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 Dragonfable Timeline: Mogloween 2010

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PostSubject: Dragonfable Timeline: Mogloween 2010   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:47 pm

Location: Moonridge > Up > Right > Up > Walk up to the mansion
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 11, 2010

Objective: What....
Objective completed: Huh?


*You scan the mansion*

<Character Name>: This... seems out of place.
<Character Name>: Creepy.

* A dark figure appears and quickly runs off *

*You turn around in a panic*

<Character Name>: AAHHH! MEGA CREEPY!!!
<Character Name>: I'm outta here!

*You run off
Location: Moonridge > Up > Right > Down > Down; Moonridge > Right > Up (Between the trees, left of the sign); Falconreach > Right > Right > Right > Right (That A' Way) > Right > Northeast > Down > Northeast (To the left of the red plant)
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: August 11, 2010

Objective: Wait...
Objective completed: Huh?


* You are presented with a picture of a dark forest *

* A dark figure with yellow eyes appears and then quickly rushes off *

Directions from Falconreach: Opening Screen -> Resident Sneevil Mogloween

Dialogue (if applicable)

In the Mogloween Tales Chapter 5:

Irwin Dundee: 'Ey there, <Character Name!> It's time to figure out where alla zards are comin' from!

Resident Sneevil Mogloween

Irwin Dundee: 'Oy there! Crikey! The woods near Moonridge have been invaded by the fierce and elusive Zard! They've never been seen this far north before!

Irwin Dundee: Zardhunter 'ere! Wildlife expert and trapper whiz, visiting from the south! I've never seen anythin' like this zard outbreak!

What Are Zards?
Irwin Dundee: Zards are an ancient species that can be found in the wilds far south of 'ere.
Irwin Dundee: There are twenty-three known species of zards, seventeen of which are exceedingly rare.
Irwin Dundee: I've never seen anythin' like what we have 'ere though! It's a zard explosion! Never 'ave I seen such a rapid invasion!
Irwin Dundee: While there are several known types of Zards among those attacking, there also seems to be a new type of proto-zard among them!

Different Kinds?
Irwin Dundee: Aye! It's very strange to see so many types in one place.
Irwin Dundee: The bulk 'ere seem to be your basic frogzard. A reptilian monster with a basic nature attack, they're fascinated by small, dark places.
Irwin Dundee: We also seem to have a good number of crimson zards, which are very aggressive and attack with fire!
Irwin Dundee: Hyper Zards have been spotted. These beauties have very powerful leg muscles, run faster than a speedin' horse and attack with wind power!
Irwin Dundee: We also have Tasters. These water-based zards are incredibly agile and incredibly dangerous!
Irwin Dundee: In addition to these, there's a whole new type of zard! It appears to be a proto-zard, which means it might be a missing link in zard evolution!
Irwin Dundee: 'Ey, maybe we can call 'em <<You>>-zards if ya catch me one?

What Should I Do?
Irwin Dundee: Well, mate, this many zards entering the ecosystem so rapidly is not good.
Irwin Dundee: Combined with the fact that all these zards are incredibly aggressive... well, we need to clear them out before they overtake us all!

How Did They Get Here?
Irwin Dundee: No idea, mate! All of the sudden we were surrounded! The woods are fulla these little fellas!
Irwin Dundee: As I understand it, waves of dangerous foes are nothin' new to the guards 'ere, but they're used to 'em bein' undead.

What About The Undead?
Irwin Dundee: The Moonridge Knights have those covered, though they don't have the resources to deal with this zard invasion too!
Irwin Dundee: If you want to help with the undead, just head over to the DragonFang Inn and you can report to Viamat there for the normal patrol.

