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 Dragonfable Timeline: Frostval 2010, Spy Saga, Sir Ano

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Frostval 2010, Spy Saga, Sir Ano   Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:05 pm

(Other names:) Investigate!

Location: Any house that has a Plushie containment (for example: ID #35) Lefthand NPC Plushie Etagere, Plushie Cabinet, Righthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: December 10th, 2010

Objective: Oh noes!
Objective completed: Who would make plush dolls come to life?!

(X) Artix Plushie
(X) Cysero Plushie
(X) Frostscythe Plushie
(X) Ghost Plushie
(X) Noxus Plushie
(X) Nythera Plushie
(X) Rolith Plushie
(X) Sepulchure Plushie
(X) Tomix Plushie
(X) Thyton Plushie
(X) Xan Plushie



(Other names:) Frostval Fallout
Location: Frostval 2010 -> Act 10
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Frostval Chapter 4, Act 9
Release Date: December 10th, 2010

Objective: Can you keep the moglins safe this year?
Objective completed: Moglin-napped!

Twig: Happy Fwostval to me! Happy Fwostval to me! Yummy fwishes for Fwostval! Happy Fwostval to me!
Chilly: <Character name>'s here!
<Character Name>: Twig..
<Character Name>: What are you doing up there?
Twig: Heehee! I'm decowating!
<Character Name>: But.. how did you--?
Icemaster Yeti: Don't ask...
Chilly: I'm so glad you're here, <Character Name>!
<Character Name>: Don't worry, Chilly. Between Icemaster Yeti and me, no one's gonna take you guys away this year!
Moglin: Didn't you say that last year?
<Character Name>: Um, probably not those exact words... this year we're all bundled up in a safe place, though and...
Twig: En Guard! Twig will pwotect youse!
(All:) Hahahaha!

Time passes...

Chilly: Let's sing some Frostval carols!

And some more time...

Icemaster Yeti: So.. how are things?
<Character Name>: Same old, same old.. Crazy villains, saving the world. You know the deal..

A few too many carols, and a bit too much Frostval candy later...

Icemaster Yeti: ...
<Character Name>: Um..
Icemaster Yeti: <Character Name>, do something.
Icemaster Yeti: Now.
<Character Name>: So... maybe we should play a game or something? To pass the time?
Icemaster Yeti: How about moglin throw? We yeti normally play that with penguins but I feel like making an exception...
Twig: That sounds like fun!
<Character Name>: Let's... let's play something that keeps us all inside.
Icemaster Yeti: Harumph.
Twig: I know! I know! We can play Tweatland! I bwought it with me!
<Character Name>: TweatLand?
Twig: It's super fun! And you get to twavel through the magical lands of ice cweam and fwish!
Chilly: I like ice cream!
<Character Name>: Looks like we have a winner then.

While playing...
*Growl* What was that noise?!

<Character Name>: See guys! There was nothing to worry about at all.
Chilly: *Yawn* Thank you, <Character Name>.
Twig: I'm.. not... tired. *snore*
Blizzy: It's been a long night. It's time to settle in.
<Character Name>: I'm going to go take one final look outside.

Scene changes to outside of tent

<Character Name>: *(Deep breath)* It's beginning to look a lot like Frostval!

<Character Name>: Alright.. I should get back inside.

Scene changes back inside tent

<Character Name>: *(Groan)* I should have knocked on wood...

Complete Quest
Next Up: The Factory
(Other names:) Factory of Misfit Plushies
Location: Frostval 2010 -> Act 11
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Tweatland!
Release Date: December 17th, 2010

Objective: Plushies patrol the area outside!
Objective completed: Oh no! You're trapped inside Zadd's factory!

*Scene show numerous of plushies transporting*

Blizzy: Poor Icemaster Yeti...
Blizzy: You must be getting very tired...
Icemaster Yeti: Don't worry about me, little one. I'll get us out of here once I figure out a plan...
Zadd: Work faster little moglins. Faster!
Zadd:My army of toys needs to be ready soon! It's almost time for Frostval! My army of toy golems will...
Twig: Why do you need sooooo many toys, Mwister Zwadd?
Zadd: ???
Zadd: Wh-WHAT?! How do you keep getting out of your chains?!
Twig: Hehe, I dwon't like da shiney bracelets, swilly! Why do you need soooo many toys?
Twig: Can IIIIIII have a toy?
Zadd: No, you cannot have a toy!

