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 DragonFable Timeline: Egg Hunt and Beginning Wars

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PostSubject: DragonFable Timeline: Egg Hunt and Beginning Wars   Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:36 pm

Location: Oaklore Keep, on the way to Falconreach
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 3
Release Date: October 6, 2006

Objective: In a dark and secluded part of Oaklore forest, several Darkwolf Bandits tried to take your gold. BIG mistake.
Objective completed: In a dark and secluded part of Oaklore forest, several Darkwolf Bandits tried to take your gold. BIG mistake.

Renegade: HA, another victim falls prey to the Darkwolf Bandits. Your gold or your HP... NOW!
<Character Name>: Hmm. How about... YOUR gold or YOUR HP. Then I won't have to hurt you guys.
Renegade: Our gold? You've got some nerve hero, you would have made a good Darkwolf Bandit. Too bad we have to waste you. GET HIM/HER!

Note: This quest can only be completed once.
Next Up: Zorbak's Prank
Location: Oaklore Keep, on the way to Falconreach
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ambush in the Bushes
Release Date: October 6th, 2006

Objective: This wicked little blue Moglin just set you up!
Objective completed: This wicked little blue Moglin just set you up!

Zorbak: SHHHH! Careful hero. You wouldn't want to wake this hungry, giant, sleeping, man-eating bear.
<Your Character>: Wow. That was a close call. Thanks!
Zorbak: HEY BEAR WAKE UP! LUNCH TIME! (Meh heh, heh, this should be fun.)
<Your Character>: Why you little blue rat!
An exclamation mark on the bear's head
<Your Character>: Uh oh...

You fight the Bear.

After you win the battle:
Zorbak: Interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on this one. *Poof!*
Next Up: Hydra Boss
Raven and Twilly fight and defeat the Hydra and Raven is labled a hero for the effort.
Location: Falconreach-> Ash->Dracolich->Follow Me!
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 10
Release Date: 4/27/07

Objective: Ash has brought you to this cliff to show you something, but he's being very secretive about the whole thing.
Objective completed: It is clear that Sepulchure has big plans for both dragon boxes. Perhaps more clues to his plan can be found at the Temple of the Four Winds.

<Character>: What was it you wanted to show me Ash?
Twilly: Twillies is curious too.
Ash: Just wait a second guys, it should be here any minute now...
<Character>: ...
Ash: There! Its coming over the mountain now!
<Character>: What is that thing?!?!
Ash: I was hoping that you could tell me. I saw it for the first time yesterday, but it's been circling the countryside for several days.
Ash: Reports were coming to Falconreach about a giant undead dragon with a castle on his back, but I had to see it for myself.
Ash: It was spotted flying south with that castle on it's back a few days ago. People are saying that it attacked the Temple of the Four Winds...
Ash: No one seems to know anything about it.
Twilly: *gulp* Twillies knows.
Twilly: Only stories, rumors and legends... but some of them must be true.
Twilly: That is one of the Great Dragons... one of The Ancient Ones... or what is left of it.
Twilly: HE must have had his army of necromancers animate the skeleton. It's HIS flying fortress!
<Character>: He who, Twilly?
Twilly: Who else? Who else would corrupt the resting bones of one of the Ancient Dragons? SEPULCHURE!
<Character>: Sepulchure has that much dark power? It's Unbelievable! He is a far greater threat than I ever thought...
<Character>: What could he be planning?
Meanwhile inside Sepulchure's flying dracolich fortress...
Drakath: My lord Sepulchure, I have returned with the White Dragon Box as you demanded.
Drakath: The priests at the Temple of the Four Winds were no match for your undead soldiers under my command.
Drakath: Please, grant me the power of the Necrotic Blade of Doom as you promised.
Sepulchure: Prince Drakath, you are a FOOL!
Drakath: My... my lord?
Sepulchure: Our agreement was BOTH dragon Boxes! Black AND White! I only see the White Dragon Box before me.
Drakath: There were...complications...with the Black Dragon Box. If you would simply grant me to power I'm certain that I could...
Sepulchure: I think, perhaps, that you are still focusing too much on your energy taking on King Alton's throne...
Drakath: My throne! The royal seat is mine by birthright...
Sepulchure: BE SILENT! As I have promised, bring me BOTH boxes and the power... and the throne... will be yours.
Sepulchure: Do not interrupt me... or return here without both dragon boxes... ever again.
Sepulchure: Do not fail me a second time, Prince Drakath.
Drakath: Yes... my lord.
Next Up: The Temple Of The Four Winds
Location: Falconreach -> Ash -> Dracolich -> Wind Temple
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 10, Completion of Sepulchure's Flying Fortress
Release Date: 4/27/07

Objective: To find out more about Sepulchure's plans, you head to the Temple of the Four Winds, The last place that Sepulchure and his Dracolich Fortress attacked.
Objective completed:

Ash: It looks like the Temple of the Four Winds has gone under attack. You should go there and see if anyone needs help!

Temple Priest: Thank you for helping to clear the Temple of Four Winds of Monsters. Now we can get help for our injured.

Temple Priest: I will tell you anything that will help you. Please…what would you like to know about?

The Attack
Temple Priest: Not long ago a gigantic Dracolich with a castle on its back flew over the Temple.
Temple Priest: A dangerous man calling himself Drakath lead an undead army into the Temple and attacked us without warning.
Temple Priest: They took no prisoners and showed no mercy but once Drakath had the White Dragon Box, he and that army left.
Temple Priest: The Temple of Four Winds is an ancient place, and its walls were in need of repair before, but the undead army left them in ruins.
Temple Priest: With the temple walls destroyed the local monsters began coming in here and looking for food and treasure.
Temple Priest: We were trapped here looking after our injured brothers until you cleared the way. Thank you!

White Dragon Box
Temple Priest: Priestess Celestia of the light temple left the White Dragon Box in our care. Inside is the egg of a dragon.
Temple Priest: Oh,but it is no ordinary dragon! When the stars align themselves right, two very special dragon eggs appear into our world.
Temple Priest: Most dragons have certain elements, but these two dragons have NO element , until they are hatched.
Temple Priest: Many factors determine what elements these special dragons will become, but none more than the human that they are closest to.
Temple Priest: One of these dragons will become the Mighty Order Dragon, and the other…the Terrible Chaos Dragon!
Temple Priest: But there is no way to see which is which UNTIL they fight their destined battle with each other, alongside their human counterparts.
Temple Priest: The Chaos Dragon, the World Destroyer might be with the kindest human alive. The Order Dragon might be enslaved by the worst villain!
Temple Priest: There are many, MANY prophecies about these two dragons and the roles that they will play in history…
Temple Priest: …but none say which will win their final battle.
Temple Priest: We cannot allow the White Dragon Box to remain in the hands of that monster!
Raven returns to Falconreach to find it under attack!
Other names: Invasion Of The Undead!

