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 Dragonfable Timeline: Amityvale

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Amityvale   Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:16 pm

Directions from Falconreach: Travel > Amityvale > One screen to the right

Picture - Click!

Artix Krieger: Wow, <insert character name>, I am so glad you are in Doomwood. It is an honor to fight beside you.
<Character Name>: Thanks. So what exactly are you up to here?

(Used to be:
Artix Krieger: Greetings and salutations friend! Wow, are you <character name> I am so glad you are in DoomWood. It is an honor to finally meet you.
<Character Name>: Thanks, its nice to meet you too. What are you up to here? )

Artix Krieger: Exorcising the undead to free their souls. It is also a great excercise.
Undead: *Groan*
<Character Name>: Need a hand?
*A Zombie hand come flying into the ground*
Undead: *Snicker*
<Character Name> & Artix Krieger: Heh...

Artix's Official List of things that should NOT be said around UNDEAD

<Character Name>: So... do you always hang out in creepy Graveyards battling the Undead?
Artix Krieger: No, not all the time.
Artix Krieger:Sometimes I go to Underground Crypts, Lich Lairs, Mummy Tombs and the occasional Shopping Mall.
<Character Name>: *He really likes fighting the undead.*
<Character Name>: Wait... the mall?
Artix Krieger: Indeed! The undead LOVE malls. Someone puts up a sale and they swarm like bees! *coughs* Zom-bees!
Zombie: *Was about to groan...* shawwwwwping? Arewwww...
Zombie: Arrrewwww... bruuu wright saaaale!?
Zombie: Arghhhh... disssssscount barrrgaaaargins!?
Artix Krieger: Say, if you are battling against the creatures of Darkness it would be an honor to fight beside you.
<Character Name>: Sure, as long as you keep up!
Artix Krieger: !
Artix Krieger:I like the way you think, this is going to be fun. Lead the way friend!
<Character Name>: *Wow, and not a single typo in that entire dialogue.*

Other information
1. Artix also stands outside the Graveyard with the complete set of options. (Talk, Quests)
2. This used to be the place that you met Artix in the first time. (dialog changed)
3. You can take Artix with you on battles as a guest by pressing Team Up!
Location: Amityvale -> 5 times right -> Upper right -> Up, Amityvale -> Thursday -> Quests -> Haunted House
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 5th, 2007

Objective: You've come to Thursday's haunted house to try and find her missing pendant and return it to her... If you make it out alive!
Objective completed: You defeated Underbed, Awdreetoo, and the terrifying Nightshade and found Thursday's Pendant. But what for Thursday's Family Secret, and the master about whom Nightshade spoke?

Other: There are Strange Glowing Candles in the room before the boss match that can heal you.

Thursday: I grew up in the haunted house on the hill over on the path, but I've been forced to leave. The spirits and monsters have taken over my home completely.
Thursday: I was forced to leave in such a rush that I left all of my family's possessions behind, but all I really miss is my Pendant.
Thursday: It is with some other family heirlooms in a chest in the basement closet, but we had to double lock the door.
Thursday: The most dangerous spirit in the house lives in the basement closet; we had to keep people out for their own safety.
Thursday: The two keys to the door are with the Monster in the Greenhouse, and the Monster Under the Bed.
Thursday: If you happen to find my Pendant while adventuring in there, I would gladly reward you for returning it to me.


Awdreetoo: AH, more plant food, good. Come closer, I can't eat you from there
<Characters Name>: Tempting, but no thanks. All I want is the basement key.
Awdreetoo: The key. I have a secret about the key... I want to whisper it to you, come closer
<Characters Name>: For a plant you're really creepy. You know that?
Awdreetoo: Yeah, I get that a lot. But then again, I eat everyone who says it.
<Characters Name>: You've also got a weird thing about eating people. There is just no way you're going to give me the key, is there?
Awdreetoo: "GET IN MAH BELLY"
<Characters Name>: *sigh* Ok, here we go.
After you defeated Awdreetoo you'll get a Greenhouse Key and a note.


