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 Dragonfable Timeline: Watar Orb

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Watar Orb   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:26 pm

Broken by the loss of her love at her own hands, Raven struggles to cope. She and Hawke separate as Hawke is needed to defend against Togzilla yet again but Raven does not want to battle so Hawke suggests she take it easy while he deals with Togzilla and he will return in a few days. She agrees and goes fishing.
Location: Falconreach Dock / Amityvale Dock -> Catch A JohnnyFish, The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Two Leagues
Level/Quest/Items required: Catch a Johnnyfish
Release Date: February 26, 2010

Objective: Ummmm... where'd that fish take you? Better explore and try and find your way.... make sure to check everything!
Objective completed: You found Captain Davey and got the key to his locker! You're just not sure where his locker is... or whats in it.

Dialogue :

<Character Name>: ...
<Character Name>: What a wimpy little fish... If I keep it, one of the other fish will probably just eat it.
<Character Name>: I spent all that time trying to catch something though.. I can't just throw it back.

*A very large fish is shown in the water*

<Character Name>: Oh well, I'll put him in anyway and if he gets eaten well them's the break--
<Character Name>: ...
<Character Name>: His mom is right behind me, isn't she?



<Character Name>: AAAAHHH! HEY LEGGO!!
<Character Name>: EEEP! Where are you taking me?!
<Character Name>: Aww come on, not in the water.. I just finished drying off after falling in earlier.
Fish: *glare*
<Character Name>: Ok, ok, just don't eat me.
<Character Name>: Please.


If you click on some of the skulls lying around in various rooms:
Skele: It was excavated from an ancient tomb, by a hero such as yourself. Though it was his most prized possession, it brought him only ruin.
Skele: We took it, and braving the storm we fled West attempting to sell it to a people who did not know of its curse.
Skele: But alas, the storm was too great. We fought it for all we were worth, and on the third hour of the third day, we lost.
Skele: Woe to those who find it.

Skele: The cursed seek rest but do not find it...
Skele: Seven dirty souls, an' each with his own set of misfortunes.

Skele: Suddenly my eyes grew dim and the sea poured in, as if the ship was drawn to its depths by an unknown force.
Skele: ...And the four winds laughed.
Next Up: Pirate Attack
Other names: Attack!
Location: The Locker -> Aquella / Quest Chest -> Attack!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Two Leagues Under the Sea
Release Date: March 5, 2010

Objective: Attack Attack!
Objective completed: Wow, what a bad reference

Aquella: Undead Pirates are attacking!

Captain Davey: It’s a sad day when an undead such as meself can’t even rest his eyes without his ship being boarded by thieves!
Captain Davey: I’ve come fer me locker and me key. There will be no rest until both are in me boney grasp again!
<You>: I have your key, you pile of bones. The Locker is no longer yours now though. These people have made it into their town
Captain Davey: What kind of fool do you think me to be, eh? I care naught for this pile o’ broken ships
Captain Davey: I want me locker back, fool. Or this tiny, blue girl be facin’ the consequences o’ yer actions
<You>: Aquella?! Leave her alone!
Captain Davey: Bring me the key and me locker, or she’ll go the way o’ the rest of the elves did
Aquella: You know what happened to the elves?!
Captain Davey: Back when me skin was me own and not food for fishes, water elves filled these ‘ere waters
Captain Davey: ‘Til they were cursed by the Great One…
Aquella: Great One…?
Captain Davey: No more questions out of you, blue ears. My key and my locker, bring them to me
<You>: I don’t have your locker…
Captain Davey: Then ye better find it, fool, if ye want to be seein’ Ms. Blue Ears again
<You>: He wants me to find a locker…in the middle of an ocean…
<You>: I don’t even know where to start looking
• If you found Captain Davey and defeated him, the cutscene will appear
• After you have completed this quest Aquella got kidnapped by Captain Davey and a Quest Chest will now give her quests to you.
Next Up: Aboard Alone

Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Aboard Alone
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Undead Pirate Attack
Release Date: March 12, 2010

Objective: That tricky blue ears be tryin' to escape!
Objective completed: Ye found the little elf child. There be no escapin' or callin' for help from the bubble.

Become Davey

Where is Aquella?

