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 Dragonfable Timeline: Water Orb, Pirate Vs. Ninja War

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Water Orb, Pirate Vs. Ninja War   Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:40 pm

Location: Osprey Cove > Talk to Rhubarb > Quests > Water Breathing Potions
Level/Quest completed/Items required: None
Release Date: August 24th, 2007

Objective: Rhubarb in Osprey Cove has asked you to secure the hidden cargo of Water Breathing Potions from the ninja invaders on the ship
Objective completed: You saved the ship from the ninjas, only to have to whole adventure blow up in your face. Rhubarb had decided to save you from Captain Blackberry this time... but now you owe him!

Rhubarb: Arr! We just made the haul of a lifetime! One of our teams recovered a ship called the Anna-Maria Bargli...
Rhubarb: which was shipping a load of Water Breathing Potions to SwordHaven! Once we sell all those Water Breathing Potions we will all be rich!
Rhubarb: But the ship was over-run with ninja's before it reached the harbour. This ship is anchored just outside the cove right now.
Rhubarb: The ninja's are looking for the potions but we hid them amongst the gun powder barrels in the Powder Room.
Rhubarb: I need ye to board the ship and secure the potions before the ninja's do! They will be distracted looking for the cargo...
Rhubarb: ...If ye move carefully, ye will be able to sneak past some of them... Here is a little insurance...... ( You Got The Bomb!)
Rhubarb: If we can't have those Water Breathing potions... NO ONE WILL! Get moving matey!


Rhubarb: Well done! Ye really showed those ninjas what happens when they try to steal our stolen goods!
Rhubarb: We should make enough money gold from the sale of those water breathing potions that we can all retire!
Rhubarb: Why do ye look troubled, <Your Character>? Ye look like ye've forgotten some...
Rhubarb: <Your Character> what did ye do with the bomb I gave ye?
Rhubarb: Nevermind. I think I can guess...
Rhubarb: *Sigh*
Rhubarb: Now... Not only do we NOT have the potions to sell but with all that Water Breathing Potions in the ocean...
Rhubarb: **Deep Breath**
Rhubarb: Oh well, atleast the ninjas didn't get them either. I'll just tell Captain Blackberry that they blew up the ship.
Rhubarb: I'll save ye from the Captain's wrath this time but if ye blow up one more ship... so help me, I'll sell ye out faster than you can spit on a seacow!
Rhubarb: Ye owe me, <Your Character>. Ye'll have to work for me for a looooong time to pay off those potions, and that ship.
Rhubarb: Let's get back to work then, swab!
Next Up: Ruins of Kordana
Location: Osprey Cove > Rhubarb > Quests > Ruins of Kordana
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Water Breathing Potions
Release Date: September 7th, 2007

Objective: Rhubarb has sent you to the ruins in the center of Sho Nuff Island, to try and recover the item that pirates and ninjas have been warring over for centuries... The Wind Pearl
Objective completed: Drakath is behind the theft of the wind orb instead of the ninjas! The ruins are, in reality, the remains of a giant fighting machine! Things on Sho Nuff Island are not at all what they seem.

Rhubarb: <Your Character>, I must say that ye are making yerself more and more useful each day... except for blowing up that ship.
Rhubarb: I have a special quest for ye. No other pirate has been able to accomplish it. In the center of the island are the Ruins of Kordana
Rhubarb: The Ruins of Kordana were discovered by the legendary pirate Captain Crossbone when he first came to Sho Nuff.
Rhubarb: Captain Blackberry discovered Crossbone's journal... it mentions that the Wind Pearl is hidden deep within the ruins...
Rhubarb: The Wind Pearl is what the Ninjas have been fighting us for all these years. They think that it's their Gem of the Four Winds...
Rhubarb: ... but they don't understand the pearl's power! With that item any pirate could control the winds of all the seas.
Rhubarb: That pirate's ship would move faster, and sail smoother then any ship ever has! It would never weather a storm!
Rhubarb: I want ye to do what many other pirates have tried and failed. I want ye to bring the Wind Pearl back here for Captain Blackberry!
Rhubarb: The Ruins of Kordana are a dangerous place. It's said to be the home of ghosts, strange magics and deadly traps.
Rhubarb: Crossbone's journal has a few clues that might help ye survive if ye can understand them...
Rhubarb: "Page 23... in the light of Kordana, only the penitent pirate will pass..."
Rhubarb: "Page 42... Above the Abyss of Kordana, only a leap of faith will prove the pirate's worth..."
Rhubarb: I have no clue what those mean, but maybe they will make more sense to ye when yer there.
Rhubarb: Good luck, <Your Character>. The Wind Pearl awaits... and once we have it, the war between Ninjas and Pirates will finally end!

