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 Dragonfable Timeline: Ravenloss, FD13th War, Completion of Darkness Orb

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Ravenloss, FD13th War, Completion of Darkness Orb   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:45 pm

Raven finds a secret passage upon her return to Falconreach…
Other name: Highway

Location: Falconreach-> Town Hall->Bookshelf->Damien's Draft, Tomix
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 8th, 2008

Objective: After investigating the draft under the bookcase in the Town Hall, you discover the Chaos Weavers attempting to build under Falconreach again.
Objective completed: You've recovered a set of construction plans from the Chaos Weavers, delaying the project that much longer.

Damien: Now who put that there?

<Character Name>: You! I thought we defeated you Chaos Weavers ages ago. Have you decided to come back for another beating?
Chaos Weaver: We've been delayed long enough. You will not stop the construction of the underground highway any longer. Falconreach must be destroyed.
<Character Name>: Underground highway? What are you talking about?
Chaos Weaver: The plans have been on display for months now.
<Character Name>: For months? Down here?
Chaos Weaver: Yes
<Character Name>: Behind legions of spider men and undertogs... ?
Chaos Weaver: ...and guarded by a feroicious unicougar. What's your point? They've been on display.
<Character Name>: Nevermind. I'm taking them, you're not going to destroy Falconreach on my watch.
Next Up: Dusk Alley
Location: Ravenloss -> Quests -> Dusk Alley
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Damien's Draft
Release Date: January 8th, 2010

Objective: Tomix is a SoulWeaver with a mission. He needs to find Greed and destroy him. Can you search the town of Ravenloss with him and help him right the wrong he committed long ago?
Objective completed: You didn't find Greed, but you know where he is now!

Tomix: <Character Name,> we must begin without delay! Greed is out there, and so are the keys to the Equilibrium Gate!
Tomix: We need to find Greed AND gather the keys to get inside that gate. Both tasks are equally important!
Tomix: I've learned from the runes on the gate that the first key is located in a place called "Dusk Alley".
Tomix: Have you seen any place that looks like that around here?
<Character Name>: There IS a dusty old alley over in the East part of town. We should check that out.
<Character Name>: Does it say WHERE in dusk alley the key is?
Tomix: It says "Look for the Cloud in the Sky". Its the Cloud key. We'll find it.
Tomix joins your party
Tomix: We HAVE to find it. Let's go, <Character Name!> We've got to find those keys and Greed!


Tomix: The alley is in this direction.

If you go down
<Character Name>: Are you alright? Do you need help?
Lost Soul: Hssss! Get out! GET OUT!
Lost Soul: My alley! Mine! You don't belong!
<Character Name>: Al... alright. I'll just... leave you... alone.
Continue fighting through the alley

<Character Name>: It's a dead end...
Bags start to move
Tomix: He is here...
Tomix: HALT!
Summons spikes to trap a Greedling to the wall
<Character Name>: Greedling! You were one of the ones hiding around Falconreach, weren't you?
Greedling: *shiver* ... *nod*
Tomix: What are you doing here? Where is your master? Speak!
Greedling starts to shake
<Character Name>: I don't think it knows how to speak, Tomix.
*Tomix with a force of his hand turns the Greedling bright purple then lets go*
Greedling: ... *squeak!*
Greedling: I... left behind. Master is... is...
Greedling: Noooo... Not tell! Can't tell!
<Character Name>: Come on, little Greedling. Tomix here won't hurt you.
Greedling: ... *meep*
Greedling: ... Pellow village. *cringe*
<Character Name>: Where is that? Is that near here?
Tomix: That name...
Tomix: I've seen it on the Equilibrium Gate, in the runes near the top.
<Character Name>: Oh! That must be the place behind the gate then. Is that it, little Greedling?
Greedling: *nodnodnod*
Tomix: What does Greed want in there, though? Do YOU know?
Tomix forces another bright purple enchantment on the Greedling
Greedling: ...*meep*...
<Character Name>: Easy Tomix. Easy. Look how scared he is.
Tomix lets go of the spell
Greedling: Master... wants... Judgment Wheel!
Greedling: He wants to be... *awed* Human! He will be immortal Human, he say. But... but other ones want it... too.
<Character Name>: The other corrupt Elemental Spirits?
Greedling: *nodnodnod*
Greedling: He say he... has to get it... first. No see him... anywhere. Must be behind GATE! Must get to Master!
Starts to shake in frustration
Greedling: Letmego letmego letmego! Plsplspls gotta go gotta go!
<Character Name>: Awww. Let it go, Tomix. It can't do any more damage without Greed.
Chains break off and Greedling runs free