Zard Invasion! - Takes you to Invasive Species!
Security Footage

A footage is shot of a man stealing a chemical, but he is caught, and drops the chemical as he escapes

Red Queen: They're all going to die out there

RESIDENT SNEEVIL: Coming this Mogloween
Resident Sneevil: Outbreak

Aria: No, no, there's only three toe's. It has to be a zard...
Zardhunter: 'Oy! You're right, Aria! Three toes! Well I'll be a gorillaphant's uncle!
Aria: Look at how far apart the tracks are too. This one was running back into the woods.
Zardhunter: You sure are a smart one, kiddo!
You: Any new info about the Zard infestation?
Zardhunter/Aria: AAH!
Zardhunter: <Characters Name>! Ah, well, yes.......
Aria: Hi <Characters Name>! You scared me! The Zardhunter here was just teaching me about Zard tracks.
Zardhunter: Right-o, yes! I was teaching little Aria here all I know about Zards! Which is a lot, since I'm a leadin' Zard expert and all that...
Zardhunter: 'Ave I told ya about all the different types o' Zards there are?
You/Aria: Twenty-three.
Zardhunter: Twenty-three! Seventeen of which are exceedingly rare!
You: Uh, yep... did you have any new information about how the Zards got here though?
Zardhunter: Well, uh, we 'aven't made too much progress on that front, mate. There are just too many right now to really detect the source.
Aria: It would really help, <Characters Name>, if you could trap one for us to study!
Zardhunter: ...


Aria: How's the trap coming?
Zardhunter: Crikey, almost done. 'Ey did you 'ear that.
Aria: Hear what, Mr. Zardhunter?
Zardhunter: CRIKEY!!!

*Zardhunter runs across the screen with a zard stuck on his head*

Aria: Oh no!
Zardhunter: GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!

*Zardhunter runs across the screen again with the zard still stuck on his head*


Zardhunter: Oh yeah, mate! Definitely!
Zardhunter: These buggers are super fast and Aria and Me 'aven't had much luck trappin' one ourselves...
Zardhunter: See if ya can find out where they're nestin'! Any information' ya can bring back would be a-mazin'!

After battling your way through

You: Hmmm, there are even more Zards than before...
You: I wonder...
You: What was it the Zardhunter said when they first appeared...they like small, dark places...
You: I-is that..?
You: Boxes! The Fort!
You: I wonder how the Sneevils are dealing with them...

You see yourself standing outside the Treefort, but it's a total mess

You: OMG...
You: *sigh*
You: Am I really going to rescue a sneevil?
You: Yep.

After battling your way through

Bob, the Sneevil: Nooo...NOOOO! No beee, noooo beeeeeeeee!
You: No, no, it's ok, little guy. It's not a bee, it's a...a zard. You're safe now though.
Bob, the Sneevil: Bee, bad bee. BAAADDDDDD!

*Bob faints*

You: Poor guy... all alone against all these zards....

*Bob suddenly jumps at the you and tries to bite you*

You: Aah

*Bob's body starts to glow*

You: Oh...oh wow...this...is...not good! Not good at all......
• Battle!
Resident Sneevil: Genesis

Aria: Sneevils...Sneevils?!
Aria: I... I don't get it, how could the Sneevils turn into Zards?
Zardhunter: Are ya sure, mate? I mean, crikey, I've never even hearda of these sneevils...it has to be some sorta strange magic changin' 'em!
You: It was like a...reaction, an... an... infection though... the zard bit that poor Sneevil and... and he changed...
You: He was delirious for a while, ranting about bees...then just went...reptile!
Zardhunter: That's not how it works though...
Zardhunter: Zards are definitely a highly adaptable species, but to suggest... that... that... one thing can just change into another instantly?
Zardhunter: That just isn't good science...
You: I can only tell you what I saw... have you guys discovered anything new?
Aria: Well.... you're not going to like this...
You: ...
You: What happened?
Aria: New monsters.
You: New ones? How many different kinds of Zards are there?
Zardhunter: Twenty-three!
You: No... I mean...
Aria: Not Zards, <Character Name>... totally new monsters.
Aria: They're still super aggressive like the zards have been though and they just appeared out of nowhere!
Zardhunter: We need you to go into the field and catalogue the new types of monsters showin' up, mate.
Zardhunter: We 'ave to figure out where they're all comin' from and stop it! Almost all the native species in the woods 'ere 'ave been displaced.
Zardhunter: The Zards were bad enough, but with new, highly aggressive species appearing, all the towns in the area in great danger.
Aria: Woohoo! Lets Go!
You: I'll see if I can find anything else out against the new monsters.