Captain Davey: Come on out, ye *(mutter)*…
Aquella: Ok, I’m coming out but don’t hurt me... I’m just a kid
Captain Davey: Arr…hehe, no I won’t hurt ye
Captain Davey: Much…
Captain Davey: What sort of trickery be this? Where are ye?
Captain Davey: OW!
Captain Davey: Ye better start playin’ fair or ye be in fer a terrible surprise when I find ye, blue ears
Aquella: Heehee!
Captain Davey: Yikes!

Captain Davey: Hmm…
Captain Davey: HA! Ye missed!
Captain Davey: Ye be gettin’ on me nerves, blue ears

Captain Davey: Arr…Now where could that little barnacle sucker have gone?


Captain Davey: …
Captain Davey: What in the…
Captain Davey: …
Captain Davey: This puny cage won’t be holding the likes of me…
Captain Davey: AAhaahahaaahaaaa!
Captain Davey: ImmA GOnna feEEEelll THaaaAAat onne FOrrrr a whiiiiiiiiiiilllllee…


Captain Davey: …
Captain Davey: Oh, COME ON!!!
Captain Davey: P-P-P-play nice now…ok? Yeah? We’re friends right Mr. Jellyfish?


Captain Davey: OW!

Aquella: !!!
Captain Davey: HAAAHAaaahahaaahaa!
Captain Davey: Ye gave me a good goin’ over but now I’ve got ye
Captain Davey: An’ if that hero doesn’t bring me locker soon, ye be joinin’ the rest of yer kin
Captain Davey: AAAHAAAhaaha!
Unlocks: As You Lie Dreaming...
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Dreaming
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Aboard Alone
Release Date: March 19, 2010

Objective: What is going on?!
Objective complete: Whoa... that was some nightmare... from now on, less sushi before bedtime!

Caran: Haha, Davey was always a bit off, even when he had his skin. Right, sis?
<You>: Wait, you knew Davey when he was alive?
Diawe:Haha, we were part of his crew
<You>: But…but his whole crew are undead pirates? How did you escape getting cursed?
Diawe: …We didn’t exactly escape getting cursed. We are DeathKnights after all
Caran: Just goes to show, you can never really avoid your final destination, right sis?
<You>: But why aren’t you unde…er…why aren’t you a part of his cursed crew now?

Captain Davey: Now there, Blue Ears, ye be stayin’ in tha there bubble…
Captain Davey: Or I’ll make sure ye go the way o’ the other elves!
Aquella: What happened to them? Tell me!
Captain Davey: Sweet dreams, little one
Captain Davey: Hahahaha!

Caran: Like I said, Davey was always a bit off. After one peculiar pillage though…it got worse
Diawe: He started spouting off ridiculous stories. “Legends” he insisted
<You>: Legends about what?
Diawe: Giant yellow mechanicals that patrolled the oceans, fighting monsters in the deepest depths. Totally ridiculous

Captain Davey: HAAAHAaaahahaaahaa!
Captain Davey: What?
Captain Davey: No, I do it on me own time…I need to get me locker and me key
Captain Davey: NO, I say. You cannot have her yet

Caran: Even worse was the fact he started talking to himself. Arguing with thin air most of the time, it seemed
Diawe: If he wants his key, just take it back to him. Be done with it! Who knows how much crazier he’s gotten now that his brain is half rotted
<You>: Yeah…thanks

Captain Davey: I want me locker back
Captain Davey: When that landlubber brings me it and me key, then I’ll give you both

Aquella: *sniff*…*sniff*

<You>: Hi, can I get a room for the night please?
Miranda: Certainly. You fought very bravely when defending the town from Davey, it’s on the house. *smiles*
<You>: Thank you

*Aquella goes through the dream realm*

Sleeper: Achoo!
<You>: Gesundheit
<You>: Well, I suppose I should turn in for the night

You Drift into a Deep Sleep…*

<You>: …zZzz. No…stay away…
<You>: …
<You>: AAAH! What was that thing?!
<You>: OW!
<You>: Come on out and fight me like a man!
<You>: Or…y’know…squid
<You>: ...or something…
Unlocks: Rescue!
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> The Rescue
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of As You Lie Dreaming…
Release Date: April 2, 2010

Objective: That's it! No more pouring through books and maps! You're an action hero... it's time for action!
Objective completed: You've saved Aquella but Davey has escaped!

<You>: …
<You>: Ok, that’s it
<You>: I have no idea where his dumb locker is and I’m not his lost and found
<You>: I’m going to go get Aquella!

