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 Dragonfable Timeline: Rainbow War, Havoc Quests, Sepulchure Attacks

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Rainbow War, Havoc Quests, Sepulchure Attacks   Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:08 pm

Location: Lucky Day Storybook -> Chapter 4 -> Rainbow Bridge! -> Introduction: A rainbow appears!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 14th, 2011

Objective: Search throughout Lore to find the Rainbow Shards and complete the Rainbow Bridge!
Objective completed: Search throughout Lore to find the Rainbow Shards and complete the Rainbow Bridge!

Adora: Come back here!!!

Anjana: Hahaha!
Anjana: You're too slow, Adora! Heehee!
Adora: Heehee! We'll catch you some day!
Magyari: Hey, look!

A rainbow appears

Anjana: Oh, how lovely!
Anjana: Adora, Magyari, isn't it the prettiest thing you've ever seen?
Adora: Yes, Princess! Prettier than dewdrops sparkling in sunlight!
Magyari: I think it's nicer than strawberries and cream!
Lodan: Well, I like it better than sunsets!

Anjana touches rainbow

Anjana: It's- it's SOLID!
Anjana: I wonder... if we could CLIMB it!
Lodan: An adventure! A quest! We NEVER get to go on those!
Adora: I wonder what lies...
Anjana: Somewhere over the rainbow? We'll never find out if we don't GO!
Anjana: Someone- like Mother- will be sure to stop us.
Anjana: We can always come back if there's nothing at the end!
Lodan: But rainbows usually have GOLD at the end!
Lodan: Think of all the sweets we could buy! Daffodil lollies and candied cherry blossoms!
Magyari: Nectar drops!
Adora: Sunshine swirls!
Anjana: What are we waiting for?

Children faeries climb the rainbow

Maeve: Anjana! Come back!
Courtier: Lodan, you are grounded! Get back here this instance!!
Courtier: No more flying for a month, Adora!!! COME BACK HERE NOW!

Rainbow shatters...

Maeve: NO!!
Maeve: Anjaaaaaaana! My daughter! Where has she gone?!
Maeve: Oh someone, bring her BACK!

Back in the fairy palace...

Advisor: My Lady, we fear... the rainbow. It was not... natural.
Advisor: Rainbows do not SHATTER. They are creations of mist and light.
Fionn: Someone- or someTHING- sent it with malicious intent.
Fionn: They wanted our CHILDREN!
Maeve: *(deadly quiet)* They will NOT keep our children.
Maeve: Rainbows, as you should all remember, are the source of Sneevilchaun magic.
Maeve: It follows, then, that it was Sneevrick-
Advisor: The Sneevilchaun King! Of course!
Advisor: But why? What cause would he have to invade our lands and steal our children?
Fionn: It does not matter! We WILL get the princess and her companions back!
Maeve: Think hard, my advisors. What do we value most?
Advisor: Our young ones, most assuredly.
Maeve: And what do SNEEVILCHAUNS love best?
Fionn: Their gold, of course.
Maeve: Yes. They have taken our children, so we will take their gold.
Maeve: Perhaps then they will be willing to parlay and discuss returning what they have taken.
Fionn: Send out the raiding parties! They will have to strike in the night.
Fionn: Have them return to me in the morning. Go!
Advisor (both): Yes, my Lord!

Csarnen: Take it.
Csarnen: Aye.

Maeve: *frostily* What can I do for you, my Lord?
King Sneevrick: You can return gold!
King Sneevrick: I know your people take it. ALL of it! One of my sneevilchauns smell Fairy on a piece of gold left behind.
King Sneevrick: Give gold back!
Maeve: Give US our children back, you misbegotten son of a one-eyed ogre!
Fionn: *snicker*
King Sneevrick: *gasp* Insults and lies! That is all you give!
King Sneevrick: I come here peacefully... good intentions...
Maeve: *scornfully* Just like you PEACEFULLY sent that rainbow into my lands to entice my children onto it?
King Sneevrick: But- ... what... We have no Auroral Working in weeks!
King Sneevrick: We not needed to-
King Sneevrick: We not do this thing you think we did!