Location: Falconreach (formerly known as Testopia) > Undead Assault > To Battle!, Falconsnest -> War Memorial -> Undead Assault -> To Battle!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: May 28th, 2006 Jan 1st, 2010

Objective: DragonFable's very first war!
Objective completed: And so it began...

Old Man Grizzleguts says, "There is a strange red glow in the sky. Rumors are spreading faster than peanut butter and jelly on my sandwich... Mmm... peanut butter. Dangit! Now I am hungry. Undead? Oh... right, villagers have spotted flying eyeballs which seem to be acting as scouts and spys for this advancing army. Trees are uprooting themselves and lumbering towards town! The footsteps of the skeletal forces are posioning the ground causing bubbles of menacing slime to appear! They will reach town soon!"

Takes you to the war waves

Takes you back to town

Victory Scene
Next Up: And so it began...

Other name: End Cutscene

Location: Falconreach (formerly known as Testopia) > Undead Assault > End Cutscene, Falconsnest -> War Memorial -> Undead Assault -> End Cutscene
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% of the War Meter
Release Date: May 28th, 2006 Jan 1st, 2010

Objective: Sepulchure has many plans!
Objective completed: But Sepulchure has a Master with more plans than he knows.


*Scene opens with Sepulchure is standing on a cliff holding the Necrotic Blade of Doom (DoomBlade) overlooking the battlefield*

*Enter Klatu* Picture

Klatu: Mi'lord, forgive my intrusion....
Sepulchure: Speak, Necromancer.
Klatu: There... there.... there was more resistance than we could have imagined...
Klatu: The defenders defeated my entire army of undead! I fear we have been outmatched.
Sepulchure: ...
Klatu: ... Mi'lord?
Sepulchure: Everything is going according to our Master's plan.


Sepulchure: You are dismissed.

Klatu retreated back

Sepulchure: Yes.
Sepulchure: Unlikely.
Sepulchure: <Character>?
Sepulchure: ?

Complete Quest
Location: SureWould Forest -> Robina -> Quests -> Golden Opportunity
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Black Dragon Box
Release Date: March 16th, 2007

Objective: Robina has agreed to give you the Black Dragon Box in exchange for a few favors, the first of which is recovering a chest of gold stolen by the Darkwolf Bandits.
Objective completed: You have fought your way through the Darkwolf Bandits to their forest hideout and recovered the stolen chest for Robina. What could she want with all this gold?

Robina: A Golden Opportunity! Time to steal from the Rich...specifically, Richard the Vile, one of the bandits who robbed one of King Alteons caravans!
Robina: A reliable source informed me that the gold was to be a birthday gift for one of King's three daughters.
Next Up: Give Until It Hurts
Location: SureWould Forest -> Robina -> Quests -> Give Until It Hurts
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Golden Opportunity
Release Date:

Objective: Robina the hood has asked you to take the gold stolen from the Darkwolf Bandits and place it on several monsters of the forest.
Objective completed: A few bites and scratches later, you have placed all of the stolen gold onto the forest monsters. Now that you have accomplished your backwards task, go see Robina for the Black Dragon Box.

Robina: Give until it hurts! You did great taking that chest of gold from the bandits! Now we're going to GIVE IT ALL AWAY.
Robina: Go knock out some random forest creatures and put that gold on them! What, you didn't think I was serious?
Robina: Where did you think all those monsters got gold from in the first place?
Next Up: Opening the Black Box
Location: SureWould Forest -> Robina -> The Black Dragon Box, Falconreach -> Twilly -> Back to Dragon Egg Saga-> Robina the Hood
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Give Until It Hurts
Release Date: 17th March, 2007

Objective: You have done everything that Robina the hood has asked and now it is time to recieve your reward... THE BLACK DRAGON BOX!
Objective completed: After opening the box and discovering it was empty, the sneevil confessed to dumping the contents of the box at the Sneevil Dump Site. Maybe Twilly knows where that is.

Robina: Alright, a deal is a deal!

Robina: Wow <Your Character>! You did a great job. You have held up your end of our deal so you may have the box.
<Your Character>: I can have it? Just like that?
Robina: Yup, just like that. What did you expect?
<Your Character>: I don't know. For something so valuable, I was expecting a tougher fight. I was expecting some boss to pop up and...
<Your Character>: AH... that's more like it.
Robina: You!
Drakath: Ah Robina, thank you for keeping the Black Dragon Box safe for me. I see you've met my new friend, that's wonderful.
<Your Character>: Drakath, didn't you learn anything from last time?
Drakath: Yes, I learned that you are a fool for letting me live, this time I'm prepared for you... BOTH of you...
*Krakhim appears behind Drakath*
Drakath: Now... I WILL have my BLACK DRAGON BOX!

Boss Fight - Krakhim and Drakath

Drakath: NO!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!
<Your Character>: You say that word a lot.
Drakath: Fine, I'll finish you fools later, but the BOX IS MINE!
Robina: No! <Your Character>, you can't let him open the box!

*shows the empty box*

Drakath: EMPTY??! BUT HOW?
Sneevil: YES! EMPTY! Give me back my beautiful empty box! Already dumped out useless thing in box.
<Your Character>: WHAT?! WHERE DID YOU DUMP IT?
Sneevil: Sneevil Dump Site, of course!

To be continued...

Complete Quest
Next Up: QuadForce

Other names: Fight the Boss Monster!, Boss Fight!

Location: Falconreach -> Ice Dragon War -> Meet Frostscythe, FalconsNest -> War Memorial -> Ice Dragon War -> To War! -> Fight the Boss Monster!
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% of the War Meter
Release Date: November 17, 2006 January 1, 2010

Objective: This is the bad guy behind all the ice dragons invading?
Objective completed: Hah, hes only a DragonMASTER!

*Twilly comes and stand beside you*

Twilly: We did it! We won!
<Character>: Not yet, Twilly. We still have not faced the Dragon and DragonLord behind....
<Character>: Woah...
Twilly: Woah...
Frostscythe: Give the orb to me now and I shall make your Deaths swift!
<Character>: ORB? What Orb? I have no idea what you are talking about.... who are you?
Frostscythe: I do not have time for this....
Twilly: Is he a DragonLord?

*Zorbak teleports in*

Zorbak: Meh... cast the wrong teleport spell. Where am I?
Frostscythe: Zorbak!
Zorbak: DragonMaster Frostscythe how.. meh... good to see you again!
Twilly: Only a DragonMaster? Whew.. he has not become a full fledged DragonLord yet... his Dragon will not be full strength.
Frostscythe: Enough of this.. prepare yourselves! I WILL HAVE THE ORB!
Zorbak: Meh heh heh heh... this is going to be good. Later!

*Zorbak vanishes*

Frostscythe: Glaisaurus, I command you to my side!

Boss Fight - Battle! OR Extreme Mode
(Note: Extreme mode is blatantly impossible and consists purely for bragging rights on the forums.)

