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 Dragonfable Timeline: Light Orb

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Light Orb   Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:48 pm

Location: Talk to Rebel Fighter the first time you enter The Sandsea, replayable through The Sandsea -> Zhoom -> Quests -> Replay Meeting Zhoom
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 18th, 2007

Objective: The Sandsea seems to have more sub-plots than grains of sand!
Objective completed: You have lost your one contact to the resistance... and your one lead to the location of the Orb of Light. Working with Zhoom might be your only way to get back in touch with the resistance!


Rebel Fighter: Pssst. Hey you.
<Character>: Uh... are you talking to me?
Rebel Fighter: Keep your voice down! You are [Character Name], yes?
<Character>: Yah, I am. Have we met? I'm sorry I don't have much of a memory for faces... and yours is covered.
Rebel Fighter: No, I have freinds in Falconreach who said that you might head this way, and might be able to help us.
<Character>: Us?
Rebel Fighter: Yes... I am risking more than you could know by telling you this. I am a member of the resistance, fighting against the tyrant...
Rebel Fighter: ... Sek-Duat XV! I don't have much time, he's set his hound on me. We need your help or we are all doomed.
<Character>: I'll help you if I can but I don't understand this. You'll need to tell me more.
Rebel Fighter: We have no money to offer you... Sek-Duat has taken it all... but we can pay you in information.
Rebel Fighter: We know the location of the Orb of Light, and we know that you need to collect the orbs before your foe, Sepulchure does.
<Character>: The Orb of Light is here? I'll do what I can to gelp you, but the orb is very important to me. Can you take me there?
Rebel Fighter: Yes, I can take you. This is wonderful news! I must tell the others before I am captured.
Rebel Fighter: Please... If I am cpatured before we reach the resistance... YOU MUST NOT LET ANYONE know that you are working with us!
<Character>: ... Ok, I will do what you ask. But I can protect you...
Rebel Fighter: Not from Zhoom! If he finds out that you are working with us, he will NEVER stop until he has you.
Rebel Fighter: We will leave as soon as I have secured my snapping camel's saddle.

A fabulous cutscene where Zhoom takes down the resistance fighter

Zhoom: One more rebel for Sek-Duat. Thank you stranger, If you had not been distrating him, he might have slipped away again.
Um... No problem! He heh *nervous smile* Happy to do my part.
Zhoom: This sand-rat is a member of the so-called resistance. Tell me, did you know that you were having a conversation with a wanted man?
Rebel Fighter: Yes, he's a rebel too.
<Character>: WHAT??!
Rebel Fighter: ... and we were just standing in the middle of town, in an open market making places to defeat you and overthrow the tyrand who hired you.
Rebel Fighter: Come on, Zhoom! How stupid do you think we are?
Zhoom: Very, but I see your point. Even you rebels could not be THAT stupid. This [Character class] was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
<Character>: I have a name. It's [Character Name]. I was just trying to buy this guy;s snapping camel off of him. Say, did you see where it went?
<Character>: It looks like he won't need it anymore after you're done with him.
Zhoom: HAHA! I like your attitude [Character Name]. I am zhoom and I have no plans to kill this man. I just deliver him to Sek-Duat XV.
Zhoom: What the emperor does with the members of the resistance is his business. You seem like someone who could appreciate a little gold.
Zhoom: I'm going to return this man to the palace and collent one more bounty. After that I will return ere. COme shee me if you want some work.
<Character>: I'll do that.
Next Up: The Hard Way
Location: The Sandsea -> Zhoom -> Quests -> The Hard Way
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Meeting Zhoom
Release Date: January 25, 2008

Objective: Kasuf is hiding in these ruins somewhere. You HAVE to make contact with him without letting Zhoom catch you or might never get to the Orb of Light before Sepulchure. This may be your only chance!
Objective Completed: Well done hero, you have slipped Kasuf out of the ruins right under Zhoom's nose, saved him from Sek-Duat's wrath at least for a while and re-established contact with the resistance!

Zhoom: I have good news, <Character Name>. I have located another of the rebels! He rests in the ruins to the west at this very moment hiding from the sun.
Zhoom: His name is Kasuf, and he has been able to elude me thus far, but I am a paitient ranger. His days are numbered and the number is small.
Zhoom: I would like you to meet me at the ruins and help me capture this desert snake. That will cut his chances of another escape in half.
Zhoom: Kasuf can hide...but not forever. He will need to leave the ruins for water eventually. There will be no escape for him this time!


Zhoom: I have chased Kasuf across the desert many times. He is as slippery as a sand trout.
Zhoom: But finally I have driven him to hide in these ruins. The locals say that there is only one way in and one way out.
Zhoom: You're going to go in and search for him. He hides himself well...so search well. I will wait here.
Your Character: If he slips past me or tries to run, then you will be waiting here to capture him. A classic squeeze play.
Zhoom: Very good <Character Name>. You have a quick mind. I may make a ranger of you yet. If you do not return within the hour, I will come looking for you.
Your Character: Don't worry Zhoom. I will find Kasuf.