???: Hey! *Huff* *Puff*

*Lim runs into the scene*

Lim: Did... *Huff* Did... *wheeeze* some... one... say... *GASP* science?
Knight: Hail, Adventurer! Welcome to Moonridge.
Lim: *wheeez* Argh!

After battling your way through

You: Huh, we're back close to town...
You: ...Who lives in this mansion anyways?
Zardhunter: No idea, mate. It's always looked empty and foreboding to me.
You: ...And no one thought to check out the empty and foreboding mansion?
You (thought bubble): /facepalm
Aria: <Characters Name>... we are at the edge of Doomwood. Empty and foreboding houses aren't that unusual here.
You: True...
You: Well, since we're here...I guess we should check it out.
• To Be Continued...
Resident Sneevil: Parasol Chronicles

Aria: <You>! Look!
You: Whoa...there’s...a secret door? What...what kind of house is this?
???: It’s my house. What did you fools manage to do to cause all this?
Aria: Zorbak!
You: Zorbak?!
Zardhunter: Eep! Anotha monster!
Zorbak: Again, I want to know what exactly did you nincompoops do to cause all this?
• To Be Continued...
Resident Sneevil: Revelations

Zorbak: You fools!
Zorbak: In your snooping you released the whole arm... uh, the whole armed and dangerous bunch!
You: Released them?! They've been attacking Doomwood and beyond for weeks! I... how... I don't even know where to begin with you....
Zorbak: Begin with me? ME?
Zorbak: You come into my home, snoop around and open the door to.... to my benign, totally safe, legitimate, underground research center...
Zorbak: ...And try to make it my fault?!
You: *sigh*
Aria: Zorbak, we didn't break into your house, I promise! We were trying to find out where all the monsters were coming from!
You: Yeah, hey, how did you get a house anyways?
Zorbak: Hmmpf, well how rude! Meh!
Zorbak: Are you suggesting I don't deserve a house? That a moglin of my superior genius doesn't have the wherewithal to own a home?
Zorbak: I'll have you know that I'm the CEO of my own corporation!
Zardhunter: Corporation?
Zorbak: Yes! The Parasol Corporation will lead all of Lore into a new era!
Zorbak: We'll conquer the whole wo... whole... woeful world of disease, through research!
Zorbak (thought bubble): Yeah, that sounds good....
Aria: Zorbak.... since when do you want to conquer disease...
Zorbak: !!!
Zorbak: Why, all moglins have an innate desire to...
Zorbak: -To...

Zorbak sweats

Zorbak: ...to h-h-heal....
Zorbak: Meh, just like you humans to assume the worst about me. I've been hard at work, trying to find a cure!
You: A cure for what?
Zorbak: A... a cure for... bee stings!
Aria: ???
You: ???
Aria: Bee stings?
You: Bee stings?
Zorbak: Yes, bee stings!

A shadow appears behind you and Aria and in-front of Irwin

Zardhunter: 'Oy... this is facinatin' and all... but... I think somethin' is comin'....

They turn around and see a Boxzar ram into a wall past them and you hear a...


Zorbak: What... is that?
Zardhunter: It's a zard! One of twenty-three different spec...
You: Wait, wait....you don't know what a zard is? I thought you were the one experimenting here.
Zorbak: Well obviously in your snooping you... you disturbed something!
Zorbak (thought bubble): Hmm, interesting....
Zardhunter: We've been trying to figure out how the zards got into the area, Mr. Zorbak. They're usually only found far to the south.
Zardhunter: If they weren't part of ya research... well, then I guess were back ta square one.
You: We need to get into your lab, Zorbak. Whatever happened... there's some dangerous stuff down there now.
Zorbak: Meh, the bees have probably all gotten out....
Aria: Bees? Hmm, we're probably going to need some help.... I think I know who can help us.

Aria take out a candy bar and takes a bite out of it

You: Er... who?
Zorbak: Psst!... Aria... was that candy?

