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 Dragonfable Timeline: DL Training, Summer/FD13th War

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: DL Training, Summer/FD13th War   Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:25 pm

Location: Gram's Pet Shop, Aria's Pet Shop > Let Aria show you the back > Crittercave, Falconreach -> Ash -> Quests -> Rescue -> To Battle!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 4th, 2006

Objective: All around you, you hear the sounds of buzzing wings and chittering mouth parts. Good thing you brought your stomping boots.
Objective Completed: All around you, you hear the sounds of buzzing wings and chittering mouth parts. Good thing you brought your stomping boots.

First Bug Nest Encounter:
Aria: You came here to save me? ... From what?
• From monsters!

<Character Name>: This is no place for a little girl! I came to rescue you from these monsters!
Aria: Yeah thanks a lot. You just squished my new pet, her name was going to be Thomas.
<Character Name>: New pet? HER name was going to be Thomas? ... You're a weird kid.
Aria: My name is Aria and I'M not the one going around saving people from their pets.
<Character Name>: That...that THING was about to have you for lunch!
Aria: You really don't know much about training pets, do you? I guess i should thank you, your heart was in the right place.
<Character Name>: You're....welcome, i think. Are there anymore "pets" I should know about before I get you out of here?
Aria: Sure, I come here almost every day. My grandma is a great pet trainer. She's teaching me everything that she knows.
<Character Name>: Great, well let me see if i can get you back to town in one piece so you can see her again.
Aria: You worry too much, silly <Class>. Ok, lets get moving! This will be FUN!
• Bugs?

<Character Name>: Since you're such an expert, maybe you can tell me how to beat these things?
Aria: Ok. Arachnida Araneidae typifies it's family in it's aversion to sources of high heat...you can...
<Character Name>: WHOA whoa whoa. Araichawhatnow?
Aria: *SIGH*These spiders don't like fire.
<Character Name>: AH! Ok, what else? Oh, and uh....try to use small words.
<Character Name>: I'm not deaf, large words just BUG me! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHH!*snort*
Aria: .... *blink blink*
<Character Name>: HEH heh...heh.....*ahem* Get it? BUG me?
Aria: ... Oh i get it. It just wasn't funny. Are you done now?
<Character Name>: *chuckle* Yes, Sorry. Ok, how about the wasps?
Aria: The wasps don't do too well against earth. Don't ask me what they're doing down here. That's all you need to know, really.
<Character Name>: Great, thanks! Now lets get out of here!
Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> DragonLord
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 8, DA
Release Date: June 16th, 2007

Objective: After days of exhausting research on its location, Lady Celestia has sent you to this strange mountain to acquire the armor of the DragonLord!
Objective completed: You have defeated the Old Man Of The Mountain and earned the armor of the DragonLord! Speak to Lady Celestia to put it on and train it up.

Old Man: Welcome <Your Character>. I have been expecting you for a long time.
Your Character: Me? Did Lady Celestia tell you I was coming?
Old Man: Yes. Lady Celestia told me to expect a hero. She gave me your description, and told me that you would be looking for the armour.
Your Character: The DragonLord armour? Do you know where I can find it?
Old Man: Indeed. I am the Old Man In The Mountain. I am the keeper of the armour.
Old Man: I see that you have already obtained the Dragon Amulet. The power of the armour is yours for the taking...
Old Man: ...If you can defeat me in battle. Once you prove your worthiness to me, I will give you the armour of the DragonLord.

You battle the Old Man In The Mountain and upon winning:

Old Man: Well fought, DragonLord <Character Name>! The armour is yours.
Old Man: If you wish to wear it, you must speak to Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove.
Old Man: To unlock the armour's skills, you must return to me. We will do battle again and you will show me what you have learned.
Old Man: If you defeat me I will unlock the next skill of the DragonLord for you.
Old Man: You have done very well hero. I look forward to doing battle with you again.
Location: Sunbreeze Grove -> Elysia -> DragonLord -> Train DragonLord Armor
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 8, Completion of The DragonLord Armor, DA
Release Date: June 15th, 2007

Objective: The Old Man Of The Mountain has agreed to train you in the use of your DragonLord skills. You must first defeat him in battle before you unlock the next skill.
Objective completed: You have defeated the Old Man Of The Mountain once more and he has unlocked another of the DragonLord skills! Return to the Old Man again when you wish to unlock your next skill.

Old Man: Welcome <Character Name>. Have you come to earn a new DragonLord skill? Very well, I am ready for battle.


