of his mysterious background, he was one in my eyes.

You see kid Vilmor doing a silver Dragon Amulet to Donovan, then back at the campfire:

Vilmor: As the years wore on, I thought our friendship, our... bond through being different would win out over adversity...
Vilmor: I failed though.
<Character Name>: Failed?
Vilmor: Donovan warned me... tried to warn me about the Bask and the danger the Ice Orb was in.
Vilmor: By the time I arrived though, the corruption must have spread throughout the whole town...
Vilmor: Cryozen sensed the danger and did not want to attack...
Vilmor: I pushed forward though, to own doom. As we approached the tower we were attacked. I could not recover in time and Cryozen...

You see Donovan blasting Cryozen out of the sky:

Vilmor: Cryozen was injured as we crashed into the Bask Tower.
Vilmor: Little remained of it..

You see Donovan dumping the silver Dragon Amulet to the Bask ruins, then he watches Cryozen fly away, then it changes back to the campfire:

Vilmor: I broke my bond of trust with my dragon. I failed to take heed to Donovan's warning... and now... now Cryozen is dying.
<Character Name>: Vilmor... Vilmor, you don't understand... Donovan...
<Character Name>: *thinks* DF... the note... couldn't be a DragonLord... oh no...
<Character Name>: It's Frostscythe, he...

Circe appears:

Circe: Sharing time is over.

Quest Complete!
Next up: The Chase
Location: Dragongrasp -> Inspector Doyle -> The Chase
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Donovan
Release Date: September 10, 2010

Objective: What is Circe's game now?
Objective completed: Frostscythe will have to deal with you himself.

Inspector Doyle: Do not let down your guard. If, as I suspect, there is more to Vilmor's story than we know, that increases the danger.
Inspector Doyle: If Vilmor is truly evil, then your danger is seen... but, I fear that unseen enemies abound.
• Quest!
• Done

Channiru: ...
Doyle: What's wrong, old friend?
Channiru: Cryozen...
Channiru: There is not much time left.
Doyle: We have to hope.
Lestrad: «You» has been gone for far too long. While we wait, Vilmor gathers power.
Lestrad: I will not wait any longer!
Doyle: «You»... «You» has been gone too long.

Circe: Sharing time is over.
«You»: Oh great... time for another avalanche?
Circe: Hmpf, who would have thought you could outrun an entire mountain side.
Vilmor: I do not have time for these games.
Vilmor: *thinking* The powder...
Vilmor: Where did you get that explosive?
Circe: Hahaha, oh this?
Circe: It's made specially from dragon scales.
Circe: Poor thing sheds them awfully fast when you put fire near it.
Vilmor: NO!
«You»: !!!
«You»: Yeesh...
«You»: AAH!
«You»: OMG please stop doing that!
Circe: Aim a little off?
Vilmor: You're mine.
Circe: You have to catch me first.

Circe: Hahaha.

Circe: You're going to need to be a lot quicker than that, dragonlord.

Circe: Hmph...
«You»: Vilmor, wait!
Vilmor: NOOOO!
«You»: Oh no... Cryozen...
Vilmor: The ceiling...!
«You»: !!!

Frostscythe: Circe.
Frostscythe: This is not what I asked for.

Complete Quest
Next Up: Betrayal
Location: Dragonsgrasp -> Inspector Doyle -> Betrayal
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Chase
Release Date: 24th September 2010

Objective: Will you be able to stop Frostscythe now that he's broke Cryozen and absorbed his powers.
Objective completed: The truth about Vilmor, and Frostscythe, is finally known!