Kordana: You made it! Oh thank the maker. I’m Kordana. I’m sure you have many questions, and I will answer what I can.
What are you?

Kordana: My name is Kordana. I was the onboard Artificial Intelligence unit for this mech before it ceased to function.
<Your Character>: You were the onboard what now?
Kordana: Hmm… that’s right, the reset… Ok, think of me as a magic illusion. I’ve been here a very long time.
Kordana: A long time ago, I lost control of the security robots that you were fighting. They destroyed all the repairbots about 2700 years ago.
<Your Character>: 2700 years!?
Kordana: I think so. I’ve been confused for the last few centuries.
I believe that my program is degrading.
<Your Character>: I don’t know what that means but it sounds bad. Is there anything that I can do to help?
Kordana: You already have. Since the Wind Orb was stolen we’ve all been sharing the same back-up supply.
Kordana: With the rest of the robots destroyed there will be enough power for me to last another few thousand years. Thank you.

Where are we?

Kordana: This was a Heavy Battlemech. It had a crew of 251 humans and 72 cordemi during The Reset.
Kordana: Thankfully I was able to get all of them into escape pods before we entered atom.
<Your Character>: You’ve said that before. What was The Reset?
Kordana: I’m not sure if I can explain it. During our last battle, reality had to be… rewritten. Let me ask you this, in YOUR reality…
Kordana: Does Artix still slay the undead?
<Your Character>: ARTIX?! Yes! He does! Does he know about you? What about Warlic? Or Cysero?
Kordana: No, your Artix wouldn’t know about me. Warlic might, it depends on how he merged. But Cysero? Did it land here too?
<Your Character>: Land here? I think you’re confused again. Cysero is a mage, not a ship.
Kordana: A mage!? Oh, I see! What a clever idea! Tell him hello for me. He should remember me.
<Your Character>: ??
Wind Pearl?

<Your Character>: Can you tell me where Wind Pearl is inside these ruins?
Kordana: Wind Pearl? OH! That’s what those pirates call it! It is actually the Wind Orb. It’s a very powerful magical item, and it was once my power source.
Kordana: I’m afraid that I cannot give it to you.
<Your Character>: Please? It is the only thing that will stop the war between the Ninjas and Pirates on Sho Nuff Island.
Kordana: You don’t understand. Your goal is admirable and I would give it to you if I could but I cannot. It was stolen weeks ago.
<Your Character>: Stolen! By who?
Kordana: I will show you.
<Your Character>: Drakath! Kordana, I know this guy. If he wants the Wind Orb, then we have to get it back! It is too dangerous in his hands!
Kordana: You are right. If the power of the Wind Orb… or ANY of the other orbs… is misused it could be disastrous.
Kordana: Get the orb back at all costs! If my sensors had enough power I could tell you exactly where he is… but I can’t. I’m sorry.
<Your Character>: It’s alright Kordana. You’ve told me everything I need to know. I WILL get that Orb back from Drakath!
Next Up: Boxes of Ninjas
Location: Osprey Cove -> Rhubarb -> Box of Ninjas
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ruins of Kordana
Release Date: September 28th, 2007

Objective: Rhubarb has sent you to speak to the cleverly diguised Agent 58. Inside this sneevil ninja training facility is information about Drakath. You must get it at all costs!
Objective completed: You defeated waves of crafty, not-so-deadly Elite Sneenjas and the monster called Okuchi No Okami, but does this chest hold the information that you need...?

