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 Dragonfable Timeline: FD13th, Lymecrest, Baby Dragon Quests

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: FD13th, Lymecrest, Baby Dragon Quests   Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:08 pm

Include a chapter of reflection, where Raven stands guard over her egg one night and reflects on the past (include any holidays + war at see) and contemplates her future before heading back to see Warlic
Other names: Invasion of the Eyes!

Location: Falconreach -> War At See!, Falconreach -> Town Hall Small Stack of books by Damien
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 23rd, 2007

Objective: Flying eyeballs are attacking Falconreach! They could come from anywhere so keep your eyes peeled.
Objective completed: You have defeated a wave of these eye fiends! Keep it up and lets drive them out of town.
Next Up: The Irismancer
Location: War at See! -> Ancient Eyedols
Level/Quest/Items required: DA Required
Release Date: February 24th, 2007.

Objective: Warlic contacted you with information. Texts tell of an ancient temple that is home to The Irismancer and his "army of a million eyes" as well as the ancient idols that are the source of his power. Your job is to destroy an ancient idol and escape the temple.
Objective completed: You successfully destroyed one of his ancient idols and escape the traps set by The Irismancer. Hopefully it was enough to reduce his strength and to bring him out of hiding before Falconreach meets its end.


<Your Character>: Uh oh. "CLICK" is never good.
<Your Character>: Classic. Oh how will I ever get out of this poorly made cage made of sticks tied together with vines?
*Rattle Rattle Rattle*


<Your Character>: Hmmm. Mabye not so poorly made, after all. I could either scream for help or starve to death.
<Your Character>: ...and screaming will just make me look like a wimp, so STARVE it is!
<Your Character>: Great, I guess you're here to finish me off. Wait...you're a BLUE eye. You're the good kind, right?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Your Character>: What's that? You say that your name is Jimmy The Eye and Warlic sent you to rescue me?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Your Character>: Of course I understand you. I may not speak fluent Blinkanese, but I know enough to get around.
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Your Character>: You know where the release switch it??! GREAT, could you go hit it for me?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Your Character>: Thanks JIMMY THE EYE!

After destroying idol:

<Your Character>: Oh, hi Jimmy The Eye. What's up?
Jimmy The Eye: *blink blink*
<Your Character>: Run? Why?
*Rumble Rumble*
<Your Character>: Oh. I see. YIKES!
Location: Falconreach -> War At See! -> The Irismancer, Falconreach Town Hall -> Small Stack of books by Damien
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 3rd, 2007

Objective: You and the other heroes drove the eye monsters from town and followed their retreating trail to the Temple of the Irismancer. No doubt, it is waiting for you at the top.
Objective completed: The Irismancer was defeated but merely lost his physical form, and being a creature of its word it revealed many hidden answers to you that only it could see.

The Irismancer: I see! I see so many things. I see that you have come to my temple to stop my servants and stop me, The Irismancer.
<Your Character>: Yes, I have. But first, explain yourself! Tell me what this is about.
The Irismancer: How can I explain this to you when there is so much that you do not see?
The Irismancer: I see the past, the present and the future. You can hardly see past of your nose. But I will try.
The Irismancer: I see the wars coming. I see the shadows falling. I see a time when only the most powerful will survive.
The Irismancer: I see some will use their power to protect others. I see some will use their power only for themselves.
The Irismancer: ...and even though he hides, I see the one behind it all.
<Your Character>: The one behind it all? You mean Sepulchure! Tell me where he is!
The Irismancer: Ha. I indeed see Sepulchure. His path is so very like your own. But, Sepulchure is not the one I speak of.
<Your Character>: I've had enough of this! You people... if "people" is even the right word, because I have NO idea what YOU are... you can never give a straight answer.
The Irismancer: I see that you would like answers.
<Your Character>: Yeah... I just told you that. Just now.Like, five seconds ago.
The Irismancer: Fight me <Character Name>, and face my mastery of Wind magics. If you defeat me, then I will tell you what I see.

Boss Fight: The Irismancer in Normal or Extreme Mode.

After the battle is won
The Irismancer: Well... *cough* ... Well done, hero. I am defeated. I will not be able to hold this form for long.
The Irismancer: It is time to claim your prize... ask what you will.