*Twig cries*

Zadd: *sigh* Oh fine. Take this one.
Twig: YAY!
Twig: YAY! I WUV IT!! I WUV IT A WOT!!!!!!
Zadd: ...
Twig: Oh tank you! Tank you! I wanna give you a huuuuge hug Mwister Zwadd!
Zadd: NO! NO HUGS!

*Outside the factory*

<Character Name>: Great... How am I gonna get in there?
Zadd: I said NO HUGS!
<Character Name>: I think this calls for a disguise...

*You load Frost Moglin Armor*

<Character Name>: Ice! Ok, let's go big guy.
Icemaster Yeti: *grunt* Yeah right, like I haven't tried just stopping...
Chilly: What do you mean?
Icemaster Yeti: If I stop, I get zapped. Hurts like a son-of-a-gun.
<Character Name>: Don't worry, we'll think of something...
Zadd: *ahem*
Zadd: And just what do you think you're doing?
<Character Name>: Zadd, you are not going to ruin Frostval again!
Zadd: Hahahaha, ruin Frostval? This is going to be the best Frostval ever...
Zadd: ...for me!

<Character Name>: Stink.

Zadd: Back to work! My toy golems must be ready in time! Soon they'll be in the hands of people all over Lore and then they'll see!
Zadd: They'll see how great a golemancer I am! Hahahaha!

Complete Quest
Next Up: STRIKE!

(Other names:) Post-war cutscene
Location: Frostval 2010 -> Act 12, Frostval -> Chapter 5 -> To Battle! -> STRIKE! (cutscene)
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Factory, None
Release Date: December 24th, 2010

Objective: We're not gonna take it!
Objective completed: We're not gonna take it anymore!

<Character>: Being in quality control is stupid...
<Character>: They all come out bad.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Hey Blizzy, how are you holding up?
Blizzy: I--
Zadd: *KSCHT* *No talking.*
<Character>: *sigh*
Zadd: *No sighing either*
<Character>: ...

*pause a moment*

<Character>: Gosh this is monotonous.

*pause again*

Zadd: *KSCHT* *Attention, slaves: Keep working or you will get zapped.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *A lot. Hah!*
<Character>: I'd facepalm right now but that's probably not allowed either..
Zadd: *KSCHT* *No, it's not. Oh, and uhhh.. I'm awesome. That is all.*

(Zadd continues talking every few moments)
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Who wants to hear a story? Once upon a time there were some moglins and I pwned them. HAHAAAHAAAHA!!*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Hey wow, I just read that if you exercise your face it reduces the signs of aging.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Twig, stop chewing the machinery.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *No you can't have another toy. Don't make me come down there!*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Hey-- You guys think there will be a Falconreach Idle 2? I'd like to try out for that...*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *FA LA LAAAAALA* *HACK* *COUGH* *WHEEEEEEZE* Oh.. is the microphone still-- Dang, I thought I turned it off.*
Zadd: *KSCHT* *Attention slaves: Disregard previous announcement.*

Ok that's it...

<Character>: Ok, I've had as much of this as I can take. He can't zap us all at once.
Blizzy: You mean Zadd?
Zadd: *KSCHT* *No strikes allowed.*
<Character>: Oh, you so have got to go..
<Character>: WHO'S WITH ME?!
Zadd: *KSCHT* *sigh.*

Complete Quest
Next Up: Fight The Power! Strike!
Location: Fight The Power! Strike!
Level/Quest/Items required: 50% of the war meter, DA required
Release Date: 29th of December, 2010

Objective: The plushies are running amok throughout Lore. Can you take care of the plushie invasion in the wild?
Objective completed: You really beat the stuffing out of those plushies!
Other names: Plushie War Boss Fight

Location: Fight The Power! Strike!
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% of the War meter
Release Date: 2nd of January, 2011

Objective: A.K.A. Why you shouldn't give Twig sentient toys.
Objective completed: Plushie elemental fury abated!


Note: All dialogue isn't shown regularly, it shows cards and the dialogue is written in yellow in the side. Example

Twig: The Story of a vweeerrrrryy BIG BADA BOOOM! By: Twig.
Twig: I wuved my Mr. Warlic toy sooo much!
Twig: I tooked him evwerywhere!
Twig: We was such good fwiends!
Twig: We even pwayed Tweatland!
Twig: But den he gots sooooo angwy! I dun't knows why!
Zadd: What did you do....
Twig: Mr. Warlic wuz vweeeeery angwy!
Twig: De factory went BOOM!
Zadd: Nooooooo mooooooore tooooooooooooyyyyys foooooooorrrrrr yyoooooouuuuuuu!
Twig: I wuz vwery sad.
Twig: Mr. Warlic wuz gonna 'splode me!
<Character Name>: Not so fast. It's time to end this.