Old Man: Well fought, DragonLord <Character Name>! The next DragonLord skill is yours.

If you have completed your training:
Old Man: You have already completed your Dragon Lord training. I have nothing more to teach you.
While/after their training, Raven and Hawke have another reflection chapter, were they discuss FD13th wars, holidays, and other important events.
Location: Falconreach -> Beach Vacation Invasion, FalconsNest -> War Memorial -> Beach Vacation Invasion
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 29, 2007

Objective: All you wanted to do was build some sand castles *sigh*. Fiery light monsters have overrun Falconreach beach and they are ruining everyone's good time. Enough is Enough!
Objective Completed: You've cleared this small section of the beach but the temperature is rising and the beach monsters are giving everyone sunburns! Clear the rest of the beach so that people can enjoy their break!
Boss Fight: Pro Pain
Location: FalconsNest > War Memorial > Beach Vacation Invasion
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 19, 2007

Objective completed:

<You>: FINALLY! Only one last monster to beat and the beach will be clear
Pro Pain: So you're the human that has been causing us much trouble. I thought that you'd be taller
<You>: Yup! Our fair town has enough gold saved up to take care of an army five times your size and still have enough left over for a pizza
<You>: But we voted to take you down ourselves. We're not afraid of getting our hands dirty...
<You>: ...or burned, I guess
Pro Pain: oooOOOooOOooo Big tough hero. Come to the beach and kick sand in all the light monsters' faces, huh?
<You>: Yeah, about that...you guys are all clearly fire monsters. Why are you light monsters?
Pro Pain: We're not fire monsters! We're SUN monsters. It's very close - minded of you to assume that we're fire monsters just because we're on fire
<You>: The lavagoblin wasn't on fire...and I don't really think that it was that much of a logical leap
<You>: Monsters that are covered in fire. Fire. Monsters. That makes sense to me
Pro Pain: So we travel all the way here from the sun for vacation and all you guys have to offer is logic and reasonable arguments!
<You>: So you guys are just here on vacation?
Pro Pain: Well, we WERE. You and your hero friends kind of spoiled the fun for us. We just wanted some beach and BBQ
<You>: Except WE were the Bar - B - Q!
Pro Pain: It was a long trip from the sun to the beach, and we got hungry
<You>: Well, you should have packed some snacks, because you're about to get your flames BROILED and it's a long trip back!
Pro Pain: That's it, prepared to get sun BURNED!
<You>: Hmmm. Yours was better than mine was
Pro Pain: Yeah. I'm the burn master!

Pro Pain: Ouch, my pride. I can't believe that you defeated me!
<You>: Pro Pain, you're a BURNout!
Pro Pain: Yuck. That was terrible. Try again
<You>: Hmmm...OK. Try this one!
<You>: Pro Pain, uh...I just put your LIGHTS out!
Pro Pain: Hmmmm, better but I'm not leaving until you come up with a good one
<You>: I got it! Pro Pain...you're FIRED!
Pro Pain: Good one...I have nothing left to teach you, young one
<You>: So you're going back to the sun?
Pro Pain: It really is a long trip. Say, do you know any pyromancers here who might be looking for some minions?
<You>: uh...NO! NO I DO NOT! GO HOME!
Location: Friday the 13th - Part III
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 19th, 2007

Objective: It is Friday the 13th again, and the Necromantress has revealed her part in the invasion. All that remains of the war is to defeat the boss... but wait, TWO bosses??!
Objective completed: You did it! The flaming light monster Pro Pain and the Rotgut, the zombie made from the kings missing 300th warrior, have been defeated! But who have Xan and Sepulchure replaced in Falconreach?

<Character Name>: *WHEW!* That's all of them. WOW, i've never been so tired. I'm going to sleep for a week.
Necromantress: Not quite all of them, <charecter>.
<Character Name>: Wait a second. I usually meet Zorbak here. He's standing on a pile of hockey masks.
Necromantress: Zorbak... hockey masks? That's just... silly.
<Character Name>: No, really! He's usually right HERE, every Friday the 13th!
Necromantress: I hoped that the combined armies would finish you and the other heroes, but I supposed that driving you mad is just as good.
<Character Name>: What? I'm not crazy! There really is a blue moglin named Zorbak who has the power to raise the dead...
<Character Name>: ... and he uses that power to build undead sports teams!
<Character Name>: ...............
<Character Name>: Ok, when I say it out loud it does sound kind of nuts.
Necromantress: Insane, or not, It is time to finish this. You've spend all of your time and energy defeating my army of the undead...
Necromantress: And XAN's minions, disguised as light monsters...
<Character Name>: XAN??!
Necromantress: ... Yes, and Xan and I have each prepared a special challenge for you. ROTGUT, PRO PAIN, come finish off this fool.