Who are you?
<Your Character>: Who are you?
The Irismancer: I am The Irismancer. I was once a flying eye, and a pet of a powerful mage.
The Irismancer: Most other flying eyeballs were trapped for centuries until Zarek and Palladia released them, but not me.
The Irismancer: I spent all those years reading over the shoulder of my old master until I learned enough to take this form that you see.
The Irismancer: My powers have grown even more since then. When the other eyes were released a large portion of them were drawn to me.
The Irismancer: With their help... seeing through their eyes.. I can now see nearly everything.

Why attack town?
<Your Character>: Why would you attack Falconreach?
The Irismancer: As I said before, dark times are coming. They will be upon us soon.
The Irismancer: I see powerful forces all moving at once. They are all grabbing for power so when dark times arrive...
The Irismancer: They will have more power than the others. They will be in a position to win the battle for their chosen side or for themselves.
The Irismancer: One such source of power is what the Guardians are guarding. The tower at Falconreach is one of the few still standing.
The Irismancer: MY eyes went searching for this power, and when they found that tower, I made my own grab at that power hidden below it.
<Your Character>: What is it? What is the power that the towers protect? Is it a weapon?
The Irismancer: I am sorry <Character Name>. I cannot tell you that. I see that is not my place to tell you, but know this...
The Irismancer: When the times comes.. you may be the only one who can use that power.

<Your Character>: Tell me what you know about Sepulchure. What did you mean about our paths being the same?
The Irismancer: Not long ago he was a hero who accomplished many great deeds. He had made many good friends in his adventuring, like you.
The Irismancer: Then he lost something that was dear to him. He felt that if he had more power, he would have been able to stop this event.
The Irismancer: In his obsessive search to become stronger he withdrew from his life and his friends. They tried to help him but he wouldn't let them.
The Irismancer: Then he discovered his cursed weapon, the Necrotic Blade of Doom.
The Irismancer: His weapons did make him stronger but poisoned his mind further. Then it began to poison his body.
The Irismancer: The armor that he wears, the armor of the Doom Knight...it actually wears him.
The Irismancer: He has become something else, bound to the darkness.

Doom Weapons?
<Your Character>: I want to know about the Doom Weapons!
The Irismancer: Ah yes, the powerful Doom Weapons. Lore had never seen anything like them until they appeared a few years ago.
The Irismancer: Several spirits of pure elemental darkness came to our world from their own plane.
The Irismancer: It is difficult for a spirit of pure darkness to remain in our world. The light from a single candle could destroy them in their natural forms.
The Irismancer: There are many ways for an elemental spirit to remain in our world but the most simple is to become bound to a weapon or item.
The Irismancer: Thus, the Doom Weapons were born. Weapons of purest darkness with corrupt and evil minds of their own.
The Irismancer: Everyone can ignore their whispers for a while, but in the end they end up dead or mad or worse... like Sepulchure.

One Last Question
<Your Character>: If you can see so much, why didn't you see me beating you to a pulp?!
The Irismancer: I... uh... you can't just.... It's not like that, exactly...uh...I'm fading! I can't hold my form any longer! GO AWAY!

Complete Quest
Other names: Boss Fight

Location: Friday the 13th Invasion - A Ghoulish Attack
Level/Quest/Items required: War 100% Complete
Release Date: March 22, 2009

Objective: The Vampire Queen has come to get retribution for the deaths of her ghoul minions.
Objective completed: The Queen is defeated, something tells you you have seen the last of the vampire queen though.

Safiria: You... blue... thing. What exactly do you think you're doing?
Zorbak: I... whoa! How are you, pretty lady?
Zorbak: I am the all-powerful Zorbak! I'm currently in the process of invading and enslaving my own little town of puny "heros".
Safiria: Using my ghouls.
Zorbak: I... wait, what? Any and all minions of Zorbak, Inc. have sworn affiliation to me. I didn't use your ghouls.
Safiria: Any and all vampiric ghouls are led by me. You will pay for destroying my minions... slowly.
Zorbak: Hey, hey, don't look at me! The one beating up your guys is <<You>>! I... I'm outta here!
Safiria: Go ahead and run, little moglin. You cannot hide from me. I will find <<You>> first though.
Safiria: I can feel my ghouls weakening. Their numbers diminishing. My ranks of minions must remain strong.
Safiria: <<You>> will pay for harming my little ones.