After the boss fight:

Twig: Blizzy was so nice to meh.
Twig: We all pwayed Tweatland den!

The End!
Location: Falconreach > Aria's Pet Shop > Click on Old Straw Hat beside barrel
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Infiltration
Release Date: May 22, 2010

Objective: The pets are attacking town!
Objective completed: Is.. is Grams ok?

Aria: <You>, I'm so glad you're here!
Aria: Everyone's pets have been attacking them and I just don't know how to make it STOP! *sob*
Aria: Can you please help me figure it out?

Twilly: What's wrong, Awia?
Aria: <You>! You have to help! All the pets... they've gone crazy! I don't know what to do.
Aria: Grams trained all these pets herself. I don't know what could have caused them to act this way. It's like they've been brainwashed!
Aria: Please, <You>, you have to stop them, before more people get hurt. Please, just knock them out, maybe Grams can help them.
<You>: I'll round up as many as I can, Aria, and take them to Grams. Maybe she can figure out what's causing them to rebel.

<You>: Grams? Are you there?
Grams: Yes, dear?
Grams: Oh! Oh my... what happened!
<You>: I... You... you haven't noticed the pets acting up at all these past few weeks?
Grams: Oh, I'm sure they're just being spirited... did you really have to knock them all out?
<You>: Spirited? They've been attacking their owners. All these pets were attacking townspeople.
Grams: I'm sure you're mistaken, dear...
<You>: Grams... are you ok?
Grams: Oh, just fine... dear.

Next Up: Mission: Improbable
Location: Falconreach > Aria > Finale, Falconreach > Aria's Pet Shop > Click on Old Straw Hat beside barrel
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Pet Insurrection
Release Date: May 28, 2010

Objective: If you let a little old lady beat you, we will disavow any knowledge of that victory. Good luck
Objective Completed: The Falconreach spy is no more... but many more questions remain!

<You>: Uh...Grams? Grams...?
Grams: These poor pets. I spent a lot of time training them, <Character>. A lot of time to get them to do what I want.
Grams: Now you’ve gone and messed them all up.
<You>: I...I’m sorry, but they were attacking...
Grams: I know.
<You>: ...and the whole...wait, what? You knew?
Grams: It took quite a bit of time too, to get them to rebel. It’s been my little side project for years. And you had to go ruin it.
<You>: Grams...I don’t understand...
Grams: Of course not, dear, you’re not meant to.
<You>: Ugh...owww...Grams...why?
Grams: Just following orders. This confrontation is coming a little earlier than planned...
Grams: But I’m sure Sepulchure will reward me for getting you out of the picture so soon.
<You>: Sepulchure?! You’re working for him? Grams...how could you?
Grams: I like to be on the winning side.
<You>: I...I thought you were good.
Grams: Oh, I am good, I am very good. Would you like to see what I’m good at, <Character>?
Grams: Meet Cuddles and Snuggles.
<You>: ...
Grams: A basic Pridelord and Pit Grinder, but they’re my prize pupils...
Grams: Now, my babies...
Grams: ...have fun.

Grams: My babies! You’ll pay for that, <Character>.
<You>: The longer we keep talking the less sympathy I’m feeling for any of your minions...or for you.
Grams: After all we’ve been through, <Character>? Aww, my poor old heart is breaking, dear.
<You>: Consider yourself fired as Falconreach’s Pet Trainer, you...you no good spy!
Grams: Oh, I don’t think you can fire me, dear.
Grams: And it’s very unfortunate that you’re about to have a terrible accident too.

Grams: Sepulchure isn’t done with you yet, <Character>...
<You>: No, I doubt it, but we’re done with you.
Grams: Do you really think I wouldn’t have an escape plan?

