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 Dragonfable Timeline: Nature Orb

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Nature Orb   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:54 pm

Location: Falconreach -> Portal -> Willowshire
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 8, DA Required
Release Date: October 19th, 2007

Objective: After a healing slumber, Gorgok, the green nature dragon has awoken and plans to finish off the rest what it began! It plans to destroy all of Willowshire and every human left defending it!
Objective completed: You and your dragon have done with Guardian Fortuna and her resistance could only dream of... you defeated Gorgok! The dragon has retreated into its cave and sleeps again until it can heal. You have bought the Willowshire resistance precious time to fight! Well done DragonLord!

Dravir: A DragonLord!! Send the alarm! Awaken Gorgok!

Gorgok: Nythos Drel Schalak'l D'bri Nothos Shye!
*Your Dragon Amulet starts to glow*
<Your Character>: What was that?
Gorgok: Ahhhh! A little Dragon Rider. A little DragonLord with his little dragon!
<Your Dragon>: I'm not that little right now, Gorgok!
<Your Character>: WHAT? <Your Dragon>? You can speak?
<Your Dragon>: Of course I can, all dragons are born knowing how to speak Draconic.
<Your Character>: You never told me that.
<Your Dragon>: Well, you never asked.
<Your Character>: That's fair.
Gorgok: Should I come back later? You two seem busy.
<Your Character>: Oh, you're still here.
<Your Dragon>: We've come to put an end to you, Gorgok!
Gorgok: O rly?
<Your Dragon>: Ya rly!
<Your Character>: Why can't you just leave Willowshire alone, Gorgok?
Gorgok: Leave it alone! Dragons have been on this world for eons longer than you wretches!
Gorgok: You are lesser creatures and yet you still put up against a fight.
Gorgok: That little "resistance" needs to be taught a lesson and I will not leave until I crush every last human who stands up for that town!
Gorgok: You insects need to learn who your masters are!
<Your Dragon>: Not all dragons feel that way, Gorgok. You will NEVER destroy Willowshire as long as I'm here!
<Your Character>: <Your Dragon>, that was my line!
<Your Dragon>: Sorry, go ahead.
<Your Character>: You will NEVER destroy Willows... nevermind, lets just fight!

Other name: The Secret of the Tower
Location: Willowshire -> To The Tower!, Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests! -> Guardian Tower?
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 14, 2006

Objective: You find yourself in the hidden catacombs beneath the Willowshire Guardian Tower, racing against the minions of the dragon Gorgok to one of four magical keygems.
Objective completed: You find yourself in the hidden catacombs beneath the Willowshire Guardian Tower, racing against the minions of the dragon Gorgok to one of four magical keygems.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

To enter the vault, you need to find all four KeyGems from the four rooms:
• Blue Key Gem
• Green Key Gem
• Red Key Gem
• Yellow Key Gem

Those four rooms are the actual quest from which you get rewards.

At Guardian Fortuna - Willowshire Town:
Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok may have been defeated but he still lives. Many of his minions rushed into the Guardian Tower during the battle.
Guardian Fortuna: Whatever they're after must still be down there...and maybe they haven't found it yet.
Character: ...All this destruction for something hidden in the tower? It must be amazingly valuable...or powerful.
Guardian Fortuna: I hate to ask you this after all you've done for us already..but I think you're the only one who can get this job done...
Guardian Fortuna: Please <Character>, Go into our Guardian Tower and find what those Dravirs are after before they get it. Who knows what could happen if they get it first!

Lord Valorus: Well met Guardian. I have been waiting 980 years for your arrival. Unfortunately, you are one day late.
• What?
Lord Valorus: You arrived too late. It was taken from here just before the attack on this tower.
Character: What was taken?
Lord Valorus: You mean you do not know?
Character: ?
Lord Valorus: So you are not the Commander of this tower? This is a strange turn of events indeed.
Lord Valorus: My name is Lord Alexander Valorus, Guardian of the Thorn and the first Commander of the Tower.
Lord Valorus: I took an oath to guard the secrets of our Order’s powers with my very soul. Then, accidentally sealed myself in this Tower 980 years ago.
Lord Valorus: In retrospect, both actions were pretty silly.
Lord Valorus: If you are ever tasked with creating a secure vault... be certain to put door handles on both sides.
Lord Valorus: I knew that you would arrive here around this time.... you see, I was there when we found them.
Lord Valorus: We all knew what would happen and the chain of events would create a Hero. Who would have guessed it would be a <Class>?
Character: What are you talking about... what is “IT”?
Lord Valorus: My oath does not permit me to say. But I can tell you who took it.
Lord Valorus: She had a look in her eyes reminded me of the Rare Item hunters I used to travel with.
Lord Valorus: You must not let this power fall into the wrong hands. Go quickly friend, and warn the other Towers.
Lord Valorus: If they are not under attack yet.... they soon will be.
• Dragon Amulet?
Character: Do you know anything about the Dragon Amulet?
Lord Valorus: *He speaks in a language that sounds like boulders rumbling. You can feel the words in your chest more than hear it*

Your Dragon Amulet begins to glow..... You can now understand Draconic.

Dragon Amulet holders only:
Lord Valorus: It was 1,000 years ago that our wise and noble King sent us to investigate the monsters.
Lord Valorus: Back then we were all just adventurers looking to make a few gold.
Lord Valorus: Our lands were suddenly ravaged by elemental monsters. Each type originating from a different source.
Lord Valorus: We fought our way to the center of one of these monster hordes.... we were not ready for what we found.
Lord Valorus: The Kingdom was torn to pieces because of it. In the wake of those harsh times, we took our oaths.
Lord Valorus: We would use this power for good, and keep it from the hands of evil.
Lord Valorus: We built these Towers to mark them and defend them. We serve no King, but the entire world.
Lord Valorus: Even this vault was not secure enough to contain this power though. So we put a lock on the power.
Lord Valorus: The Amulet around your neck....
Character: ...is the key!
Character: (thinks) Woah... did I just speak Draconic?
Lord Valorus: I wish you luck on your Adventures, if things go anything like last time... you will need it!
Character: (thinks) Last time?