Frostscythe: Defeated? How is this possible? YOU BROKE MY DRAGON AMULET! Without it Glaisaurus is useless to me!
<Character>: Now tell us... Why did you attack this town?
Frostscythe: HA HA HA *Sneeze* ...you do not even know what you are defending? *Cough*
<Character>: ?
Frostscythe: You will discover it on your own soon though... *cough* I did not realize *sneezes* who you were.
Frostscythe: Had I known *coughs* that you are <Character>... I would have brought a much larger army. *Aaaaaachooooo!*
Frostscythe: You may have forced me to start over, but know this -- I WILL become the next DragonLord. *Sneeze*

*Frostscythe runs away*

Twilly: Did the big frost boss guy just catch a cold?
<Character>: *Chuckles*
Twilly: *Chuckles*
<Character>: Aaaaaachooooo!

The town has been saved. As the ice slowly melts away the sun shines brightly. Well fought.... well fought indeed!
Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Sneevil Dumpsite
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Defeat Gananana!
Release Date: March 30th, 2007

Objective: One Sneevils trash is just about any other man's treasure! Somewhere amongst the strange and valuable items the Sneevils dumped here is the Egg from the Black Dragon Box.
Objective completed: Leggo my egg crow! Actually, it was a Vultragon... and a VERY large and scary one at that. There is no time to spare. Valencia will know what to do next... right?

Valencia: The sneevil dumped a Dragon Egg out of the Black Dragon Box at the sneevil dump site. I can show you the way there.
• Sneevil Dumpsite!
• Back

<Character>: FINALLY! The Dragon Egg is mine! I've gone through a lot for this.
<Character>: Now, all that I have to do is walk five feet ahead and pick it up, and it will be mine.
<Character>: ...Yup. That's all that I have to do...
<Character>: ...I just need to reach out my hand and take my prize...
<Character>: ....and I WILL claim my prize, because I have earned it. I will claim it...
<Character>: ...in just a few seconds...
<Character>: I should know better than this but I really want to savor that moment of final triumph...
<Character>: ...After all, this moment only comes around once, and I want to enjoy it...
<Character>: ...so I'll just stand here for a few seconds and...
Vultragon: *KREEOW!* *KREEOW!*
<Character>: *blink blink* ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!?!
<Character>: GREAT! Drakath, sneevils, now giant birds...WHAT NEXT?

Other Information
Messages which appear when clicking at these places:
(From Left Up to Right Down)
Book: This book is called: How to find books under trees." Guess you don't need it.
Helmet: A family of spiders has made this helm their home.
(Next screen)
Sheet of paper: These are the lyrics to a song: "The ballad of Sanford and his Son"
Blue Chestplate: Lots of dagger holes in this chestpiece. No wonder someone threw it out.
(Next screen)
Pot: This cast iron pot has seen one too many bad stew recipies.
Sword: There is something... icky... all over the handle.
(Next screen)
(Next screen)
Skulls: There are a lot of these skulls. Sneevils must have found a crate of them.
Green bag: A Mystery Bag that smells like gorillaphant feet! Better leave it there.
(Next screen)
(Next screen)
Stick: Wow. A stick.
Broken pot: A small voice calls your name from inside this vase, but you know better then to look in.
(Next screen)
Axe: This looks like a fine axe, but looking closer you see no STATS on it. Forget that!
Next Up: Egg Recovery
Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Egg Recovery
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Sneevil Dumpsite
Release Date: March 30th, 2007

Objective: At the last second, the Dragon Egg was stolen by a large viscious bird called a Vultragon who makes its home in the Sneevil Dump Site. You must track down the egg thief and get your egg back!
Objective completed: You found that the Ultra Vultragon's nest was filled with large eggs that ALL looked like your Dragon Egg, so you took all six...uh...five of the eggs.

Valencia: A huge Vultragon stole the egg? I bet it was "Ultra-Vultragon!. He lives at the top of.... Mt. Moordoor!

Valencia: Moordoor? It is a deadly mountain of treasure and the bane of door to door salesmen everywhere! A huge Vultragon lives at the top.

Valencia: Vultragons? They are wretched scavengers that steal and eat each other's eggs. Their eggs look very similar to Dragon Eggs.

<Your Character>: Ah HA! There they are! All... six... of them?
<Your Character>: OK, so there are SIX eggs. SO what? I'll take six and sort them out later.
Vultragon: *KREEOW* *KREEOW*
<Your Character>: I don't want to hear it. You stole MY egg in the first place. The rest of them are probably stolen too.
<Your Character>: Besides, Do you think I'm just going to stand around and talk after that LAST cutscene?
<Your Character>: No way, birdbrain! I'm taking all those eggs and I'm getting out of here as fast as I can.
Vultragon: *KREEOW* *KREEOW*
<Your Character>: I WANT MY EGG!

You fight Battle Ultra Vultragon

<Your Character >: AT LAST! I'm not sure which of them is my egg, but I'm going to find out. Until then I'll have to keep them all safe.
<Character >: All six of...
*one of the eggs falls*
<Your Character >: um...
<Your Character >: ...all FIVE of the eggs!

Next Up: Breakfast with Warlic
Raven returns to Falconreach but before she can see Warlic about the eggs, Xan attacks
Location: Falconreach -> Trouble!, Falconsnest -> War Memorial -> Wrath of Xan -> Bassault's Assault
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 16th, 2007

Objective: Drakath has called in a favor with the Pyromancer Xan. His firey armies are taking positions all around Falconreach, but a huge lava creature named Bassault is not waiting.
Objective completed: You have bested Bassault, the minion of Xan. Maybe some clue to the war plans of the pyromancer can be found.

Xan: DRAKATH!? How dare you attempt to give ME , the great Xan an order?
Drakath: I am calling in the favor you owed my father
Xan: Hahahahaha... *Cackle crackle*
Xan: Yes. *Sizzle* Very well. Hahahaha... I will honor this. The whole town you say? Hahahahahaha!
Drakath: <Your Character> has humiliated me and must pay the price for his defiance.
Xan: Good... hahaha good... I was looking for something to amuse myself with before I deal with Warlic.
Drakath: Excellent. How many of my men will you need?
Xan: *Smiles with flames* None...
Drakath: What? Are you mad?
Xan: Yes.... haha.... yes! Let's see... Haha... it will take one week for my army to arrive in Falconreach.
Xan: Look past my shoulder... hahahaha... I have already... HAHAHA sent them a little taste of what is to come! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Drakath: .....
Drakath: O_O
Location: Button in Falconreach
Level/Quest/Items required: N/A
Release Date: March 23rd, 2007

Objective: All of King Alteon's troops have been defeated, and the king himself has gone missing. This could be a disaster if Xan's forces have gotten to the king before you. You have to find him!
Objective completed: Oh good, you found him.