Takes you to War Loot War Memorial Shop and Complete (Which ends quest)
¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand!

Location: Falconreach
Objective: It is Friday the 13th again. After his first defeat the Deadwood Destroyer flew off to rest and heal it's wounds. Now he has returned for vengeance, and this time... it's personal!
Objective completed: You did it! The Deadwood Destroyer has been defeated once again, and driven back to his mysterious home! This Friday the 13th the people of Falconreach can count themselves lucky!

Zorbak: Meh, all the heroes keep breaking the masks. I think I have enough to...
<Your Character: ZORBAK!
Zorbak: !
Zorbak: What?
<Your Character: Are you responsible for this undead attack on the town?
Zorbak: Meh, no! I was looking to start a Hockey Team and these undead skeletons just happened to be plodding through.
<Your Character: You have to be kidding me...
<Your Character: Are you telling me you say here and put hockey masks on soldiers from SOMEONE ELSE'S undead army?
<Your Character: Anyway, the season is nearly over. It's a bit late to start a new team.
Zorbak: Meh, its never to early to start training.
Zorbak: We're going to use Twig as the puck.
Twilly: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?
Zorbak: Mind your own business! Shouldn't you be getting kicked around by someone?
<Your Character: Wait... so where did all of these undead come from then?
Zorbak: Doomwood, outside of Amityvale... and since you broke all of these I am headed there to get more.
Zorbak: Oh, looks like there is one left. Meh heh heh...dang, i wanted that one to be my Ghoulie.
Zorbak: Later.

Zorbak dissappears.

You fight Deadwood Destroyer

Victory Screen
Location: Warlic's Zone
Level/Quest/Items required: 10 Elemental Essences
Release Date: May 18th, 2007

Objective: Warlic has asked you to investigate what has happened to the river flowing past the mining town of Lymcrest.
Objective completed:

Xan: HAHAHAHHAH! I must say, i'm surprised to see you here. I thought that i finished all of you heroes......when i burned Falconreach to the ground. HAHAHHAHHA! good times... good times.
You: I don't know why your doing this to the river Xan, but you need to change it back. You're making the people of Lymcrest suffer!
Xan: Ah hero, that is exactly the reason that I have replaced their precious river with lava... to make those small-minded miners suffer.
You: Change it back, XAN... or i'll make you change it back.
Xan: HAHAHAHAH, and what will you do to me little hero?

*Xan throws a big fireball at you and you fall and it halves your some hp*

Xan: That was a little reminder of my power. With the Pyronomicon, neither you or that fool Warlic can stop me. YOU WILL ALL BE MADE TO SUFFER! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're not looking so well.
You: Yeah... that REALLY HURT!
Xan: GOOD! I'd stay and finish you, but I have other things to attend to, so I'll let Bassault finish you off. Finally i have the power to punish Warlic for his crimes. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Xan flys away or something*
• Battle!

*After You Won The Fight*

Xan: Hmmm. More and more impressive, <You>. Warlic chooses his allies well.
Xan: Not that it matters to me. With the PYRONOMICON by my side, I cannot fail.
Xan: You will pay, Warlic... and I won't allow <You> to get in my way. HAHAHAHA *cackle crackle*
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest -> Fetching Fire
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The River of Fire
Release Date: July 20th, 2007

Objective: In order to turn the river of fire back into water, Warlic needs a sample of the magical fire that is filling the river. It flows from its source deep inside a cave protected by fire.
Objective completed: You have secured a sample of the magical flaming water for Warlic. Now maybe he will be able to help the people of Lymcrest change their river back to cool, drinkable water.