Return to fairy forest

King Sneevrick: This... tainted. Sad for such pretty thing. But... is poisoned behind pretty colors.
King Sneevrick: Bad magic. NOT mine. But like mine.

Lady Maeve places her hands onto the crown of King Sneevrick

King Sneevrick: H-Hey, lady--
Maeve: You speak the truth! *surprised*
Maeve: This is MOST disturbing. If it was not you, or your followers...
King Sneevrick: One of my Sneevilchauns do this. But NOT with permission.
King Sneevrick: Still... somewhat my fault, since it was one of my people.
King Sneevrick: We help you find children.
King Sneevrick: But we need to re-build bridge in order to follow it to Maker.
Maeve: We will need the help of ALL our peoples.
Maeve: Of all of Lore! I will pay whatever price the heroes and adventurers ask.
King Sneevrick: They smear my name. Name of all Sneevilchauns, whoever do this. We share cost of recovery.
Maeve: Fionn, send a message out to all the human towns. Offer a bounty for each shard of this corrupted rainbow they bring to us.
King Sneevrick: Offer too that we Sneevilchauns use untainted part of Shards for them.
King Sneevrick: Still has wish magic in it. We use to help them. Make all of Lore better!
King Sneevrick: Maybe that make them look harder.

The Princess of the Minx Faeries, Queen Maeve's daughter Anjana, plays with her companions in a secluded clearing in the Faery Lowlands.

A rainbow appears in the clear blue sky and touches down in the clearing. The Princess is overcome by its beauty!

The Princess and her friends found that the rainbow was solid! As their parents came into the clearing, they rushed up and over it.

The Queen called for her daughter in vain. To her horror, the faery children began to fade out and the rainbow bridge shattered into pieces!

Queen Maeve called together her husband, Prince Fionn, and their counselors. All knew that rainbow magic was the province of the Sneevilchauns, led by King Sneevrick. Retaliation was planned! Sneevilchaun gold for Faery children. In the night, bands of Faery warriors stole into Sneevilchaun territory and stripped them of their gold hoards. Sneevrick, outraged, met with Maeve and her counselors and disavowed all knowledge of the plot. To clear his name, he agreed to help search for the children, saying that to find them, the bridge must be rebuilt. Queen Maeve, distraught, called out to all the heroes of Lore for help!

Now it is up to you and your fellow heroes to quest throughout Lore to find the Rainbow Shards! As you fight battles and find loot, you're likely to come across Shards, as well! Each shard will automatically be added into the remains of the Rainbow Bridge as they are found. And the more Shards you find, the more Wish Magic will be unlocked, which will give Maeve the power to channel it into improvements for the heroes of Lore! (Feeling helpless, she will do anything to keep her mind off this tragedy.) Go now, Hero, and seek out the Shards to help recover the Faery children!

Complete Quest
Location: Rainbow Bridge War -> Battle the boss to Find the fairies!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 21st, 2011

Objective: It's time to meet the thief who absconded with the Princess and her friends. Meet him... somewhere over the DOOMbow!
Objective completed: Somewhere over the DOOMbow, way up high... You won! Queen Maeve and King Sneevrick are both in your debt.

King Sneevrick: This do fine. You do good, hero.
Maeve: Yes, we thank all of those who helped. Now if only my daughter and her friends...
Fionn: They WILL be returned to us, my love!
Fionn: WON'T THEY, Sneevrick? *glare*
King Sneevrick: You no need get angry. We on same side.
King Sneevrick: I help. You help. We get faeriebabies back.
King Sneevrick: And we find mindpoisoned sneevilchaun who do this.
King Sneevrick: Hero. You help more, yes?
King Sneevrick: I do Aural Reconstruction. You go over rainbow somewhere.
King Sneevrick: Not know where. But no singing. Sneevrick HATE singing!
Character: I will do whatever I can to aid you, Your Highnesses.
King Sneevrick: Magic time, boxy.
King Sneevrick: Alakabinky!