Non-Dragon Amulet holders:
Character: Do you know anything about the Dragon Amulet?
Lord Valorus: *He speaks in a language that sounds like boulders rumbling. You can feel the words in your chest more than hear it*
Lord Valorus: *He continues for a long time... it sounds important.*
Character: I do not understand what you are saying.
Lord Valorus: You must possess the Amulet to speak in the tongue of Dragons.
Lord Valorus: Once you have obtained one, return and I shall share with you what I know.
• Shop
Lord Valorus: Here, I have one of the first Guardian Blades that were forged. Make your donation to the tower in Gold and use it to protect your world.

Opens Tower Spirit Shop
• Tower map.
• The torch at the start of each room can heal you if you get close to it.
• These messages appear, if you try to go to the stairs to the War Room/Library: “The path to the War Room is blocked by rubble.”, “The walls of this stairway seem to have caved in.”
Other names: A Dark Place
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> A Dark Place
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Race to the Keygems (The Secret of the Tower)
Release Date: September 17, 2010

Objective: Will you find the mysterious thief?
Objective completed: Who is this woman and how does she know your name?

Guardian Fortuna: Valorus?!
• A Dark Place
• Back

Guardian Fortuna: Did... did you say, Lord Valorus?!
Guardian Fortuna: But... I don't understand... he disappeared almost a 1000 years ago?!
<<You>>: Less disappeared and more... locked in the basement...
Guardian Fortuna: Did Valorus tel you what was held in the Tower? What Gorgok is after?
<<You>>: His oath as a Guardian of the Thorn wouldn't allow him, but it doesn't matter... it's gone already.
Guardian Fortuna: Gone?! So Gorgok's minions have won...
<<You>>: No, not Gorgok. Valorus said she looked like a rare item hunter.
Guardian Fortuna: Rare item hunter? We have several scavengers in town, but none who could be called that.
Rahl: Fortuna, the trader from yesterday...
Guardian Fortuna: Which way did she go, Rahl?
Rahl: North, towards the Badlands.
Guardian Fortuna: <<You>>, you have to go after her. She's the only one Valorus could have meant when he said Rare Item hunter.
<<You>>: Hundreds of villagers have fled Willowshire though. How will I know who you're talking about?
Guardian Fortuna: No one else has gone north. The Badlands are the remains of a 1000 year old battlefield... they're said to be cursed.
<<You>>: So... chase after a woman, of which I don't have a description...
<<You>>: Who might have stolen an incredibly powerful object, of which I don't know what it is...
<<You>>: Into a barren wasteland which might possibly be cursed.
Guardian Fortuna: You said Lord Valorus called you a hero. After everything you've done in Willowshire, I know you are.
Guardian Fortuna: Please, <<You>>, find her. Recover the Secret of the Thorn.

<<You>>: Stop right there, thief!
Rare Item Hunter: No, <<You>>! Stop!
<<You>>: Who... who are you?!

Complete Quest
Next Up: Your Secret Is Safe
Other names: Secret, Your Secret Is Safe With Me!
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Secret
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Rock and A Dark Place
Release Date: September 24, 2010

Objective: Can you distract the monsters long enough for Valencia to escape without getting caught yourself?
Objective completed: The Secret of the Thorn is safe... for now!

Guardian Fortuna: Whatever happens, <<You>>, make sure the Secret of the Thorn is safe!
• Your Secret Is Safe With Me!
• Back

<<You>>: Valencia?! But... I don't understand... why would you steal from the Guardians?
Valencia: Hmmpfh. I wouldn't say steal, <<You>>.
Valencia: When a very powerful object is held somewhere that's under attack... it's usually a good idea to move it.
<<You>>: Alright... point taken. What are you doing here, though? And what is it that Lord Valorus was sworn to protect?
Valencia: Lord Valorus told me the same story I suspect he told you...
<<You>>: Where he locked himself in the tower basement trying to keep the Secret of the Thorn safe? He still wouldn't tell me what it was...
Valencia: Well... legend has it, 1,000 years ago, elementals ravaged the land.
Valencia: This battlefield was the center and this shield was what the monsters rallied behind... I had to see for myself... Does it look familiar, <<You>>?
<<You>>: It looks... like... like a Doom Knight helm... Sepulchure? But is he that old?
Valencia: I'm not sure... Whatever darkness drives the Doom Knights... gives them their power... definitely is though...
<<You>>: But what does that have to do with the Order of the Thorn?
Valencia: Isn't it clear, <<You>>?
Valencia: The towers were built to protect the Orbs. The Order of the Thorn was charged with building the Willowshire Tower... the Tower of Earth!
<<You>>: Wow... So wait... the battle for the Orbs has been going on for 1,000 years?!
Valencia: Not quite... Questions are going to have to wait until later, <<You>>.
Valencia: I still have to get the Secret of the Thorn someplace safe and we have a problem...
<<You>>: We're surrounded... I'll distract them. Get the Secret someplace safe, Valencia!
• Quest!
• Heal & potions
• Back

A minigame begins in which you play a rider on horseback, dodging the monsters for 124 seconds to fill the bar. If you hit a monster, you will have to fight it. One fight subtracts 5 seconds from the amount you have. You may restart by pushing the button in the lower left-hand corner.

<<You>>: I think Valencia just managed to get away... I just hope the Secret of the Thorn is safe!
Valencia: *thinking* Hmmm... you really belong in a museum... for now though...

Complete Quest
Next Up: The Secret of the Thorn
Other names: The Whole Truth
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> The Whole Truth
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Your Secret Is Safe
Release Date: November 12, 2010

Objective: Save Lord Valorus!
Objective completed: The other half of the Earth Orb must be found!

Guardian Fortuna: <<You>>, you've returned! What happened?