Kasuf: Fine...fine. I'm tired of running away. Just take me away.
Your Character: Relax. I'm one of the good guys. My name is <Character Name> and I'm with the resistance same as you.
Your Character: I met one of the other members just before Zhoom captured him. He asked for my help and said he could lead me to the Light Orb.
Kasuf: AH! If you have come to help us then we still have hope! I will help you with your search but we must escape these ruins first!
Your Character: Zhoom is waiting out front, He knows that is the only way out. I can try to distract him...
Kasuf: It would never work. Once Zhoom sets his mind to a task, he does not lose focus. He could win a staring contest with Jimmy the Eye.
Your Character: Well...I could try to sneak you out in my backpack...If it can hold that many weapons, then there MUST be room for you.
Kasuf: Now you're just being silly. I DO know of a secret way out of these ruins but it may be more dangerous than facing Zhoom.
Your Character: I can't risk blowing my cover. Tell me about the other way.
Kasuf: There is a back door, but there are several desert beasts and doors that stand between us and freedom.
Kasuf: A <Character Class> of your power should have little trouble with the monsters but the doors are another matter. They are deadly traps.
Kasuf: Each of the doors has a timed puzzle attached to it. You must find the right combination of 5 ancient glyphs before the timer runs out...
Kasuf: ...What do you think?
Your Character: I think it sounds kind of fun!
Kasuf: Monsters and deadly traps are fun? I can't believe that I'm putting my life in your hands.
Your Character: You worry too much, Kasuf. Just stay far behind me...I don't want you getting hurt.


Kasuf: YOU DID IT! We're alive!
Your Character: Thank me later, right now you need to escape these ruins. Hide yourself and cover your tracks.
Your Character: I'll go back and tell Zhoom I couldn't find you in the ruins. He'll still be after you but this will buy you enough time to hide.
Kasuf: I can never thank you enough, <Character Name>. The best I can do is pay you in information.
Kasuf: I'm afraid I don't know much about the Orb of Light but I know another rebel who does.
Kasuf: Our laws prevent me from telling you her name but you can find her in the Oasis Inn.
Your Character: How will I know her if you can't tell me her name?
Kasuf: There is a way that we recognize each other. You must walk into the Inn with a Blue Desert Lotus.
Kasuf: It's ability to survive in the desert against all odds makes it the perfect symbol for our rebellion.
Kasuf: You must go to The Wastelands, to the west of town. You will find a Blue Desert Lotus somewhere there.
Kasuf: Bring the flower into the Oasis Inn. She will know that you are a friend of the resistance and she will approach you.
Your Character: Thank you, Kasuf. I know that you're taking a huge risk letting me know these secrets.
Kasuf: It is no risk at all. I know that I can trust you. Good luck, <Character Name>!
Your Character: You too, now get out of here! You have to run for your life while I go and pick a flower!

Next Up: The Blue Lotus
Location: The Sandsea > Zhoom > Quests > The Blue Lotus
Level/Quest/Items required: Complete The Hard Way
Release Date: January 25, 2008

Objective: Search through the wastelands to find the rare Blue Lotus, the symbol of the resistance! Look for stacks of stones to find the path.
Objective: Completed! You've found a rare Blue Desert Lotus! You need to take this rare flower to the Oasis Inn in town. If Kasuf's information was right, a member of the resistance will then approach you and help you find the Orb of Light hidden somewhere in the Sandsea.

Zhoom: Do not worry, (Character). Kasuf is simply blessed with the natural ability to run and hide, like most cowards. I'm not sure how he escaped....
Zhoom: ...But we will always have another chance to catch him. Unfortunately all my leads have run dry. The only thing we can do now is search and wait.
Zhoom: When we were returning from the ruins you asked about the wastelands to the west, this is your chance to investigate them.
Zhoom: If you find any trace of the rebels... do not attack them alone. I do not want you getting hurt. Come to me and we will attack them together!
Zhoom: I will stay in town and search here. The rebels must have a supply line and it must start here. Good luck on your search in the wastelands.
Location: The Sandsea -> Zhoom -> Quests -> The Oasis Inn
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Blue Lotus
Release Date: 2/1/08

Objective: Zhoom has gone to the dunes to investigate some reports of resistance activity, this is your chance to go to the meet your contact here in the Inn.
Objective Completed: The thugs were no match for you. You have have escaped the Oasis Inn with your life and some important information. If Sha'Rae is right, then you need to head to the Dynasty Tomb and defeat the mummified dragon for Sek-Duat XV!