Tomix: I've GOT to get behind that gate.
Tomix: If Greed is in there NOW, he has plenty of time to search for the Judgment Wheel! He must NOT succeed!
<Character Name>: WE have got to get behind that Gate. You can't take this on alone.
Tomix: You're right, <Character Name,> I need you.
<Character Name>: What if he DOES succeed?
Tomix: At his current power level, Greed can corrupt an entire town.
Tomix: If he achieves his goal, if he becomes an immortal human...
Tomix: He will turn all of Lore against each other.
Tomix: Wars will avarice and greed will cripple societies. There will be no place in our world for Kindness or Love. Or anything good.
<Character Name>: We just won't fail then. We CAN'T fail. It's as simple as that.
Tomix holds up the first key

Complete Quest
Next Up: Weaving Emporium
Location: Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Quests -> Weaving
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dusk Alley
Release Date: January 29, 2010

Objective: Tomix is hunting for the second key to the Equilibrium Gate in the Weaving Emporium. But who is this? Meet Riadne!
Objective completed: Wait, isn't Greed inside the Gate already?!

Tomix: Character>! It’s good you’re back. I’ve just decoded information about the next key, the Flax key
Tomix: I’m not surprised to find one there, either. It’s in a Weaving Emporium, it’s what the runes call it
<You>: Oh, good. I don’t suppose piles of satin and wool will attack us
<You>: But finding one key in a whole building full of fabric and weaving instruments…I can feel the danger LOOMing in the horizon!
Tomix: *glare* Not THAT kind of Weaving
<You>: Oh, cheer up, Tomix. We’ll find your key! And probably trouble, too

<You>: Who are you? What are you doing here?
Tomix: Don’t you know it’s dangerous here? There are ChaosWeavers everywhere. You will get hurt!
Riadne: I can take care of myself, thank to very much! I've been studying the ChaosWeavers for a while now.
Riadne: Before you go accusing me of being where I shouldn't, you could ASK me what I know.
Riadne: That would show you I know how to take care of myself!
Riadne: A <Class Title> like <Character Name> traveling with you... <Character Name> I've heard of. Everyone has.
Riadne: If he is with you... you're doing something important. I can tell.
Riadne: I have skills, I could help!
Tomix: Thanks, miss…
Riadne: Riadne. My name is Riadne, Arachnomancer Adept. And you are?
Tomix: I am Tomix, a SoulWeaver on a mission
<You>: What he means to say is he’s Trouble. But since he’s got that stylish goatee, women seem to forget all about the danger
Riadne: Mmm hmm. I can't say I blame them.
Tomix: <Character Name>…*growl*
<You>: *cough*
Tomix: I would be… very grateful if you could tell me what you know of the ChaosWeavers, Riadne
Riadne: Of course. Since you're a SoulWeaver, I'm sure you know some of this. But I'll tell you what I've learned.
"ChaosWeavers are a faction of SoulWeavers, but they split off from them a long, long time ago.
They are skilled in mystical arts and are VERY power-hungry.
Just listening to them talk, it makes me shudder to hear what they do to people who cross them.
They are evil. All good drained out of them with the strange mind-sickness which changed them into the half-human, half-spider they are now.
They follow their own desires. They weave with wicked Elemental Spirits, not like SoulWeavers
The strange Weaving incident which changed them, I don't know much about. I need to study them more.”

