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 Dragonfable Timeline: Ravenloss Completion

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Ravenloss Completion   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:59 pm

Location: Falconreach > Ravenloss > Dark Tower Penitentiary
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Mystlyk Museum
Release Date: September 17, 2010

Objective: Prisons are not the friendliest places at the BEST of times. A prison in Raveloss? REALLY unfriendly! I hope you can find a way out!
Objective completed: There's a way out! Thank goodness. It would have been horrible to be TRAPPED there! But... where's Riadne?


Tomix: <You>, thank goodness you're back!
<You>: I'm sorry I've been away, I've been taking care of things up top. What's shaking?
Tomix: ... Nothing's shaking. We might be underground, but Ravenloss is a very stable city.
<You>: Nevermind. Have you found more clues about the Bolt Key?
Tomix: I'm afraid that I haven't yet come to a decision about where the Bolt Key could be.
Tomix: And we can't afford to delay our search for the rest of the keys any longer.
<You>: We'll just have to hope we find the Bolt Key while we're looking for the others.
Tomix: Exactly. I DID translate the runes relate to the Icicle Key, though!
<You>: Good news! We'll find that AND Riadne, then we'll find the Bolt Key. Then we'll find the others. Then we'll get in the gate!

Tomix: The Icicle Key is in here!
<You>: You know, i bet there's a good chance Riadne's in here, too.
<You>: This town belongs to the ChaosWeavers now. I'm sure they're the ones who kidnapped her.
<You>: What better place to keep a prisoner-
Tomix: Than the prison! <You>, you're brilliant!
<You>: Well, maybe not BRILLIANT, but I do come up with good ideas from time to time. Like the time l-
Tomix: <Your class> ?
<You>: I AM a <Your class>. A very GOOD one. I have many ways to get through that door.
<You>: Why, let me just flex for a few moments and then I'll show you just how-
Tomix: No time for that! Stand back!
Tomix: After you, my friend.
<You>: You just want me to draw the attention of any lurking monster, don't you?
Tomix: Yes.
<You>: I can do that!
<You>: Chaaaaaaarge!


<You>: That didn't sound good. Was that...?
Tomix: The door...
Tomix: It's locked...


<You>: I think you just locked it MORE.
Tomix: We'll have to find another way out.
<You>: But first, lets take care of finding the key and Riadne!
Tomix: I hope she's not hurt or scared!

<You>: We've been through the whole prison, and we haven't found the Key OR Riadne! This is the last place to look!
Tomix: The Key has to be here, even if Riadne isn't. The runes on the Equilibrium Gate were very specific!
<You>: Not TOO specific, or they would have told us WHERE in the Prison to find the Key.
Tomix: <You>:...
<You>: I know, I know. Stop with the use of stunningly accurate and relevant logical observations, because you don't have a witty quip or ready
Tomix: Thank you.
<You>: Just one more thing. This food... I wonder how long it's BEEN here? The flies are everywhere!
<You>: Hey! I think I found-
Tomix: The Key?
<You>: And our way out of here!

Greed: Hello, my dear Riadne. It isss good to sssee you; you are looking sssso well, now that you are mine!
Greed: My pretty, pretty preciousss!
Greed: But you have not been a very good girl, no no no. My friend are very ANGRY with you!
Greed: But don't worry, I will protect you! Becausssse you are mine!
Greed: They just want to have a few wordssss with you...
Chaosweaver: Djyou haf been sssshpyingk on ussssh!
Chaosweaver: Djyou vatch ussssh! Djyou tells on ussssh to zhe *scoff* Sssshoulweaver!
Chaosweaver: *Hissssssss*
Chaosweaver: *Screech*
Chaosweaver: *RAGE*
Chaosweaver: Tells ussssh vhat djyou haf sssshaid to him!
Riadne: Never!
Chaosweaver: Djyou VILL talkssssh!
Next Up: Stronger Than You Know

Other name: Prisoner
Location: Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Quests -> Prisoner
Level/Quest/Items required: Competition of Dark Tower Penitenty
Release Date: 1st October 2010

Objective: While Tomix continues decoding the runes on the Equilibrium gate, the Chaosweavers and Greed are not sitting still.
Objective completed: Where is Greed going? And what will happen to Riadne?


Tomix: I know you need to take your time decoding the runes on the gate, but I can't help but wonder what Greed is getting up to while we sit here.

Chaosweaver: Ve vill punissssh djyou, leetle one! Very good punissshment, for very BAD lettel ssshpy.
Riadne: (In thought) Tomix and <Characters Name> don't know where I am. I'll have to try to get MYSELF out.
Riadne: (In thought) Let them think they've broken me. Then, when they let their guards down, I'll break free!
Chaosweaver: Yesssssh, punissssh!
Chaosweaver: Ourssssh to punissssh!
Riadne: (In thought) TOMIX!