Boss Fight - RotGut and Pro Pain

The scene changes to Xan and the Necromantress in Xan's fortress
Necromantress: Amazing, he defeated BOTH of them?!?! How did he find the strength?
Xan: I guess that you have never had something to fight for...
Necromantress: Sepulchure will be... unhappy... with our faliure.
Necromantress: Oh I don't know... Let me tell Lord Sepulchure the bad news. I will take full responsibility for our faliure.
Necromantress: ...Very well. I don't know what you're up to Xan, but if you want to take the blame, be my guest.
Necromantress vanishes
Sepulchure appears
Xan: Lord Sepulchure, I've got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first? HAHAHAHAHHA!
Sepulchure: I do not have patience for your games Xan. Is it done?
Xan: Yes, my lord. During the confusion, I was able to make the switch and no one in Falconreach even suspects it.
Sepulchure: Good. What of your illusion? Is there a chance that the people of Falconreach will find out...
Sepulchure: ... that one of the people in Falconreach has been replaced with one of our spies?
Xan: There is no change of it. If I was able to cast an illusion on an entire army making them seem like Light monsters...
Xan: ... then not even Lady Celestia will be able to see through my illusion. The replica is in place and awaiting your orders.
Sepulchure: The two of us are the only ones that know of the replacement but the Necromantress is no fool. She might uncover her real role in this.
Xan: Shall I eliminate her?
Sepulchure: ... Not yet, she is nearing the end of her usefulness, but she has not reached it just yet.
Xan: BAH, you're no fun.
Sepulchure: You have done well Xan. You may return to your plans regarding Warlic.

Location: Button in Falconreach - no longer in game
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: 6/13/07

Objective: HAHAHAHAH! You guys totally thought that the beach war had nothing to do with the plot! SUCKERS!
Objective completed: The Beach War was just a distraction? The Light monsters are actually Xan's fire minions? Do you have enough strength left to save Falconreach from a doomy fate? Only time will tell!

Xan: HAHAHAHAHAHA! The Heroes of Falconreach are completely pre-occupied with my cleverly disguised fire minions.
Xan: You are free to make your move...
Necromantress: Cleverly disguised? They're on fire... all of them are on fire. How is that "cleverly disguised"?
Xan: ... the lavagoblin isn't on fire.
Necromantress: I have to admit, Xan, it takes an amazing amount of power to cast an illusion of an army of that size.
Necromantress: They really all seem to be aligned with Light instead of Fire. I'm impressed.
Xan: I'm not here to impress you Necromancer. This illusion is only a taste of the Pyronomicon's true power!
Xan: I am only here helping you by Lord Sepulchure's command. I'm wasting time with you while Warlic sits in his tent and...
Necromantress: Don't lose your focus, Xan. Once we are done here you may return to your obsession with the blue mage...
Necromantress: ... and I will return to my plans in Amityvale. You know the plan. Your minions distract the heroes, drain their energy and resources...
Necromantress: ... then my undead army joins your forces and together they lay waste to Falconreach once and for all.
Necromantress: Finally, we retrieve the Hatchling for Lord Sepulchure and claim our rewards.
Xan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not before my creation cooks dragon's master and the rest of those heroes!
Xan: Falconreach has already risen from the ashes once. I do not like leaving things unfinished.
Necromantress: Do not fear. Even if our combined forces fall to <Character>, our new powerful servants will finish the job!
Necromantress: These pathetic heroes are too tired to put up any kind of fight. Falconreach is doomed!
Necromantress: ...
Necromantress: ... Any chance we can turn down the heat in here?
Xan: I told you that you would regret wearing those robes. You COULD take your hood down.
Necromantress: No I can't! I have terrible hood-hair right now. How about a glass of water?
Xan: Water??! My HEAD is mostly made of FIRE! Why would I have water?!
Necromantress: *sigh* Nevermind.

Raven and Hawke are sent by Warlic to Osprey Cove, he had told them that the Orb of Wind was there somewhere and to find it before Sepulchure does. While wandering through town, they meet Rhubarb.
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Dragonfable Timeline: DL Training, Summer/FD13th War
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