Warlic: I see, Xan is behind the river of fire. All of the elemental disturbances are most likely his doing as well.
Warlic: You may have already found this out for yourself, but I should warn you if you wish to continue helping me. Xan is a very dangerous foe.
Warlic: He has been after me for years, and if he sees you as my ally, he will also be after you at all costs. His hate for me runs very deep.
Warlic: It all goes back to the time that we spent at the magic academy in Swordhaven. Xan and I were always competitive...
Warlic: But when it came to the affections of Jaania, we were out of control. One day there was an... accident...
Warlic: Xan was engulfed in flames, and the only thing that I could do to save him was to change the normal fire into a healing fire.
Warlic: The flames that surround his body are the only things that keep him alive, but he lives in constant agony.
Warlic: For all his madness, and hatred, I am glad that I was able to save him... but poor, beautiful Jaania...
Warlic: Excuse me, I was lost in thought. Back to the threat at hand. I think I can change the river back its natural water state.
Warlic: But I will need a sample of the flaming water from it's source. It flows from a fire cave in the elemental mountains.
Warlic: Bring me a sample of the pure flaming water, so that I may test my theory. We will save Lymcrest together, <Your Character>!
Next Up: Wind Mountain
Other names: Wind Mountain

Location: Warlic's Zone
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Fetching Fire
Release Date: July 27, 2007

Objective: Warlic has told you that he needs a sample of the special water, found only in the spring beyond the pass must be cleared first.
Objective completed: Wow! You really took the wind out of Huff Puff's sails! And Lungs! Well done hero! Now that the mountain is clear, return to Warlic and get the directions to the spring.

Warlic: Xan has actually changed the nature of the water itself. Any normal water poured into the river will set on fire.
Warlic: I might be able to reverse the process. There is a spring of purest elemental water in the mountains.
Warlic: To get the spring you will have to clear the mountain pass. It is normally guarded by wind elementals...
Warlic: But there is a Wind Cyclops guarding the mountain pass now. Any traveler who gets too close gets blown off the mountaintop.
Warlic: If I enchant the bottle before you clear the pass, the magic will wear off before you can get the water sample...
Warlic: ... and the water will lose its purity. A way must be cleared before you can get the sample.
Warlic: If you can defeat the cyclops and clear the pass, return to me and I will enchant a container for the spring water.

Huff Puff: Grrr! You cannot beat HuffPuff! HuffPuff will blow you off the mountain in 5 breaths!
Next Up: The Pure Pool
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest -> The Pure Pool
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 4th July, 2007

Objective: In order to stop the River of Fire, Warlic requires a sample of Pure Elemental Water from the Pure Pool.
He said that the best sample would come from where the Waterfall feeds into the Pool
Objective completed:Splashy, the Pure pool's guardian, lies defeated at your feet and you can feel your toes squishing inside your socks. You have gotten the water sample from the purest part of the pure pool. Now Warlic can change the river of fire back to water.

Warlic: The enchanted bottle is ready for you to get a sample from the purest part of the Pure Pool, the waterfall that feeds the pool...
Warlic: ... but I learned something in Lymcrest that you might find interesting. Many years ago before the village even had a name...
Warlic: ... a baby boy named Xan was born under unusual circumstances. As he grew it became apparent that he possessed some natural skill in magic.
Warlic: The miners were made nervous by his skill in magic, which is common with the magically gifted, we are often misunderstood.
Warlic: In this small mining village there were no other children to play with and yound Xan was hungry for attention...
Warlic: So Xan tried to get attention the only way he knew how, by causing bad things to happen and hurting innocent people.
Warlic: Xan, of course, was too clever to get caught but everyone suspected that the strange fires in the village were his doing.
Warlic: As Xan grew to be a young man he became proud of the villager's fear... which he mistook for respect.
Warlic: Eventually, tragedy struck and Xan's parents were killed in another mysterious fire, the day that Xan left for the Magic Academy in Swordhaven.
Warlic: The fires stopped that day in Lymcrest. I'm not sure if Xan just couldn't control his power or if he was just always dangerously insane...
Warlic: ... but it appears that Xan has returned to punish the miners of Lymcrest who he felt always treated him with less respect then he deserved.
Warlic: We HAVE to stop Xan and change the river back before Lymcrest is "punished" further! We have no time to waste!
Warlic: Now that the pass is clear, head to the Pure Pool and take a sample of the pure elemental water for me, while I prepare the counter-spell.
Location: Warlic's Zone
Level required: 9
Release Date: N/A

Objective: You and Warlic have set out to capture the Pyronomicon and right from under Xan's flaming nose... but not everything goes according to plan.
Objective completed: You have defeated the insane pyromancer, Xan and the powerful tome called the Pyronomicon is safe in Warlic's hands. But was that the end of Xan? Could his mastery of fire protect him from the lava? Only time will tell.