High Priest: Djyou VILL gif her to ussssh! Ssshe vill be oursssh for punisssshment az payment!
Greed: Asss payment for what?
High Priest: For helping djyou risssse, for helping djyou in djyour lettle sssshcheme!
Greed: Sssshe is MINE. Not yourssss!
Greed: You will help me becausssse you will gain domination over the AboveGround!
Greed: That issss what we AGREED!

Riadne: AAAAAAH!

Greed: NO! You will SSSSTOP!
High Priest: Djyou would COMMAND usssssh.
High Priest: Before, djyou ASSSSHKED. Djyou OFFERED honeyed promissshez.
High Priest: Djyou are NOT ze Chaossshweaver Massshter!
Greed: I AM-
High Priest: Djyou go TOO FAR!
High Priest: Yessssh. OURSSSSH.
Next Up: Greedling Games
Other names: Greedling
Location: Falconreach > Ravenloss > Greedling
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Stronger Than You Know
Release Date: 29th October 2010

Objective: It's up to YOU, as the greedling, to convince Greed that you are smart enough to help him in his plot against Tomix and the Chaosweavers.
Objective completed: You are the cutest little Greedling EVER!

You: You know what I wonder? Whatever happened to that cute little greedling. He was adorable, even if he was working for greed.

Greed: Interesssssssssting.
Greedling: *SQUEAL*
Greedling: MASTER?
Greedling: Master my Master my Master you're HERE!
Greed: Yesssss, little one. I am here.
Greed: Thossssssssssse Chaossssweaverssss thought they could contain me, but my magic is too sssstrong.
Greed: Sssssstronger than theirssssssss!
Greedling: Yes yes yes Master so strong.
Greedling: Greedling could not find master! Thought Master had gone inside!
Greedling: Then Greedling heard masters call and greedling came fasterfasterfaster.
Greed: Little One, you will alwaysssss do asssss I sssssay, yessss?
Greedling: Yesyesyes Master! Greedling lives to serve. Pls let greedling help!
Greed: You have met my interloperssss? <Character Class> and... Tomixssss?
Greedling: *nodnodnod*
Greed: You could recognize them again if need be?
Greedling: yesyesyes, Greedling can!
Greed: Then let ussss tessssst your tiny little memory. If you can remember allll, then I will tellll you all of my plansssssss.


Greed: *Hissssssss* You are not allowed to QUIT! You are MINE!
Greed: You are the embodiment of my esssssssense! All I musssst do is wisssssh, and you will be assss nothing!
Greed: You WILL help me! There issssss no QUITTING. Now. Here issss what YOU will do...
Greed: *whisper whisper whisper*

Play Game:

Greed: Yesssss, you will do. Perhapssss very nicccely. Now...
Greed: Tomix is placing each Gate Key in it's lock as he finds them.
Greed: Here issss what you do...
Greed: *whisper whisper whisper*
Next Up: The Sewers
Other names: Sewers
Location: Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Quests -> Sewers
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Greedling Games
Release Date: December 10, 2010

Objective: The sewers UNDER the undercity! Can you manage to get through them in one piece while you hunt for the Aurora Key on your way to freedom?
Objective Completed: You found the Key! I hope Tomix wasn't hurt TOO much by that rockfall!

Tomix: We found the key, which is good. We didn't find Riadne, which is bad. Come, <Character Name>! We must go quickly from here!
• Quest!
• Back

After battling your way through, you come across a huge, red opening in the wall. Inside, you find Murk, who owns a shop called Murk's Sewer Merch

Murk: Hello...again...

Continuing your way through, you reach a ladder

Tomix: <Character Name>, there!

The screen zooms in on a golden key (the Aurora Key) hidden in a small hole in the wall

<You>: I see it, I see it. Now to get is DOWN! I think you can handle that bit, can't you?
Tomix: Just you watch me!

Tomix hits the wall with a powerful attack. Suddenly, the whole sewer starts to rumble

<You>: Tomix!
Tomix: The wall! I'll get the key, you get out of here!

Tomix runs off ahead, the screen turns black, and the rumbling stops

<You>: Tomix! Wait!

The screen fades back in and Tomix's hand is shown coming out from under a pile of debris. You run into the scene and kneel beside the wreckage

<You>: TOMIX!
<You>: Can you hear me?!
Tomix: *groan* Oooooh. <Character Name>?
<You>: Tomix!
<You>: Tomix, DON'T MOVE!
<You>: Well, you CAN'T move right now, I know, but don't even try. I'll be back with help as soon as I can.
<You> (Thought Bubble): Where in Lore am I going to find help down HERE?

You run off. Later a scene is shown with Aspar suddenly appearing in a purple flash and you running towards him

Aspar: Well, well, well. If it isn't <Character Class>, Tomix's newest boon companion.
Aspar: Did you NEED something? Find something you couldn't HANDLE down there?
<You> (Thought Bubble): *(grumble... I thought he was KIND... But I've got to swallow my pride. For Tomix's sake.)*
<You>: Yes! Please, Tomix needs you!
<You>: He's buried under a pile of rock down there, and I can't shift him.
<You>: I'm afraid anything I'll do will hurt him more.
<You>: This way!