Underbed: ...GO AWAY! Some of us are trying to sleep.
<Characters Name>: You take your nap, all I want is your basement key.
Underbed: Do you know what happens to people who wake sleeping monsters?
<Characters Name>: Um... They walk out of the room with a basement key and the monster goes peacfully back to sleep?
Underbed: Don't MAKE me come out there...
<Characters Name>: Don't make ME come under THERE
Underbed: I don't know why you would want to go into the basement closet... HE is there...But you want the key so bad, tough guy, come and get it.
<Characters Name>: ... You live under a bed, how big can you possibly be?
After you have defeated Underbed you will get a Bedroom Key and a note

After getting the two keys it is time to confront the boss, Nightshade.


Nightshade: Ah, another hero to join my happy family of ghosts.
<Characters Name>: You've been colecting souls of the fallen adventures? Thursday set me up!
Nightshade: No, the child knows nothing of this. SHe also knows nothing of your importance to the master....
Nightshade: She doesn't even know of her own importance, or her family secret.
<Characters Name>: The master? So you're just another one of Sepulcher's goons?
Nightshade: BAH, Sepulcher is simply a tool of the master.
So are you, hero.

<Characters Name>: !
Nightshade: Enough of this chatter. After I destroy you all of your questions about the master will be answered. COME HERO! JOIN US!
Location: Amityvale -> Thursday -> Quests -> Crystal Clear Lake, Amityvale -> 7 times to the right -> Down
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 12th, 2007

Objective: Help Thursday clear her herb garden.
Objective completed: You have defeated the werewolf Lon but the mystery of Thursday deepens.

Lon: ...(growl)...(snarl)...
<Your Character>: Easy. EASY. Good doggy. This must the place Thursday was talking about.
Lon: ... Thurs....Day?...Dark... hair?
<Your Character>: ... Yes, that's right. The dark haired girl. Do you know her?
Lon: ... must... PROTECT...Dark Hair... Keep safe...(snarl)... Not...Not kill Dark Hair.
<Your Character>: I see, you were put in this swamp just to protect her, weren't you?
Lon: Was... MADE... to keep safe... Dark Hair. (sniff) ...You are...not Dark Hair. You...
Lon: ...You are...FOOD! AAWOOOOOooooo!
Location: Amityville
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 19th, 2007

Objective: After being handed a note by Thursday, you make your way the ancient stone circle which the Five Yaga Sisters call home to stop them from summoning the Strange Outworlder to destroy Lore.
Objective completed: You have defeated the Strange Outworlder, also known as Guffer. Who knew that a pot-bellied furball could hit so hard?

Note: The non-DA weapons are the ones that have "Flamestone" in their name. The DA ones have names relating to nature.

Thursday: <Character Name>! One of the Five Yaga Sisters who live up by the old Stone Circle came by town and walked right up to me.

Thursday: They had this sealed letter with your name on it. Do you want to read it?

The Letter
Greetings Hero!

We have heard of your deeds in town and we have written to issue you a challange.

As you read this we are performing a ritual that will bring a horrible beast to our world. Unless you stop it, the beast will fulfill his role. It will destroy all of Lore, starting with Amityvale.

You will find us at your ancient stone circle. We've cleared the path for you.

We are waiting,
The Five Yaga Sisters

Thursday: <Character Name>, I don't understand what is going on but I've been having terrible dreams. There is a man with a pale face...
Thursday: He just watches me. If feels like I know him but I know that I have never met him.
Thursday: I'm getting a really bad feeling, <Character Name>. It feels like a storm is coming, but worse. I'm scared.

Start Quest!

Osnero Yaga: Welcome hero! You're just in time. We are done with our ritual and the Savage Outworlder has come!
<Character Name>: What is all this about? Aren't you going to try and stop me?
Osnero Yaga: Stop you? Why would we stop you? We have you exactly where we want you....
Osnero Yaga: The Savage Outworlder awaits you in our stone circle, straight ahead.