Zhoom: <Character>, I have had reports of resistance activity out in the dunes. If these reports are right then they are up to something. If I am lucky I can capture a large number of these rebels at once. I'm going to have to move fast. That is why I need you to stay behind for this one <Character>. I move faster when I am alone. You have earned some free time anyway. If you haven't had a chance to talk around town, now is the time. Maybe you should spend some time at the Oasis Inn. Remember to keep your eyes open for rebel activity.
Sha'Rae: Thanks for the flower [Character]. You know how I love them. I haven't seen you in so long! How have you been?
<Character>: Um... Ho. *whispers* have we met?
Sha'Rae: *whispers* Of course we haven't met. My father said that you were able to be trusted. He didn't mention that you were slow.
<Character>: Kasuf is your father? He took a bigger risk that I thought, risking himself AND his daughter. He must be really...
<Character>: ...
<Character>: HEY! I'm not slow!
Sha'Rae: Are you sure? It took you that long to realize that I called you slow.
<Character>: We really don't have time for this. Zhoom could be back at any minute and I can't afford to let him catch me with you.
Sha'Rae: You don't need to worry about that. The resistance activity in the dunes is a distraction.
<Character>: You mean the rebels set all that up, just so it would be safe to meet?
Sha'Rae: Yes. We won't get a second shot at taking down Sek-Duat XV, and you are our best hope of doing that.
Sha'Rae: Several very brave rebels have risked their very lives so we could meet saely, so let's not waste time. I understand that you want the Orb of Light.
<Character>: Yes. Your father told me that you know something about it.
Sha'Rae: I do. I've studied the orb for several years in secret. I've read every legends and pieced together some of its history.
Sha'Rae: I'm fairly sure that the Orb of Light is responsible for the Sek-Duat dynasty. Emperor Sek-Duat The First got his hands on it...
Sha'Rae: ... and he used its power to take control of the Sandsea.
Sha'Rae: One history that I read said that after Sek-Duat The First took power he came increasingly paranoid.
Sha'Rae: He had several children but didn't trist any of them. He thought that all his heirs were after his power and he felt that none of them were worthy.
Sha'Rae: I doubt that a man like that would have trusted anyone with the source of his power. He probably died before telling anyone where he hid it.
<Character>: He would have kept it close. That would mean that the Orb of Light is still is his palace somewhere.
Sha'Rae: I thought the exact same thing. I take back what I said about you being slow.
<Character>: So I need to get into the palace and find the orb. Any ideas?
Sha'Rae: Sek-Duat XV already knows that you're working with Zhoom to catch the rebels. You already in his good graces.
Sha'Rae: But you're going to need to really impress him to get an invite to the palace. I think I know just the thing...
Sha'Rae: ...you have to defeat my mummy.
<Character>: I saved your dad, now you want me to fight your mom? You must have had a weird childhood.
Sha'Rae: *blink blink*
Sha'Rae: I take back taking back saying you were slow.
Sha'Rae: I said my MUMMy! I unearthed it when I was researching the Sek-Duat dynasty. I was in their family tomb looking for clues to the orb...
Sha'Rae: ... then I unearthed my discovery. It's a colossal beast, an undead mummified dragon! I unleashed it on the living world.
Sha'Rae: Now it just sits in the tomb and destroys anyone who gets too close. This beast is a thorn in Sek-Duat's side.
Sha'Rae: It seems like he's not confortable with the idea of a giant mummy dragon walking around in his ancestor's tomb.
<Character>: AH! So if I defeat your mummified dragon then Sek-Duat XV will be impressed with me and invite to the palace.
Sha'Rae: That's what I hope, anyway. Once you have an invite to the palace you can come and go as you please... unless Sek-Duat XV kills you.
<Character>: That's a comforting thought.
Sha'Rae: You have the ability to get closer to Sek-Duat than any of the rebels every will, and with you at his side... we will have the advantage.
Sha'Rae: You will be able to foild his plans... get access to palace secrets... who knows what else?! Not to mention you will be able to look for your Orb.
Sha'Rae: You will find the mummified dragon in the Dynasty Tomb. Now, get out of here before you're discovered!
Sha'Rae: Oh, and watch your back. Some of the guys in the Inn haven't taken their eyes off you since you came in here.
Sha'Rae: Good luck <Character>, we're all counting on you. The future of the resistance is in your hands.

You fight 3 Desert Thug

<Character>: Who are you guys? What do you want from me?
Desert Thug: You're not the only one looking for the Orb of Light, <Character>.
<Character>: What did you say? How did you... ?
Desert Thug: Prince Drakath has put a bounty on your head, hero... and we plan to collect it!

You fight another Desert Thug
Next Up: The Dynasty Tomb
Location: The Sandsea -> Zhoom -> Quests -> Dynasty Tomb
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Oasis Inn
Release Date: 2/1/08

Objective: The rebel Sha'Rae has told you that Sek-Duat XV might invite you to his palace if you rid the Sek-Duat dynasty tomb of the mummified dragon that Sha'Rae has awakened.
Objective Completed!: You have defeated the mummified dragon that the rebel Sha'Rae awakened. Now all you can do is sit back and hope that this amazing deed merits a palace invite from Sek-Duat XV.

Zhoom: I spent a lot of time in the dunes, and I was only able to capture two rebels. Neither would speak of their plans.
Zhoom: While I was gone did you learn anything interesting?
You tell Zhoom of the Dynasty Tomb
Zhoom: That is a dangerous way to get the emperor's attention, <Character>. I cannot tell you what to do but I cannot waste time on dragons.
Zhoom: At least not while there is gold to be made in capturing rebels. If.... *ahem*.... when you return you must tell me about it.
Zhoom: A giant mummified dragon would be quite an amazing sight... and an interesting challange!