You and Aspar run off

Aspar: Sometimes, <Character Name>, to be Kind you must cause pain. Watch.

Aspar starts to glow and suddenly the rocks are blasted away and Tomix is freed. Tomix's body is shown floating lifelessly in the water nearby. Afterwards, the trio are shown to be somewhere in Ravenloss with Tomix lying on the ground

<You>: Tomix? Tomix... can you speak?
Tomix: Oooh. What happened?
<You>: You got the Key. And a HUGE headache.
<You>: But thanks to... Aspar... you aren't hurt anymore than he had to.
Tomix: *mumble* Aspar is so good to me.... Thank you... my friend.
<You>: Come, we will get you back to the Gate, and you will rest.

You and Tomix suddenly disappear. Then a close-up scene of Aspar is shown with him smirking
• Complete Quest
Objective: Completed!
Next Up: Altar Hill
Location: Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Quests -> Altar Hill
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Sewers
Release Date: Jan 14th, 2010

Objective: Do you hear that horrible chanting? It fills your blood with fear! And what's that you see tied up there? It's- it's-
Objective completed: You saved Riadne! AND you defeated the ChaosWeaver Queen! AND found a Key! Time to get back to the Equilibrium Gate!

<Character>: How are you feeling, Tomix?
Tomix: Determined, <Character>. Very, VERY determined to find the Keys to get inside this gate.
Tomix: And we WILL get Riadne back! It's my fault she's-
<Character>: She's our friend, and we want to help her. That's GOOD. But don't blame yourself.
<Character>: She wouldn't want that.
<Character>: Now, lets go get her back and find those keys!

Loads Tomix (guest)

Tomix: Can you hear that chanting? Before we do anything else, we should find its source and investigate!

<Character>: I guess this is the place...

Zooms to Chaosweaver High Priest, Chaosweavers, then Riadne

Tomix: RIADNE!
Tomix: We've GOT to get her out of there!
<Character>: And we will. Right now. Let's go!

???: *Psssst!*
???: *Tomix, <Character>!*
<Character>: ...?
Tomix: ... ?

<Character>: Riadne!
Riadne: *whisper* Shhhh! It will hear you!
Tomix: *whisper* I'm- WE are so glad to see you! Can you get over to us without being seen?
Riadne: *whisper* I think so. From what I understand, he is communing with their Queen, a gigantic Chaosweaver female.
Tomix: *whisper* How did you escape?! We were coming to save you!
Riadne: *whisper* I knew you would! But I couldn't just sit there and do NOTHING! I knew if you weren't here, I would have to come and find you.
<Character>: *whisper* See, Tomix? I told you she could take care of herself! We're VERY glad you're unhurt!
Riadne: *whisper* Well... not UNhurt. But I don't want to talk about it. I'm here, and that's what's important.
Riadne: *whisper* It's time we took these chaotic cretins down, and I want to be a part of it!
Riadne: *whisper* Let me fight with you! Arachnomancy is NOT a passive art, believe me.
<Character>: *whisper* Oh, yes! Yes, you're more than welcome to battle with us. What do you say, Tomix?
Tomix: I- I would be honored if you would fight alongside me.
<Character>: *whisper* Well, then. Lets grasp the Flyswatter of Annihilation +5 and swat these overgrown arachnids down!
High Priest: Djyouuuuuu!
High Priest: The shpy and the shoulweaver and the <Class>!
High Priest: I vill take care of djyou for my Mistress!
High Priest: DIE!

Loads Riadne (guest)

Tomix: Squashed!
<Character>: That eight-legged freak will weave no more!

Riadne: Tomix? <Character>? ...
Riadne: Did you forget WHAT he was praying to?

Riadne: Oh, oh my. It's-
Riadne: <Character>?
<Character>: Piffle. Look at it! <Your Dragon> and I will squish her easily!

Riadne: <Character>, you were WONDERFUL!
Tomix: Yes, <Class>. Sometimes you make me wish I had a dragon. But that is not for me. I have my own path to follow.
<Character>: Talk about the big, the bad, and the buggly! She got her webspit on me. That had BETTER come out of my armor!
Riadne: Oh! Oh oh oh. Tooooomix! Do you know what I saw while I was hiding?
Riadne: Take a look on the shelf under the altar! *(big grin)*

Tomix: A KEY!
<Character>: A KEY!
Tomix: The VOID Key! Riadne, I could... could... KISS you!
Riadne: You should probably wait until I've had a bath, Tomix. *(wink)*

Complete Quest
Next Up: At the Gate
Location: Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Quests -> At the Gate
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Altar Hill
Release Date: Jan 21st, 2010

Objective: The ChaosWeavers are scattering after the death of their Queen, and they want to run right over YOU!
Objective completed: Oh hey, Aspar. Your plotz are showing.