*Up one Screen*

Musuk Yaga: Ah, there you are. I was beginnin to get worried about you.
<Character Name>: Worried? What IS this?
Musuk Yaga: This? This is a trap. Our lord, He Who Does Not Die, has noticed you. Noticed your dealings with Thursday.
<Character Name>: Thursday? You leave her out of this. Your letter was taunting ME, nor her, but I don't think that you know who you are dealing with.
Musuk Yaga: *Cackle* Foolish little hero. The master has the girls destiny in his hand. Created werewolves and bound spirits to keep her safe...
Musuk Yaga: ...Until he is ready for her. Her time is nearly here. He hired the Five Yaga Sisters to remove you from her destined path.
Musuk Yaga: YOUR destiny,<Character Name>, lies with the Savage Outworlder. Walk forward.

*Up one Screen*

Gilth and Felst Yaga: You have kept us waiting. We are not patient yaga.
<Character Name>: What do you have planned for Thursday?!
Gilth and Felst Yaga: We? We care nothing for the child. It is the master's will that she be kept safe. Especially this close to her time.
<Character Name>: Your master must be really worried to go through this much trouble to stop me.
Gilth and Felst Yaga: HA! Did you hear that sister? No. The master does not fear you, but he will take no chances. He has controlled her entire life to this point.
Gilth and Felst Yaga: Keep going, Hero. You are almost there.

*Up one Screen*

Skunch Yaga: Walk forward. The Savage Outworlder awaits you.
<Character Name>: I've beaten many monsters, yaga. Whatever you have summoned to finish me will just be another notch on my weapon.
Skunch Yaga: You are very confident <Insert Character Name Here>. But, I think not.
Skunch Yaga: The beast draws his power in this world from us. The Five Yaga Sisters...
Skunch Yaga: As long as we five still stand, the Savage Outworlder's power is unmatched.
<Character Name>: !
Skunch Yaga: Enter, Hero, and face your doom!

*Up one Screen*

<Character Name>: You... are the Savage Outworlder?
Guffer: I guess. "Savage Outworlder"? Is that what they're calling me? My friends call me Guffer.
<Character Name>: Guffer...ok. Hi, i'm <Insert Character Name Here>
Guffer: Nice ta' meet ya.
<Character Name>: Uh, same here. Listen this is really weird for me. Most monsters don't introduce themselves.
Guffer: Ya, I've noticed that. Don't see why. Listen, Nothing personal but I have ta end your world sometimes soon so I'll see ya.
<Character Name>: Ok, See you arou...WAIT WHAT?
Guffer: Ya, I was summoned ta your world ta end it so I just need to by ya there.
<Character Name>: I'm sorry, but I can't let you destroy the world. That's where I keep all my stuff.
Guffer: Ok, so much for the polite approach. COME HERO! FACE ME AND MEET YOUR FATE!
Returning from the yaga circle
Well, Well, Well - AKA The Well

Location: Amityvale, right 6 screens (take the southern road when you reach a split.)
Level required: Any
Release Date: November 3rd, 2006

Objective: Artix's faithful dog Daimyo has lead you to a hilltop well where you hear his masters voice coming from below. You must venture down the well to rescue Artix from a dreadful fate.
Objective completed: Apparently, you have saved the captive Artix from becoming the necromancers next victim...sort of.


Daimyo: *Yap yap yap* *Yap yap yap* *Yap yap yap*
You: What is it boy?
Daimyo: *Yap yap yap*
You: Artix? What about Artix?
Daimyo: - *Yap yap yap*
You: Oh no... Artix fell down a WELL?
Daimyo: - *Yap yap!*
You: He's DEAD!?
Daimyo: Arf! *Yap yap yap yap*
You: Oh...he's FIGHTING UNDEAD! I see. We'd better go help, lead the way boy!

Outside Well
You: Hello down there! Are you alright?
???: NOOOOoooooooooooo!
You: What's wrong!?
???: There is some Paladin down here and he is wiping us all out!
Artix: Be still fiend! Prepare thyself for holy retribution exorcism aura of justice!
You: This isn't going how I imagined. HANG ON ARTIX, I'M COMING!

Inside Well, Before Boss
Artix: Well met friend! Your timing is amazing... this next fiend looks like the BOSS!
You: You know Artix, normally in a rescue quest the hostage is not fighting his way to the boss with monsters fleeing in terror...
You: I mean, seriously... what are you doing in here?
Artix: Well, this spooky little girl told me to jump down here to get her ring. She said I only had 7 days, so it must be important!
You: *sigh* Now we are going to have to make a list of people (and things) not to take quests from... alright, let's battle!