Warlic: We must be very careful. Xan has wanted me dead for years and I'm sure that he doesn't like you very much either...
Warlic: ...after everything that you've done to stop him. So... what's your plan?
<Your Character>: MY plan?! This "sneak into Xan's volcanic fortress and take the Pyronomicon" plan was your idea.
Warlic: Right, but I mean after that...
Warlic: Xan won't just say 'Oh, you want the book that increases my powers a thousand times? Sure, here you go. Have a nice walk back.
Warlic: I mean, how do we get out?
<Your Character>: How about we fight our way back out?
Warlic: ...
Warlic: That's really not much better then my plan.
<Your Character>: Let's just concentrate on getting the Pyronomicon and not getting killed in the process. We'll worry about escaping if we get that far.
Warlic: That's reasonable. Lead the way.
You walk a couple screens, and see the gates of the fortress with Warlic standing there.
<Your Character>: Hey, how did you beat me here?
Warlic: Magic.
Warlic: There are no guards here, and not a single monster on the path leading to the door.
<Your Character>: That is kind of odd. Do you think that we've just walked into a ...
*THUNK* A door opens under you
<Your Character>: ...trap? *sigh*
<Your Character>: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
<Your Character>: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
<Your Character>: ...
Some time later, deep within Xan's volcanic fortress...
Screen shows your character on the floor with Warlic standing over him
Warlic: <Your Character>, wake up.
<Your Character>: *groan* Just five more minutes mom.
Warlic: WAKE UP!
<Your Character>: No need to pole me with your staff! Ow, my head. Where... where are we?
Xan appears above them
Xan: Welcome to my come <Your Character>. Thank you for bringing Warlic all this way for me. HAHAHAH!
Xan: I assumed that eventually you would try to sneak in and take the Pyronomicon from me.
Warlic: I TOLD you it was a bad plan.
Xan: Quiet! You're going to make me lose my place!
Xan: Now... I've prepared my revenge on you both for some time. Now that I am more powerful than a hundred Warlics...
Xan: ...the time your humiliating defeat has arrived at last! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cackle cackle*
Warlic: Xan... with all the new power... have you found a way... a way to free Jaania?
Xan: It's YOUR fault that she's imprisoned in that crystal! It's your fault that I look like... like THIS!!!
Xan: If you had been able to control your magic during our due...
Xan: You just want to be the one to free her so that she will love YOU instead of me.
Xan: ... I LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU EVER DID! Even with the power of the Pyronomicon, I... I haven't been able to open the shard...
Xan: But I'm close... so close. Once I'm DONE with you I can focus all my energy on freeing Jaania.
Xan: And When she emerges, and you're already dead, she will that me and love me forever... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Warlic: Xan, It was our combined unleashed magic that trapped her. If we work together... use our powers togehter again... then maybe...
Xan: No more tricks, Warlic. You've reached the end of your rope. However you, <Your Character>...
Xan: I can't deny your power. I would be a fool to let it go to waste. I have a proposal.
Xan: Kill Warlic. Kill him and I will release you, and share the power of the Pyronomicon with you.
Xan: Kill the blue mage while I watch and all this is power that I have is yours. What do you say?
Select 'I Agree!' - Give me your power, Xan!