Tomix: <Character>! We've found every Key but one! Lets get the Void Key into the Gate and then we'll go hunt for that last Key we still need.
<Character>: Sounds like a plan to me! Just one thing, Tomix...
<Character>: About Aspar... have you noticed-
Tomix: That he is my best friend? Yes. He is so good to me, so helpful! I can't think what would happen to me without him.
Tomix: Enough talking. We need to find the Bolt Key! Let's go!
<Character>: Let's Go! Let's Go! L-E-T-S-G-O! clap clap
Tomix: ......

*Loads Riadne (guest) and Tomix (guest)*

<Character>: What? I felt the moment needed a good cheer! NOW let's go!
• Quest!
• Back

???: Hsssss! It ees djyou three!

Chaosweaver: Vee WILL get by. Vee MUST!
Chaosweaver: Vee haf no where else to go. So vee vill go through DJYOU!

plays puzzles

Riadne: *cough* They must be... scattering after... the death of... *cough* their Queen.

Riadne: They are *gasp* ...trying to get into the Gate! *cough* Mustn't... let them... Tomix!
Tomix: RIADNE!
<Character>: RIADNE!
Tomix: Riadne, my I- ...Riadne! You are still unwell!
Tomix: Talk to me!
<Character>: What happened to you while you were a prisoner? What did they DO to you?
Riadne: *cough* Their poison... it is slow-acting. I can feel... the effects beginning to take hold.
Riadne: But... don't *cough* ...worry! I am an Arachnomancer... we have inherant powers *cough* ...to resist poison.
Riadne: I just need... to rest. And my body... will fight... it off... by *cough* itself!

Aspar appears

Aspar: Hello, my friend.
Tomix: Oh, ASPAR! It is so good to see you! Look at Riadne!
Aspar: Yes, about the Arachnomancer...
Tomix: Can you help her? Please?
Aspar: Has she told you yet where the last Key is? We- YOU must have the Bolt Key!
Aspar: You must question her!
Aspar: Look at me, little Arachnomancer! If you want to help your friend, you must speak!
Tomix: Aspar, she is too weak. LOOK at her!
Riadne: *cough*
Riadne: Greed... *cough* ...

Greedling: *SQUEAK!!!*
Greedling: helphelphelp!

Greedling: Nice <Class>! Good <Class>! Greedling's friend <Class>!
Greedling: Pls oh pls oh pls!
<Character>: Oh, poor little Greedling! What's happened to you? Who did this to you?
Greedling: Can't find Master! Looked ALL over! Look around and around and around!
Greedling: Didn't find Master!
Greedling: Only found spider-things! BAD spider-things!
Greedling: owowow BAD spider-things HURT Greedling!
Greedling: *whimper* !!

Greed appears and unlocks the Bolt Key

Greedling: Mastermastermaster!!!
Greedling: Waitwaitwait for ME!
Greedling: Take Greedling WITH you! MASTER!

Greedling flew into the Equilibrium Gate

Tomix: I MUST go through that Gate! But Riadne! How can I leave her?
<Character>: THAT LITTLE- it TRICKED us! And I thought it was so innocent.
Tomix: <Character>, I need your help too much to have you stay with her...
Aspar: Tomix, my friend. Are you forgetting I am here?
Aspar: Leave the girl with me. No harm will come to her.
Tomix: Thank you, my friend! It is always you that I can count on!
<Character>: Yes, Aspar. ...Thank you. It is... good... of you to help this way. Watch her well, she is our friend.
Tomix: There is no time to lose, <Character>! But I think... we might take a moment to send a message to the AboveGround.
Tomix: If Riadne is right... and ChaosWeaver society has fallen apart after the death of their Queen... they will be after us.
Tomix: And, I suspect, after Greed. We will have to fight our way through unknown territory WHILE hunting for Greed. The task won't be easy.
Tomix: The fate of Lore rests on us, <Character>. On us and heroes like you. We've GOT to get to Greed!

Complete Quest
Next Up: Ravenloss War
(Other names:) Pre-War cutscene

Location: Ravenloss War -> Making Plans
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of At the Gate
Release Date: Feb 4th, 2011

Objective: Greed and the Greedling have a plan, you and Tomix have a plan, and you can bet that Aspar has MANY plans!
Objective completed: Time to enter Pellow Village!

-Pellow Village-

*shows Greedling enter the village*

<Character>: That sneaky little...
<Character>: ..That wad of.. Greed...!
<Character>: Ooooh, I'm going to punt it like the little yellow football it is! Just let me find it...
Tomix: We'll find it AND Greed, and then I'll need your help, <Character>. We've got to take Greed down together.
Tomix: I do not trust my spiritloom with this crack in it. It will make my power... unpredictable.
<Character>: ... That sounds less than good.
Tomix: You have a way with understatements, <Class>.
Tomix: Come, we must hurry through the gate!