Other Information
• For those of us who are farming this quest and find Artix a waste of time in battle, there is a way to prevent him from joining your team. When he talks to you right before the boss, click your EXP bar instead of the rest of the screen. Instead of advancing the text, your character will walk. Simply walk toward the boss. Artix won't be in your team.
Location: Amityvale -> Invasion
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 26th, 2007

Objective: The path has finally been cleared and a stream of monsters have begun swarming into town from the castle deep within Doomwood. You MUST defend Amityvale from certain destruction.
Objective completed: Good Job, they haven't gotten past you but these monsters are coming from all sides of the town and they are closing in. Looks like more of these invaders need to be taught to stay out of Amityvale.

Cysero: <Characters Name>! Thank the marker! Amityvale has come under attack!
Cysero: It's just a few monsters. I'm sure that you won't have trouble any at all.
Cysero: The towns people finally got that rock slide all cleaned up but as soon as they did, monsters were waiting for them on the other side.
Cysero: They seem to be coming from the castle set back into Doomwood. I wouldn't try and get there if I were you.
Cysero: There is a magic fog surrounding the castle. It won't let you find your way through the fog unless the fog wants you to.
Cysero: Head to Amityvale and see if you can help. I'd do it myself but I am running several exciting experiments in and around Falconreach.
Cysero: If I don't keep a close eye on them they might... encounter severe difficulties. We wouldn't want that. Trust me. HAVE FUN!

Thursday: You've got to help us <Character Name>! We cleared the road and the monsters started pouring out of the woods!
Thursday: I can't help but feel that this is somehow my fault! Things were going fine until I asked you to look into some things for me.
Thursday: Artix is still in the graveyard, and he has his hands full but I'm sure that he'd be able to help you defend town if you speak to him.
Thursday: I'll do what I can here to keep people inside the town hall... come to think of it, they don't really LIKE to leave.
Thursday: The Town is still clearing the path, but you can still visit these places right now:
Thursday: <Character Name>! You did it! You saved the town! You saved me!
Thursday: I had another dream, <Character Name>. It was the man with the pale face again this time you were there too!
Thursday: He wanted to do something terrible and you stood up to him. I don't know HOW I know, but I know that you saved me.
Thursday: Thank you <Character Name>. You're always welcome in Amityvale. I'll never forgot what you have done for me.
Boss Battle: The Vampire Tower
Location: Falconreach -> Talk to Ash -> Amityvale -> Defend
Level/Quest/Items required: N/A
Release Date: October 20, 2006

Wednesday: Rest at ease, all of your troubles will be addressed during the Town hall meeting.

Pressing "Attend" will begin the town meeting

Wednesday: Alright let's begin. I hereby call this Town Hall meeting to order. Who would like to go first?
Villager: I'll go first mayor.
Villager: This week alone we lost Freddy, Jason, Micheal... and they just got Chucky!
Villager: Poor chucky...he was such a doll.
Villager: The worst part is no one is doing anything about it... no one except that crazy Paladin in the graveyard.
Wednesday: OMG! Is that Paladin STILL fighting undead in there?
Villager: Yup, I just passed the graveyard on the way in and he was still there!
Villager: I heard he was cursed and die if he does not free enough undead each day!
Villager: No way, I heard he does it just for fun. Did you hear those puns he makes when he is fighting?
Wednesday: Alright, alright! Settle down. The real reason for this meeting is that a bunch of Adventurers from FalconReach have come to town.
Wednesday: Yes, adventures who were attacked by monsters from this area and have come to find the source.
Villager: Adventurers like the one behind me that probably does not think we all noticed him standing there this whole meeting?
Wednesday: Um, yes. Welcome stranger what is your name?
<<You>>: ...
Villager: Mayor! We had a deal with the Necromancers. We keep our nose outta there business and obey curfew, and they let us be.
Wednesday: That is what I thought... at first. Until I heard that they defeated the undead army at FalconReach!
Villager: These Adventurers and that Paladin are going to get us in a heap of trouble!
Villager: Are you serious?
Wednesday: Yes. I think they... I think they can defeat the Necromancers!
Villager: If you are wrong... we might as well start sizing our caskets Mayor. Hey stranger... do you really think you can beat a Necromancer?
<<You>>: *Confident Nod*
Wednesday: We leave our fate in your capable hands. We know you will not let us down!
Boss Fight: Pumpkin Pi Bomber
Location: Night of the Living Pumpkin -> Boss Fight
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% in Night of the Living Pumpkin
Release Date: October 20th 2006