<Your Character>: MMMM. Desert dresk dried dragon jerky! Looks liek I've got the right Dynasty Tomb.
<Your Character>: It helps that there was only one Dynasty Tomb to pick from.
<Your Character>: How do I want to handle this?
Next Up: The Sandwitch
Location: The Sandsea > Sek-Duat XV > Quests > The Sandwitch
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dynasty Tomb
Release Date: 22nd Feb, 2008

Objective: Sek-Duat XV has commanded you to go into the desert and remove the threat of the Sandwitch!
Objective completed: You finish with the Sandwitch and you are left with crumbs of truth all over the tablecloth of your mind. What could Sek-Duat be planning with the Sandwitch's spell? It looks like you are going to have to keep playing his game to find out.

Sek-Duat XV: The people of The Sandsea have grown... discontent.
Sek-Duat XV: They plot and sceme against me... but they are not to blame. They are like children.
Sek-Duat XV: When a parant makes a scrict rule to keep the children safe, the children are expected to throw fits. They know no better.
Sek-Duat XV: But when they break these rules made to keep them safe, they must be...punished. They must learn their place if I am to keep them safe.
Sek-Duat XV: If The Sandsea were a less dangerous place, then I would have no reason to keep scuk strict rules.
Sek-Duat XV: Therefore, I command you to eliminate one of the greatest threats to my people: The Sandwitch
Sek-Duat XV: That old crone was cast out of the yaga sisterhood in Doomwood for being TOO CRUEL!
Sek-Duat XV: Her sisters left her to die in the desert but the hatred in her hard has kept her alive all these years. The people fear her.
Sek-Duat XV: They have good cause to fear her. She summons people to her cave in the middle of the night and they are never seen again.
Sek-Duat XV: If you were to eliminate the Sandwitch, and the people had less to fear, perhaps they would have less reason to rebel.
Sek-Duat XV: Go now, and do not return until the outcast has been taken care of, and my people are safe.

Sandwitch: An, more of Sek-Duat's goons! Only one of you made it out of here last time... and that was no accident, it was a WARNING.
Sandwitch: Get out of here. There's nothing else that your emperor wants here, Unless... OF COURSE! You were sent to finish the Sandwitch!
<Character>: That's right Sandwitch! Sek-Duat XV has sent me to stop you from preying on the people of the Sandsea.
Sandwitch: To stop ME.... AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Foolish child, you want a fight? You came to the right place.
Sandwitch: THIS Sandwitch bites back!

<Character>: If your yaga sisters cast you out, you really MUST be the most wicked creature imaginable.
<Character>: The people of The Sandsea are good people. They have lived through a lot...
<Character>: ... too much. They don't need one more bad thing like you in their lives.
Sandwitch: HAHAHAHAHA! The Sandwitch is not bad. Everyone knows that Sandwitches are GOOD!
Sandwitch: The Sandwitches sisters cast her out because she WASN'T wicked. THe Sandwitch wanted nothing to do with their evil plots.
<Character>: Know what I think? I think the Sandwitch is full of baloney!

<Character>: Another illusion? I'm starting to think that the Sandwitch is a chicken!
<Character>: If you're a good Sandwitch, then why do you summon people here to your cave in the middle of the night? Those people VANISH!
Sandwitch: Kid, you've got the Sandwitch all wrong. The people come to the Sandwitch n their own! They want to escape The Sandsea!
Sandwitch: ... And they know that the Sandwitch can help them escape the sand Sek-Dyat XV's insane rule.
Sandwitch: The Sandwitch won't get in the rebel's fight, but she will help the frightened ones... The ones who want to run and live free.
Sandwitch: ANd the SANDWITCH is not a chiken! If you really want to come face to face with the Sandwitch, she is in the next room... if you can make it.

Sandwitch: No more ullusions. No more fighting. The Sandwitch senses that you trueley wish to help the people.
<Character>: I do. I need the Orb of Light. The rebels are helping me fight it... and I'm helping them with their goals.
<Character>: Why would Sek-Duat send me to finish you?
Sandwitch: Not long ago, Sek-Duat's guards came to this cave and stole a spell from the Sandwitch.
Sandwitch: Sek-Duat doesn't want anyone to figure out his plans. The Sandwitch knows what spell he stole, and that is a clue to his ultimate goal.
<Character>: What was the spell that he stole from you? What does it do??
Sandwitch: That wicked yaga spell raises the dead. The Sandwitch thinks that Sek-Duat XV is obsessed with Sek-Duat the First.
Sandwitch: He wants to raise his dead ancestor, to continue his rule. It will be a disaster for this land.
Sandwitch: The Sandwitch does not know all the ingrediants in the spell... but she know sthe Orb of Light must be used.
<Character>: So he DOES have the orb, or at least he knows where it is. Thanks Sandwitch. You've helped a lot.
<Character>: Sek-Duat XV has to think that I got rid of you, so you have to stay hidden until this is all over. Can you do that?
Sandwitch: The Sandwitch is old, but the Sandwitch is no turkey. She knows how to hide. Good luck hero.
<Character>: Thanks. I'm going to need it.
Next Up: The Traitor
Location: The Sandsea > Sek-Duat XV > Quests > The Traitor
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Sandwitch
Release Date: March 7th, 2008

Objective: Sek Duat XV has sent you to meet with a member of the rebellion who has decided to turn traitor. You have to stop the turncoat if you can.
Objective completed: Kasuf vanishes into the desert, looking defeated and full of regret. That was a close call, but the rebellion is safe, thanks to you. Why did Sek-Duat send you instead of Zhoom? What does he have up his sleeve?