King Alteon: *Coughs* Who goes there?
<You>: King Alteon, I am <You>, a friend.
King Alteon: ... *coughs* ...
King Alteon: Thank you for saving me *coughs* Xan... Xan is more poweful than we ever imagined.
King Alteon: He had a second army of fire mosters waiting for us...
King Alteon: All 500,000 of my Knights were defeated!
King Alteon: *coughs*
<You>: King Alteon! You are wounded!
King Alteon: It is alright... Now listen carefully. *coughs* When facing Xan my 299 Elite Knights formed a wall...
King Alteon: Xan defeated them all with a single fire spell...
King Alteon: *coughs* a SINGLE SPELL!
King Alteon: But <Insert Character-Name here>, we can still win this...
<You>: (Judging by the 0 remaining Knights he must have a REALLY good plan.)
<You>: How, sire?
King Alteon: Because we have more warriors than Xan does!
<You>: ????
King Alteon: <You>, what is your profession?
<You>: Video Game Character?
King Alteon: NO! You are...
<You>: Ahwaaaa?
King Alteon: <You>, become the 301st Elite Knight, stop Xan, and save Falconreach!
<You>: 301st? What happen to 300th?
King Alteon: Let's not talk about that...
King Alteon: Take this cape and stand your ground against all odds. Save Falconreach as the 301st Elite Knight!
King Alteon: For tonight... we dine in Serenity's Inn!
Location: Falconreach -> Battle -> Battle Xan
Level required: Any
Release Date: March 26th, 2007

Objective: Xan is unlike any villain we have ever fought before...
Objective completed: You have stood up to Xan and are hailed the hero of Falconreach. Now, the people look onto you for inspiration as they rebuild.... Falconreach shall spread its wings again!

Xan: *Cackle Crackle* HAHA... HAHAHAHA! This is the end!
Xan: Now... get out of my way while I finish this.
<Your Character>: No!
<Your Character>: We have defeated all four million waves of your fire monsters and the townsfolk are safe...
<Your Character>:... and as long as there is still one unburnt board left in Falconreach to defend... you will have to get past ME!
Xan: What? You? YOU are going to stop me? HAHAHA Now that is funny!
<Your Character>: Leave now Xan. This is your last warning.
Xan: HAHAHAHA! I am trying to figure out who is more insane... me? Or you!
Xan: Perhaps you have me confused with the garbage that attacked here previously.
Xan: *Staring at you with fire filled eyes* You will not last 3 rounds against my fire magic.
Xan: ... and when I finish you HAHAHAHA my flames will engulf every last person and thing in this town!
<Your Character>: I have never felt a power like Xan's before... but I must try, the people of Falconreach are counting on me!
<Your Character>: For Falconreach!

If you battle... after a couple of rounds

Xan: Now, to finish you! HAHA! *Casts fire spell*
<Your Character>: *Faint*
Xan: Whats this? Still alive? Well well well, you might have proven an interesting challenge...
Xan: ... If I didn't have the Pyronomicon magnifying my abilities.
Pyre Spy: *Whisper whisper whisper*
Xan: WHAT!? Warlic, you say? HAHAHAHA! What a wonderful day!
Xan: Too bad for you hero. I was going to finish you quickly, but now I leave you to a slow death.
Xan: Farewell <Your Character>. I've got a meeting with an old friend. HAHAHAHA! See you in the afterlife!

Everything fades to black...

<Your Character>: It's so dark...
<Your Character>: ... why is it so dark...
??? #1: Over here!
??? #2: Are we too late?
<Your Character>: ... is this the end?...
??? #1: I've never seen anyone hurt this badly...
??? #1: Can you do anything?
??? #2: I'm trying.
<Your Character>: ... What... What is that sound...
<Your Character>: ... Those voices... my friends...
??? #2: It's working!!
<Your Character>: ...My friends still need me...

You can see clearly now... the rain has gone

<Your Character>: *Blink blink* What happened? Where am I?
Twilly: It worked! I was able to heal him! That was close <Your Character>. Xan nearly finished you off.
<Your Character>: XAN! Is everyone... Did anyone get hurt?
Serenity: Don't worry, <Your Character>, we're all fine
Grams: Yeah, we had a few burns but Twilly was able to heal all of us that needed healin'.
Reens: Ash, Cysero and the Guardians are still looking for people in the wreckage and helping who they can
Yulgar: We weren't able to do much for town. All that is left is a... single... unburned board.
Cysero's Orb: Hey, you on the ground... want to buy a weapon?
<Your Character>: Falconreach... is gone. I'm sorry everyone, I really let you down.
Patch: Are you kiddin'? Ye saved all of us, hero! You were the only one who was able to stand up ta' Xan. We'd be dead if not fer you.
Konnan: Xan would never do all this without reason. I have to find out why he destroyed town.
Aria: Thanks to you, we are all well. That is important thing. We can rebuild Falconreach! And make it better than it ever was!
<Your Character>: You're right! We CAN rebuild it! A single unburned board is all we need to get started.
Yulgar: We're right behind you all the way <Your Character>:! We'll help any way that we can.
Everyone cheers
<Your Character>: Thanks everyone, but the best thing that you do is get your shops back up and running.
<Your Character>: People will need weapons and potions and... uh... haircuts.
<Your Character>: I'll rally the other heroes. We will get as much gold as it takes to rebuild Falconreach! Any questions?
Aria: Why are you still laying on the ground?
<Your Character>: It is actually rather comfortable down here. Now, let's get moving!
• A Visual Version
After rebuilding the town, Frostval comes
Directions from Falconreach: Opening Screen -> Frostval!

Act 1

A Frostvale Tale

Maya: Thank goodness you are here! Ice Master Yeti kidnapped every moglin in Frostvale. Everyone is fighting now to get them back!

To Battle
Takes you to Icemaster Yeti's Cave

Secret Mission (DA only)
Takes you to The Cave of Glaisaurus

Blizzy: Ice Master Yeti is a huge and terrible snow monster! He arrived with an army of snow monsters and took all of the moglins!
Maya: The moglin behind me is Blizzy. He ran all the way to Oaklore to ask for help. His son was taken prisoner by Ice Master Yeti as well.
Maya: When I told King Alteon about the problem here, he personally sent letters to the greatest heroes in the land asking for help.
Blizzy: Frostvale is empty! But now that you are here I just know we can get everyone back.
Maya: King Alteon has a kind heart, but had to reassign me to be the official Loremaster for this incident is very strange.
Maya: I have a feeling something bigger is about to take place.
Maya: The other adventurers have all moved onto the offensive. Help them battle their way through Ice Master Yeti's minions and rescue the moglins!
Icemaster Yeti's Cave

After adventuring through some of the cave you come across Slushroom

Slushroom: Fwwwaaaaaat... ? FINFLUDERS!!!
<Character Name>: Stand aside monster! I am here to save the moglins from Ice Master Yeti.
Slushroom: Fou far foo fate! Fhe Frost Foglins far falready feing fold fo Fepulchure! Fafafafafafafafa!
<Character Name>: !
Slushroom: Fling Fit Fon!
<Character Name>: Uh...what?
Slushroom: I Faid, Fling Fit Fon!
<Character Name>: Whatever mushmouth, BRING IT ON!