Aspar: Yes. she will do... nicely... in the future. The best laid plans are long-laid plans.
Aspar: Should anything go wrong... she will suffice.
Other name: Race to the Judgement Wheel

Location: Falconreach -> Ravenloss War, Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Quests -> War!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: Feb 4th, 2011

Ravenloss War Waves 1: Save the creatures of Pellow Village from life as minions of Greed!
Ravenloss War Waves 2: Squash those spiders!
Objective(s) completed:
Ravenloss War Waves 1: Keep searching for Greed! He's getting closer to the Judgement Wheel!
Ravenloss War Waves 2: The ChaosWeavers just keep coming! Just how big IS their Nation?!

At Ravenloss:
<Character>: I hope Riadne will be alright with Aspar.
Tomix: Aspar will take good care of her, I know it! We MUST start hunting for Greed. We cannot let ANYTHING stand in our way.
<Character>: And the ChaosWeaver Nation? I can hear their war drums beating.
Tomix: Both Greed and the ChaosWeavers want to conquer Lore. We must do our best, and that is all we can do. So let's go!
• Quest!
• Back

At Ravenloss War Screen:
Tomix: My spiritlooms may be damaged, but I have enough will to power them to see us through this. I hope.

Tomix: We do not have much time, but I will answer what questions I can.

Tomix: I wish I knew what happened to Riadne while she was in captivity.
Tomix: The thought of those ChaosWeavers hurting her enrages me!
Tomix: She doesn't remember, though, so I suppose we'll never know. Still... I would do anything to protect her.
Tomix: I wonder where she will go in her future. She is so smart and skilled, she could do ANYTHING. Maybe... even travel with me?

Tomix: Unfortunately, I do not know much about these monsters.
Tomix: I THINK they have something to do with the ChaosWeavers.
Tomix: Something to do with the ChaosWeavers and Pellow Village.
Tomix: Hopefully we will learn more about them once we pass through the Gate.

Pellow Village?
Tomix: The Village lies behind the Gate, but the Gate itself is just a portal. To where, we can't know. Until we enter the Gate!

Tomix: From the little we know... Vaal was a hero to the ChaosWeavers. He was also in their prison.
Tomix: I think this Vaal character must have a VERY interesting story. If only we knew what it was!

Tomix: I wish Aspar were at my side right now, fighting alongside us. But he was never much of a fighter. More the...
Tomix: Power behind the scenes. He has done so much to further my abilities. There is no one I trust more!

Beside the portal to Falconreach:
Ptolemy: *snuffle* I help prettypretty tied up Lady in the Park. Nastybad spiderthings hurt her! I give water, give pats. No want be down here. Take me upupup!
Boss Fight: The End?
Location: Ravenloss War -> 50% Cutscene! -> Meeting Vaal
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Making Plans
Release Date: Feb 9th, 2011

Objective: Finally, Vaal is revealed in all his megalomaniacal glory!
Objective completed: Greed is more important than a deluded has-been!

<Character>: I... THINK we've reached the middle of Pellow Village, Tomi-
<Character>: Hssst! Isn't that... Isn't that the man we saw a statue of in the Market District?
<Character>: The one the little child-weaver was praying to?
Tomix: And the name on the statue was in the prison... And the signature on the schematics in the museum...
<Character>: It's-
<Character>: Vaal!
Tomix: Vaal!
Vaal: Who calls?
Vaal: Who DARES disrupt my contemplation?
<Character>: *whisper* Let me talk to him. I know how to handle megalomaniacs. I've had a LOT of practice.
<Character>: Am I addressing Vaal? The Hero of Ravenloss?
Vaal: Aaah! A supplicant!
Vaal: Have you come to beg for knowledge, or refuge from that harridans "noble" sacrifice?
Vaal: But wait- you aren't Chaosweavers!
Vaal: How have you come here?
<Character>: We are seeking information, oh Wise One!
<Character>: Evidence of your greatness still exists throughout Ravenloss. Would you- could you answer some questions for us?
<Character>: We would be so grateful!
Vaal: Finally, someone who knows the proper address for one as great as I.
Vaal: Only I could have conceived the Judgement Wheel!
Vaal: Only I could have directed the Priests who wove the Soulthreads to form it!
Vaal: And only I deserved to have the first wish!
<Character>: That answers a lot of our questions right there.
Vaal: Ah, you see. I fulfil lofty expectations of myself effortlessly!
Vaal: I surpass what people want of me! And all without trying!
<Character>: Please continue! I didn't mean to interrupt, Your Magnificence!
Vaal: Yes, yes, thank you. Where was I?
Tomix: The first wish?
Vaal: Of course. I wanted power, I DESERVED power! I was destined to have more of it than I could ever wish for.
Vaal: My mother would tell me stories when I was young of how great I would be.
Vaal: It is my RIGHT!
Vaal: So I made the Judgement Wheel. I was SUPPOSED to simply grant wishes.
Vaal: But then one of those meddling priests added a safety measure without my permission or knowledge!
Vaal: How can I be omniscient when people do not tell me where people do not tell me what they are doing?!
<Character>: They have NO consideration for your might!