Grams: I’m sorry, my lord, but <Character> discovered me too soon.
Sepulchure: Do you think me a fool, woman?
Grams: I...no. No, my Lord.
Sepulchure: You played your hand without my permission.
Grams: I...I’m sorry, my Lord. I was trying to please you. I was trying to prepare an army...
Sepulchure: You disappoint me. I have spies installed in every major town in Lore and you dare to place it all in jeopardy.
Grams: I...I can do better! I swear! I haven’t been able to detect any Orb in town...
Grams: Please, give me more time!
Sepulchure: Hahahaha...
Sepulchure: What major Elemental Orb is unaccounted for? Can you tell me that?
Grams: I...I don’t know...
Sepulchure: Fire and Water are in my grasp. Light, Wind, Darkness, Ice, Energy are all accounted for and being watched.
Sepulchure: The Stone Orb is in play... but it cannot be in Falconreach...
Sepulchure: ...And the Nature Orb. Hahaha, some foolish girl in the woods has it, and it will be mine soon enough.
Grams: Then Falconreach...
Sepulchure: There are no Elements left, fool.
Sepulchure: As long as <Character> fails to realize the potential of the Orbs and leaves them scattered, he will be nothing more than an annoyance.
Sepulchure: <Character> still stumbles around blindly without seeking out most of the Orbs.
Sepulchure: The Orb he did seek, he was foolish enough to leave in the hands of a mercenary. No, I think my need for you has long passed, which means...
Sepulchure: That your employment must be...terminated.
Grams: No, please! Replace my illusion! I...I can go and keep an eye on <Character>!
Sepulchure: I’ve already had to replace your illusion once, Sabrina.
Sepulchure: You have failed me for the last time and for that, I’ll be sending you back into the Darkness Realm...in the most painful way possible.

Grams: There, there, dear, it's alright.
Grams: You remind me so much of my granddaughter... come now, lets get back to our lessons.
Gravelynn: Weee!
Grams: Now remember, dear, you can always find pets and companions that will fight for you in the most unusual locations....
Raven goes to visit old friends in Oaklore
Location: In front of Oaklore Keep -> Sir Ano -> Quests -> Nose for Trouble
Level/Quest/Items required: You must be level 10 to access this quest.
Release Date: November 21, 2008

Objective: You've agreed to help Sir Ano as he aspires to become a one of the most heroic of the Pactagonal Knights. First stop: tackling rampaging monsters!
Objective completed: If Sir Ano's nose grows any longer, he'll poke the monsters awake before they ever see him coming! Head back to the Keep and report your success to Captain Rolith!

Sir Ano: A monster has been terrorizing the townspeople who supply the Keep with food.
( Sir Ano Guest joins in Position A)
Sir Ano: Captain Rolith is planning on sending out Knights to take care of the creature. I know if I- we- take care of it, it'll bring me to his attention
Sir Ano: What do you say, are you up for helping me?


Sir Ano: There it is, and it's asleep. Let's go! I've got my warcry all figured out! *takes a deep breath*
<<You>>: Shhh! You don't just charge in screaming; that's how you get killed! Or immortalized and turned into a tired joke.
Sir Ano: Good point. I will practice stealth! Like ninjas, I will become one with the with the air, with the shadows, with the cave itself-
<<You>>: So long as you don't become one with that pile over there. It smells.
Sir Ano: *inhales deeply* Eeeew, you're ri-i-ah-AH-CHOO! ... 'scuse me.
*Wakes up*
Sir Ano: Whoops.
<<You>>: *groan*
Sir Ano: That was exhilarating! Training was never like this! I dodged, I weaved, I struck, I-
<<You>>: *snirk* Let me do all the work?

Complete Quest
Next Up: Major Mayhem
Location: In front of Oaklore Keep -> Quests -> Sir Ano -> Major Mayhem
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Nose for Trouble
Release Date: 11/26/08

Objective: Little Jenny disappeared while hunting mushrooms for the Keep's pantry. Hopefully she's just lost, and nothing has mistaken her for its dinner instead!
Objective completed: Jenny is safe and Sir Ano is (slowly) learning the art of a Hero's humor with your help! And the loot littered around the Mushroom camp isn't too shabby, either.

Sir Ano: I didn't get to tell you how impressed the patril leader was when I told him about slaying the gargoyle! He says if I keep on like this...
Sir Ano: He'll make sure to speak to Captain Roltih about me! I know with your help and teaching I will surely to become one of most heroic knights ever!
Sir Ano: And now there's another chance to stand out. One of the women who works in the kitchen sent her daughter out to pick mushrooms yesterday.
Sir Ano: And, uh, help the little girl, of course. Will you help me hunt? One of the stableboys said they saw her go off into the deep woods.