Objective: Finally the waves of monsters have finished attacking town, now you can finally see who is causing all the terror in Amityvale... and why.
Objective completed:

Necromantress: I must say <Class Name>... I'm surprised that you and your friends defeated my army of Pumpkin golems.
You: So you are the Necromancer behind this!
Necromantress: Necromantress! With an... "ess".
Zorbak: Woah... you are a girl necromancer!?
Necromantress: Just a girl? Hmpph! I am the high Necromantress of the Shadowscythe.
You: The Shadowscythe? Who or what is that?
Zorbak: She is so EBIL... I think I'm in love!
Necromantress: As all will soon find out, the Darkness is inevitable. When the Darkness comes... the Shadowscythe will rule this world!
Zorbak: She is... so... PERFECT!
You: Your army has already been defeated, you are powerless. Surrender now... or else!
Necromantress: Hahahahaha! Said like a true hero. You and your little blue pet there...
Zorbak: PET!? Meh... you listen here! The only one who is going to take over the world is me! So you might as well quit that Shadowsuckah club right now and join me. Or... meh... at least give me your number.
Zorbak: What... ? Meh, she is hot!
Necromantress: Well, it has been nice chatting but I have souls to steal and a new army of undead to...
Jack Strife: You called master?
Necromantress: Excellent timing Jack. You know Jack makes the most excellent Pumpkin Pies. He can make pies as long as he has mana.
Jack Strife: Time to make pie! Time to make pie! Time to make pie!
Necromantress: Oh my, this is going to get messy... I best leave you to your dessert. Enjoy!
Zorbak: Sorry <Character's Name>... an ebil moglin's gotta do what an ebil moglin's gotta do! Hey Necro-girl! Wait for me!
You: !
Location: Amityvale -> All the way to the right
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 2/2/07

Objective: It appears as if a vampire either moved into an abandoned Guardian Tower or took it over! This tower seems the be the source of most of the evil casting its shadow over Amityvale.
Objective completed: Lord Frydae XIII has fallen, but escaped at the last second in the form of a rat. No matter, you ruined his dark plans of overrunning the world with vampiric slaves. You have saved Thursday and the world!

Necromantress: You’ll need my help if you want to get to the castle, hero.
<Character>: YOU! Why would you help me? You tired to kill me a little while ago.
Necromantress: The situation has changed slightly since then. But nevermind that, if you want to save Amityvale and your little friend Thursday…
Necromantress: … then you will have to help me.
<Character>: I don’t need your kind of "help". I can find my own way.
Necromantress: No, you can’t. The fog won’t let you pass, but if you do as I ask then I will force the fog to let you go safely through to the castle.
<Character>: Fine, just tell me what you want.
Necromantress: A simple favor for a <Insert Character Class Here> of your power. A number of the werewolves of Doomwood have gotten lost in the fog.
Necromantress: Stupid Creatures that they are, they can’t find their way out. They are attacking any that run across them.
Necromantress: I would just allow them to starve but time is of the essence. Go to the fog exactly where I tell you and destroy one of the miserable beasts.
Necromantress: Return to me when you are finished and I will fulfill my end of our bargain.

Choos "Battle" and you fight 1 Doomwood Werewolf. When you finish, exit to the Necromantress

Necromantress: Well done hero. I am a Necromantress of my word. You may now pass through the fog. Goodbye <Insert Character Name Here>… for now.

You fight Guardian Ghouls and Vampiric Ghouls

Lord Frydae XIII: Ah, welcome. Welcome. It has been a long road, hero. I am certain that you have many questions. I will answer all that you ask.