Note from Sepulchure

Rhubarb: So the Wind Pearl was taken by someone named Drakath, hmmm? Someone working for the NINJAS, no doubt.
Rhubarb: Drakath sounds like a slippery character, but I know someone who is even MORE splippery...
Rhubarb: Further inland is a sneevil ninja training dojo, and we have an agent on the inside. Atleast I think we do.
Rhubarb: Agent 58 is a master of disguise, so it's hard to know who he's working for sometimes.
Rhubarb: Anyway, these sneevil ninjas are a rogue force... they aren't tied to Thyton's ninjas, and they're VERY good at gathering information.
Rhubarb: They know all the comings and going on Sho Nuff. If someone has left the island on then they will know.
Rhubarb: Ye must work fast to find if Drakath is still on Sho Nuff island... and where he is. Agent 58 will find you once you get there... get movin', swab!

Agent 58: You must be <Your Character>. Ok, here's the deal. This is the sneevil training dojo of a monster called Okuchi No Okami.
Agent 58: He stole all the skills from the ninjas here from Sho Nuff. He trains these sneevil to gather information which he sells to anyone.
Agent 58: There are four floors to this dojo and the information you want will probably be kept in a curveed trunk.
Agent 58: But it just might have a Black Pearl. If I've got the wrong box, get outta here.
Agent 58: You will be able to come back and try a different box and I will have a better lead for you.
Agent 58: Remeber to check the rooms of all 4 floors until you find that box. Now get outta here, your going to blow my cover.
Next Up: Captain's Orders
Location: Osprey Cove -> Rhubarb -> Quests -> Captain's Orders
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Boxes of Ninjas
Release Date: May 10th, 2007

Objective: Captain Blackberry has brought you to a cave where Drakath is hiding with the Wind Pearl. The passage is dangerous but with the Wind Pearl within reach you must risk it.
Objective completed: Whoa! It seems that Drakath activated the Wind Orb and used its power against you but it looks like he does not have control of that power yet. You HAVE to get to him before he figures out how to use that power!

Rhubarb: The note from Sepulchure makes me think that Drakath must still be on the island hidden somewhere.
Rhubarb: I sent a message to Captain Blackberry aboard the Red Betty and he says that he has tracked Drakath down.
Rhubarb: The captain would like to speak with ye. Head to the Red Betty and don't ye waste a second... Blackberry is not a patient man.

Captain Blackberry: Ahoy there matey, welcome aboard the Red Betty, the most feared pirate ship in the eight known seas of Lore!
Captain Blackberry: Remember to keep your hands and arms inside the craft at all times... OR I'll gut ye with me hook and feed yer giblets to the sharks!
Captain Blackberry: I may not keep my word often but I've never made a threat I wasn't willing to keep, so now ye understand how things work on me ship.
Captain Blackberry: People do what I say or they walk the plank. But IF you do what I say, then you get your share of the booty this vessel takes on board...
Captain Blackberry: ... after I get my cut o'course. It's as simple as that.
Captain Blackberry: Rhubarb says that yer pretty suave fer a landlubber... that ye get what needs doin', done.
Captain Blackberry: He may be an honor-bound idiot, but he has a good eye for talent... the eye that I didn't take from him.
Captain Blackberry: That was the last time he will let the ship's cook overcook my steak, by Triton! Har Har Har!
Captain Blackberry: Rhubarb has told me that you've gotten closer to capturing the Wind Pearl than any pirate so far.
Captain Blackberry: He explained that this Drakath guy took the Wind Pearl out from under yer nose!
Captain Blackberry: I don't allow failure on this ship but considering yer performance so far I'm giving you a chance to redeem yerself, swab!
Captain Blackberry: I've tracked Drakath to a cave on the southern tip of the island... you'll have to take the UNDERWATER path to get to him quickly.
Captain Blackberry: I guess ye get to test the quality of those Underwater Breathing Potions the ninjas flooded the sea with. Har Har Har!
Captain Blackberry: I've a dinghy ready to take you to the cave's underwater entrance which should lead ye to Drakath.
Captain Blackberry: I understand that ye have some history with this bilge rat. Kill him if it pleases ye, but bring me that Wind Pearl back.
Captain Blackberry: I went through too much trouble tracking it down to Sho Nuff Island...
Captain Blackberry: ... and keeping it's location hidden from those poxy monks in the Temple of the Four Winds.
Captain Blackberry: Their prophecies say that the Wind Pearl will only be safe when it is returned to their temple, but I'll take good care of it. Har Har Har!
Captain Blackberry: They know nothing of the power that combining the Wind Pearl with the spell written on... but I'm saying too much.
Captain Blackberry: Just know this, <Your Character>... get me that Wind Pearl back and you will replace Rhubarb as my number one...
Captain Blackberry: ... you will earn your share of that power! Get moving!