*Vaal nodds his head*

Vaal: Exactly.
Vaal: YOU understand!
Vaal: So the Judgement Wheel would grant wishes, but would also JUDGE them!
Vaal: And it judged my wish to be... hmmph.
Vaal: AND it will only grant ONE wish per person. GRAAAAH!
Vaal: So in return for my wish, the BEST wish, the ONLY wish I could have and should have made...
Vaal: The Wheel unleashed a disease, visited it upon ALL the Chaosweavers in punishment for my *laugh* ambition.
Tomix: So THAT's how Chaosweavers came to be spiders!
Vaal: Yes, and our Queen imprisoned both the Priests and ME in the Dark Tower for our actions.
Vaal: But oh, I escaped, yes I did! A paltry little cell like that could not contain my majesty!
Vaal: I escaped back to my home, here in Pellow Village. And then that she-demon, our Queen...
Vaal: She and her puny courtier magicians, with what I assume was their last ounce of humanity, RIPPED my beloved village from Ravenloss!
<Character>: What do you mean? Pellow Village is IN Ravenloss!
Vaal: *scoff* Simple Human! No, the GATE to Pellow Village is in Ravenloss!
Vaal: The village itself is on another plane, floating somewhere in the Void.
Tomix: !!!
<Character>: !!!
<Character>: But... well... hunh. One question at a time.
<Character>: Your queen, the one who imprisoned you... the ChaosWeaver Queen does not seem to be very charitable or gracious now.
<Character>: She tried to eat me and didn't even have the decency to use ketchup.

*Tomix glare*

Vaal: Bah! She has succumbed to the ChaosWeaver disease. Kkharinna was always so GOOD and KIND as a ruler.
Vaal: She imprisoned ME, so it is only JUST that this atrocious PUNISHMENT she called down on me turned her into a abomination.
Tomix: But... wasn't it the Judgement Wheel that-
Vaal: JUSTICE! It was justice!
<Character>: It was only right and proper JUSTICE, Tomix. *glare*
<Character>: Besides, she got spider spit on my armor. Cleaning that will take forever!
Vaal: I see you understand her true nature, hero. Kkharinna always did think of herself before others.
Vaal: I like you. You would make a MOST excellent flunky.
<Character>: *whisper* I will flunk HIM! Think I'm a good toady, do you? I'll shove toads where the sun don't shi-
Tomix: *Whisper* <Character>! Concentrate! Your rapport with him is working for us. USE it!
<Character>: *cough* Ahem. Sorry, your Gloriousness! We are almost done, oh Sun of Most Illustrious Resplendence!
Tomix: *whisper* Oooooh, NICE one!
<Character>: We have... one other question for you, Your Effulgency, before we go to contemplate all you have imparted to us.
Tomix: These monsters we have seen in Ravenloss, might you know of them? I call them... Embodiments.
Tomix: They feel like... like FEELINGS! Spirits, perhaps. It is hard to describe.
Vaal: Ah, yes, the Embodiments of the ChaosWeaver spirit!
Vaal: All of the OTHER Chaosweavers trapped here went insane. Their insanity has forced their emotions to... separate from them.
Vaal: Those emotions leaked through the Gate and the the Void and into Ravenloss.
Vaal: *sigh*
Vaal: Go. Hmmph. You have wearied me with your questions.
Vaal: I am the last sane one here, and I have much to plan if I am going to use the Wheel once more to restore what has been taken from me. My Freedom!
Vaal: My Freedom!
<Character>: *whisper* Tomix? Part of me feels compelled to battle him but... I think he's crazy enough to just leave alone.
<Character>: *whisper* As long as he's content to sit here and peacefully plot something that will never happen, I think we should just leave him.

*Tomix nodds*

Tomix: *whisper* The only way he COULD do any harm is with the Judgement Wheel. And he can no longer use that.
Tomix: *whisper* So let's go deal with the one who is about to find it!
<Character>: Thank you once more, oh Omnipotent Ruler of Time and Space! We will not trouble you any longer.
Vaal: Hmmph. Yes. Go. You may leave tribute on your way out.
<Character>: We'll be sure to do that.

Aspar: I think... I will pay a visit to that SoulWeaver. The one who runs the School. There is... much... I should "discuss" with him.
Aspar: My prize possession will be kept busy with his hunt. Yes... very busy. So hard to find things when they are not where they should be. *grin*

Complete Quest
Location: Ravenloss War -> Tomix -> Judgement (Wheel) Day
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: Feb 11th, 2011

Objective: Greed is here! And he's about to get the Judgement Wheel! Nooooooo!
Objective completed: This is not the end. The story of Tomix, Riadne, and Vaal will continue with your help in the future. For now, though, you'd best focus on fulfilling your Destiny!

<Character>: GREED!