Frostscythe: Circe. this is not what I asked for.
Circe: I had to improvise.
Frostscythe: I do not pay for Improvisation.
Circe: I got you Vilmor.
<Frostscythe raises Scythe>
Frostscythe: I didn't ask for Vilmor.
Frostscythe: I told you to break the bond between Vilmor and Cryozen. Now I have to take care of you myself, you fool.
<Circe draws Sword>
Circe: I don't work for free DragonMaster.
Frostscythe: And I don't pay for mistakes.
<Frostscythe fires a attack at Circe>
Frostscythe: Hold your tongue, mercenary. You may still have a chance to earn your keep.
Frostscythe: While you've been failing in your mission, I have succeeded in mine.
Frostscythe: Cryozen is almost broken and I have absorbed much of the Dragon's power.
Circe: ...
<Frostscythe lifts up Vilmor. And her mask falls off>
Frostscythe: The great dragon is almost mine...the power you wielded so easily is almost mine.
<Vilmor's eyes open>
Vilmor: You...were...my friend...
Frostscythe: You were everything I should have been.
<Cryozen starts to attack Frostscythe, who just stands there>
You: Frostscythe...
You: Why...why would you throw everything away? Your friendship...your place in Dragonsgrasp...why?
Frostscythe: THROW EVERYTHING AWAY?! They gave me NOTHING!
Frostscythe: No one trusted me...no Dragon would bond with me because I was Half Elf.
<Frostscythe throws his Helm onto the floor>
Frostscythe: They should have lauded me, revered me!
Frostscythe: I am already in tune with the Plane of Frost due to my ice elf lineage...
Frostscythe: Instead they mocked me! Refused me a Dragon Amulet.
Frostscythe: So if no Dragon would bond with me to help me become a Dragonlord, then I become one's Master.
Frostscythe: Bend the Dragon's will to my own and steal a amulet. Even then you, <Characters Name>, foiled my plans.
Frostscythe: NO MORE! Glaisaurus and his brethern were weak. Now I have Cryozen...
You: Don't you see...it's not because you're a elf. It's you.
You: You would rather enslave a Dragon then even try to bond.
You: Look at what your doing! Cryozen is dying. You're killing him.
Frostscythe: Hahaha..
Frostscythe: He'll live long enough to dispatch you and I'm sure Cryozen's heir will be just as powerful.
<Frostscythe is sitting on Cryozen.>
Frostscythe: I've been waiting a long time for this, <Character's Name>.
<Battle versus Cyrozen>
Frostscythe: Equip your weapons, <Character>
Frostscythe: We finish this now, just you and me
Vilmor: And me
Frostscythe: Circe
Circe: What?
Frostscythe: It’s time you earn your keep, help me with these fools
Circe: Oh, that would require improvision...and you don’t pay for that
Circe: Hahaha... *fades away*
Frostscythe: I don’t need her help. I’ve absorbed the last of Cryozen’s power and now it’s my turn to wield the full power of frost!

Frostscythe: No...NO!
Lestrad, Doyle: I think you’re done
Lestrad, Doyle: Good job <Character>. You’ve managed to capture Vilmor and this half-elf traitor...
Frostscythe: No...
Channeru: Lestrad! Look out!
You: Vilmor!
Vilmor: Thank you, my friend
Lestrad, Doyle: Vilmor, you--
Doyle: Lestrad...she saved us all from that explosion
Lestrad, Doyle: But...but...
Channeru: There is much for <Character> and Vilmor to need to share with us about what happened in Bask and in the cave
Channeru: Now is not the time though
Vilmor: Good-bye, Cryozen
You: Vilmor...the egg!
Vilmor: Cryozen Jr...
Cryozen Jr: *AAAAATCHOOO!!!!*
Doyle: Whoa! Good thing he wasn’t pointed this way!!!
Vilmor: *sniffle* So cute!
Vilmor:: I have to do to earn your trust...and my trust in myself...back
Vilmor: I hope to earn that back in time, but I fight under the banner of DragonLords
Lestrad, Doyle: After everything? We should throw you back in jail!
Vilmor: You think any jail can hold me if I wish to be free?
Doyle: You only know half the story, Lestrad. What happened to Frostscythe, Vilmor? <Character's Name>, what happened in Bask?
Vilmor: Donovan...he escaped to the back of the cave. I don’t know if he made it out
Vilmor: He was behind what happened at Bask though
Channeru: Please...Tell us what happened
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Dragonfable Timeline: Dragonsgrasp
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