Galeocerda 1: Another land-creature is invading our sanctum!
Galeocerda 2: Haha! They only have one row of teeth! These things are no threat!
Galeocerda 1: Remember, they have other natural defenses! Stay clear of the warm patches of the water!

<Your Character>: There you are, and with no friends this time. You'll be easy.
Drakath: <Your Character>. I heard that you were on Sho Nuff Island. Why do you have to be everywhere that I am?
<Your Character>: I'm the hero of the story. It's my job.
<Your Character>: Since we both know that I'm just going to beat you senseless, why not just hand over that Wind Orb and make it easy on yourself?
Drakath: You dare speak that way to me!? YOU SHOULD BE BOWING TO ME!
<Your Character>: I don't really see that happening any time soon. This is your last chance, Drakath... the Wind Orb... Now.
Drakath: There is nothing that you could do to me that is worse then the price for failing Sepulchure.
Drakath: Besides, I would never give it to Captain Blackberry's stooge. If you want the orb, dog...
Drakath: ... then come and fetch it.
Boss Fight - Drakath

<Your Character>: Drakath... what did you...?
Drakath: I... I did nothing... the Wind Orb... Such power...
<Your Character>: That was... Dragon Magic.
Drakath: HAHAHA! The orb must know that I am the rightful king of this land! It responds to it's master's desires!
Drakath: With this power, you're no match for me! No one is! HAHAHA! I FINALLY BEAT YOU!
Drakath: MAN! That felt so good! Look! Look! My hands are even shaking a little!
Drakath: Now... to FINISH you with the orb's power!
<Your Character>: ...
Drakath: What? No. NO! Orb, obey your master! Stop this! Finish <Your Character>!
Drakath: NOOOOOOOOooooo...
<Your Character>: I can't let Drakath keep that orb, or worse, give it to Sepulchure...
Next Up: Red Betty's Spell
Location: Osprey Cove
Objective: The Wind Pearl has carried Drakath to the Red Betty in Osprey Cove harbor, and won't allow him to leave? what could it all mean?
Level required: N/A
Release Date: December 5, 2007

Cap. Blackberry: Good job, swab. I'm not sure what ya did in that cave but the Wind Pearl dropped Drakath off on the deck of the Red Betty!
Cap. Blackberry: He seems t'be havin' some trouble getting it t'do what he wants. Har har har! He keeps screamin' at it t'do what he says...
Cap. Blackberry: ... but the Wind Pearl won't even let him leave the deck of the ship, it's keeping him on board!
Cap. Blackberry: I told you that I would reward you for bringing the pearl to me, and I will honor my word! As a reward, you may finish Drakath off!
Cap. Blackberry: Have fun, matey!

Drakath: Work, you stupid orb....WORK! I command it! Take me from this place! Why have you brought me here? Why won't you let me leave?
<Your Character's Name>: Having some trouble, Drakath?
Drakath: Don't... don't come near me <Your Character's Name>! I... I will use the orb's power again to..
<Your Character's Name>: Who are you kidding? It looks like you couldn't use the orb's power to open a jar with a stubborn lid.
<Your Character's Name>: I'm not sure what happened before Drakath, why the orb protected you or why it brought you here, but this is the end of the road.
<Your Character's Name>: Hand over the orb.
Drakath: NO! The orb knew that I was the rightful king of the land... that HAS to be why it protected me! It did it once and it will do it again...
Drakath: It..it must have brought me here so that I could defeat you in front of all your disgusting pirate friends!
Drakath: Yes, that MUST be it! It will protect me again... Fight me again, <Your Character's Name>... IF YOU DARE!