Greed: Ahahahahaha!
Greed: Thisss isss my DESSSTINY!
Greed: ... I wisssh my pretty red pet were with me to sssee thisss.
Greed: Ssshe would be ssso proud!
Greed: But ssshe was taken from me. I blame YOU, SssoulWeaver, and that, that HERO!
Greed: But no matter... I will reclaim her. Ssshe will be mine again.
Greed: Yesss, yesss. YESSS! And the WORLD will be mine!
Greed: I am unssstoppable!
Greed: The world ISSS mine!
<Character>: We will not let you destroy the world.
<Character>: You don't deserve to know the joys of humanity, not when you aren't really a human!
Greed: Not a human? Then what do you call thessse fine armsss and legsss?
Greed: Thisss beautiful faccce? Hmmm?
Greed: Thisss power coursssing through my veinsss?
Tomix: NO!
Tomix: No, this will NOT be!

<Character>: TOMIX!
Tomix: <Character>...? PLEASE!
<Character>: Greed...
Greed: Yeeeeeessss? *grin*
Greed: Hahahaha...

Battle Greed

<Character>: The Judgement Wheel! It... BROKE!
Tomix: It- it did. I think... I think it must not have been made for battle. Greed must not have thought of that.
<Character>: And Greed WASN'T immortal! Do you think the Judgement Wheel-
Tomix: I think you must be right. It judged his wish. I think... I think it not only DIDN'T make him immortal, but... possibly weakened him?
Tomix: The Wheel had already demonstrated that it showed no mercy when the wielder made a wish it disagreed with.
Tomix: I think it is for the best that it is gone. Now there is no... *grimace* temptation. Much as I might have wanted to wish on it myself.

*Greed's soul rises*

<Character>: Tomix... ?
Tomix: ... *gasp* ... If I destroy that spirit, the world will finally be rid... of the evils Greed perpetuated.
Tomix: And I can continue on with my mission to destroy all of the corrupt Elemental Spirits...
Tomix: Who have... AHHHH!... tainted and twisted my life!

A flash of light destroyed Greed's Soul

<Character>: What?!
Vaal: My, my, the SoulWeaver! And my favorite new flunky!
Vaal: I knew you would be here. EVERYONE wants my prize!
Vaal: I may not be able to use it again, but that does not mean anyone ELSE is permitted to!
Vaal: Not you, not that pathetic excuse for a spirit... not ANYONE!

ChaosWeaver stands behind Vaal

Vaal: You thought you could ignore me? That I wasn't worthy of battle?
Vaal: You thought you could ignore my brethren? That you dealt with them on your way here?
Vaal: You are NOTHING compared to me, to us! And you did not come CLOSE to annihilating my people.
Vaal: And now that the Gate has been opened...
Vaal: The entire WORLD will fall before the might of my army!

Vaal: We will meet again, Flunky. In the AboveGround.

Returns to outside of Equilibrium Gate

<Character>: The Judgement Wheel is gone. At least you won't have Lust and Envy hunting THAT anymore!
<Character>: But it seems both of us have work left to do.
<Character>: Vaal is waiting for me...
Tomix: And Lust and Envy are hunting for ME!
Tomix: And I need to find Aspar. I don't know where he's gone, and I'm worried. I need him to help on my hunt! I'm sure he's somewhere nearby...
Riadne: You must be careful, Tomix!
Riadne: You WILL be careful... won't you?
Tomix: Riadne...
Tomix: I...
Tomix: I- *cough* Ahem. I will be careful, and we WILL see each other again. *wince*
Riadne: That is VERY good to hear!
Riadne: I will go with <Character>, perhaps. I must continue my studies in Arachnomancy.
Riadne: And <Character> will need to fully understand the ChaosWeavers more than ever now.
Riadne: It will be good to spend time in Falconreach!
<Character>: It will be good to have you there! *smile*
<Character>: But tell us, Tomix...
<Character>: What will you do now?
Tomix: LUST!
<Character>: ...Say what now?
Tomix: Lust is here!
<Character>: Ohhhhh....
Lust: It is not finished! No no no. *cackle*
Lust: Be wary, Soulweaver. There is one in your life who is not what he claims to be. Brace yourself.

This is farewell, my friend. Goodbye... my love. I will keep in touch.

But for now, I must go. I will not fail at my task, and neither can you.

We WILL meet again some day!

The End?
Location: Ravenloss War -> Tomix -> War Rewards -> More Rewards -> ChaosWeaver Champion -> ChaosWeaver Defender Story
Level/Quest/Items required: 15 ChaosWeaver Runes in your inventory
Release Date: Feb 11th, 2011

Objective: You love those bugs!
Objective completed: You did a very good thing!