If you go straight at the crossroads

<Character>: I could swear I've seen that mushroom cluster before. You DO have a map, don't you?
Sir Ano: Where would I keep it? It's not like metal armor provides much of an opportiniyu for pockets...
<Character>: Isn't the motto of the Pactogonal Knights "Be prepared"? A hero should always anticipate ate the unexpected.
Sir Ano: No, no, you're thinking of the squadron of Squires who scout ahead patrols.
<Character>: Pfft. I've seen those scouts. Some of them aren't much more than boys.
Sir Ano: I still remember some of the tracking tricks we were taught. And some of this spoor looks spore-like.
<Character>: Mushrooms? I'm not lichen the sound of that!
Sir Ano: So, is making bad jokes part of a Hero's standard repertoire? Like putting on emotional armor?
<Character>: Laugh in the face of danger. Use your humor as a weapon to fight off fear. And if the jokes are bad enough...
<Character>: They might just drive your enemies away. That's both an efficient use of energy And entertaining!

Major General: What?! I posted scores of sentries! Surely you couldn't have dodged them all!
Sir Ano: We saw some with their caps pulled over their eyes, napping. you might want to work on that.
<Character>: What would you want with a little girl anyways? It's not like you can mold her into one of your mushroom minions.
Sir Ano: *snicker* I think I see what you mean about humor.
Major General: ... I don't get it.
<Character>: Mold. Fungus. You're a mush- ah, nevermind. I guess you just have spore comprehension.
Sir Ano: But about Jenny? What use could you have for a little girl?
Major General: We saw her out picking out little cousins! Wouldn't you you fight to save your family? Before she could gather too many, we decided to collect HER.
Sir Ano: You know, I can almost sympathize with your reasoning. I net you're a pretty fun guy when you aren't kidnapping little girls.
<Character>: *wince* Ok, so we'll make sure to work on your punning before you get called to Court.
Major General: I am the very model of a mushroom major general and I'll teach you that fungi should not be mocked.
Sir Ano: So you're saying we shouldn't truggle with you, is that it?
<Character>: *snicker* Better.

You fight 1 MajorGeneral

<Character>: We mashed that mushroom without too much trouble. The next time you're sent out to forage, Jenny...
<Character>: Pick something that can't fight back.
Sir Ano: How's that for a morel to the story?
Jenny: *giggle*
Next Up: There's No Place like Oaklore
Location: In front of Oaklore Keep -> Sir Ano -> Quests -> No Place Like Oak
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Major Mayhem
Release Date: 12/12/08

Objective: Sir Ano is off to see the Wizard, and he's taking you, too! Luckily there's a crumbled old road that will guide you to the ruined city where the Wizard lives.
Objective completed: Boardrakes and Appletrees and yagas, oh my!

Sir Ano: <Character>, you've taught me so much these past weeks! All about perseverence, keeping cool under pressure, and laughing at danger...
Sir Ano: But every her can use a bit of magical interevention, right? I mean, you've had Warlic and Cysero to help you, and look how well that's turned out!
Sir Ano: I've heard of a Wizard reknowned for his advice. From his Tower in the Jadeote Ruins, it's said he'll dispense great wisdom if one is worthy.
Sir Ano: From the storiest I've heard, he's great! And pretty powerful, too .Surely it couldn't hurt to have him use his wyrd, wizardly ways to tell me my future.
Sir Ano: And if he has a spare enchanted weapon or two laying about, accepting those couldn't hurt, either.
Sir Ano: What do you say, will your journey with me?

Azza Kadellya: I've been waiting for you, my preties.
<Character>: Er, Ano, do you have any idea who this is?
Sir Ano: Don't you know her? You're the one who's been going around being a hero. Have you killed any yagas lately? Maybe she wants revenge.
<Character>: How do you expect me to keep track of every antagonist I've taken out? Really now, I'd need a logbook or something.
Azza Kadellya: I've been watching you since you met my nauseatingly good sister, the Sandwitch.
Azza Kadellya: <Character>, you've been meeddling where you aren't wanted for too long and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.
Azza Kadellya: Ruining perectly laid plans just because you think they're "evil" or "going to destroy the world."
Azza Kadellya: Have you ever thought about how poor Sek-Duat felt? Or that misunderstood young Sepulchure. Such a nice boy.
Azza Kadellya: Now you're trying to train more of you? Did you even explain the advantages of being bad to your little pactogonal pupil?
<Character>: What would you tempt him with? The inability to bate a fear of clean water? You villains are pretty a dirty lot.
Azza Kadellya: It's not too late for you, little Knight. I could use a Captain of the Guard.
Azza Kadellya: Just think, command of my soldiers, a snazzy black uniform, the ability to chant rousing and inspiriational nonsense song as you patrol...
Sir Ano: Well, I do love a good nonsense song. But no! I would never betray the trust-
Azza Kadellya: Oooh, "evil is so bad!" Blah blah blah. "It feels good to help people!" Yadda yadda yadda. Well, if you won't take my offer...
Sir Ano: Nope!
<Character>: I told you so.
Azza Kadellya: Heroes are so smug when they thing they're right. Fine! I'll get you, <character>, and your little protege, too!