After you defeat Slushroom and defeat others you come across Slicesicle whom is guarding the Helms

After the fight you travel on to the end of the cave

Blizzy: The moglins! Chilly is in there! What are we waiting...
<Character Name>: shhhhhhhh.
Sepulchure: ...We've done tests. The moglins healing abilities do not work on the undead. They are useless to us...
Sepulchure: ...... There will be no payment.
Icemaster Yeti: That wasn't part of the deal! I did the job! I got you the moglins!
Sepulchure: ...We will not pay for useless goods. I'm sure that you can find something to do with them...
Sepulchure: ...You look like you could use a snack

Sepulchure's hologram disappears

Icemaster Yeti: Sepulchure, you double crosser! But you did have a point, I AM hungry.
<Character Name>: I've heard enough! Icemaster Yeti, return the moglins and I'll let you walk out of this cave.
Icemaster Yeti: YOU! You destroyed every one of my minions and now I don't have a single gold piece to show for my trouble...
<Character Name>: This is your last warning furball. Let the moglins go.
Icemaster Yeti: That is a fantastic idea... I'll let them go...

Icemaster Yeti slams the ground, causing the Moglins tied up in a net behind him to fall down a bit

Chilly: PAPA!
Blizzy: CHILLY!......<Character Name>, we have to help them!
<Character Name>: Ok, Yeti.. what do you want?
Icemaster Yeti: I was cheated out of a lot of gold, hero. I can't leave empty handed so...
Icemaster Yeti: ...You hand over that juicy, weapon-filled backpack of yours and I'll let you have the moglins

Choose between Hand over Backpack or Keep Backpack and just leave

If you choose Hand over Backpack
<Character Name>: You leave me no choice, monster. My items are yours.

Blizzy quickly jumps in the backpack without letting Icemaster Yeti know

Icemaster Yeti: Good. Now kick the backpack over here.

You kick the backpack and it lands behind Yeti

Icemaster Yeti: FOOLISH HERO! Now I have you AND the moglins right where I want you!

Icemaster yeti slams the ground and a shard of ice knocks you out

Icemaster Yeti: Not so tough without your items, are you? HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH

Blizzy comes out of the backpack and lowers the moglins to safety

Blizzy: Come on everyone! <Character name> needs our help now! Use all your healing magic!

All the moglins bring you back to life

Icemaster Yeti: No..NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!
Blizzy: Here, Hero...Your Items! Show this overgrown carpet what happens to cheaters!

Fight Icemaster Yeti

After battle, walk straight and Quest Complete

Act 2

A Frostvale Tale (After War)

Maya: You have saved Frostvale! All of the moglins are back in town

Blizzy: Thanks <Character Name>
Chilly: Yeah, Thank you! I'm so happy to be back with my Papa again! You are both heroes!
Maya: King Alteon is waiting for you over by the moglin fire pit. He came to thank you personally for a job well done.
Blizzy: Frostvale wants to thank you too <characters name>. We've decided to have a celebration today.
Blizzy: We're calling the celebration FROSTVAL after our town that would be empty if not for you and your friends.
Blizzy: Talk to some of the moglins. They might have some special presents for you! ALL of them want to thank you.
Maya: Wow! A whole holiday in honor of your great deed! I"ve never met anyone with their own holiday before.
Maya: Happy Frostval!
Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Characters Name>
Chilly: Happy Frostval!

Replay Battle
Takes you to A Frostvale Tale & Icemaster Yeti's Cave

Secret Mission (DA only)
Takes you to The Cave of Glaisaurus

Fizzle: Hi, <Your Class>! I've made you some weapons to say thanks for saving me! Take as many as you like! They have the power to heal you
Frostval Weapon Shop
Lets you buy Candy Sword, Candy Cane, and Candy Dagger

King Alteon: Well met <Your Class>. It is an honor to finally meet you. I have heard many tales of your adventures.
King Alteon: Today you have done the entire kingdom, a great service. The bards will sing of this day.
King Alteon: I knew you would do the right thing... you are someone who can be counted on in the dark times ahead.
King Alteon: During your encounter with Ice Master Yeti were you able to discover who was behind this?
<Character Name>: Yes, I overheard the name Sepulchure. I believe this person was attempting to use the moglins to make healing weapons.
King Alteon: Indeed.
<Character Name>: It does not seem like it worked, Sepulchure broke the deal right as i arrived.
King Alteon: Interesting. I am often amazed by the unthinkable convenient timing of events in RPGs.
<Character Name>: What?
King Alteon: Hmmm, nevermind that. Let us keep this between ourselves. I will see what I can learn of this Sepulchure.
King Alteon: I will send you an invitation to my Castle in Swordhaven once I have returned from this journey.
<Character Name>: Journey? Will you be long?
King Alteon: *Smiles* I shall not be gone too much longer. There is someone I must meet with. I am happy that Frostvale was on the way.
King Alteon: Now is a time of celebration, all in your honor. Happy Frostval <Characters Name>

Frost Moglin: Thank you <Characters Name>:! You're the whole town's hero!

Frost Moglin: Happy Frostval <Characters Name>:! I was sure that Icemaster Yeti would eat us. Thanks to you I can sleep in my own bed again!

Doozle: If we're calling it FROSTVAL why don't we go all the way and just call it FROSTVALE? Or like... Frostival, like festival...
Rubix: Why do you always have to make everything so complicated? Just enjoy the party.

Frost Moglin: MMMmmmm. Hot Cocoaberry Juice is my favorite. Would you like some <Characters Name>?

Frost Moglin: Happy Frostvale <Characters Name>! I got you a present! But you can't open it until the new year...NO PEEKING!

Accept Gear
Lets you get Small Gift Box and Small Dragon Gift Box

Frost Moglin: This is my favorite time of year! Now I REALLY have something to celebrate... Not being yeti food! Thanks hero.

Frost Moglin: Hero, I made a celebration song! "We wish you a happy Frostval, and a Mmmerrrrrry neeewww yyyeeaar!"

Frost Moglin: Happy Frostval <Characters Name>! I made you a gift but you can't open it until the new year. You can shake it if you want.

Accept Gift
Lets you get Large Gift Box and Large Dragon Gift Box

Papa Moglin: Seasons Greetings <Characters Name>! If you have an ice dragon head I can make it into a healing weapon for you.
Let's you get Dragon Head Blade Series, Dragon Head Staff Series, and Dragon Head Knife Series
Location: Warlic's Zone-> Warlic->Dragon Egg->Warlic's Tent
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Egg Recovery
Release Date: April 6th, 2007

Objective: Warlic has invited you into his tower to try and help you in identify which egg is the true Dragon Egg.
Objective completed: <None>

Warlic: A Dragon Egg? So you have five eggs and can't tell them apart? Interesting. Please, step into the tent and tell me more.