Rainbow appears

King Sneevrick: There. That badgood. Bad it still tainted, but good it workful. Hero, you go!
Character: That was... special?
Maeve: Our thoughts go with you, <Character>. Please! Find my child, my- OUR heart!

Fionn nodds

Character: Double rainbow all the way across the sky! Aaaaah!
King Sneevrick: Hero see things. Only ONE rainbow.
King Sneevrick: But 'least you is appreciative. I like you, Hero. Go safe. Return fast.

While travelling to the other side of the rainbow:
Character: Birds fly over the rainbow...
Character: Why can't I?
Character: Walking is SO inefficient!

On the other side, the fairies were trapped in a cardboard box

Anjana: HEELLLPP!!
Character: Are you all here? Are any of you hurt?
Anjana: *sob* H-he said the dark man was going to- to- to-
Anjana: I w-want m-my MOMMMAAA!
Maavari: Having our magic leeched from us is NOT worth sunshine swirls OR nectar drops!
Adora: We are so glad to see yo-

A sudden wind blows

Character: I think I hear the one I'm looking for.
Character: I'll let you out, then take care of th-
???: Who talking? Faerybabies shut UP!
???: Pointyhair coming with word from Dark One!
???: I come out. Make you ready. Then you go 'way. Not bother Arrrghus with faerybaby babblings!
Character: Come out, come out, whoever you are!
Character: I'm fairy-ly vexed with you, and I'd like to see your face before I throw it off the mountain!

Arrrghus appears

Arrrghus: Faerybabies, I call Pointyhair! Now you in for it- YOU NO BELONG HERE!
Arrrghus: Who you? Get out! You no match for Arrrghus' new powers!
Character: Well, hello to you, too. What exemplary manners you have.
Arrrghus: Uglyone will shut up, too! Babble more, more yapyapyap, than faerybabies!
Arrrghus: Arrrghus shoot DOOMbows at you and you be quiet for GOOD!
Character: Hunh. With that kind of well-thought out strategy, I'm surprised you haven't taken over from King Sneevrick yet.
Mag: *whisper* Don't cry, Princess! He is not the brightest Sneevilchaun, I don't think.
Arrrghus: Sneevrick not KING for long! Arrrghus BETTER King! Dark One promise!
Arrrghus: Pointyhair coming. He tell you!

A dark ball of magic appears...

Arrrghus: See? Here comes Pointyhair! NOW you in for it!

Drakath or "Pointyhair" returns

Character: Of course! Hah, Pointyhair is a GOOD name for you, Drakath!
Character: How've you been? Is "Dark One" still using you to fetch and carry?
Drakath: *sneer* You puny peasant! You know NOTHING.
Drakath: Certainly not what passes between me and-
Arrrghus: 'Nough talk! So much BABBLING! Arrrghus liked mountain QUIET!
Arrrghus: Pointyhair yaps at Uglyone, faerybabies crywhinescreech alla time, and Arrrghus must yell at all!
Arrrghus: Is time for all to go 'WAY! Arrrghus take care of Uglyone, then Pointyhair take faerybabies off mountain.

Arrrghus uses Doomed-rainbow magic and cast on hero

Character: So dark! So intense!
• Battle Arrrghus!
• Extreme Arrrghus!

Character: That takes care of THAT mind-numbed minion of yours. Where DO you find them all?
Character: Anyways, how about it, Pointyhair? Your minion and your plot have failed.
Character: Ready to pit your sword against mine and put your gold where your mouth is?
Drakath: (thinks) <Character> must not die. Nor can she know the plans.
Drakath: (thinks) Pity, because he/she has NO idea what is in store for her.
Drakath: I do not have time to soil my blade with your blood.
Drakath: We will meet again. For now, take those pitiful flying brats back to their parents.
Drakath: They are not necessary, but the distraction they provided has been MOST useful.
Drakath: Almost as useful as all the time we gained by the distraction with that metallic morass of a war.
Drakath: Pity that pig-headed treasurer didn't prove more useful in the long run. Ah well!
Drakath: See you soon, "Uglyone"! Hahahah, I will have to share that name.
Drakath: It is MOST appropriate!