You fight Azzakedellya

Sir Ano: Excuse me? Sir Wizard?
<Character>: Doesn't look like anyone's here. Maybe he'ss off getting his hair and nails done?
Sir Ano: Look at all his stuff! Stuffed bird on a stick, potion bottles, crystal ball...
<Character>: I wouldn't touch his stuff... magic does funny things to ordinary objects. Have I ever told you about Cysero's laundry?
Sir Ano: His laund- Did the curtain just move?
Sir Ano: I was, uh, looking or you! Er, a note. A note from you. Saying when you'd be back.
Mar'vel: WHY WOULD I- agem. No need to yell now that I'm right here. Why would I be heind a curtain?
Sir Ano: Uh...
Mar'vel: I hope you haven't frightened Winkie, my gnome. He naps behind the curtain.
<Character>: Where were you?
Mar'vel: In the back, working on a way for ordinary people to fly. Without magic or magical creatures. See, the premise is very simple, really-
<Character>: I'm sure! I'm sure it's fascinating. Honest. But my friend here-
Sir Ano: Your wisdom and, uh, wonderfulness is widely known! I wanted to ask you if you could tell me about my future, and what in store for me.
Sir Ano: I'm afraid I'll never be able to be a real hero, and do all the brave and noble things a hero is supposed to do!
Mar'vel: A hero is not a hero because he is nobel and brave, a hero is a hero because he's famous and people fear what he can do!
Mar'vel: Just get yourself a skiled Public Relastions minion and you'll be set.
<Character>: That doesn't sound quite right.
Mar'vel: Oh, my. Oh, do forgive me. I've confused the speech for advising aspiring villains with the one for idealistic young heroes.
Sir Ano: You give pep talks to bad guys, too!
Mar'vel: A wizard's got to pay rent, too, you know! And villans pay really well when you stroke their egos.
Sir Ano: Riiiiiiight.
<Character>: *Psst! I don't think he's really waht you're looking for in an adviser, Ano.*
Sir Ano: Um. Er. Thanks for your... help... I guess, Sir Wizard. I think we're going to be going now, though.
Sir Ano: Are you sure you don't want to stay? I could finish explaining my experi-ment. You could take it for a test flight! I'm sure it's ready... almost.
<Character>: Er, no, that's alright. We really need to be getting back to the Keep.
Sir Ano: I'm sure we've been missed by now, and I miss it! The jousting, the jesting-
<Character>: And the most unstable outhouse in the realm.
Sir Ano: Really, when you think about it, there's no place like Oaklore!

Sir Ano: Do... do you hear something? A sort of whistling sound?
<Character>: Now that you mention it...
Sir Ano: OW.
<Character>: *groan*
Next Up: Victoria's Secret
Location: In front of Oaklore Keep -> Sir Ano -> Quests -> Victoria's Secret
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of There's No Place Like Oaklore
Release Date: 1/2/09

Objective: You wouldn't think a military fort would be a place of secrets, but Sir Ano sure has managed to keep your assistance quiet long enough. Who is to say that others don't have secrets of their own?
Objective completed: Scandalous! This will set the townsfolk talking, to be sure.

Sir Ano: The King is coming for a visit, <Character>! This is my chance! But before I can worry about that, there's something I need your help taking care of.
Sir Ano: Captain Rolith himself has asked me to deal with a group of bandits which has camped out in the middle of a swamp a ways away.
Sir Ano: He says it shouldn't be any problem for someone of my skills. I- ah- haven't mentioned yet that you've been helping me...
Sir Ano: But I will, I promise! In fact, if- when- I get presented to the King, I'll tell him all about you then.
Sir Ano: You've taught me so much already. But will you help me, this one last time?