Sek-Duat XV: You have pleased me greatly, <Character Name>.
Sek-Duat XV: Tell me, how did you dispose of the Sandwitch? Not even my elite guards could end her miserable life.
Sek-Duat XV: No, I've changed my mind. All that matters is your ability to get the job done. I remain impressed with your skills.
Sek-Duat XV: Now I have another task for you, while Zhoom is hunting down the last of the rebels. One of their number has decided to betray his fellows.
Sek-Duat XV: I want you to go and meet this turncoat. If he is honest about his desire to serve his me, then escort him here. If it is a trap...
Sek-Duat XV: ...Well you are more than capable of dealing with anything the rebels might have conconcted.
Sek-Duat XV: Here is the map to the meeting location.
(Take the map to the traitor's meeting place.)
Sek-Duat XV: Either way bring him to me or dispose of him. Either way, I expect to return with good news <Character Name>. Do not disappoint me.

After meeting Kasuf:
<Character Name>: Kasuf?! YOU are the traitor!?!
Kasuf: <Character Name>!?! This is ALL WRONG! I told Sek-Duat I would only meet with ZHOOM!
<Character Name>: What is going on here? Start explaining! If you've sold me out...
Kasuf: No! I... I was going to tell Sek-Duat that Zhoom was working for the rebels. You are safe... and so is my daughter.
<Character Name>: Sha'Rae? What are you talking about?
Kasuf: I found out what Sek-Duat is doing with the rebels. The spell that he stole from the yaga spellbook calls for a strong magical power source...
Kasuf: That power source is the Orb of Light. The spell also calls for 'the life forces of 100 people who call you an enemy'.
<Character Name>: Once Sek-Duat XV has rounded up 100 rebels, he plans on exchanging their lives to resurrect Sek-Duat The First!
Kasuf: The rebels will be undead husks, empty bodies... zombie sevants. I... I couldn't risk that happening to my daughter.
Kasuf: I had to make this deal. I'm sorry.
<Character Name>: So you're going to trade the names and the locations of the other rebels to keep your own daughter safe?
<Character Name>: What about fighting for your people? Sha'Rae knows the risks and she's willing to risk her life for her people to be free!
Kasuf: You don't understand what it means to have a child! I HAD NO CHOICE.
<Character Name>: You ALWAYS have a choice! You know Sek-Duat XV, and you know that he will hunt down your daughter, no matter what.
<Character Name>: You're a fool if you think this deal will save her. You nearly doomed the entire rebellion.
Kasuf: You're right. Of course, you're right! I knew he couldn't be trusted. That's why I lied and told him that Zhoom was secretly working with the rebels.
Kasuf: I thought that if I could make Sek-Duat get rid of Zhoom then the others might stand a chance. Only...
<Character Name>: What? What is it?
Kasuf: ... Zhoom is VERY strong. I couldn't be sure Sek-Duat would be able to finish him so I set a trap.
Kasuf: This temple is protected by an ancient evil called the Anubis Knight, and we're standing in the middle of his home.
Kasuf: I was trying to lure Zhoom to his doom before I turned myself in... but I got you instead.
<Character Name>: WHAT? You decided to wait until NOW to tell me this?
Kasuf: Well, I was kinda surprised to see you, and I wanted to explain before you... It... slipped my mind.
<Character Name>: GREAT, now I'm doomed. Thanks. You're a lot of fun to hang out with. Has anyone ever told you that?
<Character Name>: Maybe we can sneak out of here before...

*The Anubis Knight appears behind Kasuf*

<Character Name>: ... before that happens.
Kasuf: It's right behind me, isn't it?
<Character Name>: Yep. You know, I should just throw you at him as a distraction.
Kasuf: But you WON'T... right?
<Character Name>: ...
Kasuf: RIGHT?!

Boss Fight - Anubis Knight

After defeating the Anubis Knight:
Kasuf: Thank you for saving my life again <Character Name>.
<Character Name>: I should start charging for this. Maybe Zhoom has the right idea.
Kasuf: What are you going to to about me?
<Character Name>: I can't risk handing you over to Sek-Duat XV. If you were willing to rat your own people out, you would easily turn on me.
<Character Name>: You're good at hiding, so go hide... And this time, STAY hidden. Once this is all over, Sha'Rae will have a lot of questions for you.
Kasuf: Please, she doesn't have to know.
<Character Name>: ... That her father is a traitor and a fool? I think she does. You made a mistake, and now you will have to live with it.
<Character Name>: Just be grateful that things turned out this way. They could have been far worse. Now get out of here and make sure that I do not see you again.
(Complete Quest!)
Next Up: Zhowdown
Location: The Sandsea > Sek-Duat XV > Quests > Zhowdown
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Traitor
Release Date: 14th March, 2008

Objective: Sek-Duat XV has sent you here to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat to stop Zhoom. This could be the break that you have been waiting for to get the imperial prison key and talk to Zhoom about the rebel cause.
Objective completed: You and Zhoom have defeated the assassin beast sent after you by Sek-Duat XV. You have received the key to the imperial prisons inside the palace and Zhoom has joined the side of the rebels! All that remains is stopping Sek-Duat XV!