<You>: You’ve learned so much! I have no idea the ChaosWeavers…
Tomix: Were like that. Neither did I. So much information about them is restricted to the highest levels of SoulWeavers
Tomix: Thank you, Riadne. You HAVE helped us a good deal
Riadne: It was my pleasure, Tomix. Anything I learn, I will be happy to share with you
Tomix: She does have skills. And her beauty goes with her feisty personality. And she’s brave. Watching the ChaosWeavers on her own like that…
Tomix: I hate to leave her to explore on her own, but she’s right. She can take care of herself. I hope we see her again
<You>: Tomix? Tomix! Come on, we’ve got to go. Riadne’s going to keep watching and learning. WE have got to find that key

Tomix: Thank goodness! We have found it
Greed: Ooooh, yes. I like her
Greed: So innocent. So…PURE
Greed: She will be mine!
Next Up: Market District
Location: Falconreach -> Ravenloss -> Market
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Weaving Emporium
Release Date: March 5, 2010

Objective: Grocery list: Pick up Boveox Milk, Sneevil Snax, Ember Key. See if the new Heroes Weekly is out yet!
Objective completed: No new Heroes Weekly or Sneevil Snax at the Market, but you found the Ember Key! And learned more about Tomix!

Tomix: We’re headed to the Market District this time, <Character>. I’m almost certain that’s where the Ember Key is hidden
<You>: Oh, good. I needed to pick up some groceries anyways

Greed: Howwwwww can I get into that Gate?! It’s locked. Locked, locked, locked!
Greed: I suppose I WILL need to wait on that errant SoulWeaver and that, that meddling <Class Title> to do my work for me
Greed: Hsssss. They can’t see me, oh no no no. That would ruin everything
Greed: I just need to wait until they get all the keys in the Gate, and then rush in ahead of them
Greed: But…perhaps they aren’t my ONLY option. There are all those lovely ChaosWeavers
Greed: So dark, so hungry for conquest. Beautifully greedy monsters. Yeeeeees, I should see what use they can be to me
Greed: …

Tomix: Aspar!
Aspar: It is good to see you, my friend. Very good indeed. I have been worried. And I found this… key. I thought you might want it
Tomix: Awww, you know I can take care of myself, Aspar. I’ve come this far without help
Tomix: Well, with not a LOT of help. Thanks for finding that key
Tomix: And now I even have <Character>! What could go wrong?
<You>: Tomix?…Who is this?
Tomix: Who is this? This is ASPAR! He saved my life. He is the Elemental Spirit of Kindness
Tomix: And he is my closest friend, my SoulAlly. Without him, I would be lost. Nothing
<You>: Then it is a pleasure to meet you, Aspar
Aspar: I am sure we will grow to be close friends, as well
<You>: So, how did you and Tomix meet?
Aspar: That’s a, well, I wouldn’t call it a FUNNY story, exactly
Tomix: It is a FOOLISH story
<You>: Ooh, storytime! Anyone have popcorn? I could use a snack while I listen
Tomix: It was at Edelia, the school of SoulWeaving. And I had accepted a very stupid challenge
Aspar: From a boy who wanted only to harm you
Aspar: But he is buried in obscurity now, and no one will remember his name. He is dead to history, while you…
Aspar: You will be remembered. He may have issued the challenge which cost you so much, but ultimately, you won. And I am with you
Tomix: I accepted a challenge to weave a coat using the Headmaster’s SpiritLooms. He had trapped seven Corrupted Elemental Spirits in them
Aspar: I heard rumors of the fight, and was drawn to them. I had been watching you grow for a long time
Tomix: You had?
Aspar: You were- ARE- destined to be great. I am attracted to greatness, drawn to it
<You>: So what happened with the challenge?!
Aspar: He used a forbidden incantation, and it consumed him
Aspar: His face turned pale, and his hair changed from a deep crimson to the silver you see now. And his eyes…they WERE blue. Now, they are not
Tomix: The spirits I tried to weave were stealing the life energy from me. But Aspar saved me
Aspar: I will always try to be there to save you, Tomix. I will be around here, nearby if you need me
Next Up: Silkwood Park
Other names: Friday the 13th WAR, Zard Invasion
Location: Falconreach -> Friday the 13th WAR, Falconreach OR -> Moonridge -> Resident Sneevil Mogloween -> Chapter 5 -> Irwin Dundee -> Zard Invasion
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 13th, 2010

Objective: They're everywhere!
Objective completed: Where are all of these zards coming from?

Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! Crikey! The woods near Moonridge have been invaded by the fierce and elusive Zard! They've never been seen this far north before!

Irwin Dundee: Zardhunter 'ere! Wildlife expert and trapper whiz, visiting from the south! I've never seen anythin' like this zard outbreak!

What Are Zards?
Irwin Dundee: Zards are an ancient species that can be found in the wilds far south of 'ere.
Irwin Dundee: There are twenty-three known species of zards, seventeen of which are exceedingly rare.
Irwin Dundee: I've never seen anythin' like what we have 'ere though! It's a zard explosion! Never 'ave I seen such a rapid invasion!
Irwin Dundee: While there are several known types of Zards among those attacking, there also seems to be a new type of proto-zard among them!

Different Kinds?
Irwin Dundee: Aye! It's very strange to see so many types in one place.
Irwin Dundee: The bulk 'ere seem to be your basic frogzard. A reptilian monster with a basic nature attack, they're fascinated by small, dark places.
Irwin Dundee: We also seem to have a good number of crimson zards, which are very aggressive and attack with fire!
Irwin Dundee: Hyper Zards have been spotted. These beauties have very powerful leg muscles, run faster than a speedin' horse and attack with wind power!
Irwin Dundee: We also have Tasters. These water-based zards are incredibly agile and incredibly dangerous!
Irwin Dundee: In addition to these, there's a whole new type of zard! It appears to be a proto-zard, which means it might be a missing link in zard evolution!
Irwin Dundee: 'Ey, maybe we can call 'em <<You>>-zards if ya catch me one?

What Should I Do?
Irwin Dundee: Well, mate, this many zards entering the ecosystem so rapidly is not good.
Irwin Dundee: Combined with the fact that all these zards are incredibly aggressive... well, we need to clear them out before they overtake us all!

How Did They Get Here?
Irwin Dundee: No idea, mate! All of the sudden we were surrounded! The woods are fulla these little fellas!
Irwin Dundee: As I understand it, waves of dangerous foes are nothin' new to the guards 'ere, but they're used to 'em bein' undead.

What About The Undead?
Irwin Dundee: The Moonridge Knights have those covered, though they don't have the resources to deal with this zard invasion too!
Irwin Dundee: If you want to help with the undead, just head over to the DragonFang Inn and you can report to Viamat there for the normal patrol.

Heal - Fully heals you

Southern Cuisine

Irwin Dundee: Oh boy! Ya'll have been doin' great at taken out those zards. It's give me a chance to do some good ol' southern cookin'!

Zard Tartare
Irwin Dundee: Zard Tartare is finely chopped zard meat. It's said to make ya very fierce just like the zard it came from and increase your damage!

Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal

Fried Zard Legs
Irwin Dundee: Fried Zard Legs are delicious and fillin'! These'll boost your crit in battle!

Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal

Zard Burgers
Irwin Dundee: Zard Burgers are good for those of ya that like to remain wary! These'll increase your defenses.

Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal

Irwin Dundee: Zardcakes are a great dish for those who want to roll the dice! They'll increase your Luck!

Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal

Irwin Dundee: These Zard-Kebobs are great for those of ya that want a little extra accuracy. The skewers are said to be deadly!

Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal

Leave - Allows you to go back to the camp site and look around

While seeing the cutscene on the joke wave....

Frogzard 1: *Growl*
<Character Name:> Pff.. This wave is a joke!
Frogzard 1: ???

Leans back and barks loud....


More zards appear

<Character Name:> Aww...
Frogzard 2: ???
Frogzard 3: !!!