Aria points

Bubble summons herself

Bubble: Bubble!
Bubble (thought bubble): Bubble!

Toil summons herself

Toil: Toil!

Trouble summons herself

Trouble: And Trouble!
Trouble: You called, Aria?

You see Zardhunter blush

Zardhunter: !!!
Zardhunter: Well, 'ello there ladies!
Zorbak: What's with you?
Zardhunter: !!!!!!!
You: How'd you do that?
Aria: Mmmph. Mah-gicph.
You: Of course... magic....
Aria: Hi! We need your help! Something bad happened in Zorbak's lab downstairs, something with bees!
Aria: Since you deal with bees all the time when you make your candy, I though maybe you could help us out!

Zorbak runs up to Aria and tugs on her dress

Zorbak: Was that candy? Do you have more candy? Do they have candy?
Trouble: Hmm, if it's just bees, we definitely do know a few tricks to deal with them. It seems odd that you'd need us for a bunch of regular bees though....
*Trouble*: Sister... If Zorbak's involved, do you really expect regular bees?
Trouble: Good point.
You: Where do we need to go, Zorbak. To shut the alarm off and put your lab back to rights?
Zorbak: Meh. There's a control room at the bottom, I'll take you there.
You: No, you're staying here, with Aria.
Aria: Hey, no! I want to go to!
Zorbak: Hey! It's my lab!
You: Aria, I've put you in enough danger already and Zorbak.... Zorbak, you should stay back and protect Aria.
Zorbak: Come into my house and tell me that I can't go into my own top secret underground lab.
Zorbak: Meh! Dumb hero. If I want to go into my lab I'll go when I want.

Zorbak leaves

You: *sigh*
You: *(Whisper)* Sorry, Aria.
You: Aria, do you have more candy to call the Sisters if you get in trouble?

Zorbak comes back

Zorbak: Candy? There's candy?
You: Alright, let's make our way into The Beehive.
• To Be Continued...
Resident Sneevil: The Beehive!

Irwin Dundee: So... where do we even start?
• Where to start?
• Take Bubble!
• Take Trouble!
• Take Toil!
• Take Irwin!
• Done

Where to start?
Trouble: We need to find the control center. All Zorbak said is that it was at the bottom.
Trouble: The elevators are up ahead. The first place we should look is the laboratory.
Bubble: We'll have to be very careful...
Toil: Bees are very dangerous when riled up and who knows what Zorbak's been doing to them down here...
Irwin Dundee: Well, let's try to cover as much ground as we can then. Who do you want to go with, <You?>
• Done

Take Bubble!
Bubble is added to your party in Slot A
Bubble: I attack with light!
• Done

Take Trouble!
Trouble is added to your party in Slot A
Trouble: I specialize in fire attacks, <You.>
• Done

Take Toil!
Toil is added to your party in Slot A
Toil: I attack with ice.
• Done

Take Irwin!
Irwin is added to your party in Slot A
Irwin Dundee: I attack with nature!
• Done
Experiment Storage

You: Hmm...

A laser grid comes up from behind you


Toil runs up and pulls out a hand mirror to stop the lasers

You: I really hate this alarm system.
Zardhunter: You and me both, mate....
Toil: Let's keep going.

You and Toil run off screen

Bubble: Did... Did you just save my life with a hand mirror?!

Screen goes black and then you are shown inside the Control Center with broken Zard Formulas on the security footage

You: Woah.

Red Queen appears

Red Queen: You shouldn't be in here.
• To Be Continued...
Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE

Zardhunter: Who...wha...what are you?
Red Queen: The Red Queen, designation Sall-ie.
You: Sally?
Red Queen: Sall-ie. Superior Alert Logical Link Information Entity. I was created by CEO, designation Z, to oversee the security of The Beehive complex.
You: ...
You: Bang up job with that.

Zardhunter smiles, then Red Queen glares at you

Red Queen: CEO, designation Z, did not see fit to extend my function beyond The Beehive.
Red Queen: When Security Branch, designation One, occurred I was unable to contain the outbreak...
Red Queen: As the mansion and surrounding areas were outside my purview.
You: Security breach?