Guardian Fortuna: <<You>>! Did you catch the thief? Is the Secret of the Thorn safe?
<<You>>: Fortuna, it wasn't a thief... don't worry, the secret is safe.
Guardian Fortuna: I... I have to trust you, <<You>>...
Guardian Fortuna: Besides, we have another problem...
<<You>>: What happened?
Guardian Fortuna: Since you've unlocked Lord Valorus... the dravir have pushed us back. The Tower of Earth, and Lord Valorus, are under their control.
Valencia: We need to get Valorus!
Rahl: <<You>>. Who is this?
<<You>>: Valencia! The Secret... is it safe?
Valencia: Don't worry, <<You>>, sometimes the best hiding places are in plain sight...
Guardian Fortuna: ...
<<You>>: ...
Valencia: Trust me. Right now, we need to get inside the Tower of Earth!

<<You>>: Valorus! Are you alright?
Valencia: <<You>>... he is a ghost.
<<You>>: Yes, well...
Lord Valorus: I am fine, <<You>>.
<<You>>: Why would they take you prisoner, though?
Lord Valorus: I...
Lord Valorus: I haven't shared the entire story with you, <<You>>.

Instead of the screen as above, cutscenes occur with dialogue at the bottom of the screen, recorded as follows. Dialogue in cutscene is normally written:

Lord Valorus: The attacks that happened 1,000 years ago threw the elemental realms out of balance.
Lord Valorus: The corrupting darkness that threatened to take over this land had no regard for the other realms, or even its own, and all of Lore threatened to be torn apart.
Lord Valorus: It was this threat that caused the Elemental Avatars to first reveal themselves to the humans.
Lord Valorus: The Avatars had only associated with the Dragons before then, each choosing their own champion... the original Great Dragons, who continue to pass that title down to their children.
Lord Valorus: To bring balance back... to give humans, and dragons, a fighting chance against the corruption, each Avatar coalesced a pure orb of their element, which was given to a human commander to protect.

Lord Valorus: Earth Orb, eh? Not quite as cool as the Ice Orb, haha, but it's pretty neat I guess.
Lord Valorus: AAH! Oh no!
Lord Valorus: Uhh...
Lord Valorus: *(Quick you fool, pretend nothing happened!)*
Lord Valorus: Eh hehe, cool, the Earth Orb. Wow, I'm a lucky guy... heh hehh...
Lord Valorus: *(Pretty smooth, Valorus. Pretty smooth.)*

Back at the tower...

Lord Valorus: In order to foster trust between dragons and humans they created...
<<You>>: ... the Dragon Amulets!
Valencia: Oh yeah.
<<You>>: That's amazing... I... Wait. Wait. What happened to the Earth Orb?
Lord Valorus: Yes... well...
Valencia: The true Secret of the Thorn.
Lord Valorus: ...
Lord Valorus: The Orb of Earth exists in two halves. The Stone Half has... had been kept safe in the Tower of Earth.
<<You>>: And the other half?
Lord Valorus: The Nature Half... has been lost.
???: Then we have to find it, before someone else does.
Valencia: ...
Valencia: Daddy?

Complete Quest
Next Up: The Temple of Gloom
Other name: The Temple
Location: Willowshire > Guardian Fortuna > Quests > The Temple
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Secret of the Thorn
Release Date: 26th November 2010

Objective: Can you survive?
Objective completed: The first part of your journey to the Nature Orb is complete.

Guardian Fortuna: The Earth Orb is in two halves?! How will we ever find the nature orb after so long!?

Valencia: ...Daddy?
Valencia: What...what are you doing here?
Trey Surehunter: Hey kid. Things don't go as planned and I need your help.
Trey Surehunter: I am after a treasure, and the key is in the temple.
You: A new treasure?
Trey Surehunter: The orb of nature.
You: That's not yours to have.
Trey Surehunter: As I understand it, it wasn't something that was looked after too closely in the first place.
Trey Surehunter: The orb of nature is important enough that it shouldn't be lost. It should be in it's rightful place...
Valencia: In a Museum?
Trey Surehunter: Sure, kid.
Valencia: Of course we'll help you, Daddy.
Trey Surehunter: I knew you would.
You: Do you even know where to look?
Trey Surehunter: It's all in finding the right map.
Trey Surehunter: We start in...
Trey Surehunter: The Temple of Gloom.
You: Great...

Valencia: Be careful <Characters Name>. The ground looks unsafe here.
You: No kidding.

*If you die*

Trey Surehunter: I am really glad we brought <Character's Gender> along.
Valencia: Come on Daddy. We should probably go looking for him.

*After 2 holes are passed*

You: That was a close one...

You: I'd comment on how ridiculous that was, but I need to double check that I'm not on fire.
Trey Surehunter: Hey kid, you didn't happen to memorize the pattern, did you?
Valencia: Um...
Valencia: Hey...<Characters Name>?
You: NO!

You: This... something doesn't feel right.

*Don't Duck*

Trey Surehunter: Way to go, <Characters Name>. You took it like a man.
Valencia: How's your face?
You: Well hemmo, bananaman. Francy a jam around the moleburry bush?
Trey Surehunter: Help me get him up, kid.


Valencia: Way to go, <Characters Name>!

You: It's...it's...a loop made out of... of fruit?
Next Up: What's Mine is Mine
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> What's Mine is Mine
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Temple of Gloom
Release Date: December 3, 2010

Objective: The next piece of the map is hidden below the Temple in the mines.
Objective completed: Owwwww......

Guardian Fortuna: Follow the Rare Item Hunters, <<You>>. If we have any hope of finding the lost half... it's with them.
• The Real Secret!
• Back

Trey: Nice job, <<You>>. You're better at this than I thought.
<<You>>: ...
<<You>>: Thanks?
Trey: We've got to keep movin' though. With something as valuable as an Elemental Orb, we can't be the only ones looking for it.
<<You>>: *(Ok... enough with the dramatic lightning)*
Trey: We need to find the next piece of the map before anyone else.
<<You>>: How is a loop maid of dried fruit part of a map?
Trey: Heh, don't you worry about that, kid.
<<You>>: ...
Valencia: Where do we go next, then?!
Trey: Into the mines below the Temple!