You see a zard with a box on its head as it rams into the other zards unaware of its fellow comrades...

<Character Name:> ...
<Character Name:> Right. Because this Friday the 13th wasn't weird enough...
<Character Name:> Ok, here he comes...
Boxzar: *muffled roar*

The zard quickly runs into a falls flat on his stomach

<Character Name:> ...
<Character Name:> Hey, you ok lil' guy?
Boxzar: zZzzz
<Character Name:> Uh... I'm just gonna leave.

You run away and claim your reward.

Boss Fight: The Yaw
Location: Falconreach > Friday XIII War > Boss Fight
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Friday XIII Aug2010 War
Release Date: August 20, 2010

Objective: A super-strong snake! Will you be able to get out of this tight squeeze?
Objective completed: You've defeated the Yaw! Where the heck did this monster come from though? The same place as the Zards?

Irwin Dundee: ‘Oy…<Character>…somethin’…somethin’ different is attackin’ now. I don’t even know what to call it!

Irwin Dundee: It’s a...a...a huuuuuuge snake! It just came outta nowhere!
Irwin Dundee: Be really careful, <Character>, whatever is making the Zards super aggressive is doin’ the same to this snake...
Irwin Dundee: Ya gotta take it down, <Character>. This Yaw needs to be stopped!

Irwin Dundee: Stop the Yaw, <Character>!
Location: Falconreach > Ravenloss > Silkwood Park
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Market District
Release Date: April 23, 2010

Objective: You can tell this isnt going to be just a walk in the park...
Objective completed: Riadne is pretty useful. And cute!

<You>: Hello, Tomix! I have a good feeling about today. Let's go! You can tell me what key we're searching for on the way!

<You>: Tomix! Have you decoded any more of the runes yet?
<You>: Where do we go next?
Tomix: I have, and we're headed to Silkwood Park.
Tomix: We are hunting for the Shell Key!
Tomix: And I'm- I'm glad you meet Aspar. You can see why I depend on him.
<You>: *nod* He seems to be a... very good... friend. Now lets go get that key!

Soldier: Come. It is about to begin!
Greed: And if you join forces with me, together we will rise in power!
Greed: And I won't have to worry if Tomix and <You> can't find all the keys...
Greed: Once I get the Judgement Wheel, if you side with me, I will catapult you up into the overland!
Greed: You will be able to run rampant through Falconreach once more.
Greed: In fact, you'll be SO powerful, you can take over ALL the cities of Lore!
Greed: They can think that... for now. But Lore will be MINE!
Greed: You just need to help me NOW, so that I can help you!
Greed: Once you take over, Chaos will reign! Just picture it, the very fabric of society tearing to shreds as you unravel it...
Greed: Strand by strand...
Chaosweavers: *cheer*

<You>: Alright, Tomix. Silkwood Park.
<You>: The key has to be here somewhere!

<You>: Tomix.
<You>: I think I found the key..
Tomix: Excellent.
Riadne: Tomix?
Tomix: Riadne!
Riadne: Tomix! I--
Tomix: I was-
Riadne: Worried about you!
Riadne: I followed the Chaosweavers here. It seems I just missed overhearing a big meeting.
Riadne: Keep watching them. I know you can find out more. We almost didn't see you, you were so well-hidden.
<You>: Be careful, though! We've seen a new creature appear in Ravenloss these last few days. I think-
<You>: ...Based on what you've observed and what I am learning from watching Tomix watch them...
Tomix: I have an idea. I will tell you both more when we meet Riadne again, when I am more sure. And we WILL meet again.
<You>: I'm sure of THAT. You keep looking around for her almost as much as you watch my back!
Riadne: I'll be careful, if you will, Tomix.
Riadne: ...And <You> too, of course.
<You>: Of course. *chuckle*
Next Up: Mystlyk Museum
Location: Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Quests -> Museum
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Silkwood Park
Release Date: 21 May 2010

Objective: A strange, quiet building full of old relics from the time of the human Chaosweavers! Be sure to gather up anything laying around, it might be useful later on in the quest!
Objective completed: You've GOT to get Riadne back! She's got the Key!