Who are you?
<Character Name>: Who are you, exactly
Lord Frydae XIII: I am Lord Frydae XIII. The vampire lord who has lived here in Doomwood for as long as there has been an Amityvale.
Lord Frydae XIII: All the children of darkness that live here in Doomwood are my servants, even the mangy werewolves.

<Character Name>: What about Thursday? What part does she play in all of this?
Lord Frydae XIII: Ah, Thursday. She is my granddaughter.
<Character Name>: YOUR granddaughter?
Lord Frydae XIII: Technically she is my great great great great great great great great granddaughter.
Lord Frydae XIII: I was once human like you. I was also a father when I became the great being that you see before you.
Lord Frydae XIII: I have cared for my family for generations and protected my bloodline for hundreds of years.
Lord Frydae XIII: Ihave always known that NONE of these peasants deserve the gift of immortality. It is an honor I have been waiting to give one of my own children.
Lord Frydae XIII: Now, finally, Thursday was born and as I watched her grow I understood that I have finally found the one I have waited for.
Lord Frydae XIII: She will become a vampire like me. I will stay and rule from here and she will head into the world covering it with our darkness.
Lord Frydae XIII: Together we will find others who deserve the gift. Our kind will rule the world and I will be lord of all vampires!
<Character Name>: But why now? She has lived here for her entire life.
Lord Frydae XIII: Oh, she is a teenager now. We've done studies that show that vampires are VERY popular with the 12-18 crowd.
<Character Name>: WHAT??!
Lord Frydae XIII: I have been waiting for centuries to keep the business in our family. She is a fresh new face that the young people can identify with.
Lord Frydae XIII: She will make the perfect spokesvampire for our way of life!

Lon and Chaney?
<Character Name>: What about Chaney and his brother Lon? Where do they fit into this?
Lord Frydae XIII: Ah yes, the brothers who live out on Crystal Clear Lake.
Lord Frydae XIII: Both brothers were born in Amityvale. Chaney has always had a sharp mind... a little too sharp for my liking.
Lord Frydae XIII: He was following a trail that was centuries old and getting dangerously close to discovering that I have been here in the shadows.
Lord Frydae XIII: He had just stumbled on an old family portrait which would have linked me to Thursday, then I had an idea.
Lord Frydae XIII: As it turned out, Thursday had started growing a small flower garden on an island in the lake, which can be a dangerous place.
Lord Frydae XIII: She needed a bodyguard and Chaney needed a new distraction for his keen mind, to keep him off my trail.
Lord Frydae XIII: So I changed his brother Lon into my granddaughter's protector and Chaney's new research project.
Lord Frydae XIII: Trying to find a cure for Lon takes up all of Chaney's time. He's clever but by the time he cures the curse...
Lord Frydae XIII: Well, there will be no further need to hide my presence at that point.

Guardian Tower?
<Character Name>: This is a Guardian Tower, isn't it?
Lord Frydae XIII: It was. The Guardians of Amityvale were once a great thorn in my side. Then, one day the tower came under attack.
Lord Frydae XIII: The attacking force was only concerned with what was in the basement, and the Guardians could not withstand their might.
Lord Frydae XIII: During the battle I took the remainder of the Guardians and made them into my ghouls.
Lord Frydae XIII: The attackers paid me no mind, and when the left they had taken the...
Lord Frydae XIII: Nevermind. I am sorry. I was getting lost in fond memories. Let us continue.

<Character Name>: What about the Necromantress who let me through the fog?
Lord Frydae XIII: Ah yes... her... I must admit that she had me fooled. I was certain that she was my faithful servant.
Lord Frydae XIII: But she serves another. I should have made her the offer that I am about to make you.
Lord Frydae XIII: You have come further than any have in centuries. I have tried to stop you at every turn and you have foiled me again and again.
Lord Frydae XIII: You are an impressive (Character Class). I am offering you the gift of unending life. You you like to become a vampire?
• Never!
<Character Name>: The perks sound nice, but I don't think it's worth the price. I like going to the beach during the day.
Lord Frydae XIII: VERY WELL! I will not make that offer twice. If I cannot have you working for me then I must destroy you!

You fight Lord Fridae XIII
Raven returns to Falconreach
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Dragonfable Timeline: Amityvale
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