Select 'No Way! - Warlic is my freind!
<Your Character>: NO WAY, you lunatic! You want Warlic, your going to have to go through me!
Xan: Actually, I'm OK with that.
Xan: Welcome to my own personal battle arena, where there is only one simple rule: Whoever lives... goes free. HAHAHAHHAHA!
Xan: You two will be fighting for you lives against hand-picked monsters from my army. Prepare yourselves fools, the battle is about to begin!
You fight 3 Lava Globs
Xan: Well sports fans, it looks like the lavaglobs never stood a chance, Lets see who is next... HAHAHAHHAHA!
You fight 3 Inferno Elementals
Xan: The Inferno Elementals put up a little bit more of a fight, but still no match for Warlic and <Your Character>.
You fight 3 Sunwarriors
Xan: The Sun Warriors have fallen but it looks like the heroes are starting to get tired! HAHAHAHAHAH!
You fight 1 Bassault
Xan: The fan favorite, Bassault, has been defeated! Only one fight remains and both heroes are still standing! Now for the main event...
Xan: ...the fight that you've all been waiting for..<Character Name> versus Warlic!
Warlic: What?!
<Your Character>: Xan, you said...
What I said was: Whoever lives...goes free. I intend to keep my word... but secretly I'm routing for you... Go <Character name> Go!
Warlic: We don't have a choice.
<Your Character>: What are you talking about? You can always choose not to fight. ALWAYS!
Warlic: Yes, but one of us has to live. Xan is too strong for us with the Pyronomicon. If I win he's sure to kill me anyway. If you live he might let you go.
Warlic: Your going to have to defeat me.
<Your Character>: NO!
Warlic: <Your Character>, I know you want to do what is right but this is our only choice, and if I have to really fight you, just to get you to defend yourself...
Warlic: ... then, I'll do it. I won't hold back, so you better not either!
You fight Warlic
Xan: You did it! You got rid of Warlic! oh, <Your Character>, you've made me the happiest mage on Lore!
Xan: Wait...what...
<Your Character>: What is happening to Warlic's body?
Xan: AN ILLUSION! The Warlic you fought was an illusion!
Warlic appears behind Xan
Warlic: That's RIGHT!
Warlic pushes Xan down a cliff
Xan: Ooof!
Warlic: Quick <Your Character>. You have to defeat Xan! I think I can cut the power of the Pyronomicon off from him.
Warlic: I have to keep chanting this spell to contain the Pyronomicon's power! It's up to you!
<Your Character>: Warlic, you could have TOLD me you had a plan...
Warlic: Can we talk about this later, please? I need to focus.
<Your Character>: Oh, yeah. Sure. Sorry.
<Your Character>: OK Xan! Now it's just you and me.
Xan: You think I need the Pyronomicon to kill you? HA! My magic skills are more than a match for you, even without the book!
You fight Xan
When you win...
Warlic: Simply amazing. What a battle!
Xan: Heh. HEH. HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You think you've broken my power? HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Xan: This isn't over! I'll destroy you.... BOTH OF YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Xan jumps in the lava
<Your Character>: XAN! Did he... is he...?
Warlic: I don't think so. But you beat him, and we've got the Pyronomicon.
Warlic: It's too powerful to destroy, but its too dangerous to keep in my tower. I think I know the right place to keep it hidden...
Warlic: ...and who knows, maybe Xan was right. Maybe it is powerful enough to free Jaania.
Warlic: The important thing is that it is out of the hands of that madman. I can't believe that you were strong enough to defeat Xan on your own.
Warlic: You saved Lymcrest, my friend, and you saved me. Thank you <Your Character>, I am forever in your debt.
<Your Character>, I am forever in your debt.
Location: Falconreach-> Twilly->The Hatching
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Egg Saga (all quests completed)
Release Date: 6/8/07

Objective: Twilly has told you that the time has come for your dragon egg to hatch!
Objective completed: Your baby dragon has hatched! Speak to Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove. She should have some idea of what someone needs to do for a growing baby dragon.

Twilly: What took you so long? You almost missed it. Oh, I'm so exited! I've been waiting so long for this day.
Twilly: I don't get to see a dragon hatch every day, especially one so special.
<Character>: Twilly, you knew that it was going to hatch TODAY??
Twilly: Sure, Lady Celestia gave me the exact date and time of the hatching.
<Character>: WHAT??! Why doesn't anyone ever tell me anything? I tried everything to get it to hatch.
Twilly: Really? Like what?
<Character>: Well...
...I tried sitting on it, of course...
<Character>: Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.
...Then I tried singing to it...
<Character>: Rockabye Eggy in the stone claws, When the wind blows, the... aw, I feel like an idiot.
...I tried asking nicely...
<Character>: Please Please Please with sugar and candy and...and...whatever dragons eat... puppies or princesses or something... on top?
...I tried to gently tap on the egg...
<Character>: OK EGG! Let's just see which one of us breaks first!
...I even tried a coucy puppet show, to coax it out...
<Character>: "Oh Mr. Puddingshins, you scoundrell!..."
...Not even that worked.
<Character>: If I knew that it was on a set timer, it would have saved me a lot of time.
Twilly: <charecter name>, look, it's MOVING