Captain Davey: Jus’ what do ye think ye be doing, landlubber?
Captain Davey: I told ye, bring me my key and locker or blue ears here be facin’ the consequences
<You>: I don’t know where your locker is, bonehead, and I’m keeping your key
<You>: Hand over Aquella now or I’ll show you consequences
Captain Davey: Hahahaha, ye remind of me meself, back when I was younger and crazier
<You>: …
<You>: Crazier?
Captain Davey: If ye think ye have any chance against me, then come on
Captain Davey: I be warning ye though, best be beating me quickly if ye think can…
<You>: Oh, I can
Captain Davey: Cause there not be much air left in little blue ear’s bubble…
Captain Davey: Hahahahaha!
<You>: AQUELLA!!!

Captain Davey: No. NO!
Captain Davey: Ye foolish kids! You do know what ye have done...
Captain Davey: ...
Captain Davey: Arr! For now, we flee
Aquella: *sniff* I...thank you, <Character>. I don't deserve to be saved though. It's all...*sniff* It's all my fault
<You>: What is? Aquella, it's not your fault for being kidnapped
Aquella: No, there's only me left. I'm the only one left who can protect the water and...and...I don't know how! It's all my fault the water elves are gone
Aquella: I made them disappear!

Captain Davey: I tried!
Captain Davey: I had the girl! I wanted me locker! I know he has it! Ye should have helped me...
Captain Davey: No!!
Captain Davey: No...please!!
Next Up: Deserted
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Investigate
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Rescue
Release Date: April 9, 2010

Objective: The city of Tethys lies in ruins. Look for anything that can tell you who really did this.
Objective completed: It looks as though Davey's crew had a hand in the destruction of the Tethys. The Guardian Tower now stands before you; even though it looks intact, you're getting an uneasy feeling in your stomach.

Aquella: I can tell you where Tethys is…

Aquella: …
<You>: Aquella, it’s not your fault
<You>: It can’t be. How could you make all the elves disappear?
Aquella: They told me not to touch it, but it was so pretty and blue. I…I…just wanted to see it!
Aquella: They were all so proud of it, they said it was what protected the waters…what protected us
Aquella: So I didn’t listen…I snuck in and...
Aquella: *gasp*
Aquella: PRETTY!!!
Aquella: Hmm…
Aquella: I’m just gonna play with it for a little while, that’s all…
Aquella: Hee hee!
<You>: Wait…
<You>: You…you’re talking about the Water Orb? You were playing with the Water Orb?!
Aquella: …Yes

Aquella: The other elves caught me…
Aquella: I can still see their faces, how angry they were
<You>: What happened to them?
Aquella: I ran away!
Aquella: I didn’t mean to do anything bad! I…I just didn’t want to see them looking so disappointed at me
Aquella: I found a place to sleep and…I had a terrible nightmare…
Aquella: When I woke up, I went right back home…and everyone was gone! The whole city was deserted!
Aquella: *sniff*
Aquella: I’ve tried to protect the water since then and now look at it. It’s all my fault!
<You>: Aquella…I’m so sorry. I can’t believe it’s all your fault though
<You>: There has to be something else that happened. Do you remember how to get to your city?
Aquella: No! I don’t want to go there…I don’t want to see it empty again
<You>: Tell me how to get there
<You>: I just want to look and see if I can find anything else out
Aquella: …Really?
Next Up: The Tower
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> The Tower
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Deserted
Release Date: April 9, 2010

Objective: The tower is intact, but room where Aquella said the orb is kept is locked. Explore the tower and find the switches to open the door.
Objective completed: The tower is filled Kathool Adepts, the Water Orb is gone and you've been knocked unconscious! Will you be able to defend yourself against Kathool Atchoo's nightmares?

<You>: Oh man, it’s going to take me forever to get dried off…I hate fighting when I’m soggy
<You>: Who knew there’d be another Guardian Tower beneath the waves? I love exploring!
<You>: …
<You>: Apparently I also love talking to myself
<You>: I should stop doing that
<You>: …Like right now
<You>: Ok, let’s go!