Tomix: <Your Character>, it's the Bolt Key
<Your Character>: Wait, you've found it already? Without my help?
Tomix: Oh, no no. But I know where it is. We must venture into a Museum.
Tomix: Mystlyk Museum.
<Your Character>: Chaosweavers HAVE museums? I never really figured them for the cultural type.
<Your Character>: I wonder if it's from the time before. When they were fully human.
Tomix: I am not sure. But I DO know we have to find that key! Let's go!

Button: QUEST!

On trying to go right: You hear voices coming from the other direction. Better check it out!

Text on omniscient statue: A statue of Sk'aar, the deity of Nightmares in the Chaosweaver pantheon.
Text on rock exhibit: An ancient red rock, forgotten by time.
Text on dragon skull shaped exhibit: A__i_nt Dra__n_id, most of the text is damaged
Text on obelisk: Carved into this obelisk are ancient runes which read "Your triumph will be your demise. Beware!"
Text on cuboid: Pandora's Cube

Tomix: Riadne! And... Izaac? Is that you?!
Riadne: Tomix! It is GOOD to see you again!
Izaac: Tomix my old friend! Meet my new friend, Riadne! But... who is that with you?
Izaac: That's not <Your Character>, is it? Could it be?
Tomix: That it is, my <Your Class> friend. He is helping me hunt for Greed here in Ravenloss.
<Your Character>: It is good to meet you, Izaac! Did you know Tomix from his school?
Izaac: Yes, yes, we were very good friends there!
Riadne: You must have some fun stories about Tomix as a young man!
<Your Character>: I BET he does. It sounds like you got into a bit of trouble when you were younger, Tomix.
Tomix: Anyways...
Tomix: We're seaching for a key. Metallic, yellow, some spikes on the end. You know, like what you'd THINK a Bolt Key looks like...
Tomix: But what are you two doing here?
Izaac: You know I've always wanted to study archeology instead of soulweaving.
Izaac: I'm here on an exploratory mission from Headmaster of Edelia.
Izaac: There is so much just in this one building to study!
Riadne: And I am continuing to watch Chaosweavers. I saw Izaac here skulking about the building and followed him in.
Riadne: As for the Chaosweavers, I hope to have more information for you the next time we meet.
Riadne: And it's good you're here, so I can tell you that I've seen more those... those things.
<Your Character>: They have a look about them... they just FEEL like they are Chaosweavers, wouldn't you say?
Riadne: Or parts of them, at least. But they can't be, can th-
Izaac: What was THAT?!
<Your Character>: Riadne, Izaac, you two stay here. Tomix and I need to make sure the building is secure.
Tomix: We will be back soon. Stay safe!

Text on panorama: Panorama of Vaal, Ravenloss' hero, leaving his wife in Pellow Village to go to work.

Text on display in the room with horn 2: A prized copy of the Judgement Wheel concept schematics.

Izaac: I'm going to go check over here, make sure there's no way for them to get in.
Riadne: Is this...?
Greed: Aaaah, my ssssweeet, there you are!
Greed: You will come withhhh me!
Riadne: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Tomix! Help! <Your Character>, please!
Izaac: Riadne?
Izaac: Riadne?!opens the Roktoru Gem Shop if you have collect Horns 1, 2, and 3:

<Your Character>: It looks like we've killed everything, Tomix.
Tomix: Yes, I think so. But we've got to make sure the others are still safe! Hurry!
<Your Character>: I remember how to get back. This way!
<Your Character>: Izaac!
Tomix: You're safe! Thank goodness. But- but where is-
Izaac: I don't KNOW! I- I heard screams and I ran back. I'd been in another room, making sure they couldn't get in. Barricading the door.
Izaac: And I heard the screams. And then I made my way back and she was GONE!
Izaac: *sob*
Tomix: We've GOT to rescue her, <Your Character>! Let's go!
<Your Character>: But Tomix, the key. We still don't have the key!
<Your Character>: I didn't see any sign of it, and we've been through the whole museum.
Tomix: I... I suppose I could have misread the runes on the Gate.
<Your Character>: Come, let's go. I'll plan a way for us to rescue Riadne while you study the runes. We'll find the Key AND your girlfr-
Tomix: ...
<Your Character>: Our friend. Come, Izaac, we can't leave you here alone.
<Your Character>: They could come back.