Trey: Hmm...
<<You>>: ...
<<You>>: Suh-weet!
Trey: Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
<<You>>: Heck yes!
• Ride mine cart!

<<You>>: WOOOHOOO!
Valencia: Ok... looks like it splits up ahead. Which way do you want to go?
<<You>>: Uhhhh...
• Left
Trey: Ok, we're still alive... Must've been the right choice.
Valencia: Yup. Say... up ahead... is that--
<<You>>: A stalagmite hanging right in our way? Of course.
• DUCK!!! (Must click in time to continue)
<<You>>: Yikes.
Valencia: Ok... I think we're in the clear.
<<You>>: Great! Usually these things end badly.
<<You>>: Wow, haha. *whew* I thought I totally jinxed us right there.
<<You>>: I was waiting for us to run into a rock, or fall off the track in to a giant abyss... or something.
Valencia: <<You>>... You should know better than to say stuff like that.
<<You>>: I know, right? Something always happens, though.
Complete Quest

• Right
<<You>>: At least we landed on something squishy.
Trey: That was me.
<<You>>: Oh, quit whining. In the last quest, I was ON FIRE.
• Try again (offers you the Left/Right options again)

Next Up: The Map Room
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> The Map Room
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of What's Mine is Mine
Release Date: January 14, 2011
Objective: Who would build a scale model of Lore?
Objective completed: Fae?!

Guardian Fortuna: Find out any information you can, <<You>>! I've learned even the strangest things can yield information to a quest.
• Quest
• Back

Valencia: <<You>>! Wake up, <<You>>!
<<You>>: *groan*
Trey: Ok, take my hand. Upsie-daisy...
<<You>>: Uhhhn... I had the worst dream.
Trey: Uhh...
<<You>>: I dreamt that we were riding a mine cart at breakneck speeds, and then there was this giant explosion!
Valencia: Oh. Well, actually that did happen.
<<You>>: Oi. Well... what about the part where I was on fire after the explosion, and you guys were too busy discussing something to help me?
Trey: ...
Valencia: ...
<<You>>: ...?
Trey: I got nuthin', kid.
<<You>>: WHAT?! You mean that really happened?!
Valencia: Well, um, you see... we made a significant archaeological discovery, and...
<<You>>: I WAS ON FIRE!
Trey: ...
<<You>>: ...AGAIN!
Valencia: It went out on its own eventually, thanks to this cave being damp and all...
<<You>>: Look. Next time I'm on fire... wake me up so I can put myself out, ok?
<<You>>: Can you do that?
Trey: Duly noted!
Trey: Now, if you're done venting... come check this out already.
<<You>>: Oh neat, what did you guys find?
Valencia: A map room!
<<You>>: At least there probably won't be any freak explosions or fires. *sigh* Coming!

<<You>>: Oh. Wow.
Trey: Pretty neat, eh?
<<You>>: This... is not what I thought you meant.
Valencia: Come on, let's go check it out!

Valencia: Isn't it incredible?
<<You>>: Wow, it's... a scale model. Inside of another scale model. It's so cute. *grin*
<<You>>: Y'know... I think somebody has too much time on their hands...
Trey: Remember that piece of fruit we found?
<<You>>: ... Didn't somebody eat that?
Valencia: Um... I don't think so.
<<You>>: Ohhh... You meant the one in the shape of a loop. Yeah... You couldn't pay me to eat that.
<<You>>: Mumble... Crazy people food.
Valencia: Right. Well, watch this.
<<You>>: !!!
Trey: Not bad, eh?
<<You>>: Stay back, monster!
<<You>>: You guys hang back, I'll handle this.
???: SSCRRREEEEEEEEE* Handle me? Handle ME?!
<<You>>: Oh... You talk? Well, I mean. I... Hmm... let's try this again. Hi, my name is <<You>>!
???: What are you doing here?!
Valencia: We're very sorry to have intruded Mr...
Salad: Salad.
Valencia: ... Mr. Salad. We are looking for--
Salad: *sniff* *sniff* Is that what I think it is?
???: IT IS!!!
Salad: OM NOM NOM...
Salad: Mmm... Just like Fae used to make!
Salad: Hey, why you messing with my toys?
<<You>>: Oh, uh... Well they kinda attacked us.
Salad: Oh. Yeah... They do tend to do that.
Valencia: Salad, who is this Fae you mention--
Salad: Fae is Fae. But... sometimes she's not. GAH! Look at the mess you guys have made... It is going to take me forever to clean this up...
<<You>>: Would you be able to tell us where to find her? And does it have anything to do with the light and the loop of fruit?
Salad: *SCREEEEE* No, why did you even put it on the thingie, anyways?
<<You>>: Oh, well it lit up a certain part of the forest and it seemed pretty important.
Salad: That was fluke.
<<You>>: Oh, well I thought--
Salad: *SCREEEEE* GAH! JUST LEAVE! I'll tell you where she is, just get out of here so I can fix all the stuff you broke!!!
Complete Quest
Next Up: Race to the Key Orb
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Key Orb
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Map Room
Release Date: 21st Jan, 2011

Objective: The Nature half of the Earth Orb is in peril. Will you be able to find Fae and Nature Orb in time? Or will you be struck down by assassins?
Objective completed: Ah-Choo!

Guardian Fortuna: Work quickly, <Character>... the closer you come to finding the Nature half of the Orb...
Guardian Fortuna: The more likely you are to draw attention to you quest. Be on the lookout for the minions of our enemies.
Guardian Fortuna: Be safe as you look for the adopted guardian of the Key to the Earth Orb!