<You>: Hmm, looks like a fight went down here
<You>: But I wonder what happened to the orb…
<You>: AHH! That was close! Maybe I should leave…
<You>: zZZZzzzz…
Next Up: Nightmare
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Nightmare
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Tower
Release Date: April 16, 2010

Objective: What is going on?!
Objective completed: Even though it was just a dream you're convinced that what you saw actually happened. You have to keep Aquella safe... and ignore that nagging voice in your head...


<You>: ...
<You>: Wh-- Where am I? Enter key to continue

<You>: Wait... how... how did i get outside?
You cannot stop it.
<You>: What? Who's there?
<You>: The city is under attack! I must help them!

Water Elf 1: Humans?!
Water Elf 2: How is this possible?
Water Elf 3: Endaru! Warn the Elders! We must defend ourselves!
Endaru: We do not have time!!
Endaru: We have already lost...

Pirate: The first and second waves have deployed, Captain.
Captain: ARR! That be good, lass. Ready the next group with a ration of waterbreathin' potions. We're gonna hit em'where it hurts!
Pirate: Aye-aye, Cap'n!

<You>: I.. I'm too late.
You are powerless.

Captain Davey: Come now, men, we have what we came fer.
Captain Davey: Let's head back to the ship before he arrives.

The Orb protects.
The Captain took it away.
As I demanded.

Lilithe: The Orb is gone...
Endaru: We have to get it back. Without it's magic to protect us, we're even more vulnerable...
Lellana: How were the humans able to get here? Someone must have helped them!
Endaru: Stay here, I will hold them off as long as possible.
Lellana: Endaru...
Lilithe: Aquella!
Lilithe: Aquella! Where are you?

Kathool rises.
All that they know is done.
I awaken.

They are mine now.
What you destroyed once, you will join now.
<You>: No... NO!!
Kathool: There is no escape. I shall pull you into the darkness.

Captain Davey: HAHAHAHA! I... I did what ye asked! Now get out of me head! I have yer Orb in me locker and I'll use it if i have to!
Kathool: He thought he could resist.
Kathool: Bring her to me!

<You>: Oh wow... That was freaky...
<You>: I need to find Aquella.
Next Up: Descent
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Descent
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Nightmare
Release Date: April 23, 2010

Objective: Can you resist the call of Kathool?
Objective completed: Kathool A'Choo waits.

Aquella: Some...Something is wrong... the voices... they're everywhere...

<You>: What?
<You>: No I'll do it on my own time... I need to find The Locker and use the key.
<You>: No, I said. You cannot have her...
Caran: <Character> always seemed a bit off, right sis?
Diawe: This is like Deja vu all over again...
Caran: Stop quoting the Yogi.
Diawe: What? He was a wise man.
Miranda: I don't understand...... Yes. I... No. I can't!
Coraline: P- Please... No more...
<You>: No... NO, I won't do what you ask!
Evil You: Stop the voices... Take the girl.
<You>: NO!

Diawe: It's all the sleepers, isn't it?
Caran: Score for the unresting Deathknights?
Diawe: Poor <Character>, I actually thought they had a chance...
<You>: Why... why do you want her? She's a child.
Evil You: Do not question. There is no point to fighting.
Evil You: He wants the child, she is the last, the one in sync with the aegis...
<You>: Aegis... the Orb? Because she touched it?
<You>: No...
<You>: NO!
<You>: I will protect her!

<You>: I have to fight it. Fight Him. There has to be something... Anything... that can stop it.
Evil You: You cannot stop it. Kathool rises.
Evil You: All that you know is done.

Caran: It might be time to head for dry land, sister.
Diawe: Hmmph, I liked it here.
Caran: Everything mortal is going the way Davey did.
Diawe: Maybe there was something to what happened with the Captain then...
Diawe: It can't be a coincidence that it's happening all over again.
Caran: It's not something we can fight, we're the only sane ones left.
Diawe: If we're the only sane ones... then why are we leaving rather then getting ready to fight?
Caran: It's not a perfect world, sis
Caran: If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be.
Diawe: ... The Yogi again...
<You>: Get. Out. Of. My. Head.
Evil You: There is no escape.
<You>: There has to be! I won't give in!

<You>: Come on, Aquella.
<You>: Let's go.
Next Up: The Bottom
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> The Bottom
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Descent
Release Date: May 7th, 2010

Objective: Can you break Kathool's spell? Can you resist the call?
Objective completed: Davey lies defeated... as Kathool Achoo rises.

Aquella: You want to take me somewhere? Where?
Aquella: Are... are you ok, <Character Name>? You look like you haven't slept well...