After defeating Drakath:
Drakath: NO! Why did the orb not protect me??!
<Your Character's Name>: I'm not sure why it ever protected you in the first place. Alteon is king of this land, and that is the way it should be.
Drakath: You will pay for this disrespect, <Your Character's Name>. I unlocked the orb's power once and I'll find a way to do it again!
Cap. Blackberry: I don't think so, you fool.
*Wind Orb rises and goes off screen*
Cap. Blackberry: You are BOTH fools! Now the pearl is mine and I have you both to thank for it. I'm sure you're confused, let me explain how I used you both.
Cap. Blackberry: Even tho Kordana is old and her magic is failing, she is still a dangerous enemy. Far too dangerous for me to risk my own life, for the orb.
Cap. Blackberry: When I leaked the location of the orb to Sepulchure I didn't dream that he'd send a dim bulb like Drakath to retrieve it.
Cap. Blackberry: Tracking him down was easy enough, but in order to activate the orb's power I had to have the one who posessed the orb to face "their greatest foe".
Cap. Blackberry: Once the orb's magic was active, the Wind Orb was summoned here to my ship, and I have to thank you both.
Cap. Blackberry: Now that the orb is here I can complete the spell that I found twenty years ago, in a strange chest floating in the ocean.
Cap. Blackberry: I had the spell woven in the very boards and planks that make up the Red Betty... the ship is a living spell, that will make me a god!
*The Red Betty starts to glow*
Cap. Blackberry: Soon, the spell will transform me into a monster that hasn't been seen in a thousand generations of sailors...
Cap. Blackberry: I will be the ultimate power in the seas when I become the KING BRAKEN!
*Cap. Blackberry transforms into Brakenberry*
Cap. Blackberry: It's working! The spell is working! Soon I will be GOD OF THE SEA, and you two fools have the honor of being my first worshipers...
Cap. Blackberry: ... as well as my first meal when the transformation is complete. HAR HAR HAR!
Drakath: HA! Me? Worship YOU? You look like an accident at a sushi restaurant.
<Your Character's Name>: So let me get this straight... You used us to get the orb so you could complete a spell that you had written into your ship...
<Your Character's Name>: ... and now you're becoming a god-powerful sea monster, but you're halfway between the Braken and Captain Blackberry right now?
Cap. Blackberry: That's exactly right.
Drakath: So right now you're... Brakenberry?
<Your Character's Name>: That sounds like the name of a breakfast cereal.
Cap. Blackberry: Don't start with me... I actually know a pirate named Captain Krunch. Now... BOW TO ME!
<Your Character's Name>: Bow to yourself, I'm busy. Drakath, this could get serious.
<Your Character's Name>: If we join forces, just this one time, we might have the power to defeat this monstrosity. What do you say?
Drakath: I say... LET'S DO IT! I will fight by your side, <Your Character's Name>!
<Your Character's Name>: Really?
Drakath: HAHAHA! No! Have fun with squidward, sucker!
*Drakath disappears*
<Your Character's Name>: That guys is such a jerk.
Cap. Blackberry: Only you and me now, hero. Are you going to bow to me or am I going to have to destroy you?
<Your Character's Name>: You're not a god yet Brakenberry, you freak. Let's see what kind of power you have.
Cap. Blackberry: That was a mistake <Your Character's Name>. Prepare to pay the ultimate price.

After defeating Brakenberry:
Rhubarb: Ye've done well <Your Character's Name>. Ye make me proud to be a pirate! Ye defeated that madman Brakenberry, and saved our whole way of life.
Rhubarb: The Red Betty needs a new captain. I suppose the job falls to me. I always loved that ship more than Captain Blackberry ever could.
Rhubarb: The good captain was even kind enough to leave a spare hat and coat in his quarters on the ship. I'll go get those now.
*A Few Minutes Later...*
Rhubarb: What do ye thaink, matey? I guess that I'm Captain Rhubarb now... I like the way that sounds!
Rhubarb: As for the Wind Pearl... Well, it's just too dangerous to be left in our hands, and we can't have it falling into the ninjas hands either...
Rhubarb: I think I'll be taking it back to the Ruins of Kordana.
Rhubarb: If what ye said is true then she could use it to power herselfand she could keep it safer than any of us could.
Rhubarb: Osprey Cove and all the pirates here owe ye a huge debt of gratitude <Your Character's Name>. You are always welcome here...
Rhubarb: ... and should ye ever need our help, just send for us. Pirates always help their own.