Harry: Halt!
Poe: *mumble*
Sir Ano: Huh?
<Character>: Excuse me?
Surly: He said "We'll make it so yer own mother couldn't identify ya."
<Character>: Oh. Thank you. Anyways, we're supposed to be here. We're on a mission! That is, we were sent here to-
Surly: Hey! You, the skinny one with th' big nose. Harry, doesn't 'e look like Wes Lee?
Harry: Wes Lee?
Poe: *confused mumble*
Surly: Yes, ya numbskull. He's th' adventurer what helps them bandits over near Lymcrest.
Harry: Ummmm. Uh. Oooh. Right. Wes Lee!
Surly: Ya are Wes Lee, aint'cha?
Sir Ano: Why, yes. Yes I am!
<Character>: *whisper* This can't have been part of your plan.
Sir Ano: *whisper* Nope! But who says I can't think fast? Carpe Opportunitas!
Harry: What did ya say?
Sir Ano: Nothing. Just sneezing. Both of us.
Harry: Gesundheit!
Poe: *mumble*
Sir Ano: Thank you! I've come with a message from a fellow chief. He, uh, wants me to give it to your leader in person. It's very important.
<Character>: Full of plottings and devousness and bandit-y goodness.
Harry: Then yous'd best get moving on to camp. Follow th' path that way and you'll see it over th' hill there.
Harry: Oh, and watch out for th' chief. He and Fezwig-
Surly: Ugh, that giant oaf.
Harry: They got inta a brawl and Fezwig knocked 'im about th' head. He might be a but muddled.

Roberts: So, they said you were Lee?
Sir Ano: Yep. Lee. Wes Lee.
Roberts: Did m't yo do that... thing for... er- what'shisname?
Sir Ano: The guy you met in that one?
Roberts: That's the one!
<Character>: That was Macks, all right! He's really good at getting things done. A miracle man, if you know what I mean.
Roberts: I do, I do! Say... how's about you help me with a little job I've got in the works?
Sir Ano: Er, sure.
<Character>: *whsiper* What do you think you're doing? What did you just agree to do?!
Sir Ano: *whisper* Shh! Trust me! So... what did you have in mind, Dready?
Roberts: Weeeell. Y'know the King? The one with the daughters?
<Character>: ...What about them?
Roberts: I heard tell that he's going to be in some fortress in the woods near Falconreach.
Sir Ano: You mean... Oaklore Keep?
Roberts: That's the one! Anyways, I figure, the life of a bandit chief is pretty swanky what with the robbing and the plundering and all, but I figured...
Roberts: if I could grab me a princess, I could ransom some serious loot outta her daddy.
Sir Ano: You're going to kidnap one of the princess?
Roberts: Yup! And you two're gonna help!
<Character>: *whisper* Is this the part where you tell him who your really are? Because I don't think this is quite how you want to get noticed by His Highness.
Sir Ano: Dready, I'd love to help you, really, I would. There's just one little problem.
Roberts: What's that?
Sir Ano: My name is Sir Ano de Berg'rac. You're planning to kidnap my princess. Prepare to die.

Captain Rolith: Welcome back, Ano! And <Character>, how nice to see you after all this time.
Captain Rolith: Ano, I have to be honest. This last mission, dealing with the bandits... was something of a test. Sir Reptitious followed you the entire time.
Captain Rolith: Now, I'm not sure why <Character> came with you, but it looks like you didn't mind the company.
<Character>: Er... yeah. Company. Ano? Did you want to break in he-
Captain Rolith: Yes, yes. I'm sure you want to tell me all about the details of your mission, Ano, but I have news you'll want to hear.
Captain Rolith: The King is here, and I've shared Sir Reptitious' report and the details of your last few trips with him. He's eager to meet you.
Captain Rolith: I believe he and his daughters are about to sit down to a meal. Sir Emony will announce you. Congratulations, you've come a long way.
Captain Rolith: Oh, and one more thing. After his Highness is done with you, there's the Bandit's loot to go through. I'd say you've earned your share.