Drakath: Lord Sepulchure, the egg is moving! The hatching time is upon us, at last!
Sepulchure: With the might of this dragon at my command, the world will bow at my feet.
Sepulchure: THe age of Darkness begins, as soon as my dragon takes is first breath.
Drakath: But... But the hatchling will only be a baby, how..
Sepulchure: The Dragon Amulet, Drakath. With the power of the Dragon Amulet, the dragon will assume its fully grown form at my command.
Drakath: My Lord, a crack in the shell!

Twilly: A crack in the egg shell! It won't be long now!
<Character>: I...I don't know what to do! What should I do? Should I boil some water?
Twilly: Why would you boil water?
<Character>: I DON'T KNOW! I just know that people BOIL WATER WHEN A BABY IS ABOUT TO BE BORN!
Twilly: Just be ready for anything. We still don't know which this dragon will be, the savior of the world, or its destroyer.
<Character>: Its time! It's hatching!

Sepulchure: It it time.
Drakath: Hmmm. That's not exactly what I was expecting.
Drakath: M...Master? What have you done?!
Is that better my little dracolich? I think I'll call you...
Sepulchure: ...Fluffy.

Twilly: Here we go!
<Charecter Name>: Awww! It's so cute! It doesn't look so evil, does it Twilly?
<Charecter Name>: Twilly?
Twilly: Mmpphmmhm mfff
Shortly after this, Warlic send word that Xan has risen, here Hawke learns how to fly.
Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest -> The End?
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Xan's Volcanic Fortress
Release Date: August 11th, 2007

Objective: After Xan sank into the lava during your last encounter, his insanite fury and magical instability caused him to bind with the lava inside his fortress. He has become the mindless terror called the Lava Titan Xan! Only a DragonLord's power can stop him!
Objective completed: Well done, DragonLord! Lava Titan Xan has been defeated and once more you and your dragon have saved countless lives! Somewhere in that gigantic mass of lava and madness was the real Xan. Has be been defeated once and for all...?

Warlic: <Character>! We've got a BIG problem. When Xan was knocked into the lava, the remaining magic of the Pyronomicon bound to it.
Warlic: Xan, in his lava titan form, has erupted from the side of the mountain. He's lost control of himself.
Warlic: In this form his magic is more like madness and there is nothing I can do to control it. Xan has become a lava beast...
Warlic: ... and he will be impossible to stop until he burns himself out. But with magic fire... that may never happen.
Warlic: Lymcrest, Falconreach and every town for miles is doomed... Unless... Yes, a DragonLord and his dragon might be able to stop Xan!
Warlic: Do you think that you have the power to stop Xan?
Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> Baby Dragon -> Dragon Quests -> Bonding
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Egg Saga completed
Release Date: 8/8/08

Objective: Celestia has sent you on a walk with your dragon to pick up a special package from a friend.
Objective completed: You have managed to get the special package and escape unscathed and uneaten... *gulp*

Lady Celestia: Hello <Character>! It's very good to see you and <Pet Dragon> again. I'm afraid to say that I need your help once again.
Lady Celestia: An old friend of mine has very important package for me. Unfortunately he is a bit of a recluse.
Lady Celestia: He lives in a cave far to the east and I connot make the trip myself.
Lady Celestia: Be SURE to tell him I sent you and make it back with the package before nightfall.
Lady Celestia: The walk will be nice and it will give you and <Pet Dragon> a chance to do some real bonding.


Lady Celestia: Have fun and be careful!

You fight through monsters, and get to a cave.