Aquella: <Character Name>?
Aquella: Where... where are we going?

Aquella: Bu...but why into the trench?
Your Character: We have to.
Your Character: He calls for us.
Aquella: What? Who does?
Aquella: <Character Name>... please, i'm scared. I don't want to go.
Your Character: A... Aquella? You're right maybe...
Your Character: ...Maybe we should go back.

<You cannot resist...>

Your Character: No... I...

<Bring me the child.>

Your Character: I.. i have to...
Aquella: Have to what? What are you saying, <Character Name>?
Your Character: Aquella, I know you're scared, but you need to trust me.
Captain Davey: Hahahaha, why should she trust ye, <Character Name>?
Captain Davey: ...Ye be well on your way joinin' our side.
Aquella: <Character Name>?
Your Character: Let's finish this Davey. Come out and fight.

Captain Davey: He'll be very pleased ye brought Blue Ears. Did ye even realize that?
Captain Davey: Hahaha, ye brought the whelp right to him.
Captain Davey: Ye cannot resist him
Your Character: Stop talking and come out her and fight.
Captain Davey: Don't ye get it? All yer plans. All yer "heroics". it be nothing.
Your Character: Stop.
Captain Davey: Even I held out for me locker.
Captain Davey: Ye be weak.
Your Character: No! NO! Fight me, you bag of bones!
Captain Davey: Have ye told her yet?
Your Character: This has to end! Fight
Aquella: What?
Aquella: Told me what?
Captain Davey: Hahaha, poor blue ears.
Captain Davey: Ye still have no idea and ye "friend" there is still keeping ye in the dark.
Aquella: <Character Name> is my friend, he/she saved me from you!
Captain Davey: Did he/she now?
Captain Davey: Yet here i be, right where he/she brought ye....
Aquella: I... I...
Your Character: Dont listen to him, Aquella. You have to trust me.
Captain Davey: Ye think ye can resist?
Captain Davey: Hahaha, Ye became his long ago... and so will the little one.
Captain Davey: Tell her, <Character Name>
Aquella: Tell me what?
Captain Davey: Tell her... what happened to the other elves.
Aquella: ...
Aquella: You... you know what happened?
Captain Davey: Aye, he/she does.
Captain Davey: It be so sweet, he/she tryin' to spare ye feelings....
Aquella: Tell me what happened!
Your Character: Aquella...
Captain Davey: It was ye's fault!
Your Character: No, no, no! No it wasn't! Aquella, Davey was there, he took the orb.
Your Character: It wasn't you.
Captain Davey: Are ye really going to trust them blue ears? Ye have been lied too...
Your Character: No, i'm not lying.
Captain Davey: Ye didn't even tell her all that she did, did ye?
Your Character: Stop, Davey, just stop. Come out and face me!
Captain Davey: Hahaha. Poor blue ears. I think a reunion be in order first.
Your Character: No! Davey, fight me! Leave her alone.
Captain Davey: Hahahahaaaaaa, ye be the one that brought her!
Captain Davey: Blue ears, ye poor soul, look at what ye have done to your own people.

Aquella: Nooo.....
Aquella: *(sniff)* No, please...
Your Character: No! Aquella this is not your fault. It's not!
Your Character: No! I won't let you take her!

Your Character: Come out Davey, now!
Captain Davey: What do ye think ye can actually do against me, fool?
Captain Davey: The Old One already talks through your dreams. Ye be mortal and weak!
Diawe: Then maybe some immortal help is in order!
Caran: Hey, boss.
Your Character: Diawe! Caran!
Captain Davey: What do ye filthy mutineers think ye can do?
Captain Davey: Ye ran before and abandoned me crew, and look where it landed you, cursed fools.
Caran: Ahem... and you're doing any better?
Captain Davey: Ye be cowards.
Captain Davey: Ye ran before and ye will run again.
Caran: Heh, as the great yogi said...
Diawe: It ain't over till it's over.
Your Character: Now come out and fight.
Captain Davey: Then i be the one that will end it.

Diawe: It's over.
Your Character: No, It's not.
Caran: Davey's done, you already took care of those other monsters, what else is there left to do?
Your Character: Deal with Davey's boss.