Button: Complete Quest
Next Up: Dark Tower Penitentiary
Location: Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> A Dark Letter
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Noxus Fumes
Release Date: November 12, 2010

Objective: Vayle receives a proposition from an un-named letter writer who wants to use her power in return for letting her use his to get back at you for killing her brother!
Objective completed: Next step: To Vayle and 's hideout!

Artix: <<You>>, I am very worried about Vayle. After everything she has been through... Find her, and see what you can do to help her!
• Quest!
• Done

Vayle is in a room, surrounded by Skeletons. She reads a letter, which is shown below:

<<You>>: Tomix! You are busy, I know. You are always busy! But...
<<You>>: I need your help. Time grows short, and the evil I fight against is moving forward quickly.
<<You>>: I can FEEL it in the air!
<<You>>: If I am going to stand against Sepulchure and thwart his nefarious plans-
Tomix: What plans are those?
<<You>>: He is attempting to gather all of the Elemental Orbs.
<<You>>: We are racing against each other, each trying to find the Orbs before the other.
Tomix: I see. That is indeed a necessary quest! I thank you for spending so much time helping me.
Tomix: We are both on incredibly important missions.
<<You>>: I knew you would understand! So you will help me?
<<You>>: Right now, neither Sepulchure nor I control the Darkness Orb. It isn't even an ORB right now!
<<You>>: It is fused to the soul of a woman I know.
Tomix: Fused to the SOUL? You have my attention, <<Class>>. Continue.
<<You>>: Yes, her name is Vayle. And I think...
<<You>>: I think she is not quite a friend, but also not quite an enemy.
<<You>>: I would welcome your help in tracking her down and talking to her.
Tomix: Yes, I can understand why you would want aid finding someone like that.
Tomix: Soul-fusions... they are highly dangerous and not well-understood.
Tomix: I will do what I can to help you find her. And possibly, if all goes well, more.
Tomix: Do you know where to begin looking?
<<You>>: I have some idea where to start. It will give us a clue, hopefully.

Quest is complete when the diary is found.

Complete Quest!
Next Up: Memory-Demons
Location: Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> Memory-Demons
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Dark Letter
Release Date: December 3, 2010

Objective: Vayle cannot forget the past, but she will have to in order to have a brighter future. Help her see the light!
Objective completed: The Darkness Orb is yours! And now Vayle has a chance to be truly happy in the future.

Artix: You are right, <<You>>. I too would start searching in Amityvale. Help Vayle! She deserves happiness.
• Quest!
• Done