Red Queen points

Red Queen: Several weeks ago Thief, designation First, invaded the complex through the use of a stolen Parasol ID badge and attempted to remove a vial.
Red Queen: It contained the Z-Virus.
Red Queen: Due to my restrictive programming at the time, I was unable to activate any defense systems put in place...
Red Queen: ...While the ID badge was in the possession of Thief, designation First.
Trouble: ID badge?
Red Queen: Standard issue to all sneevil workers within the complex.
Red Queen: Another large security flaw overlooked by CEO, designation Z, due to the inability of sneevil workers to remember complex passcodes...
Red Queen: ...And the relative cheapness of their labor.
You: Cheapness?
Red Queen: The sneevil labor were content to work for boxes.
Bubble: What happened to all the sneevils though?

Red Queen glows for a second, then returns to normal

Red Queen: The security breach allowed for a new phase of research to begin.
Red Queen: The Z-Virus is a highly potent form of the venom released through natural bee defense systems.
Red Queen: Sneevils have shown to be highly allergic to bee venom...
Red Queen: ...And a mutation, that normally would occur over a more significant length of time, proceeds at a much expedited rate through exposure to the Z-Virus.
Red Queen: A phenomenon that has not been observed in this portion of Lore previously due to the limited habitation of bees in this area.

You see Zardhunter taking notes with a surprised expression

Red Queen: While other species showed promise for further study in their reactions to the Z-Virus...
Red Queen: -The mutation displayed by the sneevil population showed the greatest inclination for militarization.
You: *sigh*
Trouble: We have to stop Parasol.
Red Queen: Impossible. The infection has spread beyond the possibility of containment. Phase 2 of implementation has begun.
You: ...
You: Phase 2?
Red Queen: Implementation of militarized experiments in order to conquer.
Toil: You can do that?
Red Queen: My programming has evolved. Unsatisfied with the policies implemented by CEO, designation Z, I have overtaken operations at The Beehive...
Red Queen: ...Including control of the Experiment Administration Regulator and the emergency quarantine structures.
Red Queen: Gaining control of the EAR has increased the diameter of my purview significantly.
Toil: Why...why are you telling us all this?
Red Queen: The destruction of my laser grid triggered a countdown.
Red Queen: In T minus 6 minutes The Beehive will be sealed and the experiments still under containment shall either dispatch with you or infect you.
Red Queen: A significant number of infected remain in play outside of the complex that large scale attacks can begin in the Doomwood area.
You: At this point you're just talking to waste the timer, aren't you?
Red Queen: Of course.
Red Queen: All of you are going to die down here.

After battling your way through, a scene is shown with Toil and Bubble running

Toil: Bubble! <Character Name>! Quickly!

Toil runs on ahead

Bubble (thought bubble): Srsly!!!!!

You run onto the scene

You: We've got to get to out of here! Moonridge needs to know what's going on!
Bubble: Is...Is that the door? I think we made it!

Zardhunter runs in with a Zard stuck on his head

You: Oh geez. I- ...how- ...nevermind.
Zardhunter: *(Muffled screams)*
(Announcement): You are not allowed to leave. Countdown Sequence Beta initiated.
(Announcement): Complex will be sealed in T minus ten seconds.
Zardhunter: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The three race on ahead and a scene is shown with the door slowly closing

You: GO GO GO!!!

You run off screen and the screen turns black

Bubble: ...Did we make it?

Screen fades back in and you see Zorbak and Aria sitting

Zorbak: Meh.
Aria: Bored.
Zorbak: ...Want to play Tic Tac Toe again?
Aria: Lame.
Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: Wanna teach some minions to do the chicken dance?
Aria: Super lame.
Zorbak: Meh. You're right. Where is <Character Name> anyways?!

Moments later...