Sek-Duat XV: Welcome back, <Character Name>. I see you did not bring the traitor back to me. I will assume that it was a rebel trap.
Sek-Duat XV: I have one final assignment for you, and when you return I will shower you with riches beyond your wildest dreams.
Sek-Duat XV: I have reason to believe Zhoom is working with the resistance against me. This will not stand.
Sek-Duat XV: I think he has been captruing these rebels just to get close to me. No one is that good of a tracker.
Sek-Duat XV: When I discovered his betrayal I sent the key to the prisons to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat to the West. It is hidden there.
Sek-Duat XV: Zhoom will eventually show up there. If he wants to set his rebel friends free then he will need that key.
Sek-Duat XV: I command you to go to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat and stop him by any means necessary.
Sek-Duat XV: Do so quickly... a very special day is fast approaching. I want no interference from Zhoom and the resistance.
Sek-Duat XV: If there's one thing I can't stand... it's a traitor.


Zhoom: I had hoped Sek-Duat XV was mistaken. I had hoped that you would not show up here.
<Character Name>: Actually I am glad that you DID show up. There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.
Zhoom: You mean the fact that you've been working with the rebellion since the moment you arrived at the Sandsea?
<Character Name>: You KNEW?
Zhoom: Of course I knew. You don't get to be the world's most dangerous Ranger by missing things like that.
<Character Name>: But you could have turned me in at any time. Does this mean you really ARE working with the rebels?
Zhoom: No. I really am working for Sek-Duat XV, but these rebels weren't much fun until you showed up. You made the hunt more interesting.
<Character Name>: Is that why you didn't turn me in?
Zhoom: It is one of the reasons. The other reason is that I was hired to capture the rebels. You were just working WITH the rebels.
Zhoom: It wasn't worth risking fighting someone with your power, since I wouldn't have gotten paid for it.
<Character Name>: Does that mean that you're not going to stop me?
Zhoom: HAHA! You wish! NOW Sek-Duat is paying me to come after YOU. He told me that you'd be here. Shall we begin?
<Character Name>: We don't have to do this, Zhoom.
Zhoom: Yes, we do.

(Battle Zhoom)

Zhoom: I told you, <Character Name>... I don't give up. You cannot escape from me.
<Character Name>: This is wrong Zhoom! You must have SOME loyalty to the people of The Sandsea.
<Character Name>: You told me that the last emperor hunted your mother's people, the sand elves, into extinction.
<Character Name>: Fight with me and you can claim revenge for her! You should be fighting for honor... not gold.
Zhoom: Do not presume to speak to me about honor. Revenge is a small and petty reason to fight. My mother taught me the value of a promise before she was hunted down.
Zhoom: My contract is as good as my word. I have agreed to hunt you and the rebels down, and I will honor my contract.
Zhoom: A deal is a deal, even with a ruler as corrupt and as insane as Sek-Duat. There is no greater honor than keeping your promises.
Zhoom: Now lay your weapons down and come with me.
<Character Name>: You know I can't do that. I have to stop Sek-Duat. I have to save the rebels.
Zhoom: Then I have to stop you.

(Battle Zhoom)

Zhoom: You skills are even more impressive than I had assumed, but eventually you will tire. Just give up.
<Character Name>: I can keep this up as long as you can Zhoom... longer, if I have to. I'm going to get that key.
Zhoom: I have done battle with some of the strongest beasts and people that Lore has to offer. I have never met my match...
<Character Name>: You're looking at your match. I've beaten you twice Zhoom. You know that I'm stronger than you.
Zhoom: It is not a question of strength, <Character Name>. You can never beat me if I never give up.
<Character Name>: Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Falconreach has several billion gold. I could probably get you some of it...
<Character Name>: ... if you agree to walk away.
Zhoom: Once I have a contract, it cannot be... did... did you say several BILLION gold?
<Character Name>: Yep.
Zhoom: *whistles* That is a lot of gold.
<Character Name>: Yep.
Zhoom: So being a hero of Falconreach pays well then?
<Character Name>: Yep.
Zhoom: Once I have handed you over to Sek-Duat XV, I will have to check it out. They will be one hero short.
<Character Name>: Aww. I thought I had you that time. You're really serious about this honor thing, aren't you?
Zhoom: Yep.