Vayle: YOU! What are YOU doing here?
Vayle: You don't belong here! Get out! Haven't you done enough?
<<You>>: Vayle, Vayle, please!
<<You>>: I just need to talk to you. I won't hurt you!
<<You>>: I never intended to hurt you before, either!
Vayle: Well, you DID! You took my brother - my life, my only remaining family member - away from me!
Vayle: And nothing you or I can do will bring him BACK!
Vayle: I will NEVER forgive you!
Vayle: So just GET. OUT.
<<You>>: ...
<<You>>: Vayle... you never wanted your brother to exist in pain, did you?
Vayle: Wh-what?
<<You>>: His soul was screaming, twisted and racked by being kept imprisoned.
<<You>>: You couldn't have wanted that for him. I know you couldn't have.
Vayle: I...
Vayle: But you TOOK HIM from me!
<<You>>: And you will reunite with him again!
<<You>>: He is no longer in pain, I know you can see that.
<<You>>: You will rejoin him one day, WITHOUT the use of dark necromancy!
Vayle: But...
Vayle: Well...
Vayle: You DID help me destroy Noxus.
Vayle: All of my anger over my brother aside, I must admit that.
Vayle: He TRICKED me! He LIED to me!
Vayle: I owe you a debt for bringing him down.
<<You>>: You don't owe me anything!
Vayle: Then let me give you some information for free, <<You>>.
Vayle: I received a letter the other day. It spoke about... the Darkness Orb.
<<You>>: ... And what did it say?
Tomix: Isn't this what you were -
<<You>>: Yes! This is it! This is what we're here for!
Vayle: He knows about me. What I am. And he wants to USE me in return for letting me use him to get back at you.
Vayle: I won't lie, the offer was tempting. But you're only trying to help me.
Vayle: I can see that now.
Tomix: ...
<<You>>: I - yes, but - Vayle, I have... something to tell you.
<<You>>: I, too, need the Darkness Orb.
<<You>>: I'm battling HIM in a race against time and each other.
<<You>>: And you are one of the keys to the battle as long as you control the power of the Orb.
<<You>>: I NEED that Orb! And so does he.
Vayle: *SCREAM* (*facepalm*)
Vayle: Isn't there ANYONE who DOESN'T want to USE ME?!
Vayle: Does no one care what I want? Doesn't anyone care about ME?
Vayle: *(Quietly)* <<You>>, all my life I have been used, one way or another.
Vayle: Everyone wants something from me. Even YOU.
Vayle: I thought that had ended when Noxus was slain.
Vayle: I am not going to submit to anyone, and I'll start with YOU!

<<You>>: Vayle, YOU are not the Darkness Orb. I don't want to hurt YOU, or use YOU.
<<You>>: I just need the power of the Orb.
Vayle: (weakly) They are the same thing!
Tomix: *cough* There is... maybe... a way for you to live without the shadow of the Darkness Orb hanging over you.
<<You>>: You don't mean - CAN you? Would you?
Tomix: If that is what she desires, yes.
Vayle: What? What are you talking about?
Tomix: Miss, I can SEE souls. I can weave with them.
<<You>>: Tomix! If you can WEAVE with souls... can you also UNRAVEL what is woven into them?
Tomix: Exactly. You are pretty smart for a <<Class>>.
Vayle: Will someone tell me what is going on?!
Tomix: I can separate your soul from the Darkness Orb.
<<You>>: You no longer have to be linked to it, Vayle!
Vayle: Oh, oh my.
Vayle: ...
Vayle: ... Never used, abused? Never hunted again for something I didn't realize I shouldn't want?
Tomix: If you agree -
Vayle: Oh YES! Please, do what you need to.
<<You>>: I'd put this in my backpack, but I might not find it again among all of the weapons and items.
Tomix: Maybe you should put it in the bank.
<<You>>: I bet Mayor Rayf's light-fingered approach would just LOVE this investment!
Vayle: I feel... different. Not as strong. Shouldn't I feel a hole inside?
Tomix: No. You are still as you were. I removed... a... a..
<<You>>: A tumor, sitting inside you, an alien presence in your body.
<<You>>: It will do so no more.
Tomix: What will you do now, Miss?
Vayle: I... I think...
Vayle: I think I will go back to the Necropolis. Open up a school there again.
Vayle: But this time, one for GOOD necromancy. One for HELPING the dead, instead of enslaving them.
Vayle: No more will I teach what Noxus taught me.

<<You>>: Vayle? What will you do about the letter you received?
<<You>>: How will you answer it?
Vayle: I never really intended to accept the offer, as tempting as it was at the time.
Vayle: And now... Its writer can just do WITHOUT the Darkness Orb!
Vayle: But you might want to be careful, <<You>>. If HE learns I am no longer attached to the Orb...
Vayle: He will come seeking it. And if he finds it, he'll find YOU!

Complete Quest!
After securing the Orb of Darkness, Raven travels to Moonridge in search of Irwin and Aria
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Dragonfable Timeline: Ravenloss, FD13th War, Completion of Darkness Orb
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