<Kathool Achoo rises>
<All that you know will end>
Next Up: Risen
Hawke, now finished with Togzilla, answer’s his rider’s call and swims down to help her fight the Kathool
Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Risen
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Bottom
Release Date: May 14, 2010

Objective: Kathool has risen!
Objective completed: You defeated the Great One, Kathool Achoo, with the help of Aquella!

Aquella: Kathool has risen!

Kathool: All that you know is at an end.
<<You>>: NO! No, we beat your adepts... Davey is defeated. We're still here to fight you! No... no mere monster is going to end it all...
<<You>>: I don't care how big you are!
Kathool: Silence insect! Your time will pass, you will blink out of existence while Kathool 'Achoo remains.
Kathool: I have seen kingdoms rise and fall, witnesses the birth of magic, the deaths of entire species. You will not resist my power.
<<You>>: We have! We're here to end it!
Kathool: You have done nothing... except bring me the one aligned with the Aegis.
Kathool: You have all played your role. You succeeded where the pirate failed. You brought me the child. The Protector...
Kathool: ...Will protect me.
<<You>>: Why do you need her to protect you? You claim no one can resist, that all is at an end, then why do you need Aquella?
Kathool: I have slept for too long. The world changes too quickly, but you, you seem to persist.
<<You>>: Persist?
Kathool: You came before. In your yellow machine. Destroyed my adepts, forced me into the depths. But you did not defeat me.
Kathool: I did not have a Dragonheart Shard to protect me then. I have it now, and you, in your weakness, brought the One in sync with it.
<<You>>: Wha... What? Shards... You mean the Orb?
Kathool: Its power has taken other forms. Something happened. It changed while I slept. It is my power now. You cannot resist me.
<<You>>: I may be tiny compared to you, monster, but don't underestimate my power...
<<You>>: And don't forget whose side the protector is on.

You can then choose to Battle Kathool (Titan Fight), Heal, Let a DragonLord Handle It (continues dialogue), or Leave Quest.

Kathool falls into the depths.

Diawe: Maybe Davey wasn't as crazy as we thought, Sis?
<<You>>: It's... it's over.
Caran: For now at least.
<<You>>: For now?
Caran: Things like... that... never really seem to die. Whatever Kathool is... it's ancient... and, I think, confused.
<<You>>: Confused? It's spent weeks twisting the dreams and reality of everything that could dream that was in it's reach...
Diawe: Kathool is powerful, but something happened... time changed too fast for it, and I think that worked in our favor.
Caran: Kathool is defeated for now. I suspect that it will be eons before it attempts to rise again. The Protector will have to be ready when that happens.
Aquella: Me? But... but, I can't do it alone.
Caran: You won't be alone. We'll be here.
Aquella: I... I don't know how though.
<<You>>: I think you know enough, Aquella. Without you we never could have defeated Kathool. You really are a Protector.
Aquella: But... but... it's all my fault.... all the elves are gone.
Diawe: Aquella...
Lilithe: A... Aquella?
Lilithe: Aquella!
Aquella: Lilithe! But how?
Lilithe: You... you saved us.

Scene shows Aquella healing the bodies of the Adepts.

Lilithe: It was horrible. All of us were trapped in those... monsterous bodies... it was like a neverending nightmare. I'm so sorry, Aquella. I tried to find you.
Aquella: But if I hadn't played with the Orb...
<<You>>: The Orb.. where is the Locker?
Aquella: It's gone...
Lilithe: Don't cry, Aquella. The important thing is that you are safe.
Lilithe: You have more power than you know and, with the help of your new friends, we'll be able to fight to keep our home safe.
<<You>>: Hmm...
<<You>>: Who else knew of the Water Orb though...

Scene shifts to Sepulchure and Captain Hugo.

???: My Lord, it all went according to plan.
Sepulchure: The Orb, give it to me.

Screen reveals the silhouettes of Sepulchure and Captain Hugo. Sepulchure is holding the Water Orb.

Captain Hugo: <<You>> defeated the leviathan, just as you said, though he wouldn't been able to do it without the help of the elf girl.
Captain Hugo: Unfortunately, the water elves have returned....
Sepulchure: Without the orb to protect them... to increase their power, they are inconsequential.
Sepulchure: Were you suspected at all?
Captain Hugo: No.
Sepulchure: Good. I want you to return, but first....
Sepulchure: ..Tell me more about the elf girl.
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Dragonfable Timeline: Watar Orb
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