<Character>: Wow. This is a lot more... roomy.. then it looks from the outside. I wouldn't have expected stone walls inside a tent.
Warlic: Oh, we're not in a tent. That is just the portal that leads here to my Mage Tower.
Warlic: We pay a little more for the extra dimensions, but we thought that it would be worth the rent.
<Character>: "We?"
Warlic: Yes, me and my roommate, Cysero. He's a decent roommate... mostly because he's gone most of the time.
Warlic: Anyway, Twilly told me how these eggs came into your possession. You've had quite an adventure so far.
<Character>: Yeah. That's one way to put it.
Warlic: I have begun doing research on the Black and White Dragon Boxes. The texts are ancient and difficult to translate, but it looks bad.
Warlic: If I'm correct, the texts say that this egg will hatch the Great Dragon that will destroy all of Lore!
<Character>: !
Warlic: We may be able to avert this catastrophe but first we will need to reveal which egg is the true Dragon Egg.
Warlic: I have a good feeling about this one, but we will need a power spell to dispell the illusion.
<Character>: Illusion? I don't see any illusion.
Warlic: Of course not, it's an illusion. All dragon eggs have a natural magic illusion around them that helps protect them.
Warlic: I have to find a spell powerful enough to counter the dragon magic on the egg. While I do my research make yourself at home.
Warlic: Feel free to make yourself a snack while you wait. I won't be very long. Watch the egg that will destroy Lore carefully. *He walks away*
<Character>: *... Fix myself a snack?... *

...Ten minutes later...
Warlic: I have great news!
Warlic: As it turns out, I believe that YOU have the egg that will hatch the dragon that will SAVE all of Lore from destruc... *sniff sniff*
<Character>: Don't worry Warlic, I already handled the problem in my own way... and it's DELICIOUS! Want some?
Warlic: Uh... No thank you. So you... uh... cooked the egg?
<Character>: Yup.
Warlic: You COOKED the dragon egg that would have saved the world.
<Character>: ... and then I ate part of it! YOU said that it was going to DESTROY the world! You said to fix a SNACK!
Warlic: Quickly... did the egg taste like Honey and Mackrel?
<Character>: EW, nasty! No, it tasted like a normal fried egg.
Warlic: Ok, then that wasn't the Dragon Egg. One sure way to tell if an egg is a dragon egg is the taste test.
<Character>: *Whew* So did you find a spell that can tell us which is the real egg? WITHOUT tasting it?
Warlic: Unfortunately, no. The magic is very strong. We will have to summon a creature that feeds on dragon eggs to dispell the illusion for us.
Warlic: I will need your help, hero. The Ancient Tome of Summoning lies high in my tower, behind a barrier that I cannot pass.
<Character>: Oh, some sort of magical force field that you can't penetrate.
Warlic: Not... exactly. The Tome is on Cysero's half of the tower.
Warlic: You see, his insane experiments and dirty laundry were driving me nuts, so we painted a yellow line separating his half from mine.
<Character>: ... Warlic, that isn't a very mature solution...
Warlic: Think so? Let's see if you feel that way after fighting past his magical accidents and his enchanted filthy laundry.
Next Up: Crossing the Line
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Dragon Egg -> The Tome
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Breakfast with Warlic
Release Date: April 6th, 2007.

Objective: Warlic has asked that you cross the yellow line in his tower and retrieve the spellbook that he needs from the half of the tower that belongs to his roommate... Cysero.
Objective completed: After discovering that you were not walking along a hallway, but in fact walking SIDEWAYS UP the tower, and successfully fighting your way past Cysero's accidental creations and enchanted piles of dirty laundry, you have found the spellbook.

Warlic: You must re-enter my Mage Tower and recover the Tome of Summoning from the upper-most floor.
Next up: Get Warlic's Ingredients
Location: Warlic's Zone > Warlic > Dragon Egg > Strings of Flame / Brickhead / You're All Wet / Ol' Wind Bag
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Crossing the Line
Release Date: April 6th, 2007

Objective: Find four ingredients so Warlic can summon an unspeakably powerful creature to find the real Dragon Egg!
Objective Complete: ?

Strings of Flame
Warlic: We must summon an unspeakably powerful creature to determine which egg is the right one. To summon "IT" I require several reagents! #1 Bag of Fire Yarn - Venture into the Fire Cave, north of here, and see if you can find Bag of Fire Yarn.

Warlic: The creature we are summoning is incredibly dangerous. Let's see, I still require several more reagents. Indestructible Litter - Go into the Earth Cave to the east. It is a dirty job, but you must defeat a Stone Head boss and take his rubble.

You're All Wet
Warlic: I fear the creature we summon might be too difficult to control. Just in case you should get a powerful water weapon. Bag of Fish! - Travel to the southern waterfall and bring back a bag of Salmon.

Ol' Wind Bag
Warlic: We just need one more thing to summon the monster that will show us which egg is the Dragon Egg. Bag of Wind-nip! - Mmm, wind-nip. Wind elementals just cannot get enough of the stuff. Search the wind cave to the North.


#1: Bag of Fire Yarn
Description: Venture into Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star, north of here, and see if you can find a Bag of Fire Yarn
Location: #1 on the map

#2: Indestructible Litter
Description: Go into It’s a Dirty Job to the east. Defeat the Stone Head boss and take his rubble
Location: Go to #2 on the map, fight through the dungeon, and you will obtain this item

#3: Bag of Salmon
Description: Near the Waterfall Secret Cave you will find a Bag of Salmon
Location: #3 on the map

#4: Wind-Nip
Description: Near The Floating Cave on the north
Location: #4 on the map
Next Up: Summoning Help
Location: Warlic's Zone > Warlic > Dragon Egg > The Summoning
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Get Warlic's Ingredients.
Release Date: April 6th, 2007

Objective: You have gathered all the necessary spell components that warlic needs to summon a creature from the darkness who can sniff out the real Dragon Egg!
Objective completed: You saved the Dragon Egg from being eaten by the Doomkitten, and now you know which is the real egg! Once it senses that you have found a safe place for it, it will drop its illusion and show you its true form.

Warlic: We are ready to summon the monster who can determine the egg. I must warn you again, this is extremely dangerous.

Warlic: Well done hero. We've got the Fire Yarn, Indestructable Litter, Salmon, and the Wind Nip.
Warlic: Everything that we will need to pull this monster from its world into our own.
Warlic: We are ready to begin the spell. Remember, this creature is VERY dangerous, and feasts on dragon eggs.
Warlic: It will sniff the eggs and it wil begin to dispell the dragon illsuion when it finds which egg is the real one.
Warlic: Once it has unveiled the true dragon egg, you will have to step in and banish the beast back to its own plane.
Warlic: Otherwise, it will devour the egg.
<Your Character>: Got it! I'm ready!
Warlic: Alright, here we go.
*blue lights and thunderbolts are seen*
???: *mew*
<Your Character>: Aw! It's so cute!
Warlic: Do not be fooled by the Doomkitten's appearance. It only assumes this form to...
<Your Character>: The DOOMKITTEN?? I want to hug it!
Warlic: Just... just let it pick an egg.