Chaosweaver: Djou are now a friend to the ChaosWeaver Nation!
Chaosweaver: Ve are much diminissshed in numbersss, but ve VILL triumph!
Chaosweaver: Ve vill NOT be exterminated, no matter how many varriorsss try!
Chaosweaver: And ve vill not forget that djou fought for usss ven no one elssse vould!
Chaosweaver: I ssshould not tell djou this, but there are divisssionsss in the Nation.
Chaosweaver: Sssome of usss vant PEACCCE!
Chaosweaver: And djou... djou ve vill call <Character> Peacccemaker, the TRUE Hero of Ravenlosss, Saviour of the ChaosssWeaversss!
Chaosweaver: Our future, the children of Ravenlosss! They might be our resssponsibility...
Chaosweaver: But it iz thanksss to djou that ve HAVE them to raissse.
Character: I could not imagine killing your people, let alone the babyweavers!
Character: I am glad to be of service.
Character: But... your... children. They are different.
Chaosweaver: Sssomething about our fair cccity changesss humansss if they ssstay here too long.
Chaosweaver: Ve do not know why that isss.
Chaosweaver: But they are ALL children of Ravenlosss, our own AND the orphaned humans, and they will be ChaosssWeaversss at heart.
Chaosweaver: Ssso we will raissse them asss sssuch.
Chaosweaver: Djou have sssaved our future, <Character>.
Chaosweaver: From thossse of usss who wisssh to vow peaccce...
Chaosweaver: Djou have our thanksss!

Complete Quest
Location: Ravenloss -> Tomix -> Become A SoulWeaver! -> Meet Aegis
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The End?
Release Date: Feb 25th, 2011

Objective: So pretty, so talented but... will he consider being your Soul-Ally?
Objective completed: You have a Soul-Ally!

Tomix: You are ready <Character>. Ready to become a SoulWeaver. First, you need to find a SoulAlly and form a bond with it.
Tomix: I will send your soul to the Plane of Elemental Spirits now, but remember, try to find your SoulAlly as fast as possible.
Tomix: If you are in the Plane of Elemental Spirits for too long, you won't be able to return to your body.
Tomix: Right.
Tomix: Clear your mind.

Tomix summons you to the Plane of Elemental Spirits

Soul Character: Oh! What? Where?! ... Right, right. The Plane of Elemental Spirits. THAT was a journey I don't want to make too often!
Soul Character: But this place is... amazing!
Soul Character: So this... is the Plane of the Elemental Spirits!
Soul Character: It's so... BEAUTIFUL! But I'd better hurry and locate a potential SoulAlly. I don't want to be trapped here!
Soul Character: Who's there? I don't see you! Wait... do I even have eyes right now?
???: H-hello?
Soul Character: I'll be happy to help you once I FIND you!
???: Can you h-help me? I'm being chased, m-my name is..
???: PANDORA!!!

???: I thought I made it clear before. You are to STAY in your domain! You are a threat to the others!
Soul Character: She left! Who was she... ?
???: I'm sorry you had to meet her. Pandora is... an anomaly. She seems to attract bad luck and misfortune for some reason.
Soul Character: Ah, I see.
Aegis: But where are my manners? My name is Aegis. I don't recognize you, and you're not a spirit.
Soul Character: I'm <Character>, an adventurer of Lore. I'm here to locate a SoulAlly so that I can train as a SoulWeaver.
Aegis: I see! Good luck finding a SoulAlly! I would offer myself as a possible companion, but...
Aegis: I'm looking for a Hero. Someone I can respect and support!
Soul Character: Oh, well, you're in luck! I AM a he-


Soul Character: What was that?!
Aegis: Trouble!
Aegis: It's over here! We're getting closer!
Aegis: What is...
Aegis: ...going...
Aegis: ... on!!!
Soul Character: !!!
Aegis: What is Uthuluc doing here?! How did it escape?! Who released it?
Pandora: I-it was a m-mistake.
Aegis: Pandora... *frown*
Aegis: Uthuluc is immortal. We CAN'T kill it. But I suppose... I could seal it. Or perhaps banish it. If I'm lucky.
Soul Character: Aegis! Let me help you. In my world, I am considered a Hero. I can assist you! You don't need to face this thing alone.
Aegis: Really? That IS good to know! But in your current state... I don't think you will be able to do much. I appreciate the offer though.
Soul Character: I mean, my body is... with me... that is, with the soul... together... body and soul... Oh, bother.
Soul Character: *mutter* I do NOT like standing back and doing nothing... just WATCHING while someone else takes care of the monsters.
Aegis: And done. He should be frozen for at least a century.
Aegis: Hmm...
Soul Character: Yes?
Aegis: <Character>... You said you are a Hero. Are you a GOOD Hero? Helpful? What kinds of deeds have you done?
Soul Character: I have a destiny, and I'm trying to live up to it. I WILL save the world with my dragon! Help the good people of Lore, drive away the bad... I will!
Soul Character: While helping people in need, I'm still in a race against Sepulchure for the Elemental Orbs. He CANNOT get them all or we're doomed!
Aegis: Enough.
Soul Character: Excuse me? What do you mean?
Aegis: It is decided then.
Aegis: I would be honored to become your SoulAlly. Together we will do MANY good and helpful things!

Quest Complete
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Dragonfable Timeline: Ravenloss Completion
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