Drakath dissapears, back to fairy forest

Maeve: Oh my daughter!
Character: I am happy to have helped, Your Highnesses!
Character: If ever I can be of service in the future...
Maeve: What can I do to repay you?
Character: Maybe if you kept your Minx Fairy children from wandering across the paths of adventurers... maybe? ...Please?
Fionn: Oh, we can't do that!
Fionn: The heroes of Lore make EXCELLENT practice for our children!
Fionn: Truly, we are grateful for all the free battle training you all provide!
Maeve: Oh my, yes! Our thanks go out to you for THAT, as well!
Character: ...
Character: Drat.
King Sneevrick: Not be sad, hero. You friend of Faeries AND Sneevilchaun King now!
King Sneevrick: That be ver' lucky for you in future, Sneevrick thinks.
King Sneevrick: And Sneevrick knows from lucky!

Complete Quest
Things are quiet in Lore and Raven reflects on interesting events (clashening, Aria in Wonderland, PenPal, Potion Training Hunter’s Paradice) before trouble brews in Dragesvard.
Location: Falconreach -> Messenger -> Dragesvard!, The Final 13th Waves -> Elysia -> Dragesvard!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ice Queen
Release Date: 6th May, 2011

Objective: Monsters are attacking!
Objective completed: Who could be behind this attack?!

Helga: Thank you, Galanoth, for watching vigilantly over Dragesvard. It would be honor my family to have you as a guest tonight, if you are not busy.
Galanoth: Oh.. You are most welcome, but I-- I couldn't possibly.
Helga: It's not a date or anything... We are just grateful--
Gerda: Galanoth! Come quickly!!
Galanoth: ?!?!
Galanoth: Hold that thought...
Gerda: Sir Dragonslayer, it's terrible!!
Galanoth: What is the matter?
Gerda: Monsters... They are climbing the glacier! They will soon reach Dragesvard!
Galanoth: How is this possible?
Ingaberg: It is true. We have little time!
Galanoth: Alright, we must act swiftly. Oslo, ensure the children and those who cannot fight make it safely to the inn.
Oslo: You got it, Galanoth.
Galanoth: The rest of you, rally the townsfolk. Have everyone capable of fighting equipped and ready to do battle.
Norsk: You can count on us.. but our numbers are too few. We need help.
Galanoth: Aye. Brunhilda, send word to Falconreach. We will need <Character> and the other heroes' help.
Brunhilda: Alright.
Galanoth: (thinks) Come quickly, <Character>.

Galanoth: Thank you once again, <Character>. Your efforts here do not go unappreciated.
Character: You're welcome, friend. But I need to go, this is happening in other towns as well.
Galanoth: What?! This is madness!
Character: No.. this is Lore. It seems like this stuff happens every week.
Galanoth: ...
Character: The other heroes are already being deployed, I need to go.
Galanoth: I will come with y--
Character: No. Please stay here, Dragesvard needs your protection. If the monsters were to return...
Galanoth: Aye.. Alright, <Class>. Ride swiftly.

After you're gone:

Galanoth: Hmm...

Complete Quest
Location: Falconreach -> Messenger -> Sandsea!, The Final 13th Waves -> Elysia -> Sandsea!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Sek-Duat Lives Again
Release Date: 6th May, 2011

Objective: Monsters are attacking!
Objective completed: Who could be behind this?!