*sniffs the first egg*
*sniffs the second egg*
*sniffs the third egg*

Doomkitten: Mew!
Warlic: THERE! It's chosen an egg and it's beginning to dispell the illusion! QUICKLY... banish it!
Next Up: The Secret Cave
Raven fights the Doomkitten and defeats it. Warlic gives them a statue to hold the egg until it hatches and they keep it inside the inn where they can better hide and protect the egg. While waiting for the egg to hatch, Willowshire is under attack
Location: Willowshire, enter through the scroll which shows up at the login or click at the minimized scroll at the upper left screen at the middle of the town (Login Screen).

Minimum Waves to get to 100%: 100,000

Objective of "Willowshire Burns!" (War Wave): The earth dragon Gorgok and his army are destroying the town of Willowshire and the tower at its center! What does this terrifying new foe want from this small town?

Objective of "Slay Gorgok!" (Boss Battle): This is the dragon who has been pulling apart Willowshire, brick by brick. What could he want? Why would he destroy the Tower in the center of town?


War Introduction/Town Overview

War Overview with Dialogue Options

Battle Field Overview

Regular War Battle

Before Boss Battle

Boss Battle



Part 1
Scroll: Dragon Attack
at Willowshire!

Adventurers are rushing to Willowshire to defend against a powerful Dragon and his army of earth monsters! The Guardian tower at Willoshire seems to be the focus of the invading force!

Go to Willowshire and help defend!

- Go there! -> (Part 7 after End of War) Part 2
- Close -> Go back to town with minimized Scroll

Part 2
Guardian Fortuna: Thank goodness you are here, the Dragon and his army are destroying the entire town!

- Mission! -> Part 3
- Talk -> Part 4
- Team up! -> Part 5
- Dragon -> Part 6
- Quit -> Go back to town with minimized Scroll

When clicking on various places you will receive these messages... -> Part 9

Part 3
Scroll: Defense of Willowshire

Find and defeat the Dravir known as <Random Name>. He is the <Random Adjective> <Random Insane Job> of Gorguk's army. Defeating him will <Random Little Victory or Help>.

- Accept! -> Takes to Battle Field Screen, walking to the left or defeating the boss of the wave will return to War Overview with Full Heal
- Decline -> Return to War Overview

Part 4
<Character Name>: What is the situation?
Guardian Fortuna: They attacked without warning. The focus of their attack seems to be the Guardian tower!
Guardian Fortuna: I was instructed by the Tower Commander to get as many villagers out of town as possible and call for reinforcements.
Guardian Fortuna: But when I got back.... the Dragon and his army had already reached the tower!
Twilly: Twillies brought as many people as Twillies could!
Robina: I will do what I can to help!
Ash: Let me at those Dragonheaded goons!
Guardian Chuck: You can count on my blade!
Guardian Steve: My spells are ready for battle!
Guardian Bruce: I am ready for the hardest, toughest, most dangerous, and crazyiest missions you can throw at me!
<Character Name>: I am at your service as well.

! appears above Guardian Fortuna's Head.

Guardian Fortuna: By the light.... you are <Character Name>! If you are here, we can retake the town! Your fellow adventurers are already down there.
Guardian Fortuna: There are a lot of us, so if we run strategic we can help those who are trapped and push back the invaders!

Return to War Overview

Part 5
Scroll: Confirmation?

Would you like Robina and Ash to join your party?

- Yes -> Robina and Ash are temporary fighting NPCs. (They vanish when you leave the war)

Part 6
Guardian Fortuna: I heard his minions say his name.... and I am certain. That Dragon is Gorgok
Robina, Ash and Twilly: Gorgok!!!?

! appears shortly above Gorgok's Head.

<Character Name>: .... who is Gorgok?
Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok the Terrible Earth Dragon! He is infamous for all sorts of horrible tragedies and known by so many terrible names...
Robina: The destoryer of Deconville
Ash: The terror of TempleTerrace!
Twilly: The sheep shredder.
Robina and Ash: The reaper of Redville!
Robina and Ash: Hey, that was mine!
Robina: Jinx!
Ash: ...
Twilly: The dingleberry destroyer!
Robina: You just made that one up....
Ash: ...
Guardian Fortuna: Guys... this is serious....
Ash: ...
Guardian Fortuna: *Sigh* Robina...
Robina: Fine.... Ash, you are unjinxed.
Ash: Thanks.
Robina, Ash, Guardian Fortuna and Twilly: Lets take Gorgok and his army down!
<Character Name>: .... Jinx.
Robina, Ash, Guardian Fortuna and Twilly: ...

Return to War Overview

Part 7
Scroll: Defense of Willowshire
Boss Fight!

Gorgok's Army has been defeated... now it is time for us to challenge the Dragon himself and bring this beats reign of terror to an end! Team up with Robina and Ash then battle the Dragon together!

- Team up! -> Part 5
- Boss Fight! -> Takes to Boss Battle with Gorgok, afterwards to Part 8 (When you decline, you have to go back to town and to the war again to get this scroll, except when you return from a War Wave!)
- Decline -> Part 2

Part 8
Scroll: Defense of Willowshire

All hail the heros of Willowshire! The Dragon's army has been defeated and Gorgok has been slain!

However.... the Guardian Tower here was destroyed. Worse yet, the attackers did not seem to find whatever object they were searchin for. What was their real purpose here? Oh no... reports are now coming in... Three more Guardian Towers are about to be attacked!

- War Loot -> You enter "Gargok's Horde Shop": Protection of Gargok, Claw of Gargok, Talon of Gargok
- Complete -> Go back to Town with minimized Scroll

Part 9
Messages when clicking around the Area:
(From Left Up to Right Down)

War Meter: “How are we doing? Dial 1-555-Slay-Dragon”
Robina: “Robina”
Ash: “Ash”
Yourself: “That is you... the Hero!”
Guardian Fortuna: “Guardian Fortuna”
Twilly: “Twilly”
House: “House sitter? This house was sat on!”
House: “The Baker's shop is toasted!”
Guardian Tower: “The Guardian tower of Earth is almost destroyed!”
House: “The weapon store is sold out!”
Gorgok: “Gordok is one big, ugly, mean Dragon!”
House: “School is closed on account of Dragon invasion.”
House: “Hey! I can see my house from here!”
Location: Willowshire (Outpost) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Dravir Siege!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 27th, 2010

Objective: The earth dragon Gorgok and his army are destroying the town of Willowshire and tower at its center! What does this terrifying foe want from this small town?
Objective completed: You defeated the attacking army easily! It's almost like you're level 10 again... (Since this is the original wave from DragonFable's second war ever!)