<Character>: IT'S YOU!
<Character>: I remember you too. Especially the way you were looking at me like a heroburger.
DRAGON: *drool*
<Character>: Look, I don't want any trouble. I'm just here looking for a friend of Lady Caelestia's. he should have a package for her.
<Character>: Oh, then... you must be her friend.
<Character>: So I can have the package?
<Character>: What about the package?
<Pet Dragon>: Leave my pet alone you big oaf!
<Pet Dragon>: I am <Pet Dragon> and this hero is <Character>, of the prophecy! It is said that he is to be the human who will either save the world or destroy it.
<Pet Dragon>: You cannot touch him.
<Pet Dragon>: You better believe it! Between you and me I've seen him do battle... I think this one will be the one who destroys the world.
<Character>: HEY!
<Pet Dragon>: Oh! Sorry, I forgot that you could understand Draconic.
<Character>: So we're just going to leave?
<Pet Dragon>: Do you have a better idea?
<Character>: YEAH! I'm a DRAGONLORD and you're my DRAGON!
<Character>: Let's teach this bigmouth a lesson that he will remember next time he tries to eat me!
<Pet Dragon>: Oh yeah, I forgot that we could do that.


Lady Celestia: Well, that is an exciting story! That old coot has needed someone to kick his butt for centuries, Hee hee!
Lady Celestia: And you got my package to me before sunset! how wonderful! It's a very special blend of tea that is best served at dusk.
<Character>: Tea... TEA!?
Lady Celestia: Thank you so much for getting it for me! It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through for tea leaves but this is VERY GOOD TEA!
Next Up: Flight Training
Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> Baby Dragon -> Dragon Quests -> Flight Training
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Long Walk, Dragon Amulet
Release Date: 8/15/08

Objective: Your baby dragon needs some combat and flying practice!
Objective completed: Good try! Practice makes perfect!

Lady Celestia: It has been prophesized that you and <Dragon> will change the world. For the better or worse of reamins to be seen... but I have a good feeling.
Lady Celestia: The path you two walk will be dangerous through.
Lady Celestia: The more lithe and quick <Dragon> is, the better chance there is to succeed against whatever may come your way.

Lady Celestia's Letter #2

Lady Celestia: Send <Dragon> into the woods to practice flying through the trees. Watch out for rogue elementals, my good friend Warlic has said they're grumpy.
Lady Celestia: Your dragon will need plently of combat practice! Take <Dragon> to the woods to practice!

You play the Baby Dragon minigame. Move your dragon with your mouse and click to shoot rocks and fireballs.

Lady Celestia: Well done! <Dragon> is learning quickly!
Next Up: Baby Steps
¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> Baby Dragon -> Dragon Quests -> Baby Steps
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Flight Training, DA
Release Date: 9/26/2008

Objective: Send your baby dragon out on its own to collect the plants Celestia needs. The more Charisma and Luck you have the easier it will be to avoid battles.
Objective completed: You have collected all the plants.

Lady Celestia: It's time to see how well your dragon can handle the world on it's own. It's important that <Dragon> knows it can avoid battle sometimes as well.
Lady Celestia: We'll start slowly. Just stand on side, <Character>, and direct you're baby dragon to where you would like him to go.
Lady Celestia: If your charisma and luck are high enough, your dragon should be easily directed and you can avoid almost all the forest creatures.
Lady Celestia: Since we're training, you only have to knock those creature <Character> runs into. Collect 5 plants and try to avoid as many creatures as you can.
Raven meets Thursday in Amityville, and on the way to the haunted house she meets Artix
Makes note of how Raven defeated another FD13th war in Falconreach, though the war is only mentioned in passing on her way to Amityvale, the actual war is not in the story.

After you win you will get a note.

It got away? What was that thing? But we did it! We actually did it! Our town has been saved! This undead army has clearly come from DoomWood. Train hard -- for next weekend, we shall journey there to investigate the source!

Meanwhile.... in DoomWood
It is a beautiful and peaceful day in the little town of Amityvale. Elm road is full of happy villagers running to their homes in terror knowing that when the clock bell rings the sun will fall and the dead will rise from their graves to eat their brains (again)! This is just a normal day in Doomwood -- you get used to it. Well, at least some people do.... rumors are spreading that a stranger showed up in town with a little armored dog and has been staying out past curfew! Maybe you should make a point of meeting this stranger.

Zorbak: See you in DoomWood! Meh heh heh....
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