Zhoom: <Character>.. thank you for aiding me once again.
Character: Zhoom, you old softy.. You know I'd have your back.
Zhoom: Hmph.. I have heard that the other towns are experiencing similar problems..
Character: It's true. I'd stay and help you mop up, but I should lend a hand to the other towns as well.
Character: I would ask you to come with me, but The Sandsea might still need your help.
Zhoom: The people here.. they are still trying to find themselves in the wake of the evil king's wrath.
Character: They're tough. Just look at the living conditions... I'm sure they will come around.

???: ...

Complete Quest
Location: Falconreach -> Messenger -> Kordana!, The Final 13th Waves -> Elysia -> Kordana!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Red Betty's Spell
Release Date: 6th May, 2011

Objective: Monsters are attacking!
Objective completed: Who could be behind this?!

Kordana: <Character>!
Kordana: My systems indicate that the incursion has been neutralized. I assume this is your doing.
Character: Yes. I heard you needed help.
Kordana: Thank you once again, but by the look on your face I see you have other matters to attend to.
Character: HOW do you do that?! But yes, other towns are under attack as well. They need my help.
Kordana: Go swiftly, <Character>.

Complete Quest
Location: Falconreach -> Messenger -> Popsprocket!, The Final 13th Waves -> Elysia -> Popsprocket!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of To the Orb!
Release Date: 6th May, 2011

Objective: Monsters are attacking!
Objective completed: Who could be behind this?!

Yix: <Character>!
Character: Yix, long time no see.
Yix: Too long. Thank you for bailing us out! I have no idea though where all of these monsters came from..
Yix: Airheart thinks somebody has been messing with the mechagryphons though... The incidents may be related.
Yix: Normally, a flying town doesn't get attacked that often.. We have our fair share of pigeons though.
Character: Heh, I bet.
Yix: We've been working on an anti-avian excrement bazooka for a long time now, but it just doesn't seem to be--
Character: Y'know, I'd love to hear the rest of that story.. truly I would, but the other towns need my help. I need to get going.
Yix: Ok, <Character>. You're welcome back here anytime. We can always use somebody to test out our equipment.
Character: Great..

Complete Quest
Location: Falconreach -> Messenger -> Falconreach!, The Final 13th Waves -> Elysia -> Falconreach!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Memory-Demons
Release Date: 7th May, 2011

Objective: Monsters are attacking!
Objective completed: Who could be behind this?!

Guardian Yelsh: ... Something feels wrong.
Guardian Kain: What is it, friend?
Guardian Yelsh: Sir... I don't know, but something is not right.
Guardian Yelsh: The guardians normally on patrol at this hour are nowhere to be found, and the East and West gates have been left unguarded.
Guardian Kain: What?! The night guards should be at their posts already!
Guardian Yelsh: I know, but when I checked it was deserted. Sir, I have an uneasy feeling..
Guardian Kain: Thank you for telling me. I will see to it that the posts are manned immediately, and figure out what happened.
Guardian Kain: It is possible that this was a mistake, but we must be certain--
Girl: HELP!
Guardian Kain: Go. Now.
Guardian Yelsh: What is it? Are you hurt?
Madiri: Monsters are attacking Falconreach! I.. I ran. I had to find someone. Please.. get <Character>.
Guardian Yelsh: Aye. I'll find her and then gather the guardians to sweep the town.
Guardian Yelsh: (thinks) By the stars.. what is going on?

Character: Sleep tight, Falconreach. You are safe once more.


???: ...

Sepulchure Fortress appears...

???: Fools...

Complete Quest
Location: The Final 13th Waves -> Sepulchure Attacks!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Falconreach Havoc
Release Date: 13th May, 2011

Objective: Sepulchure begins his attack on Falconreach!
Objective completed: Sepulchure begins his attack on Falconreach!

Ash: <Character>! Come quick...
Farmer: *huff* *puff* *wheeze* <Character>...!
Character: Are you hurt? What's wrong?
Farmer: It *gasp* ..It's coming.
Character: What is?
Farmer: Sepulchure is coming..!
Ash: Oh no!!
Character: If it's war he wants, that is what he will get. Let's end this.
Character: Ash.. go tell the guardians.