Location: Willowshire (Outpost) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Mission
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Willowshire Burns!
Release Date: August 27th, 2010

Objective: This is the dragon who has been pulling apart Willowshire, brick by brick. What could he want? Why would he destroy the Tower in the center of town?
Objective completed: This is the dragon who has been pulling apart Willowshire, brick by brick. What could he want? Why would he destroy the Tower in the center of town?
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> The Letter
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 11th, 2006

Objective: The mage Warlic has promised to make you weapons of light in exchange for gathering a crystal shard from a fabled crystal tree deep within this cave.
Objective completed: The mage Warlic has promised to make you weapons of light in exchange for gathering a crystal shard from a fabled crystal tree deep within this cave.

After the boss fight you get Crystal Shard in your tempory backpack.

Warlic: Thank you for coming so quickly <Character>. There is a new threat amassing and I believe that you may be our only hope.
(Choosing Skip Cutscene would jump to the main dialogue)

What's wrong?
Warlic: I have been following your adventures closely. I must say that, so far, I am impressed.
Warlic: But a great Darkness is coming, and our side is not prepared to battle it.

If you choose "What can I do?"
<Character>: What can I do to prepare myself?
Warlic: I sense great power within you, which will attract this new threat.
Warlic: You must arm yourself with a weapon powerful enough to drive back this new threat.

If you choose "I side with the Dark!"
<Character>: If you have been watching me, you should know I side with the Darkness.
Warlic: That is your choice. But the power I sense in you will draw this new danger to you like a moth to the flame.
Warlic: You will need a powerful weapon when the time comes.

I see, go on...
Warlic: I have recently come into possession of several powerful Weapons of Light.
<Character>: Great!
Warlic: I'm afraid that they are rather useless at the moment. They have lost their magical charge.
<Character>: Ah, so how do we charge them back up again?
Warlic: If you would be willing to pay for the cost of the spell and gather the missing part... then they are yours.
<Character>: What do you need me to get?
Warlic: I have read of a cave far from here. Inside grows a Crystal Tree. A single shard from the tree could power all of these weapons.
<Character>: Sounds easy enough. How do I get there?
Warlic: I can teleport you there, and back again once I sense the power of the crystal shard in your possession.
Warlic: Are you ready to leave?

<Character>: This is the best idea that I've ever had!
<Character>: This is the WORST idea that I've ever had!!!!!!!!
<Character>: BEST .....IDEA.....EVER!!!!
go across

After completing the quest, go to Warlic and you'll find:
Crystal Shard Used!
You hand the mage Warlic the crystal shard that you collected and tell him the tale of your adventure in the glimmering, crystal cave.

Warlic: ... four-legged, living crystal beings?
<Character>: Is something wrong?
Warlic: I fear I have made a terrible, terrible mistake.

Warlic thinks

Warlic: Is it possible that the tree <she/he> battled was actually a Vizalain... ? I wonder what impact this will have in the future.
<Character>: Warlic?
Warlic: I am sorry, where was I? Ah, excellent work!
Warlic: The Weapons of Light are now ready! This will help you greatly in what is to come!

Click Weapon Shop! to open Warlic's Shop
• See what happened to the Vizalain as a result of your victory in AdventureQuest.
• Click here for Map of The Crystal Shard.
• You can read about the letter if you talk to Ash in Falconreach, by selecting "Letters" and Warlic's Letter. ( Click here for Letter information!)
Location: Arachnattack!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Arachnattack! War
Release Date: May 7th, 2007

Objective: It's time to face the architect of this arachnatrocity!
Objective completed: Squish that oversized bug!

Spidermancer: The conquest of your surface town has proven too difficult for the Spider Queen's minions, so I have come to stop you.
<Character Name>: What do you want from us? Why attack us? What happened to the Dragon Eggs!?
Spidermancer: In that order?
<Character Name>: I beg your pardon?
Spidermancer: I'm asking if you want me to answer those three questions that order.
<Character Name>: Uh. Sure. Go right ahead.
Spidermancer: FIRST: What do we want from you. We can see that there are many differences between our two people.
Spidermancer: But those are just on the outside and it is what's INSIDE that really matters... and that is what we want, your delicious insides.
<Character Name>: Ew, you want to eat us?
Spidermancer: Well, yes. Don't you want to eat us?
<Character Name>: No! Of course not.
Spidermancer: Ok, forget that one then. SECOND: Why are we attacking you? It is YOU who attacked us first!
<Character Name>: WHAT? We didn't even know that there WAS a city below us.
Spidermancer: So then... do you deny dropping a large statue of a dragon, clutching an egg directly into our town square?
<Character Name>: You mean... you mean you didn't take the egg? The statue just....fell through the floor?
Spidermancer: Is THAT what happened? That's kind of funny. Heh. HEH. HAHAHAHAHAH!
<Character Name>: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, so that one is taken care of too, and if you just give the eggs back, we can call this whole thing off.
Spidermancer: Yeah, it's all a big misunderstanding. Except that the egg turned out to be a very important dragon's egg. We're keeping it...
Spidermancer: ...and we still want to eat you. Since you don't eat us that makes things a lot easier.
<Character Name>: Why do I even try to talk my way out of things like this?

Battle The Spidermancer.

<Character Name>: Well the monster is defeated and the town is saved, once more. Hmmm... what to do now?
<Character Name>: Not sure why but i really feel like going out to see a movie all of the sudden. Hm.
Serenity: You could help me patch up my floor, if you wanted to.
Twilly: Don't Worry I'm back!
<Character Name>: Tell ya what Serenity... lets all go to the movies and THEN I'll help you fix your floor.
Twilly: *AHEM* I'm back... and I'm fine. Don't anyone worry about me. I just rescued the Dragon Eggs... ALL OF THEM... BY MYSELF...
Serenity: Actually a movies does sound good. What do you want to go see?
<Character Name>: Let's see what's playing. I'm sure we'll think of something.
Twilly: I have to get these things back to the cave before they hatch.
<Character Name>: Hatch? When does that happen Twilly?
Twilly: Oh NOW you're listening. The dragon eggs hatch exactly one year from the appearance of the Dragon Amulets...
Twilly: ...on June 10th. I thought everyone knew that.
After this, Twilly finds a cave to put the egg in.
Location: Falconreach > Talk to Twilly > The Secret Cave

Twilly: Amazing <Your Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!

Information: You did it! You are now in posession of the Dragon Egg! Now, how can you make it hatch and become a Dragonlord? Visit you egg and watch over it. The real event is just about to start.

Egg customization: You can only choose your egg's design once as it will determine the dragon which hatches. Take your time and discuss it on the forums. The stone statue (conviniently located in this secret cave) is enchanted and will keep your Dragon Egg warm until it hatches.
Include a chapter of reflection, where Raven stands guard over her egg one night and reflects on the past (include any holidays + war at see) and contemplates her future before heading back to see Warlic
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DragonFable Timeline: Egg Hunt and Beginning Wars
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