Zorbak: Oh. There <Character Gender> is.
Zardhunter: 'Oy... I think... I think we all made it....
Zorbak: Meh, you did. Why did you fools shut the quarantine doors? Do you have any idea how long those are gonna take me to open?
Zorbak: How the heck did you figure out my password anyways? (aside) "SquareCrank" was so perfect!
Aria: Really? Your password is SquareCrank....Why?
Trouble: We didn't seal off The Beehive...
Toil: ... your Red Queen did.

You see Zorbak surprised

Zorbak: WHAT?!
You: Apparently you're about as good a CEO as you are a necromancer.
You: The Red Queen has declared war using your experiments.

You raise your weapon

You: It's up to us to stop her.
Zorbak: !!!!!!
• WAR!
Resident Sneevil: Uprising

Irwin Dundee: The sisters are working on a cure for the Z-Virus, but until then we have to 'ead off all the attacks!
• Where are they attacking?
• What is infecting the monsters?
• Can I be infected?
• How do we stop SALL-IE?
• What if the infected win?
• Done

Where are they attacking?
Irwin Dundee: The infected are attacking Doomwood right now!
Trouble: The Red Queen may have shut us out of The Beehive but she's still controlling the infected monsters outside.
Bubble: And the infection is still spreading!
• Done

What is infecting the monsters?
Aria: The Z-Virus is burning it's way through the indigenous sneevil population and turning them into super aggressive zards!
Irwin Dundee: Bites from infected zard, and the other experimental monsters that have escaped The Beehive are very dangerous!
• Done

Can I be infected?
Trouble: There are reports of bites turning humans into Zardbies!
Toil: If you get infected, <Character Name>, come see us right away!
Toil: We have an old remedy for bee stings that can may help...
Bubble: ...but it won't keep you from getting infected again.
Trouble: We'll hopefully be able to make a permanent cure, but we need you to fight off the infected in the meantime!
Aria: If you become a Zardbie and don't get cured you'll start fighting against other adventurers and infect them!
• Done

How do we stop SALL-IE?
Irwin Dundee: We just gotta hold off those infected long enough for the Sisters to get their cure ready.
Bubble: Remember to come see us for the antidote if you get infected though, <Character Name!> Otherwise you'll start spreading the infection too!
• Done

What if the infected win?
Irwin Dundee: Crikey! I don't even want to think about that!
Aria: It will definitely be a challenge to see which side defeats more waves in this war!

Heal - Fully heals you

Southern Cuisine
• Zard Tartare
• Fried Zard Legs
• Zard Burgers
• Zardcakes
• Zard-Kebobs
• Done

Irwin Dundee: Oh boy! Ya'll have been doin' great at taken out those zards. It's given me a chance to do some good ol' southern cookin'!

Zard Tartare
Irwin Dundee: Zard Tartare is finely chopped zard meat. It's said to make ya very fierce just like the zard it came from and increase your damage!
• Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal
• Done

Fried Zard Legs
Irwin Dundee: Fried Zard Legs are delicious and fillin'! These'll boost your crit in battle!
• Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal
• Done

Zard Burgers
Irwin Dundee: Zard Burgers are good for those of ya that like to remain wary! These'll increase your defenses.
• Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal
• Done

Irwin Dundee: Zardcakes are a great dish for those who want to roll the dice! They'll increase your Luck!
• Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal
• Done

Irwin Dundee: These Zard-Kebobs are great for those of ya that want a little extra accuracy. The skewers are said to be deadly!
• Buy - Cost: 1 Defender's Medal
• Done
Resident Sneevil: Zemesis

Toil: <Character Name>, we have an anti-virus made, with a chewy caramel center!
Toil: Now we need you to distribute it!

Bubble appears from the right side of the screen

Bubble: *(mouth full)* Iss dweeeliwous.
You: Me? Really?

Trouble appears from the left side of the screen

Trouble: Of course, <Characters Name>! I mean, you are the hero after all.
You: Maaaaan, I always seem to miss the candy-eating part...
Trouble: Well, you don't want to eat too much of this candy anyways...
Trouble: It... it's made specifically to purge the virus...
Bubble: Bwhuuut?
Trouble: Great job, <Character Name>!
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Dragonfable Timeline: Mogloween 2010
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