(Battle Zhoom)

<Character Name>: This day just gets better and better. Who are you and what do you want.
Sphinxter: I am called Sphinxter. Sek-Duat XV informed me that you would be here.
Zhoom: Forget it. <Character Name> is my target. I already have a contract.
Sphinxter: I don't think you understand, ranger. I wasn't sent to KILL the traitor.
<Character Name>: That's GOOD!
Sphinxter: I was sent to kill BOTH of you.
<Character Name>: That's BAD!
Zhoom: WHAT?!
Sphinxter: The emperor of the Sandsea knew that one of you was working for the rebels but didn't know which.
Sphinxter: So he decided to send you two to battle each other and I was to kill the winner.
Sphinxter: The time of reseurction is near. Thye mighty Sek-Duat The First will live again and neither of you will live to see it.
Zhoom: Hold on. Do you mean to say that Sek-Duat XV isn't going to PAY me?
Sphinxter: Of course not. He wants you dead! He has no use for the last sandelf! He also said you were way overpriced.
Zhoom: Oh, I AM GOING TO GET PAID, even if I have to take the money from the imperial coffers myself. My contract is void.
Zhoom: I will set every rebel that I captured free. Hey <Character Name>... ask me again.

*Zhoom joins your party.*

<Character Name>: *ahem*... Hey Zhoom... Wanna join the rebels and help me take down Sek-Duat XV?
Zhoom: It would be an honor to fight beside you... this time, for real.
Next Up: Sek-Duat Lives Again
Location: The Sandsea-> Zhoom->Quests->Sek-Duat Lives Again
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Zhowdown
Release Date: 3/21/08

Unlocked only after you complete Sek-Duat XV's quests.

Objective: You and Zhoom are on your way to stop Sek-Duat XV from his evil plans.
Objective completed: You and Zhoom have defeated the ancient lord of all The Sandsea! The battle is won but the fight is far from over. He is still ruler of land with huge armies under his control, but you have won the day and the Orb of Light is yours!

Zhoom: The town was more empty than usual. Do you think the villagers heard that we were coming for Sek-Duat XV?
<Character>: I'm not sure what's going on but if Sek-Duat XV has the Orb of Light then we had better be prepared for anything.
<Character>: I can't wait to see the look on his... mask, I guess... when he finds out that we are BOTH with the rebels.
Zhoom: The rebels should be safe. I had only caught about 90 of them for him when he decided to betray me.
Zhoom: It doesn't have the 100 that he needs to being Sek-Duat The First back from the dead.
<Character>: That was the second biggest mistake that he ever made.
Zhoom: What was the first?
<Character>: Making me mad.

You fight 3 Sunspike and 5 Anubis Knight

Sek-Duat XV: You two should be DEAD!
<Character>: We ARE! We've come back from the grave to haunt you for your misdeeds! OOOOoooOOoooOOooo!
Zhoom: Don't be silly.
<Character>: You're not fun at all.
<Character>: Sek-Duat, we know all about your plans and we've come to stop you!
Zhoom: We know that you were paying me to round up 100 rebels so you could sacrifice use their life force!
<Character>: We ALSO know that you want to use the Orb of Light to power the yag spell to bring Sek-Duat The First back to life!
<Character>: On a side note, it's kind of creepy how you're obsessed with your great and powerful ancestor.
Sek-Duat XV: Well I guess you've got me all figured out...
Sek-Duat XV: Except that you're entirely wrong.
Sek-Duat XV: I'm not trying tobring my great and powerful ancestor back from the dead...
Zhoom: Ew.
<Character>: WOW! YOu are OLD! I mean REALLY REALLY OLD!
Sek-Duat XV: I'm older than either of you could imagine. I have been the ruler of THe Sandsea for nearly 1500 years!
Sek-Duat XV: During my first reign as Sek-Duat I realized that none of my children had the mind or will of an emperor.
Sek-Duat XV: I began searching the lands of Lore for the secrets to eternal life. I found that I could unlock the secrets of the Orb of Light...
Sek-Duat XV: ...then I could transform myself ito a Lich, an undead sorceror, blessed with eternal life but cursed with eternal undeath.
Sek-Duat XV: I have used its power to sustain myself for these last 1500 years, but once I became a Lich I realized my mistake.
Sek-Duat XV: As a Lich I could never know the pleasures of the living, only eternal life and eternal unrest. I yearned to be alive again.
Sek-Duat XV: I kept searching for the true key to eternal life and I found it! Around 1200 years ago I have the spell to the Yaga sisters for safe keeping.
Sek-Duat XV: As we agreed, they sent their outcast sister to life her in the sands with the spell in her care, so that I could keep watch over it.
Sek-Duat XV: Each time I took my own place as the new emperor, I was a little more cruel.
Sek-Duat XV: I knew that if I squeeed these feeble peasants hard enough, that they would eventually rebel...
Sek-Duat XV: ... And that would give me the 100 enemies that I needed to return life to this undead shell!
Sek-Duat XV: I'm only telling you this so that you can understand the truw power that you face, if you choose to battle me.
Sek-Duat XV: But I never expected you to get this far so I will give you the choice. Join me and I will grant you everlasting as my undying generals.
Sek-Duat XV: Make your choice.

No way!

Sek-Duat XV: I didn't really think that you'd fall for that but I had to try.
Sek-Duat XV: Come then, children. Let me show you the kind of pain that I have learned to deliver through the ages.