Complete Quest

Objective: Completed!
Brakenberry has been defeated, his plans to transform himself into some kind of undersea god-monster have fallen short, and Rhubarb is now Captain of the Red Betty! You have saved the town and possibly all of lore from the tentacled terror of Brakenberry.
Next: Something Fishy
Raven and Hawke return the Wind Orb to Kordana and return to Osprey Cove
Location: Osprey Cove, Shadow of the Wind Village
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of either The Jewel of the Four Winds or Red Betty's Spell, DA
Release Date: January 4th, 2008

Objective: You have been asked to investigate the disturbance high in the mountains of Sho Nuff Island.
Objective Complete: Who could have imagined Sepulchure and his dragon would hold so much power? You narrowly escaped with your life, but at least now you have a taste of your battles to come. How will you prepare for your next encounter.

Sepulchure: Like a rat to cheese, <character>, you're so predictable.
Character: Sepulchure! It's about time that you came out of hiding and faced me!
Sepulchure: Don't flatter yourself. I've just been too busy to bother with you.
Character: well you’re not too busy now. Did someone cancel an appointment on you?
Sepulchure: HA! You’re funny. No one told me that. No, I’m still a very busy man, but when you recaptured the wind orb from my servant Drakath… I was forced to start considering you a nuisance, like an insect in my food… an insect waiting to be crushed
Character: sorry I’m starting to BUG you! GET IT… BUG you?
Sepulchure: …
Character: why do you want the orb? I’ve seen some of what your undead army can do. You’ve got all the power any human could ever want
Sepulchure: you’re right, but I’m not exactly human anymore… and my master is nothing like human
Character: the prophecy is broken?
Sepulchure: there was a prophecy which said that there would be born two dragons… one would save the world and the other would destroy it. We were concerned when you hatched the dragon from the black dragon box. The prophecy said this dragon was the one to destroy the world. I was able to hatch the saviour dragon from the white dragon box. Once Fluffy had been corrupted by Darkness… the dragon who was meant to save the world became another of my undead servants. At that point the prophecy was broken
Character: [your dragon name]? That’s impossible. As long as [your dragon name] and I are together… then we will do everything in our power to save Lore from you and your kind! It’s our destiny to defeat you, prophecy or no prophecy!
Sepulchure: Believe what you like. My master set all of these events in motion when mankind was still crawling in caves hiding from the sun. You were a tiny part of the master’s plan and you have played your part. With the prophecy broken, you’re just an irritant to be swept aside
Character: we’ll see about that! The wind orb stays on this island as long as [your dragon name] and I stand in your way!
Sepulchure: I have no interest in fighting you. It would bore me, so just step aside.
Character: I’ve beaten every flunky you’ve thrown at me so far Sepulchre, and I’ll beat you too!
Sepulchure: It’s true that you’ve proven more powerful than even I suspected, but fighting me is suicide. I’m out of your league. I’d rather wait until you’ve developed your skills. At least then it would be an interesting fight. Last chance [your name], Run or die
• Summon Dragon

Sepulchure: Very well, let’s begin

After battle:

Sepulchure: Heh, I gave you fair warning. You were not ready for me. Now, prepare to pay the price
Sepulchure: No, I will not give this cretin mercy! We will destroy him, NOW!
Sepulchure: No, I obey. It looks like you will have another chance [your name]. Make the next battle more interesting for me.