Trey: So, about Fae then?
<Character>: Wait, what about...
Salad: Yes, Fae went through here years ago.
<Character>: But.. the toys are..
Salad: Sweet girl, but a little strange...
Valencia: Where did she go?
<Character>: ...Guys?
Salad: Last I heard she was in the northern part of SureWould Forest.
Trey: Excellent! We're closing in on the Nature half!
<Character>: Can somebody please explain why on Lore they are doing donuts around the fruit bowl?!
Salad: They're playing a game.
<Character>: Oh.
<Character>: What game is it?
Salad: It's called "Run around in circles until you get dizzy and fall off the table".
<Character>: *groan* I had to ask..
<Character>: So yeah, what was that about Fae?
Valencia: <Character>.. We're SO close! Pay attention, ok?
Trey: Don't worry, I caught it. She's in Surewood.
<Character>: Hmm.. I just hope this Fae girl is safe. She has no idea how many people must be looking for her.
<Character>: Hey, Salad?
Salad: Yar?
<Character>: Mind if I took a piece of fruit for the road?
Salad: No!
<Character>: Thanks! Even the cave moss was starting to look appetizing..
Salad: No! Salad I say NO!
<Character>: Oh, well, what is going to crush their hopes and dreams if I take one?
Salad: BAD fruit.

Toy: ZOMG what is wrong with this orange.. ?!
Salad: BAAAAD fruit.
<Character>: Yeeesh.
<Character>: Well, we better get going. We need to find Fae.
Toy: My stomach is doing backflips...

Explore SureWould Forest

Trey: Hey kid.. look up there.
Valencia: Is that... ?
Trey: I'd say we found Ms. Fae.
En: *HISSSSSSSSsssssssss*

*Tropy and En reveal themselves in front of everyone*

En: Theeeeee Oooooorrbbb wiillll be ooooourrrsssssss.....
Trophy: Yyoooooouuuuu arrrrreeee tooo laaaaatttteeeeeeee....
Trey: Not a chance. I'm not gonna let two spiky fools stop me from completing the Earth Orb. I'm gonna finish that Blade.
<Character>: What have you done with Fae?
Fae: A-choo!
<Character>: What the...
Fae: Oh... OH!
Fae: Finally! No fur! I..... I..... I.....
Fae: A-chooo!
Fae: Oh shoot.

Complete Quest
Next Up: Reanimated
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Reanimated
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Race to the Key Orb
Release Date: January 28, 2011

Objective: En and Tropy's power grow with each defeat... how will you get away from the reanimates?
Objective completed: Fae's eyes widen in Awe...

Guardian Fortuna: Who knows what the full power of the Earth Orb might unlock?
• Quest
• Back

En: Deeeaaaaaaath.
Tropy: Decaaaaaay.
En & Tropy: Deeeessssstruuuction.
Tropy: Giiiive uuuuuuussss the girrrrl.
Trey: Not a chance.
Valencia: You're not going to get near her.
<<You>>: Get Fae to safety.
Fae: Wait, no, what's going on?
Trey: C'mon kid, let's get outta here.
Tropy: Sssssiilllly <<Class>>.
En: Evvvvverythiiiinnng diessss... Youuu wiillll faaaiillllll.
Tropy: Aaasss tiiiime goooooeessss ooonnn ouuurrr pooweeeerrr grrrooooowssssss...
Valencia: ...
<<You>>: ...
<<You>>: Nice shot.
Valencia: Thanks!
<<You>>: So... where did Trey and Fae go?
Valencia: I... don't know. Daddy must have taken her someplace where they'd be safe though.
<<You>>: I didn't think that the fight would be that easy...
Valencia: I... I don't think we're done.
En: Ouuuurrrr poweeeerrr groooooowsssss.
Tropy: Ahahahahahahaaaaaa.
<<You>>: Reanimates... Why'd it have to be reanimates...


En: Enooooughhhhh...
Tropy: Thhheeee ooothhhherrrr haaassss theeee giiirrrllllll... Yooooouuurrr skiiillllssss haaaveeee deeecliiiiiineeeed...
Valencia: They get more powerful with each battle.
<<You>>: They're using some kind of magic to destroy our skills...
Valencia: I have one thing left up my sleeves. We need to get away. Now.
Tropy: Thheyyyyyyy willllllll noooooottttt geettttt faaaarrrr...
En: Wwwweeee willllllll cccruuuushhhhhh thhhhhemmmm...!

<<You>>: Good thinking... but it won't be long before they've picked up our trail again.
Valencia: We need to catch up with Daddy and Fae. Everything that those two touch decays...
Valencia: We're going to need the complete Earth Orb to stop them!
Fae: Trey... where are-- a--
Fae: Atchoo!
Fae: *sigh*
Trey: Where is it?
Fae: Where is what? I... I don't understand...
Trey: I know you have it. Your shapeshifting gives it away.
Fae: I don't know why it happens... it just does when I sneeze!
Trey: Tell me where it is!

Complete Quest
Next Up: En Tropy
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> En Tropy
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Reanimated
Release Date: 25th Feb, 2011

Objective: Forces combine.
Objective completed: Forces combine.

Guardian Fortuna: I fear what would happen if Gorgok had the Orb's full power.
Guardian Fortuna: If the stone dragon combines forces... what is already a difficult battle would be, I fear, impossible.
• Quest
• Back

You play as En and Tropy

En: Thhhhheeeee daaaarrrrk oneeee eeeessssscaaaaped wiittttthhhhh thhhhhhhe giiirrrlllll...
Tropy: Thhhhhhhheeeeee Naaaaaatuuuuurrrreeeee Haaaaalfffff iiisssss iiiiiin mooootiooooon.

Scene shows mist surrounding

Tropy: Jjjoooooiiiiinnn uussssss....
Gorgok: No! The Earth Orb will be mine!

Battles Gorgok

Tropy: Jjjoooooiiiiinnn uussssss....

*Gorgok changes form and becomes...?*

En and Tropy combine with the dragon...

Complete Quest
Next Up: Reforged
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Reforged
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of En Tropy
Release Date: 4th Mar, 2011

Objective: The halves of the earth orb combined!
Objective completed: The halves of the earth orb combined!

Guardian Fortuna: The full power of the Earth Orb could be devastating in the wrong hands.