Meanwhile, in Sepulchure's fortress...

Draketh: Sire.. We will soon be there.
Sepulchure: Excellent.
Draketh: Final preparations are being made.. it will not be long.
Sepulchure: See to it. Do not fail me, Draketh.
Draketh: !!!
Draketh: *gulp* Y-Yes sire.
Sepulchure: Falconreach...
Sepulchure: Prepare yourself.

In the Guardian Tower

Guardian Kain: Status report.
Guardian: Sir! The heroes have been pouring into town as news is spreading of the coming battle. Also, our scouts have not yet returned.
Guardian Kain: What about the villagers?
Guardian: The able-bodied have been given weapons, and those who cannot fight have been moved to the center of town.
Guardian Kain: Excellent. Alright, outfit the archers and get them ready to be positioned.
Guardian: Yes sir!

Character: Kain.. how goes it?
Guardian Kain: As you know, Sepulchure is advancing from the North...
Character: Yes, but knowing him he will try to surround us.
Guardian Kain: That dog... Aye, our forces will need to be spread out evenly then.
Character: He will soon be here...
Character: We should have the archers in place as soon as possible, the mages charging their mana, and the bladesmen lining up.
Character: We need to be ready for anything.
Guardian Kain: Agreed. Ok, you heard <him/her>.. let's get moving.
Guardian: Yes sir!

Guardian Kain: <Character>, I want you to lead the main defense.
Guardian Kain: May the fates shine on us this day.

Guardians running around the town preparing..

Ash: <Character>!
Character: What is it, Ash? We need to hurry.
Ash: <Character>! I want to fight.
Character: Ash..
Ash: The guardians told me to stay with those who cannot fight, but I want to help defend Falconreach.
Ash: This is my home! I have the right to defend it!
Character: You've come a long way, Ash...
Character: I would be honored to have you fight beside me.
Ash: You.. You really mean that?
Character: I do.
Character: Stay close to me... There's no telling what Sepulchure will try.
Ash: Ok, <Character>. You can count on me!
Character: We should get go--
Guardian: <Character>!!!
Character: Come on!

Guardian: <Character>.. he's here.

Sepulchure's fortress on their way...

Sepulchure: Unleash doom.
Draketh: Yes, Sepulchure.

Chests of doom boxes flew towards Falconreach

Character: No! It's too early..
Ash: <Character>.. Can we win this?
Character: I-- I don't know.
Guardian: Th-There are too many of them! The sky is filled with these beasts!
Guardian: Hold it together! Now's our chance to knock as many as we can out of the air before they get here!
Guardian: ARCHERS!!!
Guardian: FIIIIIRE!

Sepulchure: Hmph.
Draketh: Sire, it has begun.
Sepulchure: By mine own hand, Falconreach shall burn!

Sepulchure standing on the top of the fortress

Sepulchure: FALCONREACH!
Sepulchure: On this day... you will know your place in the order of things.
Sepulchure: The tale of your destruction.. shall be told for thousands of years!
Sepulchure: NO ONE stands against the mighty Sepulchure!
Sepulchure: NO ONE withstands my wrath. Your fate is sealed!
Sepulchure: Today.. you will witness the birth of a legend! Today.. I will destroy EVERYTHING you love.
Sepulchure: And when your heart is filled with pain and sorrow, and your mind is crushed under the weight of despair..
Sepulchure: I will claim the Orb of Darkness, and this world shall be MINE.
Sepulchure: There is nowhere to run.
Sepulchure: There is nowhere to hide.
Character: His army is at our doorstep. This is it.
Guardian: I'll see to it that our archers and mages continue to blast the dogs out of the sky.
Character: Alright, it's time. Grab your sword Ash, let's go!
Character: CHAAAARGE!!!

Complete Quest
Next Up: The Flying Fortress
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Dragonfable Timeline: Rainbow War, Havoc Quests, Sepulchure Attacks
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