Complete Quest
Other Names: Fight Sepulchure
After their defeat and near death at the hands of Sepulchure, Raven and Hawke are left badly injured outside of Osprey Cove. Found by the pirates, they are carried back into town and healed however Raven’s weapon had shattered when she tried to cast a spell too powerful for it as well as her DragonLord armor had been shredded and broken. She now dresses as a pirate, and Rhubarb begins to teach her how to fight like one while she waits for instructions from Warlic and the possible location of the next Orb. Raven and Hawke discuss in private their need for a higher power and Hawke suggests they use the armor of a DoomKnight, though both are reluctant to meddle with such evil. Then war erupts between the Pirates and the Ninjas and Raven and Hawke fight along their pirate friends.
Location: The First Pirate vs. Ninja War! -> 'Special Quest' Button (Pirates)
Level/Quest/Items required: DA
Release Date: Sep 14, 2007, Jan 1st, 2010

Objective I: Rhubarb received some disturbing news. Another clan of ninja from a neighboring island has sent chests of weapons along with support ninjas! He has asked you to cut off the aid before it reached the Shadow of the Wind Village, and burn the crates.
Objective II: You have found the enemy reinforcements! Now all you have to do is fight your way through them and burn the crates of weapons... EASY!
Objective completed: Well done! You defeated the wave of reinforcements before they could reach the Shadow of the Wind Village, and burned the crates of weapons to the ground, but more help will be coming! Prepare yourself hero!
Location: Falconreach -> The First Pirate vs. Ninja War! -> 'Fight The Boss!' Button, FalconsNest -> War Memorial -> 'Pirate vs Ninja' Button -> 'To War!' Button > 'Fight The Boss!' Button
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 19, 2007 January 1, 2010

Objective: The pirates of Osprey Cove have sent a Treasure Golem, made of all their most valuable pirate booty, to finish the war with the ninjas of the Shadow of the Wind Village, but they made a mistake. You have to make sure this mistake doesn't become a disaster!
Objective completed: You have defeated the Treasure Golem and saved the Shadow of the Wind Village, and the best part is that when the golem fell apart he fell into a pile of kingly treasure! It's a pirate booty buffet!

Speak to Rhubarb
Rhubarb: <Character Name> we've got a problem. One of the pirates stepped forward and said that he saw the attack on Osprey Cove.
Rhubarb: He was awake the night that it happened and it wasn't Ninjas at all, but a man who fits the description of this Drakath fellow ye spoke of.
Rhubarb: The ninjas could have hired him to trash the cove but that's not like 'em
Rhubarb: They value their fighting skills too much to hire some unskilled grunt to attack us.
Rhubarb: I've sent our secret weapon, the Treasure Golem, to finish off the ninjas. Once it's started destroying something it can't be stopped.
Rhubarb: The ninjas deserve everything that is coming to them, but it would just be dishonorable to allow their village to be destroyed...
Rhubarb: ...for someone else's crimes. Plus I don't like being played for a fool!
Rhubarb: Ye have to use yer skills to stop the golem...
Rhubarb: before it destroys the Shadow of the Wind Village! The ninjas will meet their end at our hands... but not today
Rhubarb: I've sent word to Thyton of the ninjas, he'll be expecting ye. On yer way, hero!

Speak To Thyton
Thyton: <Character Name>, I'm glad that you've come. Something... unforeseen... has happened.
Thyton: The pirates of Opsery Cove have sent their magical Treasure Golem on a rampage.
Thyton: It will only end when our village has been totally destroyed. A mindless monster like this is to be expected from the pirates.
Thyton: but what is surprising is that Rhubarb sent a letter ahead of the monster warning us abouts its attack.
Thyton: He says that someone attacked their village first posing as a ninja
Thyton: Hes been playing us against each other. Rhubarb says that he's dispatched a hero like yourself to stop the Treasure Golem
Thyton: It is very honorable of him but we do not need his assistance to deal with their pathetic monster... not while we have you working with us.
Thyton: The pirates will meet their ends at our hands... but not today. We will put aside our differences and focus on this new threat.
Thyton: <Character Name>, you must stop this pirate monster and defend the village! Go, Now!
Despite having helped save the ninjas, Raven and Hawke grow a deep hatred and resentment for the ninjas at their loss of the war and reach the conclusion that had they had the power Sepulchure has, they could have won the war for the pirates. Having reached their decision, the two quest and find the armor, as well as the NSoD. After Raven has the armor and sword, Warlic sends word of the possible location of the Orb of Light.
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Dragonfable Timeline: Water Orb, Pirate Vs. Ninja War
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