Trey: Where is it? Where is the Nature Orb?
Fae: I... I don't know what you mean.
Trey: The Orb!
Trey: It's a... a ball of enormous power! It would make things grow!
Fae: You... you mean my garden stone?
Trey: Give it to me! Everything depends on it.
Fae: But... it's mine!

*Trey snatched from Fae and holds onto the Nature Orb*

Fae: Hey!
Trey: Hahaha..
Fae: Atchoo!
Fae: Oh... I... I didn't change!
Fae: What... why?
Valencia: Daddy!
Valencia: There you are! Is everything ok?
Trey: Did you bring it?
Valencia: The Stone half? Yes, but....
Trey: Give it to me!
Valencia: I...

Valencia looks at Stone Orb

Valencia: I hope you know what you're doing....

The Nature and Earth Orb fuses and become...

Valencia: Daddy?

The Orb and the door shines

Valencia: Daddy?!

The door opens and shows Blade of Awe

Orb fuses into the Blade of Awe

Character: I... I think we have a new problem, Valencia....
Valencia: Daddy... please... what are you doing?
Trey: Securing the ultimate relic.
Trey: With this... with this no temple will remain buried. No treasure will be beyond my reach! They will all be mine!
Valencia: But...

Trey summon a skill using Blade of Awe and attack Valencia

Fae: Oh no..
Fae: Are you ok?
Trey: I don't have time for moral lectures and pleas for museums now.
Character: You can't take the Orb, Trey!
Trey: Who's going to stop me? You? Hahahahaa!

Earth Elemental appears

Trey: You ain't seen nothin' yet, kid.

Battle 5 monsters

Character: Enough. I've faced bigger and badder foes than your new found elementals.
Trey: Heh. Thanks for all the help you and my daughter have given me, but I don't have time for this now. I have more treasure to find.
Character: You missed.

Guardian Dragon appears

Character: Fiddlesticks.

Valencia: Wha... What happened?
Character: We're stuck...
Character: ..Between life and death....

Complete Quest
Next Up: New Face of Entropy
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Entropy Strikes
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Reforged
Release Date: 11th Mar, 2011

Objective: En and Tropy have merged with Gorgok!
Objective completed: En and Tropy have merged with Gorgok!

Guardian Fortuna: What has happened, <Character>?
• Quest
• Back

Character: We need to get back to Willowshire.
Character: Guardian Fortuna needs to know we have a new enemy... and that Trey has managed to combine both halves of the Earth Orb.
Valencia: He...
Valencia: He can't have betrayed us...
Character: ...
Valencia: I don't understand....
Fae: He blasted you....
Character: We need to get back. En and Tropy are still out there....

Back to Guardian Fortuna's tent

Guardian Fortuna: Trey has the complete Earth Orb?!
Character: And... the Blade of Awe.
Guardian Fortuna: The Blade of Awe but... but that's just a legend...
Character: No. It's not... and it's more powerful then even I suspected...

Valencia in tears

Valencia: Daddy...
Valencia: Daddy must have suspected all along.... Combining the the Blade of Awe and Earth Orb....
Valencia: He has focused the power of the Orb. Make minions. Call the Guardian Dragon. Move the very earth itself. Nothing will be hidden....
Guardian Tenza: Fortuna!!!
Guardian Tenza: Fortuna! We're under attack! The dragon....
Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok? Not again!
Guardian Tenza: I... I'm not sure.
Guardian Fortuna: Take me there at once!

Entropy Dragon appears

Character: !!!!
Entropy Dragon: Whhhhhheeeeerrrre... Whhhhhheeeeeerrrre iissssss thhhheeeee Ooooorrrrb... thhhhhheeeee Ooooooorb?
Character: By the Light... what is that?
Guardian Fortuna: No!

Guardian Fortuna: NO!!
Guardian Tenza: No, Fortuna! There is nothing you can do for them now!
Guardian Fortuna: The southern square! All of those people...
Guardian Tenza: Look.

Character: En and Tropy... they've... they've merged with Gorgok.
Guardian Fortuna: We... we were barely pushing back the Stone Dragon... how can we fight this?
Entropy Dragon: Thhhhheeeee daaaaaark ooonneeeeee. Thhheeeeee beetraaaayyyyeeeerrr.

Entropy Dragon flew away

Fae: It.... it's gone?
Character: The Entropy Dragon is.... but we still have to deal with those....
Guardian Fortuna: Look! There are still people in those houses!
Character: I've got this.

After defeating all minions and rescue the survivors:

Guardian Fortuna: So now we have two enemies....
Fae: At least the dragon is after that mean man...

Valencia's head down and closes eye

Valencia: ...
Guardian Fortuna: We have to recover the Orb. Who knows what damage will be done with it...
Character: We need to get the Blade of Awe from Trey, but how do we get to him?
Valencia: ...
Valencia: ..With the promise of treasure....
Next Up: Nature's Keeper
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Nature's Keeper
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of New Face of Entropy
Release Date: 8th Apr, 2011

Objective: The mystery of the Nature Orb.
Objective completed: The mystery of the Nature Orb is solved... but how will we recover the complete Orb from Trey?

Guardian Fortuna: Where has the Nature Orb been all this time?
• Quest
• Back

Loads Fae

Guardian Fortuna: So Gorgok has aligned with Sepulchure's minions and is now after the full power of the Earth Orb...
Guardian Fortuna: ...But where has the Nature Half of the Orb been for so long?
Fae: With... with me I guess.
Guardian Fortuna: But how did you get it? And what did you use it for... shapeshifting?
Fae: I... just thought it was pretty.

Scene shows Nature Orb left in the shrub area

Sek: In the desert I shall guard the orb. No harm shall befall it. Though my task is great, I shall not fail!
Tuesday: (thinks) Man, the way that guy tells it he'll have been the true Light King of the desert for a million years when we see him next year...

Fae playing around with the Nature Orb

Fae: WOOOOOW!!!!
Guardian Matron: Fae, come on. You're not supposed to be out here. We have to get inside!
Fae: Okay, coming!

Fae: My parents were... were gone.
Fae: The elementals had been attacking the towns and... they didn't make it.