King Alteon: <Character>, it is always good to see you! Sir Ano, I'm pleased to have you dining with us tonight, as are my daughters.
King Alteon: I've heard quite a few stories about you from Sir Emony when he brought up Captain Rolith's request to have you presented...
King Alteon: especially after thwarting a kidnapping plot! Please allow me to introduce my daughters, at least one of whom owes her well-being to you, it seems.
King Alteon: Brittany, my lovely eldest; her celver little sister, Tara; and finally my darling Victoria.
Princess Victoria: Hello!
Princess Tara: Pleasure to meet you both!
Princess Britanny: Good evening!
Sir Ano: I am truly honored, Sire. I have dreamed for about this moment for years. And, to be honest, I have to thank <Character>. Without the hel-
<Character>: Princess Victoria! It is Victoria, right? Your Highness, it is so good to finally meet you.
Princess Victoria: Er, yes. Thank you. It is very nice to meet you, <Character>. For the first time. Ever.
<Character>: Ano, I'm sure you've heard the many stories about Her Highness' selfless charity work?
King Alteon: Victoria? I didn't know you'd become involved with my charities! I'm not surprised; you always were a role model of selflessness.
<Character>: Oh, yes, your Highness! She's well-known for her work distributing gold to the mon-
Princess Victoria: The moneyless villagers! That is to say, the poorer townspeople.
Princess Tara: Gee, Viki, that sounds a bit dangerous. Aren't you afraid of being waylaid by lawless criminals?
King Alteon: Your sister has a good point, Victoria. I'm familiar with some of the areas where our charities focus.
King Alteon: There are some unsavory characters there with complete disregard for the law.
Princess Brittany: Ooh, wouldn't you be afraid you'd be in danger?
<Character>: I'm sure your sister can handle herself, my Lady. I'm quite sure of it. Why, I bet she could come face to face with Robina the Hood herself...
<Character>: ... and be in no more danger than she is now.
Princess Tara: You wouldn't want to borrow the little mirror I have, would you Victoria?
Princess Victoria: ......
King Alteon: Victoria, just what are <Character> and your sister implying?
Princess Victoria: Father, I just... I-
Sir Ano: You just make it so that the Adventurers who slay the monsters bothering the townspeople get a little something for their troubles, right?
Sir Ano: I mean, if Robina the Hood- er, if you didn't do that, being a hero would be much less profitable, wouldn't it?
Sir Ano: And the way I see it, that would be bad in a couple ways.
King Alteon: Do continue, because I'm very interested in how you're going to rationalize one of my daughters supporting and even directly aiding crime.
Sir Ano: Well, if the heroes didn't see slaying monsters as profitable, the number of active heroes wou;d decrease. That would do two things:
Princess Victoria: *gulp*
Sir Ano: It would make more trouble for your subjects since monster attacks would become more frequent...
Sir Ano: ... and it would mean there were fewer heroes spending their hard-won gold in the shops and Inns throughout your Realm.
Sir Ano: So, really, when you think about it, Victoria's actions as Robina's benefit your kingdom's economy.
<Character>: ... Y'know, Ano, that actually kind of makes sense.
Princess Victoria: Yes, yes it does. It definatly does. Uh, that's been my motivation this whole time! Helping the people!
Princess Tara: *snicker*
<Character>: *snicker*
King Alteon: Hmmm. I can't say as I entirely approve of your methods, but I'm glad to see you taking an interest in the well-being of our subjects...
King Alteon: Even if your attempts to aid them were rather circuitous. We'll have to have a lengthy talk about just what your plans for the future are, my girl.
King Alteon: I highly doubt you'll attract a Prince gallivanting around the countryside engaged in such unsuitable activities.
King Alteon: As for you, Ano, you have quite the sharp mind. Such an ability to finesse the facts of a situation present them in a good light, well...
Princess Victoria: But...!
King Alteon: I could have a use for such a silver-tongued young Knight at Court. Sir Vice is in charge of coordinating the Knights who work directly for me.
King Alteon: See him about a position as a Public Relations consultant. I have high hopes for you, young man.
Princess Brittany: I'd be happy to show you around Court, Sir Ano. I'm sure osmeone as brave and gallant as you are must have many stories to tell!
Sir Ano: Why, I, uh... yes. Yes, I do.
King Alteon: Speaking of stories... Really, Victoria! Some of the tales I've heard about your alter ego! I hope they aren't all true.
<Character>: Only most of them!
Princess Victoria: <Character>, you can stop. Helping. Now.
<Character>: Awww, are you sure? I could keep going! I've done so well with Ano, after all.
Princess Brittany: He is quite a Knight, isn't he?
Princess Victoria: Quite sure.
Sir Ano: *blush*
<Character>: As you wish, your Highness. *grin*

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