You fight 1 Sek-Duat

<Character>: He... He just vanished. Does that mean that we destroyed him?
Zhoom: No, a Lich cannot be disposed of so easily. He will return. He is still emperor of these lands. The people will still see him that way.
<Character>: So the rebels have a lot more work to do. At least he will have most of his power without the Orb of Light.
Zhoom: What will you do with the Orb?
<Character>: I was lucky to beat Sepulchure to this one, but I still have to beat him to the rest. I can't watch them all while I'm finding the missing ones.
<Character>: I think that you would be a safe person to leave it with, if you wouldn't mind keeping an eye on it.
Zhoom: After all we've been through, you would trust me with the Orb of Light? Aren't you worried that Sepulchure will just buy it from me?
<Character>: No. I consider you a friend now, and I understand your code of honor. If I trust you with the Orb...
<Character>: ...then you will do everything in your power to keep it safe. I can't think of anyone I would trust more with the fate of Lore.
Zhoom: Thank you <Character>. I consider you as a friend, too. I will guard the Orb with my life.
Zhoom: I plan to stay here and help the rebels. Sek-Duat still owes me a LOT of gold. If you ever need me, you know where to find me.
Zhoom: It was amazing fighting by your side. It feels good to fight for something that I believe in. Thank you for teaching me that.
<Character>: If the rebels ever need a hand, you can call on me too. Thanks for everything Zhoom.
Next Up: Death From Below
Location: Sandsea War -> Battle the Dunelord!, The Sandsea -> Zhoom -> Quests -> Death From Below
Level/Quest/Items required: DA, Completion of Sek-Duat Lives Again
Release Date: March 25th, 2008

Objective: The rescued rebellion members have told Zhoom the tales of The Dunelord which were whispered by Sek-Duat's Army. This ancient and powerful monster can only be stopped by a Dragonlord!
Objective completed: You and your dragon have defeated the ancient Dunelord and saved the rest of the people of The Sandsea! Sek-Duat's power is greatly diminished but he's still a great threat to the rebels.

Zhoom: It appears that Sek-Duat has decided to hold the entire town captive, since he cannot tell the rebels from the normal villagers.
Zhoom: Now that we have the Orb of Light, he cannot cast his spell but I fear that he is still willing to kill the captives out of spite.
Zhoom: We've been able to set free some of them but the rest are still in danger...
Zhoom: ... Tell me, <Your Character>. Have you ever heard of the Dunelord?

Zhoom: We have rescued most of the villagers <Your Character>, but we have a problem.
Zhoom: The rebels that we have rescued have overheard Sek-Duat's army talking about a creature called The Dunelord.
Zhoom: It is some massive ancient monster who has slept for centuries beneath the sands.
Zhoom: They are saying that Sek-Duat is furious that we stopped his plans and he has summoned The Dunelord to devour the rest of the villagers.
Zhoom: We have to save them before The Dunelord arrives in the tomb fields to the west.
Zhoom: It will take the unimaginable power of a full Dragonlord to stop this Dunelord.

<Your Character>: This is the place... so where is this Dunelord character?
<Your Dragon>: Maybe he got scared when he heard we were coming?
<Your Character>: Yeah... That sounds reasonable. I mean here comes <Your Character> on his giant dragon... who wouldn't run?
<Your Dragon>: Yeah... I'd be scared of us. In fact, I'm a little scared of us now. We're THAT good.
<Your Character>: I guess you are. I can feel you shaking.
<Your Dragon>: That's not me. I thought that was you.
<Your Character>: It's not me. Uh... Do you hear a rumbling noise?
*The Dunelord appears from underground.*
<Your Character>: We've got TITANSIGN!!! THAT thing is The Dunelord??!
<Your Dragon>: We should have walked in rhythm... We might not have attracted the worm.
<Your Character>: Too late for pop-media references now... we've got a fight on our hands!
Raven and Hawke had been acting VERY dark of late, and their friends commented on it. The recurring nightmare Raven has about the DoomKnight burning down Falconreach has also been changing, now skilled in the ways of a DmK she had taken the offensive in her dreams. However after the Ancient Dragon of Time showed her the future should she stay on this path of evil, Raven and Hawke confront Lady Celestia, find the prophecy saying they are the ones destined to destroy Lore, attack the Shadow of the Wind Village only to find it already under attack but Ochi No Okami and The Iron Fisted Giant. They easily defeat them and having saved their village twice, the ninjas proclaim them heroes even after Raven tells them what they are. Unfazed, Thyton explains that they are not defined by what they “might” do, but rather by what they “have” done and offers to train them as a ninja. Encouraged by this, Raven puts aside the DmK armor and takes the scraps from her old DragonLord armor. With the help from Konnan, she not only repairs the armor, but magically enhances it and creates the Evolved DragonLord armor. Having worked so well with Konnan to make the armor, they two grow close and become good friends. However before their friendship can grow deeper, Warlic sends word of the Darkness Orb’s possible location. Upon reaching Moonridge, Raven and Hawke find it under attack.
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Dragonfable Timeline: Light Orb
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