Fae: The Guardians took me in though. There was something important happening, but we weren't allowed to go see....
Fae: I snuck out to try and watch but I missed whatever happened. Then the elementals attacked....
Fae: Magic was flying through the air and I... and I guess I got hit.

A shadow aura hits Fae

Fae: Ahh--
Fae: ATCHOO!!!! !!!!?!

Fae: I ran. For a long time. Everywhere I went there was war... I had to escape the battle. To get somewhere safe....

Fae: Eventually I made it somewhere safe but I had no idea where I was and I was all alone.
Fae: Everytime I sneezed I changed... I couldn't control it.
Fae: Mr. Salad found me and he was so nice. I would play tag with the Squishies upstairs too.
Fae: They had all sorts of fun traps in their house to figure out...

Plays minigame

Fae: Hmm...

Fae: Cat-like reflexes? Maybe this isn't so bad after all...

Fae: Oooh.. pretty..
Fae: I'll just leave a nice little surprise here for them instead...
Fae: Hope they like fruit... Hee hee!

Fae: I don't know how long I was there for but, eventually, the Squishies seemed to be... uh, upset with my playing.
Fae: So I set out on my own and built my treehouse....
Character: Fae....
Character: The elementals... the orbs... that was a 1,000 years ago!
Guardian Fortuna: How is it possible?
Fae: No... it can't have been that long....
Valencia: The Nature half... you started shifting after you found it.
Valencia: It must have... slowed time for you somehow. Given you eternal youth.
Guardian Fortuna: Amazing....
Character: If Sepulchure gets the Earth Orb... No. We have to get it back from Trey!
Valencia: You spent time in the Temple of Gloom... did you collect anything while there?

Fae looks at the ring

Fae: I should return it... I just meant to play a joke on them...
Valencia: We can.
Valencia: First we have our own trap to lay though.

Complete Quest
Next Up: Surehunter Woes
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Surehunter Woes
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Nature's Keeper
Release Date: 15th Apr, 2011

Objective: Can you catch up to Trey in time?
Objective completed: Trey won't be giving up the Blade of Awe or the Earth Orb without a fight...

Guardian Fortuna: Do what you have to get the Earth Orb back, <Character>! Before Gorgok... before the Entropy Dragon can get it's claw on it!

Trey Surehunter: More...
Trey Surehunter: I must find more....
Trey Surehunter: All those years of being too late...
Trey Surehunter: ..Finding nothing but broken traps.... froot loops instead of power rings....
Trey Surehunter: Nothing escapes me now!

Trey Surehunter: Yes, hahaha.. More. I must find more! On to the next site!!

Entropy Dragon: Wwwweeeeeeeeee aaaarrrrrrrrreeeeee gettttttttiiiinnnnnggg clloooooossssssseeerrrrrr.
Entropy Dragon: Yyyyessssssssss.. Caaannnnnnnnnn smmmmmmeelllllllllll hiiimmmmmmmmmm.

Trey Surehunter: No! There has to be more! I've been to every site...
Valencia: Missing something?
Trey Surehunter: You?!
Trey Surehunter: What you doing here, kid?
Valencia: Watching you rip the earth apart for meaningless trinkets.
Trey Surehunter: Heh, meaningless? Meaningless?
Trey Surehunter: I have found more powerful artifacts, more priceless treasures since I found the Blade of Awe then you could hope to find in a lifetime.
Valencia: No.
Trey Surehunter: ...
Valencia: You haven't found anything. Your minions have dug up everything. Knocked over anything in their way.
Valencia: You just take what they find and throw it on the pile. Do you even know what half of what they've found is?
Trey Surehunter: Does it matter? It's mine.
Valencia: Not all of it.
Trey Surehunter: What?
Trey Surehunter: What do you have, kid...
Valencia: I want to make a deal.

Trey's minion approaches

Trey Surehunter: Or I could just take it.
Valencia: Hmph..
Valencia: You really think I came alone to negotiate with you?

You and Fae comes in

Trey Surehunter: Hmph..
Trey Surehunter: How quaint... Your mother would have been so proud of you.
Trey Surehunter: Minions.. Get rid of this.. annoyance.

Valencia becomes your guest

Unlocked Chests:

Chest 1:
As you expected, the chests are empty except for a bit of dirt and a bug or two.

Chest 2:
Sifting through the dust and dirt at the bottom of the empty chests, you find a small piece of paper. It reads -
Arr! 'pon diggin' this hole, me crew noticed that this cave seemed like it had been used before. Well,
whoever was here before best not be comin' back n'
stealing me treasure or there will be heck to pay!

Trey Surehunter: ENOUGH! I don't have time for this!
Valencia: Time for this... TIME FOR THIS?! Look at what you've done...
Trey Surehunter: What I've done?! I'm a Treasure Hunter! The greatest in the world! You have no idea what I've given up to get here.
Valencia: I think I know better than you do...
Trey Surehunter: No! I'm done with this!

Stone pebbles surrounded Trey

Trey Surehunter: ...

Complete Quest
Next Up: Earth and Entropy
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Earth and Entropy
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Surehunter Woes
Release Date: 22nd Apr, 2011

Objective: Will you recover the Orb and the Blade of Awe from Trey?
Objective completed: Another Orb in Sepulchure's grasp! Will you be able to at least keep the Blade of Awe save?

Guardian Fortuna: Who knows what the treasure hunter can do with the power of the Earth Orb! You have to recover it before the Entropy Dragon!
• Quest
• Back

Trey: I'm done with this!
Trey: I'm the greatest Treasure Hunter this world has ever seen. I won't negotiate. I won't be denied. I hold the Blade of Awe. The Earth Orb.
Trey: If you have treasure... it will be mine!
Valencia: Daddy...

Entropy Dragon appears

Entropy Dragon: Thhhheeeeee Orrrrrb wiiiillll beeeee miiiiiineeeee.

Trey, using the power of the Blade of Awe, turned himself into Titan Golem

Trey: The Orb is mine!
Trey: I won't allow any of you to take it from me.
Character: You're wrong... it's not yours to use to rip the earth apart.

Entropy Dragon is defeated, drops of darkness magic fell onto stone elementals, Trey falls off from the Golem body

Trey: The blade! No!

An earthquake shakes the ground

Character: The orb! Valencia, grab the blade. We need to get the orb before your father does!

Fae: More earthquakes?!
Valencia: Daddy?
Character: We've got to press on!

Trey is under a cliff holding onto the edge

Valencia: Daddy!
Trey: I can reach...

A sudden small quake...

Valencia: No! Give me your hand!
Trey: No! It's mine! I can get it back!

Sepulchure appears

Sepulchure: Hmph.
Sepulchure: Don't you ever tire of interfering?
Character: Sepulchure!
Sepulchure: Put your toys away.

Sepulchure takes the Earth Orb

Sepulchure: You were foolish enough to find both halves of the Earth Orb for me, I could crush you where you stand.
Trey: NO! The Orb is MINE!
Valencia: Daddy! It's not worth it!
Valencia: You're... slipping!

Trey falls off the cliff

Valencia: NO!
Sepulchure: Hmm, he chose rather poorly...

Two Entropic Earth appears

Sepulchure: You may have managed to destroy my Entropy Dragon... but it looks like I'm left with a new set of minions.
Sepulchure: I have more pressing duties to attend to. Minions, get the sword.

Sepulchure dissapears

Complete Quest
Next Up: Hidden Blades
(Other Names: Dig Map, Hiding the Blade of Awe)
Location: Willowshire (Town) -> Guardian Fortuna -> Quests -> Hidden Blades
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Earth and Entropy
Release Date: 29th Apr, 2011

Objective: Will you find the hiding spot for the Blade of Awe?
Objective completed: Will you find the hiding spot for the Blade of Awe?

Valencia: DIE!
Fae: Valencia..
Valencia: We need to keep on moving.
You: ...

Valencia: ...
You: Sepulchure has the Earth Orb...How could he have known?
Valencia: En and Tropy were his minions, he had to have known how close they were.
Valencia: We have more important things to worry about right now...
Fae: Where can we hide the Blade of Awe that they won't find it though?
You: I don't think there is a place where we could hide it that it wouldn't be uncovered...
Valencia: There is no one place...

<Valencia destorys the BoA>

You: Valencia!
Valencia: It's more important to keep Sepulchure from getting his hands on it...
Valencia: When the time is right, I can reforge it. For now, though, hide it, <Character's Name>.
Valencia: Search all over Lore and find the perfect place to hide each piece.
Valencia: In the meantime, I'll work on forging some kind of decoy to cover our tracks...

Boss Fight: Entropic Earth Boss
Location: Hidden Blades -> Dig Map! -> Click a Star
Level/Quest/Items required: Requires completion of Hidden Blades
Release Date: 30th April 2011

Objective: You found a safe spot finally!
Objective completed:You found a safe finally!

Valencia: I hope this is good enough..
Character: It will be. Warlic agreed to use earth magic to bury the cave entrance. This piece is safe.
Valencia: Ok. Quick, we need to find more hiding spots.

Valencia: Ok, that's another one.
Character: We've already started looking for the next location. We should get going...
Valencia: Thank you, <Character's Name>.

After the war ended:

Valencia: That's the last one. Sepulchure will not obtain the power of the Blade of Awe.
Character: If he did.. ... We can't think about that. Broken up, the magic contained in each piece will be too insignificant for him to trace.
Character: We have to trust that this will work.
Valencia: It will.
Valencia: ... It must.
Location: Hidden Blades -> Boss Fight!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Hidden Blades
Release Date: 5th May, 2011

Objective: A huge Entropic Elemental is after Valencia and the Blades of Aww!
Objective completed: A huge Entropic Elemental is after Valencia and the Blades of Aww!

Valencia: <Character>! Help!

Valencia runs to your character

Valencia: It's after the Blade!
Character: The Blade? But...
Valencia: Yes! The Blades of Aww!
Character: ...
Entropic Elemental: Bllaaaaaaaadeeeeee.....
Valencia: Defeat it, <Character>!

Character: So... is it over?
Valencia: Is it ever over?
Character: ...
Character: Good point.

Guardian Fortuna: Guardian.. are you alright?
Guardian Ria: I-- I think so.. We.. we didn't have time to react.
Guardian Eckheart: She'll live.. you got lucky this time.
Guardian Fortuna: Is it over, <Character>?
Character: Gorgok... the Entropy Dragon... is gone, though you may have to deal with some of these entropic earth elementals.
Character: I'm not sure what Gorgok's minions will do...
Guardian Fortuna: There have been reports of infighting amongst them, even though many still continue to attack Willowshire.
Guardian Fortuna: We have had an easier time repelling the attacks though. The southern squares in town have been retaken.
Guardian Fortuna: What about the Secret of the Thorn? Can we finally return the Earth Orb to the Willowshire Tower?
Character: No... Trey... We... We didn't get the Orb back from him.

Valencia shed tears

Character: Sepulchure now has the Earth Orb.
Guardian Fortuna: Then Willowshire will persevere without it.
Guardian Fortuna: I didn't lose the town to the dragon. We won't lose it to it's scattered minions either.
Valencia: I'm so sorry...
Guardian Fortuna: The Guardians of the Thorn will continue to protect Willowshire.
Guardian Fortuna: Now, you have to stop Sepulchure. With the Earth Orb in his arsenal, he's more dangerous than ever.
Guardian Fortuna: Go.

Fortuna Thanks
Location: Willowshire -> Right -> Right -> Right -> Down -> Enter Guardian Fortuna's Tent -> Go to Fortuna -> Thanks


Guardian Fortuna: Thank you, <Character Name>. Even though the Earth Orb is lost, we still have our town.
Guardian Fortuna: Lord Valorus worked hard with our weaponsmith to craft these special weapons in thanks.
• This shop is accessible only after the completion of Entropic Earth Boss
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Dragonfable Timeline: Nature Orb
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